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Aegir Service Providers


Aegir Service Providers

Here is a list of consulting and hosting firms offering paid support for the Aegir Hosting System:

Koumbit Networks
Koumbit's team includes several of Aegir's core maintainers and contributors; including, among others, Anarcat, the project lead, as well as developers of several contributed projects. Koumbit manages one of the largest Aegir deployments, hosting hundreds of custom developed websites, as well as being one of the first providers to automate site ordering and provisioning. Koumbit is a dynamic team of designers, developers and sysadmins, offering support and consulting services from front-end development (design, theming and UI), through e-commerce, complex Drupal site builds and data migrations, to hosting and systems administration. This diversity has allowed Koumbit to develop deep expertise in distributed development best-practices. Koumbit has recently launched AegirVPS services, offering full root/SSH/SFTP access to robust virtual servers with Aegir pre-installed, maintained and supported. offers dedicated Aegir hosting service since July 2009, using custom developed, high performance cloud servers configuration. Hosted options include SSH and Drush access, with simplified Aegir interface. supports also remote Aegir installations and maintenance on Client's servers. Simplified and optimized for single server installations system configuration is open-sourced since 2009 and available as a dual-core Barracuda and Octopus installer.
Praxis Labs Coop

We are a worker's cooperative based in Montreal. We share an interest in web technologies and direct democracy. We've all been working with Drupal and Aegir for many years. One of our founding members (Christopher "ergonlogic" Gervais) is in fact a lead developer of the Aegir project.

We provide Aegir, Drupal and Open Atrium hosting, development, support & consulting.

Praxis is a proud partner of Koumbit networks.

ThinkDrop Consulting
ThinkDrop provides Infrastructure and Architecture consulting for Aegir and Drupal. We are the creators of (DevShop)[], the first open source Drupal Environment Manager, built on Aegir. We have also created a number of other Aegir addons like Aegir Drush Aliases and the Hosting & Provision Solr modules. The ThinkDrop team is Jon Pugh, Kevin LaPalme, and Jacinto Capote
Initfour websolutions
Initfour provides Infrastructure and Architecture consulting for Aegir and Drupal. Internally Aegir is used for hosting managed Drupal sites. Fixing what needs to be fixed, Initfour has worked in many corners of the Drupal/Aegir universe.
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