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Weekly Scrums


Weekly Scrums

Since we have now a bigger team of people interested in the project (contributors in the queue, outside the queue, people at Koumbit, the community site, my my!!), we (koumbit) feel it would be important to start doing weekly scrums again.

Nothing complicated: just a 15 minutes where we agree we try to be available on IRC to talk about various issues that have or will come up during the week. No work, just talk.. to quote wikipedia:

  • The meeting starts precisely on time.
  • All are welcome, but only “pigs” [devs] may speak
  • The meeting is timeboxed to 15 minutes
  • The meeting should happen at the same location and same time every day
  • During the meeting, each team member answers three questions:
    • What have you done since yesterday?
    • What are you planning to do today?
    • Do you have any problems preventing you from accomplishing your goal?
(It is the role of the ScrumMaster to facilitate resolution of these impediments. Typically this should occur outside the context of the Daily Scrum so that it may stay under 15 minutes.)

These occur via IRC on the #aegir channel twice a week at separate times:

Every Monday at 20h00 UTC. This works out to be:

  • 11h00 in Los Angeles, USA (PDT)
  • 15h00 in Montreal, Canada; New York, USA (EDT)
  • 19h00 in London, UK (GMT)
  • 06h00 in Melbourne, Australia (EST)(on Tuesday)

(See this useful tool for how we settled on those times.)

Every Thursday at 10h00 UTC. This works out to be:

  • 03h00 in Los Angelas, USA (PDT)
  • 06h00 in Montreal, Canada; New York, USA (EDT)
  • 11h00 in London, UK
  • 12h00 (noon) in Warsaw, Poland
  • 20h00 in Melbourne, Australia (EST)

We will keep logs of these here for future reference.

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