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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-07-05


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-07-05

[22:01:04]    <mig5>    scrum time
[22:01:12]   <omega8cc>    hello!
[22:01:12]   <mig5>    anarcat sends his apologies for this week
[22:01:25]    <mig5>    but I hear he had a good time at the drush sprint and got some good work done, so hopefully we'll hear more about that soon
[22:02:03] <mig5>    me, i once again didn't do anything.. oh, I did add to the jenkins deb install of aegir to uninstall and purge the packages before destroying
[22:02:13]   <mig5>    which is a final good test of those packages
[22:02:18] <halcyonCorsair>  omega8cc: i'm trying a barracuda/octopus upgrade before i try again
[22:02:40] <mig5>    i think we are well overdue for a 1.2 release, I am conscious there are a lot of patches from omega8cc for review (I think?) so we should get those in
[22:02:53]   <halcyonCorsair>  omega8cc: but i was having trouble replicating the site installation commands, i think there might have been some arguments i was missing?
[22:02:55]   <omega8cc>    halcyonCorsair: please wait 15 minutes, we have scrum time
[22:02:56]   <mig5>    that's it from me, over to darthsteven and omega8cc
[22:03:27] <darthsteven> sure
[22:03:52] * Harley has joined #aegir
[22:03:56]   <darthsteven> I got the Jenkins deb install of aegir working
[22:04:07]   <mig5>    epic
[22:04:13] <darthsteven> and worked on getting notification integration with Aegir
[22:04:26]    <darthsteven>
[22:04:42]  <mig5>    oh nice. i saw somewhere a sandbox link but it had disappeared
[22:04:47]   <darthsteven> So I now get push notifications on my iPhone when Aegir tasks fail
[22:04:51]   <darthsteven> which is nice
[22:04:58]    <darthsteven> write-up coming soon
[22:05:02] <mig5>    nice. Notifo?
[22:05:11]    <darthsteven> that's it from me
[22:05:25]   <darthsteven> (using prowl, but whatever messaging module supports is possible)
[22:05:36]    <mig5>    gotcha
[22:06:23]   <mig5>    omega8cc, anything to add? other than 'commit my patches you bastards' :)
[22:06:42]  <omega8cc>    ok, so I want to attack that weird critical today: and it lock all our upgrades schedule currently, and then will submit next round of improvements to the Nginx config plus - yay! Aegir UI patches!
[22:06:42] <hefring> => Paths to images are broken in D7 after site clone/rename => Provision, Code, critical, needs work, 3 comments, 3 IRC mentions
[22:07:52]    <mig5>    cool!
[22:07:55]    <omega8cc>    and that is it from me, but the UI changes are long overdue and I want to share them finally
[22:09:09] <mig5>    omega8cc: i wonder if that patch of yours needs to be applied to the file?
[22:09:13]  <mig5>    as opposed to
[22:09:18] <mig5>    but i've forgotten how it all works
[22:09:54] <mig5>    don't think it would change that result anyway
[22:09:57]  <omega8cc>    mig5: that is exactly what I think, it misses d7 specific stuff there completely
[22:10:04] <mig5>    strange
[22:10:08]  <omega8cc>    yeah
[22:10:15] <mig5>    anyway - anyone else got something to add to the scrum? ergonlogic?
[22:10:25]  <joestewart>  not directly on aegir but I posted two patches to drush_make that are useful for aegir. one that adds ability to set options in the makefile - the other updated a patch that allows setting working-copy per project -
[22:10:25] <hefring> => introduce an options array in the root level of the makefile => Drush Make, Code, normal, needs review, 0 comments, 1 IRC mention
[22:10:26]    <hefring> => PATCH: Allow [working-copy] in makefile as well as on commandline => Drush Make, Code, normal, needs review, 18 comments, 1 IRC mention
[22:10:42]   <mig5>    nice, I saw the working-copy patch update
[22:11:08]    <mig5>    also see Owen's Drush sprint overview here for those interested:
[22:11:29]  * CraHan is now known as CraHan_out
[22:11:52]  <mig5>    ok, scrum done I think, and i'll do the log
[22:11:56] <mig5>    thanks all
[22:12:04]   <omega8cc>    thanks!
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