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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-02-23


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-02-23

17:00:00  * anarcat **** WEEEKLY SCRUM TIME!!! ****
17:00:07 <@anarcat> alright, welcome everybody
17:00:16 <jcapelo> ok thx
17:00:34 <@anarcat> darthsteven: sfyn EclipseGc Vertice : our weekly scrum has started!
17:00:40 <@anarcat> it seems that our new developer didn't make it
17:00:44 <@mig5> bugger
17:00:45 <+EclipseGc> :-(
17:00:50 <@anarcat> or is stuck behind the netsplit...
17:01:03 <@mig5> oh true, he was here before
17:01:13 <@anarcat> anyways, let's start
17:01:22 <@anarcat> so i have worked on upgrading our server to rc1
17:01:25 <@anarcat> our prod server
17:01:32 <@anarcat> and people are yelling at me because everything is slower
17:01:38 <@anarcat> so i wanted to yell back at univate ;)
17:01:41 <@anarcat> but he's not here :)
17:01:47 <@anarcat> so i'll just yell in the void
17:01:50 <@anarcat> which is better
17:01:53 <@mig5> have you tried his patch
17:01:57 <@anarcat> anyways i'll test the patches he sent to see if that fixes it
17:02:04 <@anarcat> but in the meantime i had a more urgent matter to attend to
17:02:10 <@mig5> i find it odd it only affects upgrades (fresh installs are quire fast for me)
17:02:19 <@anarcat> the UPPGRADE PATH (wooooo...)
17:02:20 <@anarcat>
<@anarcat> mig5: it is quite odd
17:02:59 <@anarcat> mig5: maybe it's because upgrades have all modules installed and certain tasks (e.g. migrate) take more time to build their forms
17:03:07 <@mig5> ah!
17:03:17 <@mig5> thanks. that  was annoyingly confusing
17:03:26 <@anarcat> what was?
17:03:33 <@mig5> not understanding why
17:03:35 <@mig5> and now i do :)
17:03:37 <@anarcat> anyways, i do think it's the wrong approach to build all forms now, it's slow
17:03:41 ::: mattmcmanus [~mattmcman@] has quit [Quit: That's it! I QUIT! I can't take it anymore!]
17:03:47 <@mig5> yep. we copy temp tables  etc there for migrate
17:03:50 <@anarcat> so maybe we should have a metadata field instead
17:03:52 <@anarcat> yeah, fuck it
17:04:05 <@anarcat> so we'll use the cache as a workaround, but send univate back to do his homework there
17:04:11 <@mig5> agreed
17:04:15 <@anarcat> alright\
17:04:30 <@anarcat> regarding the upgrade path, i think we agreed me and mig5 that he would do some regression testing on master, is that right?
17:04:41 <@mig5> sure thing
17:04:56 <@anarcat> there are two commits (one in hostmaster, one in provision) that are only in head and need to be merged in 0.4 once they are tested without regression and fixing the upgrade path from 0.3
17:05:23 <@anarcat> the one in provision needs to be actually reverted in master when the merge occurs too, because it's a 0.4-specific upgrade path that we can drop from master
17:05:24 <@mig5> ok
17:05:49 <@anarcat> i'll try to work full day on aegir tomorrow to try to settle some issues here
17:06:17 <@anarcat> i think that's all for me, i'm happy to see a new dev join the project, and i hope we can welcome more!
17:06:33 <@mig5> anarcat++
17:06:55 <@mig5> ok, as for me, i've done nothing as usual unfortunately
17:07:04 <@anarcat> as usual, i do not believe you :P
17:07:10 <@mig5> no, this time i haven't
17:07:14 <@mig5> i've been scared of the queue
17:07:17 <@anarcat> so what haven't you done
17:07:37 <@mig5> i'll test the upgrade path, i haven't even really looked at the issue queue since Eugen has discovered it :)
17:07:55  * EclipseGc just sliced his finger open on a grape juice package...
17:07:56 <@anarcat> istr that you actually answered a few things in the queue and here
17:08:08 <talengix> i have finally sucessfully installed aegir and i get Aegir is now installed. You can visit it at <talengix> but the page is blank. i have restarted httpd and I have ensured  localhost $AEGIR_HOST $AEGIR_DOMAIN are in my host file. what else could it be?
17:08:10 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: bleeding edge! ;)
17:08:15 <+EclipseGc> seriously
17:08:24 <@anarcat> alright
17:08:33 <@anarcat> anyone else has anything to add to our weekly scrum?
17:08:33 <@mig5> anyone else?
17:08:35 <@mig5> snap
17:08:36 <+EclipseGc> so, I set up a new rc1 for myself
17:08:37 <@anarcat> hehe
17:08:59 <+EclipseGc> trying to put together a hosted system for my own dev outside of the MAMP package
17:09:08 <+EclipseGc> so, first ++ really easy to install these days
17:09:26 <+EclipseGc> second, trying to hunt down why an install profile that works in MAMP won't install for aegir
17:09:57 <@anarcat> awesome
17:09:58 <+EclipseGc> kind of lost, but... I do have some clues, will need to follow up with people more knowledgeable than myself probably to get anywhere, but still... that's what I did
17:10:02 <@anarcat> ok
17:10:10 <@anarcat> are you still interested in the d7 port?
17:10:42 <+EclipseGc> I AM interested, I'm unsure of what I will have time for beyond advising
17:10:47 <@anarcat> i see
17:10:49 <@anarcat> ah mig5, regarding this: - i think we'll have to live with some vagueness in the documentation, people will need to figure it out themselves, can't them?
17:11:01 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: sort of interested in trying to get ctools to a point to make that sort of dev easier for everyone
17:11:27 <@anarcat> mig5: if we have a thing that says something like "VERSION is the version you are trying to install, it's usually found on the frontpage of" and use VERSION or OLD_VERSION everywhere in the
17:11:44 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: yeah, i was kind of scared of your ctools/features/hostmaster profile reshuffling there :)
17:11:50 <@mig5> anarcat: they ought to be able to, but sometimes it seems there's only maybe 10% of our users who have ever used linux before :) aegir is an 'attractive toy' it seems..
17:11:58 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: you should setup a sandbox for that on when we migrate, so people can test it out
17:11:59 <@mig5> i am not that worried, i just want all of us to be aware of those issues
17:12:06 <@anarcat> mig5: awesome
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17:12:18 <@mig5> whoa
17:12:23 <@anarcat> univate: you missed part of the scrum :)
17:12:25 <@anarcat> omega8cc: scrum time!
17:12:32 <@anarcat> mvc / skwashd : scrum time
17:12:51 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: yeah, I literally have 14 patches for ctools that I'm running in production
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17:13:13 <@anarcat> summary of the scrum so far: i'm fixing the upgrade path, mig5 is scared of the queue and will do some regrsesion testing, EclipseGc has some patches for hostmaster.profile and is testing installs
17:13:14 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: so there's a lot of work left to do and a lot of signoff from earl left to get, but... I'm pretty confident
17:13:28 <@anarcat> we have this low-hanging fruit for documentors, which is reshuffling the installation manual
17:13:33 <@anarcat>
<@anarcat> if somebody wants to start working on that, that would be awesome
17:13:59 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: also worth mentioning that, for REALLY big aegir installs, D7 hold some interesting search possibilities
17:14:11 <+EclipseGc> i.e. an aegir with lots of sites
17:14:14 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: ... and probably horrible performance issues possibilities ;)
17:14:29 <@anarcat> so anyways
17:14:30 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: well, not from search
17:14:34 <+EclipseGc> but D7 maybe yes...
17:14:36 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: right
17:14:45 <@anarcat> i think that's it for our scrum, which was a bit disturbed by our netsplit
17:14:59 <@anarcat> if people have things to add to the scrum, freel free to add that now
17:15:02  * EclipseGc shakes fist @ netsplit
17:15:06 <@anarcat> i don't have to run anywhere this time :)
17:16:33 <@anarcat> univate: we really need to rework that patch of yours for the VBO stuff, it's a release critical
17:19:31 <@anarcat> now for something completely different
17:20:11 <@anarcat>
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17:21:03 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: nice
17:21:10 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: definitely awesome
17:21:14 <@anarcat> :)
17:21:22 <@anarcat> i can take care of uploading the log into the community site for once
17:21:28 <@anarcat> unless mig5 has alraedy done it?
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17:22:55 <+EclipseGc> anarcat:
<@anarcat> uh, and unless that wasn't clear, the scrum is over :)

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