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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-03-15


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-03-15

09:01 <@anarcat> alright
09:01 <@anarcat> scrum time
09:01 <@anarcat> mig5 / univate / Vertice / darthsteven / mvc / omega8cc : scrum time
09:01 <+omega8cc> hello!
09:01 < hefring> que tal
09:01 <@mig5> morning
09:01 <+darthsteven> Hello!
09:01 < hefring> hello
09:01 <@anarcat> ghankstef / mrbaileys / sfyn_ / shrop / / others i forgot: welcome to our weekly scrum! feel free to jump in!
09:02 <@anarcat> so welcome everybody
09:02 <@anarcat> we're back from drupalcon! it was an insane week
09:02 <@anarcat> so i'll start with that
09:02 <@anarcat> crazy
09:02 <@anarcat> week
09:02 <+omega8cc> and sk]washd!
09:02 <@anarcat> met a bunch of people
09:02 <@anarcat> oh yeah! skwashd !
09:02 <@anarcat> even though we didn't have a formal aegir session schedule (which is strange considering there were 5 submitted), we did host 2 bofs and a training session, plus a code sprint
09:03 <@anarcat> i met with about 30-40 people to talk about aegir during those session
09:03 <@mig5> someone must've been anti-aegir on the organising committee :)
09:03 <@anarcat> for me the best session was the roadmap session, of which my coworker mvc posted a summary here:
09:03 < skwashd> anarcat, we should've had 34 at the initimate session alone :)
09:03 <@anarcat> mig5: i actually suspect it's because there weren't "big names" submitting a session
09:04 <@anarcat> skwashd: that's right!
09:04 <@mig5> ah ;)
09:04 <@anarcat> and i was late to the intimate aegir session, which sucked, but it was my only "free" day during the whole week
09:04 <@anarcat> koumbit *drove* to chicago, which was insane
09:04 <@anarcat> 1400km one way, so around 3000 km of driving, 30h total...
09:04 <@anarcat> lots of fun and spilled coffee
09:04 <@anarcat> oh and i scratch the fucking car when parking it in a narrow street
09:05 <@anarcat> 4500$CAD in damage, believe it or not
09:05 <@anarcat> lots of fun
09:05 <@anarcat> anyways
09:05 <@mig5> haha
09:05 <@anarcat> so we're passing the hat to pay for the stupid koumbit van ... ;) (kdding)
09:05 <@anarcat> we *almost* got rc2 released
09:05 <@anarcat> i was about to push the tags when they cut off power and wifi in the code sprint
09:05 <@anarcat> but mig5 ended up doing the last mile on that
09:06 <@mig5> sort of
09:06 <@anarcat> i personnally met with shrop, cashwilliams, ghankstef, joestewart, and probably others i forget here :)
09:06 <@anarcat> i feel that our presence there got people interested in participating in the project and i got that objective at least partially accomplished
09:07 <@anarcat> with people comitting to watching and helping in the queues, and i helped people review patches in the code sprint
09:07 <@mig5> it sounded like it had a better bof/community spirit than san francisco
09:07 <@mig5> which is excellent
09:07 <@anarcat> yeah
09:07 <@anarcat> we did more BOFs
09:07 <@anarcat> i think it's better for us to do BOFs than formal sessions - people know of aegir, we need to make it work now :)
09:08 <@anarcat> i closed 10-20 tickets in the issue queue and pissed of eugen again
09:08  * mig5 claps
09:08 <@anarcat> we're down to around 5-10 needs review tickets
09:08 < ghankstef> it works  great  -  except for when it doesn;t  : )  but when it does its really really great
09:08 <@anarcat> this week i am working from home so i am hoping to get more aegir work done than usual
09:08 <@anarcat> but so far i'm failing, mostly because of internal poutine again
09:09 <@mig5> you've got chips and gravy inside you?
09:09 <@mig5> :)
09:09 <@anarcat> i hope to get into it tomorrow and get a solid 3 days
09:09 <@anarcat> haha
09:09 <@anarcat> i mean internal to koumbit :P
09:09 <@mig5> :)
09:09 <@anarcat> and it's french fries and gravy and cheese, for your information :)
09:09 <@anarcat> but enough with quebecois cuisine
09:09 <@anarcat> i think i'm done when i start to talk about poutine :)
09:09 <@anarcat> ah, yeah
09:10 <@anarcat> this week i hope to get working on "i want to run drush on my sites as a regular user"
09:10 <@anarcat> which promises to be a real PITA
09:10 <@anarcat> and also working on the 2.x roadmap, after feedback from the community
09:10 <@anarcat> so that's it for me - next!
09:11 <@mig5> i did nothing except push out rc2, which went horribly wrong, but mostly works
09:11 <@mig5> next! :)
09:11 <@anarcat> haha
09:11 <@anarcat> a bit more on that though - we weren't able to tag hostmaster, because of a bug on d.o
09:11 <@anarcat> we're pushing the limits on git and install profiles on d.o, and that's cool for those people, they like us :)
09:11 <@anarcat> everybody is quite happy and proud that aegir is back on d.o
09:11 <@anarcat> if feels good
09:11 <@anarcat> ah and for everyone that contributed to aegir here:
09:12 <@anarcat> i had a *lot* of thanks and good feedback on the project
09:12 <@anarcat> people *love* aegir
09:12 <@anarcat> they are very grateful and thank me for my involvement
09:12 <@anarcat> so i want to share that with the team here
09:12 <@anarcat> because i couldn't possibly have done this alone, so you all share this credit :)
09:12 <@anarcat> mig5: you really should have been there :)
09:13 <@mig5> i doubt i'll ever make another drupalcon
09:13 <@mig5> the two times of the year are awful for me frankly
09:13 <@mig5> anyways
09:13 <@anarcat> that's too bad
09:13 <@mig5> i'll look at that core dump/segfault issue you're having
09:13 <@mig5> i have never reproduced it
09:13 <@anarcat> you don't *have* to come twice a year :)
09:13 <@mig5> but i feel i understand the *reason* for unconed's patch
09:13 <@anarcat> if you have xdebug enabled, it's not a core dump, it's a loop
09:13 <@mig5> right
09:14 <@mig5> but i've never seen the segfault myself, is what i mean
09:14 <@anarcat> yeah
09:14 <@anarcat> you need to reference a non-existing platform
09:14 <@mig5> unconed explained it was something about the stdin context in drush that caused a loop of loading the @self or @server_msater alias
09:14 <@mig5> ahy
09:14 <@mig5> ah*
09:14 <@mig5> he tried to specifically exclude the @server_master context in his patch, which fixed clusters in this case, but broke install/migrate
09:14 <@mig5> anyway, that's for the tickets, i won't noise up the scrum now
09:15 <@anarcat> alright, anyone else?
09:15 <+omega8cc> I did nothing new "inside" the project last week. There are still some Nginx config improvements waiting for review in the queue, but..
09:15 <+omega8cc> I released Barracuda and Octopus 1.0-boa-T to celebrate Aegir 1.0-rc2, which introduces support for Squeeze and Maverick, with even more speed improvements, so..
09:16 <+omega8cc> I *think* we are already as fast as Mercury (formerly Pantheon) out of the box ;) Seriously, it needs some testing to confirm. That is it from me!
09:16 <@anarcat> alright!
09:16 <@anarcat> people looking for low-hanging fruits!
09:16 <@anarcat> **** THIS IS YOU! ****
09:16 <@anarcat>,+hosting,+hostslave,+eldir,+Hostmaster+(Aegir)&status=8&priorities=All&categories=All
09:16 <@anarcat> this is the "needs review" queue
09:17 <@anarcat> what you need to do in there is to pick an issue in there, try to reproduce the issue described
09:17 <@anarcat> if you can't reproduce, close the issue (can't reproduce)
9:17 <@anarcat> if you can, try to apply the patch to see if it fixes the thing for you, if it does mark it RTBC (ready to be committed), if not, "needs work"
09:17 <@anarcat> there is also work to be done in the documentation
09:18 <@anarcat> we have reworked the manual, actually ergonlogic did
09:18 <@anarcat>
09:19 <@anarcat> followup on documentation is in the "documentation" category in hostmaster
09:19 <@anarcat> see also
09:19 <@anarcat> we specifically need help on the upgrade document
09:19 <@anarcat> and reorganising the "using aegir" section
09:19 <@anarcat> so if nobody has anything else to add
9:19 <@anarcat> i think that's it for our scrum this week
09:20 <@anarcat> thanks for everyone for attending
09:20 < ghankstef> I will have a look at the upgrade doc   see if I can add  to it
09:20 <@anarcat> ghankstef: alright!
09:20 < ghankstef> Will give me a good excuse to update an old aegir  site
09:20 < ghankstef> oh yeah its all empty
09:20 <@anarcat> well
09:21 < ghankstef> guess I can improve on that a bit
09:21 <@anarcat> it's not really empty - i feel ergonlogic forgot to update the status page
09:21 <@anarcat> it seems the UPGRADE.txt was migrated into separate wiki pages
09:21 <@mig5> the sub pages are where it's at
09:21 <@anarcat> maybe it can be merged in one page
09:21 <@mig5> the wrapper page is a bit bare
09:21 <@anarcat> i think we should throw everything in the parent page there
09:22 <+omega8cc> and the structure is too deep now
09:22 <@anarcat> alright
09:22 <@anarcat> that's it for me folks, going back in my "trying to code" hole :)
09:23 <@mig5> thanks all
09:23 <+omega8cc> thanks!
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