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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-09-13


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-09-13

[20:15:26]  <@darthsteven>  Scrum time
[20:15:30]  <@darthsteven>  at last!
[20:15:49]  <@mig5> yeah sorry about that
[20:15:52]  <@mig5> i have neglected it a bit
[20:16:14]  <@darthsteven>  ping: darthsteven, mig5, ergonlogic, grugnog, mvc, omega8cc, sfyn, skwashd (time for a scrum!)
[20:16:23]  <@darthsteven>  mig5: I kept forgetting to have them!
[20:16:33]  <@darthsteven>  do you want to go first?
[20:16:52]  <@darthsteven>  mig5: do you want to go first?
[20:17:04]  <@mig5> sure, that's easy: i've done nothing as usual
[20:17:06]  <@mig5> :)
[20:17:09]  <@omega8cc> lol
[20:17:13]  <@mig5> sigh
[20:17:26]  <@mig5> i want to look at getting those jenkins tasks into provision, but i haven't begun
[20:18:18]  <@mig5> i have built some cool automatic deployments using jenkins + aegir, all tracking changes in git, which i want to screencast soon
[20:18:28]  <@mig5> zero-touch deployment of dev > stage > live, good fun
[20:18:36]  <@darthsteven>  mig5: awesome!
[20:18:39]  <@mig5> anyway, that's me..
[20:18:57]  <@darthsteven>  mig5: Thanks!
[20:19:08]  <@darthsteven>  omega8cc: anything from yourself?
[20:19:27]  <@omega8cc> I already forgot what I did in the last few weeks :p but it was something, I'm sure! seriously, I probably helped with some drush issues and now working on a new theme, including mobile version for hostmaster
[20:19:46]  <@mig5> ooer
[20:19:53]  <@darthsteven>  cool! (the theme stuff, not forgetting things)
[20:20:21]  <@darthsteven>  omega8cc: anything else?
[20:20:50]  <@omega8cc> and the app for iOS and Android maybe is in the works, leveraging Aegir api where possible
[20:21:11]  <@omega8cc> but it is an Apple-like secret! lol
[20:21:44]  <@darthsteven>  heh, well the scrum logs don't get published anywhere ;)
[20:21:56]  <@omega8cc> but first, I will submit some simple UI related patches for the current theme
[20:22:02]  <@omega8cc> haha
[20:22:26]  <@omega8cc> I have some problems with it
[20:22:56]  <@omega8cc> I don't want to include ctools and stuff just to override some blocks, for example
[20:23:12]  <@omega8cc> so some patches will need to hit the core instead
[20:23:19]  <@omega8cc> I mean hostmaster
[20:23:40]  <@darthsteven>  omega8cc: ok, well I reckon we might end up with ctools in 7.x-2.x before long anyway
[20:23:58]  <@darthsteven>  because I want views in there :)
[20:24:09]  <@darthsteven>  omega8cc: anything else?
[20:25:06]  <@omega8cc> features_extra requires ctools, but we could too easily end up with fatcore instead of smallcore then
[20:25:08]  * skwashd stands up
[20:25:46]  <@omega8cc> so, features are nice, but always
[20:25:58]  <@omega8cc> but not* always, err
[20:26:28]  <@omega8cc> and that is it from me, I guess
[20:27:10]  <@darthsteven>  cool, thanks for the work on Aegir, as always
[20:27:17]  <@darthsteven>  skwashd: do you want to go next?
[20:27:45]  <@skwashd>  darthsteven: i have done 50% more work than mig5 on the same tasks as he has
[20:27:58]  <@skwashd>  darthsteven: and i plan to double my efforts on that task this week
[20:28:23]  <@mig5> that sounds believable
[20:28:30]  <@omega8cc> haha
[20:28:31]  <@darthsteven>  skwashd: sorry, what task was that?
[20:28:39]  <@mig5> trolling
[20:28:43]  <@skwashd>  darthsteven: doing fuck all for aegir
[20:28:46]  <@darthsteven>  heh
[20:29:07]  <@darthsteven>  well, thanks for keeping us in the loop :)
[20:29:16]  <@darthsteven>  skwashd: anything else?
[20:29:22]  <@skwashd>  mig5: i said i'd only done 50% more than you ... if we're talking about trolling there would be another 0 in there :P
[20:29:41]  <@darthsteven>  moving on...
[20:29:45]  <@darthsteven>  I'll go next
[20:29:46]  <@skwashd>  darthsteven: no
[20:30:06]  <@darthsteven>  I fixed an issue with PHP 5.2 and Drupal 7.8
[20:30:50]  <@darthsteven>  I've asked about spinning the theme out of hostmaster, back into it's own project
[20:30:51]  <@hefring> => Spin Eldir back out to its own project => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, normal, needs review, 0 comments, 1 IRC mention
[20:31:17]  <@darthsteven>  I built a 'harness' for testing Eldir for Drupal 7:
[20:31:37]  <@darthsteven>  I.e. it's a 'port' of Hostmaster's HTML output for D7
[20:32:09]  <@darthsteven>  finally I have ported Eldir to D7:
[20:32:23]  <@darthsteven>  building on the work of Seth (SoC student)
[20:33:00]  <@darthsteven>  I think I've also fixed various little things in Aegir and tried to process the queues a little
[20:33:42]  <@darthsteven>  Future plans are to possibly make the 7.x-2.x branch actually use D7, and begin the porting...
[20:34:05]  * beautifulmind has joined #aegir
[20:34:15]  <@darthsteven>  that's it from me
[20:34:22]  <@darthsteven>  anyone else?
[20:36:20]  <@darthsteven>  I'll give them a minute...
[20:37:46]  <@darthsteven>  </scrum>
[20:37:51]  <@darthsteven>  Thanks everyone!

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