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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-02-03


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-02-03

06:59 <@anarcat> scrum time!
06:59 <@anarcat> mig5: you there?
06:59 <@mig5> yep
06:59 <@anarcat> omega8cc / ergonlogic / others... scrum starts now
06:59 <@anarcat> mig5: you wanna start?
06:59 <@anarcat> need to remove my skis
07:00 <@mig5> ok
07:00 <@mig5> i haven't done much, i still would like testers of
07:00 <@mig5> but it sounds like we have two different issues there
07:00 <@mig5> and that i misunderstood the first issue
07:01 <@mig5> drush 4 remains unusable at least for multiserver, i had some difficulty convincing the drush guys that it was their problem
07:01 <@anarcat> i wanted to test that and for ya before the RC
07:01 <@mig5> yes it's that cluster thing and the aliases that would be nice to get in before the RC
07:01 <@mig5> oh
07:02 <@mig5> and the package indexes
07:02 <@mig5> which i confirmed did seem to speed things up even on my tiny system
07:02 <@mig5> so do go ahead and merge that
07:02 <@mig5> that's all from me I think :s
07:02 <@anarcat> okay
07:02 <@anarcat> i can take a look at the drush 4 issue
07:03 <@anarcat> they are correct that the API is not supposed to change in dr4
07:03 <@anarcat> so if it's a dr bug, we'll have to wait until dr5 for a fix
07:03 <@mig5> yeah, on the other hand, they have completely reversed the logic
07:03 <@mig5> mmm.
07:03 <@anarcat> which is fine because dr5 is coming soon
07:03 <@mig5> o rly. fair enough!
07:03 <@anarcat> i'll weigh in on that one and we'll see
07:03 <@anarcat> on my side
07:03 <@anarcat> i haven't done much. :)
07:03 <@anarcat> still swamped with internal work here
07:04 <@anarcat> i wanted to do an RC, but failed to find time, i have scheduled time to review patches and do the RC on monday
07:04 <@mig5> oh nice, thanks
07:04 <@anarcat> maybe we should stick with 3.3 for aegir 4
07:04 <@anarcat> if you want to take care of the release before that, that's fine with me too though :)
07:04 <@anarcat> otherwise well i opened a few crazy issues
07:05 <@mig5> oh i need to try and reproduce omega8cc's report here: . not sure that's drush 4's fault, unless we know it works fine on 
              3.3 too
07:05 <@anarcat> most notably the exportable backup and wordpress support craziness
07:05 <@mig5> haha
07:06 <@anarcat> also, we have migrated to koumbit's DNS servers so i can do DNS changes if people need that to happen from now on
07:06 <@anarcat> is up
07:06 <@anarcat> and has been fixed
07:06 <@mig5> awesome stuff
07:07 <@anarcat> i think this is it for me too, i'm getting more and more towards freeing up my time to work on aegir, and we are aiming to work on our internal roadmap
                 'real soon' here at koumbit
07:07 <@anarcat> anybody else wants to cue in?
07:08 <@anarcat> anybody else is awake? :)
07:09 <@anarcat> so i guess this just makes for a short scrum! :)
07:09 <@mig5> no problem - i can go back to bed :)
07:10 < kvanderw> anarcat: what is a scrum? and could dummies help?
07:10 <@anarcat> thank you all
07:11 <@anarcat> kvanderw:

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