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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2010-12-02


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2010-12-02

(03:00:54 PM) anarcat: hi.
(03:01:08 PM) anarcat: so now is the time for our newly established weekly scrums :)
(03:01:24 PM) anarcat: of course, mig5 is not there and vertice either, but i'll still do my part,
 just to kickstart this
(03:01:32 PM) hadsie: hey anarcat
(03:01:54 PM) anarcat: hey hadsie
(03:03:30 PM) anarcat: so basically, i haven't done much wrt to aegir this week, i'm busy
 with other koumbit work
(03:03:39 PM) anarcat: you're going to hear this often from me, unfortunately :)
(03:04:03 PM) anarcat: my latest thing though is the creation of a debian package for provision
 that can install and upgrade aegir automagically, it's pretty neat and needs testing
(03:05:42 PM) anarcat: i have contacted other debian developpers to get their feedback about
 the possibility of uploading that package straight into debian
(03:07:24 PM) anarcat: the followup for the debian package happens here: and here:
(03:07:36 PM) sfyn: hey folks
(03:07:36 PM) anarcat: in other news i started looking at STS here:
(03:08:04 PM) anarcat: so that's it for my past work, in the next week i'll try to:
(03:08:22 PM) anarcat: figure out proper permissions for multi-(shell)user setups in aegir
(03:08:49 PM) anarcat: right now a lot of our devs use sudo -u aegir to do stuff and that's quite 
messy, we're going to try to figure out the minimum set of perms for that to work, maybe with 
(03:09:03 PM) anarcat: we also need to figure out how we maintain site-specific packages in 
remote servers
(03:09:26 PM) anarcat: and i want to start fixing DNS in the frontend, but we are slowly pushing
 back our objective of having DNS in production to after christmast
(03:09:30 PM) anarcat: so that's it for me
(03:09:42 PM) anarcat: hi sfyn :)
(03:09:43 PM) anarcat: sfyn / ergonlogic / mvc : anything to add?
(03:11:24 PM) simesy: hey i actually made the scrum, (but only because I had to get up for a
 job and now I have to go :P)
(03:11:35 PM) anarcat: :)
(03:11:35 PM) anarcat: i see
(03:11:39 PM) anarcat: well, congratulations :)
(03:11:42 PM) sfyn: I have been sick all week and trying to catch up on my rpod stuff
(03:11:51 PM) sfyn: So very little progress to report
(03:11:59 PM) sfyn: I have a guy who is interested in writing tests for us
(03:12:13 PM) sfyn: Luigi - are you here?
(03:12:38 PM) sfyn: A guy in montreal, but he is a little new to the fabulous world of drupal,
 and FLOSS in general, I get the impression
(03:12:46 PM) sfyn: But he has done unit testing work before
(03:13:00 PM) sfyn: Maybe we should get him to come into the office so we can orient him
(03:13:18 PM) sfyn: hadsie: hey man
(03:14:07 PM) anarcat: thank you sfyn
(03:14:16 PM) anarcat: so our little scrum is almost over, anybody got anything to add before
 we move on?
(03:16:26 PM) anarcat: thank you for your attention, and see you next week!
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