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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-04-09


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-04-09

[05:02:08]    <ergonlogic>  anarcat mig5 omega8cc darthsteven everyone: scrum?
[05:02:34]   <omega8cc>    hi
[05:02:34]   <hefring> what's up
[05:02:45]   <anarcat> hi
[05:02:45]   <hefring> eh oh
[05:02:48]    <omega8cc>    same hour? i think we have moved it, no?
[05:02:56] <omega8cc>    oh
[05:02:57]   <ergonlogic>  we'd moved it to this time
[05:03:04]  <ergonlogic>  from an hour later
[05:03:28]   <omega8cc>    ah, so it is still 9pm cet, k
[05:04:19]    <ergonlogic>  so, there appears to have been lots of activity in the issue queues these past couple weeks...
[05:04:33]   <ergonlogic>  anyone want to speak to that?
[05:04:49]    <ergonlogic>  or other stuff we've been working on?
[05:05:24]   <omega8cc>    well, I worked on a workarounds/fixes for two issues
[05:05:38] <omega8cc>    both a year old
[05:05:48]  <omega8cc>    the famous
[05:05:49]    <hefring> => Automatic aliases are not persisted across rename and clone => Provision, Code, major, needs review, 32 comments, 4 IRC mentions
[05:06:00] <omega8cc>    and another:
[05:06:01]  <hefring> => Introduce simple switch for changing write permissions to support plugin manager (Drupal App Store) => Provision, Code, normal, needs review, 17 comments, 3 IRC mentions
[05:06:48]    <omega8cc>    patches for review submitted
[05:07:05] <ergonlogic>  great!
[05:07:19]   <omega8cc>    however, they are not really fixes, just a workarounds
[05:08:18]   <anarcat> alright that's good
[05:08:28] <omega8cc>    now I'm packing BOA as a deb monster so also Nginx based Aegir installed from deb should be available soon
[05:08:31]  <anarcat> i don't think i'll have time to review this now, but it's good to see some progress on that
[05:08:40]   <omega8cc>    ok
[05:08:52]   <anarcat> omega8cc: someone was asking about nginx + debian here earlier, you may want to join forces
[05:08:55]  <omega8cc>    and that is it from me
[05:09:02]   <anarcat> cweagans it was
[05:09:37]  <omega8cc>    anarcat: it should be easy, but any help is appreciated, sure!
[05:09:42]   <omega8cc>    right
[05:09:56]    <anarcat> as for myself, not much to say here
[05:10:20]  <anarcat> i am looking forward to having more time to work on aegir, but we are doing major infrastructure work on our old cluster here and it's taking a lot of manhours
[05:10:35] <anarcat> then i will look at optimising migrate
[05:10:47]   <anarcat> and doing an estimate for those folks who want to chip in to implement subsites
[05:12:45]  <millette>    salut
[05:12:45]    <hefring> hello
[05:12:47]    <ergonlogic>  anarcat: k, anything else?
[05:12:55]   <anarcat> uh i think that's it for me
[05:12:59] <ergonlogic>  hi millette!
[05:13:13] <millette>    anarcat, could you provide me with an aegir install somewhere so I can do my packages patch properly?
[05:13:21]    <ergonlogic>  millette: we're just in the middle of our weekly scrum
[05:13:32]  <millette>    salut ergonlogic - ack - I'll stay tuned
[05:13:59]    <ergonlogic>  for my part, I've finished porting Aegir-up to a drush extension now
[05:14:29]    <ergonlogic>  and I'vebegun work on a utility server to provide dns, squid-proxy, git and jenkins servers
[05:14:41] <ergonlogic>  so I'll be poking around the jenkins test scripts
[05:14:51]   <ergonlogic>  that's about it from me
[05:15:10] <ergonlogic>  omega8cc: was there a Thursday scrum?
[05:15:49]    <omega8cc>    ergonlogic: no, I was here but I didn't met anyone here :/
[05:16:07]  <ergonlogic>  omega8cc: alright
[05:16:27]    <ergonlogic>  so then, if there's nothing else, I'll post this to the community site
[05:16:36] <flexgrip>    Has anyone enabled CORS on an nginx/BOA install before?
[05:16:39]  <ergonlogic>  hefring: log pointer
[05:16:39] <hefring>
[05:16:40] <anarcat> alirght
[05:16:42]  <anarcat> thanks ergonlogic
[05:16:46]    <omega8cc>    thanks
[05:16:54]   <ergonlogic>  :)

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