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E-Commerce Integration Roadmap


E-Commerce Integration Roadmap

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  • For installation and configuration instructions, see the Administrator Manual.
  • There was some valuable discussion on use cases on

Don't put feature requests in here. Submit them to the uc_hosting or hostmaster issue queues instead.

1. Drupal 6 / uc_hosting 1.0

Aiming for compatibility with:

  • Hostmaster 1.0
  • Ubercart 2.4


  • uc_hosting: This implements shared functions and classes, including the function to create a client based on an ubercart order and product.
  • uc_hosting_products: This is where we put the ubercart function calls, attribute generation, etc... This module is intended to be used alone for the "my ubercart is on my aegir site" scenario.

1.1. Goals

1.1.1. Single site products


1.1.2. Multi site packages


1.1.3. Recurring payments

We need to test the module using uc_recurring.

1.2. Nice-to-haves

Given where we are at now, this stuff will most likely not make it in until an eventual 1.1 release. The exception being Hadsie's work on "try before you buy".

1.2.1. Purchasing wizard

Stills needs to be developed. The create my site now option is a start and is already in.

1.2.2. Make it unnecessary to log single-site purchasers into the aegir site

Needs some testing but should be doable. Maybe just needs a little documentation. I believe Hadsie's work is related to this.

1.2.3. Deferred payments

Ergonlogic is working on this.

2. Drupal 7 / uc_hosting 2.0

We are still unsure about whether to support commerce, ubercart, or both with this module. We will most likely wait until development on the D7 port of aegir starts before beginning this work so we will see then what the landscape looks like.

Aiming for compatibility with:

  • Hostmaster 2.x
  • Ubercart 3.x, or Commerce 1.x (maybe both?)

2.1. Goals

2.1.1. Remote storefronts

Hopefully, this will be supported by plans for new xmlrpc methods in the hostmaster signup module.

2.2. Nice-to-haves

2.2.1. Desjardins recurring payments

This is a seperate module being developed by Koumbit.

2.2.2. Importable demo products

This would be really great.

2.2.3. Simple procedure to deny user 1 to certain clients

Ergonlogic has published a module that should make this possible:

3. Wishlist:

4. Unanswered Questions

  1. Will the Drupal 7 version use Ubercart or Commerce? Both? Neither?
  2. How and when will people be billed? And what degree of control will uc_hosting offer over that?
  3. Aegir has clients & UC has clients. How are they related/distinct? How do we keep this clear to users/admins?
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