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2.0-rc4 release notes


2.0-rc4 release notes

An error in the manual portion of our release process resulted in the incorrect version of the code-base being built. See the release notes for 2.0-rc3 for relevant changes since 2.0-rc2.

Known bugs

In addition to those listed in the release notes for 2.0-rc3, note that some people have experienced problems with downloading a patch in the main Aegir makefile. This is most likely due to problems with's SSL certificate. If you are experiencing such an issue, there is a simple work-around: edit the aegir.make file in the provision/ directory to make the path use http:// instead of https://.

For a Debian-based system (including Ubuntu), this would look something like:

$ sudo vi /usr/bin/drush/commands/provision/aegir.make

For 'manual' installs on other OS's, it would probably be:

$ sudo vi /var/aegir/provision/aegir.make

Change the line:

projects[drupal][patch][] = ""

to read:

projects[drupal][patch][] = ""

Then re-run the install. On Debian/Ubuntu machines:

$ sudo apt-get install aegir2

On manually installed systems (CentOS, etc.) as the aegir user:

$ drush hostmaster-install

Detailed list of changes






  • Fixed makefiles to point to proper versions of projects.
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