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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-07-12


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-07-12

(08:01:34 AM) anarcat: heey scrum time
(08:01:39 AM) anarcat: mig5 / darthsteven : scrum!
(08:01:45 AM) anarcat: omega8cc / sfyn / shrop : scrum time
(08:01:52 AM) anarcat: am i the only one awake? :)
(08:01:59 AM) omega8cc: hello!
(08:02:01 AM) ergonlogic: anarcat: not the *only* one
(08:02:14 AM) ergonlogic: hi all
(08:02:35 AM) anarcat: hello ergonlogic !
(08:02:50 AM) anarcat: so welcome to our weekly scrum
(08:02:52 AM) anarcat: i don't have much to say
(08:02:57 AM) anarcat: i've been away for a while
(08:03:03 AM) anarcat: vacations, drush sprint, etc
(08:03:12 AM) anarcat: i'll try to do a reportback of that great drush sprint soon
(08:03:36 AM) anarcat: but basically, i worked on jenkins, debian packaging and cleaning up the drush bootstrap process to make real unit tests possible
(08:03:49 AM) anarcat: so we can now test *functions* (instead of just commands) in the drush unit test framework
(08:03:53 AM) anarcat: which will be useful for provision
(08:03:54 AM) anarcat: now
(08:04:01 AM) anarcat: how's 1.x doing?
(08:04:14 AM) anarcat: i have on my tuesday todo (and had for a while) to release 1.2
(08:04:27 AM) anarcat: so i'm thinking to test the 1.x debian packages all over the place then just release the damn thing
(08:04:53 AM) anarcat: how does that sound?
(08:04:55 AM) omega8cc: anarcat: there are patches waiting in the queue
(08:05:02 AM) anarcat: ah darn :)
(08:05:05 AM) anarcat: omega8cc: your patches? :)
(08:05:07 AM) omega8cc: ;)
(08:05:10 AM) omega8cc: yep
(08:05:13 AM) anarcat: hehe ok
(08:05:17 AM) anarcat: that shouldn't be a big issue
(08:05:26 AM) omega8cc: simple stuff
(08:05:59 AM) anarcat: ok, so i'll merge that in before release
(08:06:09 AM) omega8cc: thanks
(08:06:09 AM) anarcat: so one last thing for me
(08:06:17 AM) anarcat: i'll be going on a looong holiday around drupalcon
(08:06:33 AM) anarcat: i'm leaving on august 3rd for europe, then going to drupalcon, then i'm gone for september
(08:06:54 AM) anarcat: so that could stall dev of 2.x for a little longer, but i'll be back in full force after that
(08:07:22 AM) anarcat: ah and before i forget: darthsteven: our hosting-queue-runner daemon disappeared here for the first time ever, not sure why, i'll try to track it down today
(08:07:29 AM) anarcat: okay, anyone else has something to add here?
(08:07:45 AM) ergonlogic: For my part, I posted an Aegir extension module on d.o: Hosting Profile Roles
(08:07:50 AM) ergonlogic: ... and I've begun hacking on a couple more
(08:07:55 AM) ergonlogic: And worked on a couple small patches to Drush
(08:08:09 AM) ergonlogic: I've been testing .deb installs on some client VPSs, which has been going smoothly
(08:08:12 AM) omega8cc: not much from me this week, besides fixed support for open public and vudeola
(08:08:33 AM) omega8cc: err, videola
(08:08:52 AM) ergonlogic: ooh, lullabot's published it now?
(08:08:56 AM) omega8cc: yep
(08:09:04 AM) ergonlogic: I'll have to check it out
(08:09:14 AM) omega8cc: and merged my fix already
(08:09:44 AM) Aciid: oh no, videola. I hope it doesn't catch on at the company that we should start offerin sites with it..
(08:09:56 AM) Aciid: videola's performance and seek capabilities are horrible
(08:10:08 AM) Aciid: or maybe it's lullabot's CDN
(08:11:28 AM) anarcat: alright, anyone else?
(08:11:43 AM) ***anarcat notices our gsoc student missing
(08:11:52 AM) anarcat: has he checked in at all while i was gone?
(08:12:13 AM) omega8cc: I didn't notice
(08:12:26 AM) anarcat: that's reallly too bad
(08:12:32 AM) anarcat: i'll have to do an evaluation soon
(08:12:57 AM) ergonlogic: oh, one other things (not to do with our GSoC student), Koumbit is now accepting donations in support of the Aegir Project
(08:13:15 AM) ergonlogic: there's a link on the front page of
(08:14:29 AM) ergonlogic: if/when we receive any donations, we'll have to figure out how to disburse them
(08:14:33 AM) anarcat: ergonlogic: yeah, mig5 wanted to talk about this, actually
(08:14:55 AM) anarcat: ergonlogic: he was suggesting we (koumbit) get a rackspace cloud account and deal with the donations
(08:14:59 AM) anarcat: where are the donations going now?
(08:15:16 AM) ergonlogic: anarcat: Koumbit's PayPal acct
(08:15:23 AM) anarcat: ok, good
(08:15:46 AM) anarcat: alright
(08:15:57 AM) anarcat: so if there's nobody else, that will be it for our weekly scrum!
(08:16:13 AM) ergonlogic: I'll post to the community site
(08:16:28 AM) omega8cc: thanks
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