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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-05-03


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-05-03


[22:01:15]    * anarcat SCRUM TIME!
[22:01:24]    * anarcat cues boom-boom beat
[22:01:30]    <anarcat> alrighty
[22:01:40] <anarcat> so
[22:01:56]   <anarcat> what i'll do this week: finish setting up the new jenkins server, and work on drush/provision unit testing in 2.x
[22:02:07]   <anarcat> i have fixed a pesky issue in the site form editing
[22:02:09]  <shrop>   Haha
[22:02:22] * trainer has joined #aegir
[22:02:31]  <anarcat> and we're struggling with a core dump in d7 installs on our production server we can't reproduce in staging, really weird
[22:02:39]  <anarcat> if anyone got more info, let me know
[22:02:52] <anarcat> that's it for me
[22:03:02]    <anarcat> anyone else?
[22:03:07] <sethvincent> i'll go
[22:03:11] <anarcat> c_mcintosh: you said you had something to mention for our scrum?
[22:03:18] * arianek is now known as arianek_afk
[22:03:20]    <anarcat> sethvincent: go ahead!
[22:03:28]   <sethvincent> sandbox:
[22:03:43]  <sethvincent> and the plan:
[22:03:51]    <gmclelland>  is hostmaster-pause still a valid drush command? It tells me could not be found?
[22:04:01] <sethvincent> if anyone has advice on the plan that i wrote up please let me know
[22:04:08]  <anarcat> gmclelland: please wait after the scrum :)
[22:04:20]   <EclipseGc>   sethvincent: I'll read through it
[22:04:33]   <sethvincent> i've been doing studying of the docs, and that's what i'll keep working on over the next week
[22:04:47] * scottrigby has joined #aegir
[22:04:48]   * anarcat reading up
[22:04:49] <sethvincent> @EclipseGc thanks!
[22:04:57]   <anarcat> sethvincent: sounds good!
[22:05:04]    * arianek_afk has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:05:06]   <sethvincent> cool. that's it for me.
[22:05:20] <anarcat> sethvincent: do you plan on reviewing the existing work in the issue queue?
[22:05:25]  <anarcat> that's where most of the stuff is so far
[22:05:31]    <sethvincent> ah. yes
[22:06:13]  <anarcat> i'm happy to see a plan, so far it looks sound
[22:06:23]  <sethvincent> ok
[22:06:53]   <anarcat> sethvincent: you should authentify with nickserv when you hang around here, it will give you +v, which is a good way to get notified when the scrum starts
[22:07:03]   <EclipseGc>   I'm hoping to get to do this this week or next, but I'm actually intending on screwing around with drupal commerce some to see if I can get an outside of aegir D7 + DC platform requesting that aegir provision new sites
[22:07:19] <anarcat> we may make the channel +m (moderated, so only voiced users can talk) eventually so that will make it really important you authentify
[22:07:23]    <sethvincent> anarcat: ok. i'll do that
[22:07:23]   <anarcat> and that goes for everybody :)
[22:07:45]   <anarcat> EclipseGc: cool - note that c_mcintosh is working on that
[22:08:05]    <EclipseGc>   anarcat: I assume?
[22:08:07] <anarcat> koumbit is also rolling out a new ecommerce frontend that will talk with aegir through XMLRPC, maybe in collaboration with c_mcintosh, we'll see
[22:08:42]    <anarcat> wtf
[22:08:43]  <anarcat> no
[22:08:57]   <anarcat> c_mcintosh: that's not a good module name
[22:09:12]   <anarcat> c_mcintosh: first, it should be called hosting_* as hostmaster is the profile name
[22:09:19]   <anarcat> c_mcintosh: second, "plus" doesn't mean anything
[22:09:30]  <EclipseGc>   anarcat: I was just intending on trying to get a straight up drush provisioning call going and requiring that they be on the same server
[22:09:38] * Met4physica has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:10:31]   <anarcat> EclipseGc: not sure what you mean there
[22:10:40]  <EclipseGc>   anarcat: meh, no worries
[22:11:04] <EclipseGc>   anarcat: I've not even gotten to dig in yet, so, nothing to see here ;-)
[22:11:09]    <darthsteven> my turn?
[22:11:36] <anarcat> darthsteven: go ahead! :)
[22:12:11]    <darthsteven> Well, I looked at running cron using wget for D7 and popped a fix into the 2.x branch
[22:12:35]    <darthsteven> I think the change is pretty simple, and could be easily backported to 1.x
[22:12:59]   <darthsteven> Also, I have been thinking about the scheduled task problem
[22:13:24]  <darthsteven> so plan for coming week is more docs and coming up with a firm plan for scheduled/recurring task
[22:13:29] <darthsteven> that's all
[22:14:15]  <anarcat> cool
[22:14:21] <anarcat> i commented on your issue, but basically it's a great idea
[22:14:30]  <anarcat> so we're almost done with our scrum here
[22:14:45]    <anarcat> if anyone else has something to add, speak now or be silent for... a week ;)
[22:14:51] <anarcat> just kidding, you can speak whenever :P
[22:14:55]  <omega8cc>    I don't have anything special to report this week - it was a little spring holiday for me, but next week I plan to work on some Nginx related docs for c.a.o.
[22:14:57]   <anarcat> but now is the best time to get feedback!
[22:15:02]    <anarcat> awesome
[22:15:09]  <anarcat> omega8cc: thanks for that cron.php fix btw
[22:15:13]   <darthsteven> awesome module:
[22:15:24]  <anarcat> you guys were making me crazy with that to and fro :)
[22:15:42]    <anarcat> darthsteven: yeah, that's freaking awesome
[22:15:46]  <anarcat> we need to merge it into 2.x
[22:15:53] * ipwa has quit (Quit: ipwa)
[22:15:55] <darthsteven> or just add to the makefile?
[22:16:42] * sethvincent has quit (Quit: Page closed)
[22:17:31]   <EclipseGc>   add to makefile
[22:17:32]  <EclipseGc>   ftw
[22:17:46]  * dob_ has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[22:17:50]   <anarcat> i think it should be in
[22:18:07]  * dob_ has joined #aegir
[22:18:15] <anarcat> but whatever...
[22:18:20]  <darthsteven> anyone else
[22:18:24]  <anarcat> the biggest problem right now is that it hardcodes /var/aegir
[22:18:29]    <darthsteven> want to say anything?
[22:18:30]    <anarcat> i think we're done!
[22:18:37] <anarcat> or late
[22:18:45]  <anarcat> and since we're not allowed to be late, we're done :P
[22:18:48]  <anarcat> ciao everyone
[22:18:52]    <anarcat> thanks for attending :)

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