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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-02-13


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-02-13

[06:59:17]    <anarcat> scrum?
[06:59:17]   <hefring> Every Monday at 20h00 UTC: 12h00 San Francisco, USA (PDT), 15h00 Montreal, Canada (EDT), 20h00 London, UK (GMT), 07h00 (Tuesday) Melbourne, Australia (EST)
[07:00:10]  <ergonlogic>  hi all
[07:00:46]   <darthsteven> hi all!
[07:00:54]  <anarcat> hi
[07:00:54]   <hefring> what's up
[07:01:22]   <anarcat> so i can start i guess
[07:01:30]   <anarcat> i have worked a bit more on aegir in the last week
[07:01:40]   <anarcat> i have merged the pack branch into 1.x and 2.x
[07:01:47]   <anarcat> assuming that it was okay to ship 1.7 with it
[07:01:59]    <anarcat> i am working on the import documentation today
[07:02:11]   <anarcat> what else
[07:02:19]    <anarcat> oh, i want to merge the debian branch into 1.x and 2.x
[07:02:23]   <anarcat> so that we can start building 2.x packages
[07:02:38]   <anarcat> we need to figure out *where* they would be uploaded, because that would override the 1.x packages
[07:02:46]   <anarcat> but maybe we can just make another reprepro archive or something
[07:03:06] <anarcat> what else what else
[07:03:22]  <anarcat> oh
[07:03:31]   <anarcat> i would really like to see us switch to vagrant for jenkins
[07:03:35]  <anarcat> but i have no time to take care of it
[07:03:45]    <anarcat> i am tired of false positives and i'd like to be able to test aegir with vagrant
[07:03:58]    <anarcat> vagrant should hit debian testing this week, so i'll install it at hme and may start playing with it
[07:04:09]    <anarcat> other than that, don't count on me for vagrant stuff too much :)
[07:04:12]    <anarcat> alright, that's it for me
[07:04:36]   <ergonlogic>  k, thanks anarcat
[07:04:43]    <ergonlogic>  I'll go next
[07:04:54]    <anarcat>
[07:04:58]  <anarcat> go!
[07:05:10]  <ergonlogic>  I've updated aegir-up to run on the latest vagrant (0.9.8)
[07:05:28]  <ergonlogic>  and I've been using it to improve the puppet-aegir module
[07:06:00]   <ergonlogic>  so, I have plenty of experience with aegir running on vagrant, but none w/ Jenkins
[07:06:40]   <ergonlogic>  I've been poking around a bit
[07:07:17]   <darthsteven> cool beans
[07:07:24]   <ergonlogic>  but I'd prefer to help someone with more jenkins experience, rather than try to do it myself
[07:07:50]    <ergonlogic>  anyway, we can now specify all the hostmaster variables in the puppet module
[07:08:00] <ergonlogic>  and I'm currently working on supporting manual installs
[07:08:18] <ergonlogic>  and I'm stuck at 'hostmaster-install' but I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel
[07:08:29]  <ergonlogic>  that's pretty much it for me
[07:09:11]    <darthsteven> me next
[07:09:19]  <darthsteven> I've had some time to fix some bugs!
[07:09:21]    <darthsteven> yey!
[07:09:37] <anarcat> yay!
[07:09:41] <darthsteven> so 1.7 will have many fewer notices in the logs
[07:09:57]  <darthsteven> and the site form now works in Internet Explorer
[07:09:58] <darthsteven> :)
[07:10:01]   <anarcat> wow
[07:10:04]  <ergonlogic>  nice
[07:10:04] <anarcat> incredible
[07:10:07]   <anarcat> IE6? :P
[07:10:12]  <darthsteven> fixing some more simple bugs tonight
[07:10:17] <darthsteven> hah!
[07:10:19] <darthsteven> not likely
[07:10:21]   <anarcat> sorry for the swearing ;)
[07:10:29]    <anarcat> should we look at releasing 1.7 soon?
[07:10:30]    <darthsteven> that's it from me
[07:11:17]   <anarcat> it seems that omega8cc has a few patches sitting in the queue, i think mig5 looked at a few of those, but we should probably factor them in
[07:11:37]  <anarcat> also, it seems to me that we should punish omega8cc with commit access, for too long they have been submitting good patches for nginx ;)
[07:11:37] <ergonlogic>  if we do a 1.7 soon, I'd suggest we stick with Drupal 6.23, as 6.24 seems to have a couple bugs
[07:11:46] <anarcat> crap
[07:12:11] <omega8cc>    heh, I'm still in the 'port hundreds of Nginx config changes from BOA fork to Aegir 1.x and 2.x' phase.
[07:12:14]   <omega8cc>    I didn't realize how far it got, but we will get it back in sync with our dear upstream again :)
[07:12:26]    <anarcat> i am happy to hear that! :)
[07:12:30]  <omega8cc>    We are almost there, anyway.
[07:12:42] <anarcat> i am especially curious to see that "no create content stupid submenu" patch :)
[07:12:48]    <omega8cc>    6.24 is fine with two patches
[07:12:52]    <anarcat> that would be a great improvement
[07:13:03]    <omega8cc>    yeah
[07:13:05] <anarcat> we could ship with patches to the makefile...
[07:13:45]    <anarcat> alright, anyone else?
[07:13:50]    <ergonlogic>  If we're going forward with a 1.7, I'll post an issue to track it
[07:14:16]  <ergonlogic>  omega8cc: if you could comment there with the patches, that would be great
[07:14:30]   <anarcat> ergonlogic: let's
[07:14:37]   <ergonlogic>  I'm on it
[07:15:06]   <anarcat> alright, anyone else has something to add to our scrum?
[07:15:16]  <anarcat> otherwise i think we're done, thanks everyone for your attention
[07:15:57]    <omega8cc>    ergonlogic: basically: and
[07:16:40]   <omega8cc>    there are two major issues only, both listed at
[07:16:41]    <anarcat> omega8cc: are those patches upstream?
[07:16:48]    <ergonlogic>
[07:16:48]   <hefring> => Release 1.7 => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, normal, active, 0 comments, 1 IRC mention
[07:17:35]   <ergonlogic>  I'll post the scrum log to c.a.o
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