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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-02-10


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-02-10

07:00 <@anarcat> aaaalright
07:00 <@anarcat> hellow everybodyyy!
07:00 <@anarcat> welcome to our weekly scrums
07:00 <@anarcat> (we need a bot for that cheering crap - anyways)
07:00 <@anarcat> i
07:00 <@anarcat> have done nothing again. :P
07:00 <@anarcat> actually, that's not true
07:00 <@anarcat> i have done a good review of the queue
07:00 <@anarcat> to try to prepare for the RC
07:01 <@anarcat> committed a bunch of things lying around
07:01 <@mig5> you've done great
07:01 <@anarcat> and then univate decided to submit a bunch of patches on top of that, so i'll have to start all over again
07:01 <@anarcat> univate: thanks ;)
07:01 <@anarcat> yeah, it's been good
07:01 <@anarcat> i still have to review my own internal aegir shit before we go towards a release
07:01 <@anarcat> we have around 200+ issues in our internal queue, it's a mess
07:02 <@anarcat> we had a marketing meeting today where we determined our priorities, but i am not sure i should talk about that now ;)
07:02 <@mig5> :)
07:02 <@anarcat> expect another announce soon
07:02 <@anarcat> we are in talks with devseed to migrate the OA site (community.a.o) to Koumbit (? or mig5 ?) THIS MONDAY!
07:03 <@anarcat> so consider this the first announcement:
07:03 <@anarcat> ON MONDAY, 16H EST, the community site will go down for a migration
07:03 <@anarcat> (that's about the same time as now +1h)
07:03 <@anarcat> i still hope that we can RC next week, which will mean creating the 0.4.x branch
07:04 <@anarcat> but before that, i want to do some tests on my side and review our queue
07:04 <@anarcat> we had a weird issue with cron not running on a site here, that i have trouble making a diagnostic of
07:04 <@anarcat> with that
07:04 <@anarcat> i think i am done, mig5 ?
07:04 <@mig5> ok
07:04 <@mig5> not much to report, other than i think the only real blocker to getting an rc out, is that the upgrade path is broken
07:05 <@mig5>
07:05 <@anarcat> i was scared to read that issue
07:05 <@mig5> i really need to speak to unconed about this since it's his patch, 
07:05 <@mig5> and only he understands it, it's like talking to another Vertice :)
07:06 <@anarcat> good good :)
07:06 <@mig5> that's really all from me :s
07:06 <@anarcat> plans for next week?
07:06 <@mig5> to try and fix that, I suppose
07:06 <@anarcat> cool
07:07 <@anarcat> (as an aside, we just found this code in /var/aegir/fuck.php on our prod server, before destroying it, i pastebin'd it in the idea it might be useful for others:
07:07 <@anarcat> (i am not sure what it does)
07:07 <@mig5> wtf
07:07 <@anarcat> okay, anyone else?
07:07 <+omega8cc> Last week I worked on some new features in the Nginx for Aegir configuration, like improved caching and performance (patches to be submitted), and tested everything with Drush 4 and 5 (head)
07:07 <+omega8cc> Now still working on issues like, and hope to fix more Drush related issues next week to get Aegir Drush 4 compatible. That is it from me :)
07:08 <@anarcat> adrinux / darthsteven / EclipseGc / ergonlogic / grugnog_ / mvc / sfyn / skwashd / univate : you're all aegir contributors and welcome to say hi during this scrum - what you're working on these days... etc
07:08 <@anarcat> thanks omega8cc !
07:08 <+darthsteven> Sure...
07:08 <@mig5> oh yeas darthsteven wrote some killer docs :)
07:08 <+darthsteven> I added the first part if some docs about context
07:09 <+darthsteven> More to follow, and extra docs about services too
07:09 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: oh awesome
07:09 <+darthsteven> That's it from me
07:09 <@anarcat> thanks darthsteven
07:10 <+EclipseGc> all of my time these days has been devoted to non-aegir-specific Drupal 7 work these days, though I do see a number of potential point of collaboration on various items in D7 for whenever aegir decides to make that jump
07:10 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: have you done d6 to d7 porting work?
07:10 <@anarcat> would you be interested in contributing to that?
07:11 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: I've worked on ctools/page_manager porting to D7 yes, as well as my own context_admin
07:11 <@anarcat> how's that going? :)
07:12 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: very good all things considered, native support for all entity types in page_manager is a pretty freaking awesome thing
07:12 <@anarcat> :)
07:12 <@anarcat> alright
07:12 <@anarcat> thank you EclipseGc
07:12 <@anarcat> anyone else has anything to add to this mighty scrum?
07:13 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: from an aegir perspective, (as an example) if say, "site nodes" became "site entities" in the D7 version, we could still utilize panels to display the site information (not that we're doing that now, but it is a possibility)
07:13 <@anarcat> oh, an idea i had: we should have a "wildcard domains" variable in the frontend for wildcards pointing to the aegir server while we fix DNS, then when people create sites, they can just type the left part of the domain and choose the wildcard from a dropdown
07:13 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: right, ok
07:13 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: should we wait for d7 before creating the "dns zone" content-type for example?
07:13 <@anarcat> how easy is it to declare entities programmatically?
07:14 <@anarcat> anyways, i have to head out now, so thanks everyone for attending, and have a nice day
07:14 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: well, the only way to declare an entity is programatically, there's no... entity ui or anything that allows you to build new entities
07:14 <@anarcat> can anyone take care of uploading this to the community site?
07:14 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: ok
07:14 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: thus far, a new entity, front to back all manual is minimum about 400 lines of code if you want it to be fairly usable
07:15 <@mig5> yeah i'll sort it later
07:15 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: ow?
07:15 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: I'm hoping that fago's entity_api and ctools can have a meeting of the minds and do something really great to make all of that (including user interfaces) much easier
07:16 <+EclipseGc> but that is still non-existent yet, and many people are uncomfortable depending on entity_api at the moment (though I hear it cuts down on the necessary code for an entity significantly)
07:16 <@anarcat> aand how easy is it to port existing content types to that ... stuff?
07:16 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: I'm going to change your vocabulary real quick (if you don't mind) just so there's no confusion
07:17 <@anarcat> i really have to head out, but feel free, i'll read on later tonight
07:17 <@anarcat> ciao everyone
07:17 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: "content types" or what we call node types in D6 and below are actually "bundles" (generic term) of the node entity now.  You can still call them whatever you like, but to be precise I usually say "node bundles".  All entity types can have bundles
07:18 <@anarcat> fuck
07:18 <@anarcat> sorry, screwed up there
07:18 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: got it :)
07:18 <@anarcat> ciao for real
07:18 <+omega8cc> cia
07:18 <+omega8cc> o
07:18 <+omega8cc> :)
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