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Aegir Ecology vs Drupal Gardens


Aegir Ecology vs Drupal Gardens

-Aegir Ecology vs Drupal Gardens

Presentation given to Sacramento Drupal Users Group, June 2011, attended by Lullabot's quicksketch and others...

Comparing the Aegir Project ecosystem and the Drupal Gardens stack.

The Aegir Project is an open-sourced, libre and free Drupal hosting system that is already used in production to host thousands of Drupal sites in a managed networks.

Aegir allows the spawning of sites from popular company or community distro's such as Open Atrium, Open Public or COD (Conference Organizing Distribution).

There is also a growing, diverse ecosystem of Aegir contributed modules such as hosting payment integration to Ubercart or the automation of various hosting management tasks.

Aegir is composed of the Hostmaster installation profile, Drush and Provision and has an Aegir API for developers. Aegir is production ready and is the product of some of the best Drupal people in the community.

Drupal Gardens is an entry level hosting platform that is a product of Acquia and is built in Drupal 7. The hosting platform is proprietary and specific to the hosting provider.

Slides: Schedule info Time slot: 29 May 14:30 - 16:00 Room: 4 - BoF Room

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