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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-07-26


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-07-26

[12:00pm] anarcat scrum time!
[12:00pm] anarcat: hello people
[12:00pm] univate: hello
[12:00pm] anarcat: welcome to our morning weekly scrum
[12:00pm] omega8cc: hi
[12:00pm] anarcat: hey univate what's up
[12:00pm] anarcat: alright
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[12:01pm] anarcat: univate: i don't know! 
[12:01pm] anarcat: so our gsoc student is supposed to take care of that, but i didn't get any news from him since the evaluation
[12:02pm] anarcat: which is really too bad
[12:02pm] anarcat: i'll try to ping him by email now
[12:02pm] mig5: anarcat: please send me an email before you go, re GSOC student
[12:02pm] mig5: or cc me on that one ^^
[12:02pm] anarcat: alright, i'll do this right away
[12:02pm] anarcat: other than that, i think that's it for me
[12:03pm] mig5: nothing new from me, all my time atm is taken up by work and study
[12:03pm] anarcat: alright, sounds like me except s/work and study/vacation/ 
[12:04pm] anarcat: mig5: @gmail is okay?
[12:04pm] mig5: sure
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[12:06pm] anarcat: okay, anyone else?
[12:06pm] anarcat: darthsteven: ping
[12:06pm] anarcat: omega8cc: how are the cron jobs?
[12:07pm] darthsteven: anarcat: pong!
[12:07pm] Irishgringo joined the chat room.
[12:07pm] anarcat: ha!
[12:07pm] anarcat: darthsteven: anything for the scrum?
[12:07pm] anarcat: darthsteven: we need to coordinate for the training and the session
[12:07pm] omega8cc: anarcat: it works great, but it should probably go in 1.3 no? as it is a critical for all users
[12:07pm] darthsteven: nothing for the scrum 
[12:07pm] anarcat: darthsteven: ok
[12:07pm] anarcat: darthsteven: i'm leaving the internets for a while on the 1st, so we would need to coordinate this week... email?
[12:08pm] anarcat: omega8cc: well, not for *all*, the drush method works fine right?
[12:08pm] darthsteven: anarcat: sure
[12:08pm] omega8cc: yeah, so it is critical in 50% 
[12:08pm] anarcat: okay
[12:08pm] anarcat: i don't think i'll be making a 1.3 release now
[12:09pm] anarcat: if someone else wants to, be my guest!
[12:09pm] omega8cc: as long as we have crush method as default, it is fine
[12:09pm] omega8cc: drush
[12:09pm] anarcat: univate: so the d7 port is handled by seth.vincent's sandboxes on, if you want to followup on that it would be great
[12:09pm] omega8cc: uh, Lion autocorrection is crazy
[12:11pm] univate: anarcat: ok i will try and track down what is there
[12:11pm] anarcat: univate: can you give me your mail addy again
[12:14pm] univate: looks like seth.vincents last commits to his sandbox projects were 5 weeks ago
[12:15pm] anarcat: quite possible
[12:15pm] anarcat: he kinda stalled on the project at some point
[12:15pm] anarcat: i'll push him again now
[12:18pm] anarcat: so what's the next scrum time?
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[12:18pm] anarcat: i won't be coordinating the next ones until october 1st
[12:19pm] anarcat: so we need someone to take that over, or we suspend those for a while
[12:19pm] mig5: I don't think we agreed on a new time, i'll coordinate with darthsteven / omega8cc
[12:20pm] mig5: if we can't agree on a good time we'll suspend them or rotate people
[12:20pm] anarcat: ok
[12:20pm] mig5: or i'll move to europe 
[12:20pm] omega8cc:                          
[12:21pm] omega8cc: it should be easy to find good time for EU/AU
[12:23pm] mig5: yeah
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[12:24pm] anarcat: there was a time proposal here:
[12:28pm] omega8cc: mig5: what time works best for you? morning, evening?
[12:36pm] Egyptian[Laptop] joined the chat room.
[12:40pm] omega8cc: so maybe ?
[12:40pm] mig5: evening usually better for me
[12:41pm] omega8cc: 7, 8 or 9 pm?
[12:41pm] mig5: 8 or 9 is fine, that link above is fine with me
[12:41pm] mig5: let's see what darthsteven says
[12:41pm] omega8cc: k
[12:41pm] anarcat: mig5: ping
[12:41pm] mig5: pong
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[12:42pm] q0rban joined the chat room.
[12:43pm] anarcat:    
[12:44pm] mig5: that's quite good! when did that appear
[12:44pm] scientist joined the chat room.
[12:45pm] anarcat: i just wrote it
[12:45pm] mig5: nice
[12:45pm] mig5: some of that would be good in the wikipedia page
[12:46pm] mig5: (for those of you who missed it: )
[12:46pm] anarcat: yeah, that's why i wrote it
[12:46pm] mig5:                          
[12:47pm] Irishgringo left the chat room. (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 5.0.1/20110707182747])
[12:47pm] omega8cc: nice!
[12:48pm] mig5: in other news, i rejoined twitter, and now feel dirty
[12:49pm] mig5: and am studying for my OSCP, so if you find I discover any XSS or other holes in aegir, you know why
[12:50pm] scottalan joined the chat room.
[12:51pm] darthsteven: mig5, omega8cc: 10AM UTC is fine with me
[12:52pm] omega8cc: mig5: I already grabbed that book about security thanks to your tweets, so it is a good thing (™)
[12:54pm] omega8cc: darthsteven, mig5: so let's change the scrum time to then for the summer
[12:54pm] darthsteven: agreed
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