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0.4-beta2 release notes


0.4-beta2 release notes

The Aegir team is proud to announce the second beta release of Aegir 0.4.

This release primarily is a bugfix release.

There have also been quite a few patches sitting in our issue queues for review for a very long time, and we have attempted to commit a whole bunch of those in this release. Things have been moving a bit slowly and we're sorry for that.

Key changes in 0.4-beta2

There are a few changes in this release that are new, such as the presence of an early 'bulk operations' feature. We do not expect this to be bug free, but hope that by committing some of this new code and making it present in a new release, we'll get some community users testing this stuff and reporting back / patching it to make it better. Otherwise this stuff just gets lost in the queue!

After this release we will be looking strongly at a release candidate for 0.4.

Known Issues:

Some of our issues from beta1 are still actually present:

  • DNS has no access control - anybody can create any zone (#922252)
  • Inter-server migration may fail under some circumstances (#976300)
  • The site form suffers from some performance issues when you have a lot of platforms (#955854)

Also, an issue has been identified with remote web servers: in some cases, when the 'master' server syncs the site contents to a remote, it can delete the files/ of a site because it doesn't sync a site's files back to the master server except in the case of backups/migrations.

We would like to warn users that are making use of Aegir's multiserver features to be aware of this issue: .

The road to 0.4 and Aegir contributors

Our core dev team is small and various demands for our time have been slowing development to a degree. We have a decent-sized community with a wide range of skills, and would like to take this opportunity to encourage our users to attempt to contribute to the project where they see fit - whether this be code development (bug fixes, new features), documentation, or even promotion / talks at Drupal events.

We will potentially be seeking new core developers to the project soon as well. If you'd like to chat with us about contributing to Aegir, don't hesitate to write on the mailing lists or come and see us on IRC in #aegir at Aegir's core developers are Adrian Rossouw (Vertice), Antoine Beaupré (anarcat) and Miguel Jacq (mig5).

We know the barrier to entry can be a little high with hacking on Aegir, and will be refocusing our efforts to try and make that easier for new starters. An API site will be along soon!

See all the issues tagged as aegir-0.4 and issues marked as 'major' for our current outstanding issues.

Installing and upgrading:

The canonical source of installation documentation is as usual the excellent INSTALL.txt.

For users who have Rackspace Cloud accounts and want to install Aegir in the cloud, you are welcome to try mig5's Frigg script, which automatically creates a new virtual server and installs Aegir, with one command!

For users of 0.4-beta1 and earlier, we offer an script in Provision, which tries to automate much of the steps outlined in the UPGRADE.txt.

It is still imperative that you read the UPGRADE.txt and follow all version-specific upgrade instructions located at the end of the document before trying to run the upgrade script. This especially applies to users upgrading from before 0.4-alpha8, including 0.3.

The script attempts to backup the existing backend components, download new versions, and then run the hostmaster-migrate command. It assumes you are upgrading from the previous release (hostmaster-0.4-beta1). If you are not, you may have to edit the script to change the OLD_DRUPAL_DIR variable.

Bugs fixed

New features

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