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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-11-01


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-11-01

[21:00:57]     Scrum time!
[21:01:00]     scrum?
[21:01:00]     scrum is Every Tuesday at 10h00 UTC: 03h00 San Francisco, USA (PST), 06h00 Montreal, Canada (EDT), 11h00 London, UK (CET), 20h00 Melbourne, Australia (EST)
[21:01:08]    go!
[21:01:19]     shall I go first?
[21:01:26]     okay, if you insist
[21:01:40]     Aegir 1.5 is out!
[21:01:42]     Hurrah
[21:01:47]    \o/
[21:01:57]     Anarcat helped in advisory role
[21:02:17]     which means at least two people can complete the full release process, independently
[21:02:26]    excellent
[21:02:50]     and we found that Jenkins actually does most of the work, and we could get it to do most of the rest of Debian stuff very easily
[21:02:57]     other things:
[21:03:10]     I did some bug fixes
[21:03:29]     I completely re-factored the 6.x-2.x branch of provision to use autoloading for classes
[21:03:41]     so we can support contrib add-ons for provision
[21:03:51]     I still need to document those changes
[21:04:01]     will try to get a few mins to do that today
[21:04:31]     also, I increased the number of things tested by Jenkins, and improved the quality of the code running the tests a little
[21:04:44]     resulting in less code all round :)
[21:05:05]     Also, made the upgrade tests take parameters
[21:05:09]     which is handy
[21:05:29]     also we now test PHP 5.2, every 24 hours if there are changes
[21:05:32]     that's it from me
[21:05:39]     mig5 want to go next?
[21:05:48]    ok - incredible efforts as always darthsteven, thanks
[21:05:52]    that's amazing work
[21:06:20]    me - very little as always - i simply built a new debian squeeze image with backported php 5.2 from lenny, so that we could do those php 5.2 tests
[21:06:57]    i'm pondering giving an aegir talk at in January 2012, only a couple monts away now, but i'd like to diverge away from the usual 'how to install aegir, basic usage' thing we always do, as a lot of people will have seen that
[21:07:08]    any suggestions or ideas, let me know.
[21:07:11]    that's about it from me
[21:08:10]     mig5: thanks as always
[21:08:47]     anyone else?
[21:09:00]     mig5: we can chat talks after the scrum?
[21:09:23]    sure
[21:10:13]     anyone else? I'll give you a minute!
[21:11:31]     okay
[21:11:36]     thanks for attending mig5
[21:11:37]    i'll do log
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