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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-09-20


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-09-20

20:01 <@darthsteven> scrum in 1 minute!
20:02 <@darthsteven> mig5, mvc, omega8cc, sfyn, skwashd; scrum in 1 min
20:03 <@darthsteven> scrum time!
20:03 <+omega8cc> hello!
20:03 <@darthsteven> scrum?
20:03 < hefring> scrum is Every Tuesday at 10h00 UTC: 03h00 San Francisco, USA (PST), 06h00 Montreal, Canada (EDT), 11h00 London, UK (CET), 20h00 Melbourne, Australia 
20:03 <@darthsteven> indeed it is hefring
20:03 <@darthsteven> botsnack
20:03 < hefring> skynet thanks YOU!
20:03 <@darthsteven> who wants to go first?
20:04 <@mig5> just made it..
20:04 <@darthsteven> mig5: Hello!
20:04 <@mig5> you go firsst, you have been on fire in the queue!
20:05 <@darthsteven> I fixed some issues that were in the queue, and worked on the site form a little
20:05 <@darthsteven> Hopefully we can now handle database passwords that include special characters
20:05 <@darthsteven> though we may be chasing that one around a few more dark corners yet
20:06 <@darthsteven> I'd like some feedback about the site form changes (which are in a dev branch)
20:06 <@darthsteven> the issue is...
20:06 <@darthsteven>
20:06 < hefring> => Clean up the hosting form javascript => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, normal, needs review, 2 comments, 1 IRC mention
20:06 <@darthsteven> I would really appreciate some reviews of that
20:07 <@mig5> i never understood any of that as i don't grok javascript - i'm glad you're tackling it
20:07 <@darthsteven> It's basically just adding an AJAX spinner, so you know that something is happening...
20:07 <@mig5> so i'm not sure how helpful i can be there but hopefully others..
20:07 <@mig5> ah right
20:07 <@darthsteven> even just a test and 'I like the look of that' or 'Can we do this' would be helpful
20:08 <@darthsteven> Also
20:08 <@darthsteven> I installed Drupal 8 using Aegir last night, and it worked!
20:08 <@darthsteven> which isn't a major surprise, but it is fun
20:08 <@darthsteven> that's it from me
20:08 <@darthsteven> who wants to go next?
20:09 <@mig5> nothing from me, i see you want to add some drupal8 tests into jenkins, i can do that
20:09 <@mig5> still way too busy right now to look at moving tests into provision
20:09 <@mig5> hopefully more time early october when i go full-time consultant
20:10 <@darthsteven> mig5: do you have time for a quick chat after the scrum about Aegir stuff?
20:10 <@mig5> should do, it's either you or dinner, whatever happens first
20:10 <@mig5> :)
20:11 <@darthsteven> mig5: been thinking about the tests stuff, have some ideas and thoughts about it...
20:11 <@darthsteven> mig5: anything else to add?
20:11 <@mig5> nope, other than to say thanks to you specifically for working the issue queue like a nutter this week
20:11 <@darthsteven> mig5: thanks for coming to the scrum even if you don't have much to report!
20:11 <@mig5> keep it up but don't burn out :)
20:11 <@darthsteven> mig5: these are my normal levels of involvement in projects... :)
20:12 <@darthsteven> anyone else have anything for the scrum?
20:12 <+omega8cc> I don't have anything new related to the Aegir core this week to report, however I worked on some BOA new features and there is a chance I will submit some new patches for Nginx config (and finally) the menu/UI.
20:12 <+omega8cc> darthsteven: and also thanks for your work in the queue!
20:12 <@darthsteven> omega8cc: awesome!
20:13 <@mig5> omega8cc: i expect to hear you move into Linode Tokyo soon ;)
20:13 <@darthsteven> omega8cc: I think we should make tiding up the UI a priority for 2.x
20:13 <@mig5> sorry offtopic
20:13 <@mig5> apparently there was a drupal montreal on
20:13 <@darthsteven> anyone else?
20:13 <@mig5> i read some french tweets about it
20:13 <@mig5> something about an 'albert method', a guy from koumbit did a talk
20:14 <@mig5> i am keen to find out more, there are slides somewhere, search on twitter under #aegir
20:14 <@mig5> i think it's deployment-related, i'll see if i can find out more and get some english-language focus on it as it looked interesting
20:15 <@darthsteven> cool
20:15 <+omega8cc>
20:15 <+omega8cc> or!/omega8cc/status/114783126844223488
20:16 <@mig5> oh nice already in english
20:16 <+omega8cc> yep
20:16 <@mig5> again, soon, i will have a new screencast up
20:16 <@mig5> about my 'zero touch' deployment for aegir
20:16 <@mig5> using jenkins
20:16 <@mig5> that 'reacts' to git push in de/v/stage/live environments
20:16 <@darthsteven> mig5: cool, have you seen that someone is doing screencasts of Aegir stuff?
20:16 <@mig5> that will come 'soon' ;)
20:16 <@darthsteven> mig5: that would be awesome
20:16 <@mig5> darthsteven: yes i did, i watched one
20:17 <+omega8cc> mig5: cool! finally! :)
20:17 <@darthsteven> mig5: I've not watched I've no idea if they're any good
20:17 <@darthsteven> To finish the scrum, I'd like to say...
20:18 <@darthsteven> that we seem to have had a bump in contributors, which is really cool!
20:18 <@mig5> yes! rock on, patchers!
20:18 <@darthsteven> There are also a few people who've started using Aegir, and are now blogging about the project
20:18 <@mig5> thanks GuyPaddock and halcyonCorsair
20:18 <@darthsteven> The 'Wedful' thing springs to mind
20:19 <@mig5> yes and hadsie, i think that was the first commercial 'payment' aegir system that implemented our api
20:19 <+omega8cc> right
20:19 <@darthsteven> So, with a bit of effort we make Aegir 2.x happen fast, and be super awesome in every way!
20:19 <@darthsteven> anyway
20:19 <@darthsteven> that's it for this scrum!
20:19 <@mig5> the pantheon project is getting a lot of publicity right now, i am keen to see people publish 'how to make your own pantheon' with aegir :)
20:19 <@mig5> just to balance things out :)
20:19 <@mig5> thanks scrummers
20:19 <@darthsteven> Thanks for attending
20:19 <+omega8cc> thanks
20:19 <@darthsteven> who wants to do the log thing?
20:20 <@mig5> i can
20:20 <@darthsteven> thanks!
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