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Ubercart Integration


Ubercart Integration

This module provides several features to ubercart products on an Aegir platform.


  • Hostmaster 6.x-1.0 or higher
  • Ubercart 6.x-2.4 or higher
  • Patience


  1. Download the module and its dependencies into sites/all/modules on your hostmaster platform (drush @hostmaster dl uc_hosting ubercart should work)
  2. Activate the clients feature for hostmaster (admin/hosting/features)
  3. Enable the module uc_hosting_products. This should enable all dependencies (drush @hostmaster en uc_hosting_products)

Creating your first site product

N.B. A video introduction covering configuration is available from the DrupalCon London session Aegir-based Business Models (starting at 26:30).

  1. Create a product. Make sure it is not shippable. (node/add/product)
  2. Edit the product. Go to the features tab.
  3. Choose the "Create a site and adjust quotas accordingly" feature. It should use the sku of your product automatically.
  4. For single-site products, make sure, on the product feature form, to check off "Force clients to create their site on purchase" if you want to be sure people create their site.
  5. Now all you need is a drupal platform that any user can create sites on and you are ready to go. (node/add/platform)

Creating more complex offerings using product kits

The method we recommend for creating complex offerings, including multiple site quotas and access to restricted platforms, is via Ubercart product kits.

  1. Enable uc_product_kit.
  2. Create one or more uc_hosting products.
  3. Create a product kit with these products in them in the appropriate quantities.


You can report bugs, request support and propose patches via our issue queue on


If you would like to use uc_hosting to develop your own Aegir dependant product features, be sure to read the relevant documentation.

Check out the roadmap.

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