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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-05-10


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-05-10


[12:14am] anarcat: darthsteven mig5 bgm ergonlogic mvc joestewart omega8cc sfyn shrop skwashd univate_ : scrum time!
[12:14am] anarcat: alright
[12:14am] anarcat: so for my part i haven't done much aegir work in the last week
[12:14am] anarcat: i was swamped with sysadmin duties and other koumbit stuff
[12:15am] anarcat: i am trying to fix that damn d7 segfault problem we're having and i'm stuck
[12:15am] anarcat: i will try to find sometime this week to finally setup the new jenkins server and start to work on provision unit tests
[12:15am] anarcat: sfyn something else to add to our scrum?
[12:15am] anarcat: omega8cc ?
[12:15am] omega8cc: I'm still busy writing some Nginx related updated docs for c.a.o when I have some rare free minutes, and in the meantime Barracuda and Octopus have been finally moved to d.o, yay!
[12:15am] omega8cc: See and, so we can co-operate better now.
[12:15am] anarcat: yay!
[12:16am] anarcat: awesome
[12:16am] omega8cc: Next week I plan to publish the docs I collected so far. That is it for me.
[12:16am] sfyn: Since last I came I started rolling out releases for uc_hosting
[12:16am] sfyn: I am working on the next one this week and then I am porting the puppy to D7
[12:17am] sfyn: And implementing remote storefronts, which means I am going to start working on services
[12:17am] anarcat: awesome
[12:17am] Pathin left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[12:17am] sfyn: cmcintosh has convinced me, along with 8 of his friends, to go with servicesapi
[12:17am] sfyn: also
[12:17am] anarcat: it seems our gsoc student is missing, but he's going to work on the d7 port of hostmaster, so you may want to coordinate with him on that
[12:18am] sfyn: quota api, and particularly the sites implementation of it could use some love, and i've noticed that platforms being locked prevent you from changing anything on a site at all
[12:18am] sfyn: anarcat: what is his nick on irc?
[12:18am] anarcat: sfyn: he's sethvincent
[12:18am] Pathin joined the chat room.
[12:18am] sfyn: anarcat: and maybe you could fire over his email
[12:18am] anarcat: about platforms being locked - yeah, another user reported something like this recently
[12:18am] anarcat: sfyn: not sure i have his email, lemme check
[12:19am] sfyn: thanks
[12:19am] sfyn: one last thing
[12:19am] anarcat: done
[12:19am] sfyn: this discussion:
[12:20am] sfyn: has a question about deploying phpmyadmin on slave servers, would be cool if someone could chip in with experience with those
[12:20am] anarcat: note that i haven't followed the issue queue or the community site in about a week, so i'm a bit lagging
[12:20am] Pasqualle left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[12:20am] sfyn: anarcat: received and thanks
[12:20am] anarcat: i see
[12:21am] Artusamak is now known as Artusamak_afk.
[12:21am] anarcat: not sure i have time for this right now, but i would just set it up as a separate vhost
[12:21am] anarcat: and no need to set it up on all servers...
[12:21am] anarcat: anyways, we need some integration there so that mysql servers get configured in PMA
[12:21am] anarcat: i think therE's an issue for that
[12:21am] anarcat: anyone else for the scrum?
[12:23am] • sfyn chirps like a cricket
[12:24am] mvc: did i mention my pet drush module here lately?
[12:24am] mvc:
[12:24am] anarcat: mvc: i don't think you did!
[12:24am] anarcat: sweet
[12:24am] mvc: it reports which projects (as in groups of modules) are in use by different sites in one or more platforms
[12:25am] anarcat: good work
[12:25am] mvc: as soon as i get around to testing it with d5 and d7 i'll move it out of the sandbox
[12:25am] anarcat: isn't status-report a bit confusing as a command name? i would expect that command to give me similar results than the status report page in the drupal site...
[12:26am] anarcat: otherwise, cool
[12:26am] omega8cc: there is some promising contrib to review, if you can help
[12:26am] Pathin left the chat room. (Quit: Lost terminal)
[12:27am] obrienmd: mvc: really intersted in testing that, will do so ASAP... agree w/ anarcat on the command name though
[12:27am] omega8cc: see
[12:27am] FatGuyLaughing left the chat room. (Quit: FatGuyLaughing)
[12:29am] anarcat: alright
[12:29am] anarcat: oh
[12:29am] anarcat: another thing
[12:29am] anarcat: koumbit is going to make a presentation at drupalcon this year
[12:29am] anarcat: i would have loved to talk with darthsteven about this, i guess we can catch up later this week
[12:29am] anarcat: but basically, we're going to send the proposal soon, the deadline is the 15th, iirc
[12:30am] anarcat: so there we go
[12:30am] anarcat: i think that covers it for our scrum
[12:30am] anarcat: thanks everybody for attending
[12:30am] anarcat: and see you next week!
[12:30am] • anarcat scrum over!
[12:30am] omega8cc: ciao
[12:30am] sfyn: salut
[12:30am] szczym: see you

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