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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-04-12


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-04-12

23:02 darthsteven: mig5: ping
23:02 darthsteven: anarcat: ping
23:02 darthsteven: Scrum?
23:02 hefring: Every Tuesday at 22h00 UTC: 15h00 San Francisco, USA (PST), 18h00 Montreal, Canada (EDT), 23h00 London, UK (CET), 08h00 (Wednesday) Melbourne, Australia (EST)
23:03 darthsteven: Guess this is going to be a quiet scrum then...
23:03 darthsteven: Well, I'll start
23:04 obicke: go for it
23:04 darthsteven: I've not done a whole lot of extra documentation, just all the constants in hostmaster, and a couple more hooks
23:04 darthsteven: I've been chasing ergonlogic about the api.a.o site not updating, he should be looking at it soon
23:05 darthsteven: hoping to still push some more docs before the 1.0 final release
23:05 darthsteven: that's it from me
23:05 darthsteven: anyone else?
23:06 darthsteven: EclipseGc, ergonlogic, grugnog, mvc, omega8cc, sfyn, shrop, skwashd or anyone else have anything to add?
23:06 obicke: • obicke is trying to round up anarcat and ergonlogic
23:07 EclipseGc: • EclipseGc was not reading
23:07 EclipseGc: • EclipseGc has nothing to add
23:08 shrop: Nothing at this point
23:08 shrop: When is v1 coming out?
23:09 darthsteven: soon
23:10 EclipseGc: • EclipseGc would like to point out his new power-module though
23:11 darthsteven: I'll give this scrum until 22:15UTC
23:14 sethvincent: darthsteven: where are the api docs located?
23:15 darthsteven: sethvincent:
23:15 sethvincent: thanks
23:16 darthsteven: that's the end of the scrum then
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