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3.0-alpha2 release notes


3.0-alpha2 release notes

The Aegir team is pleased to announce the second preview release (alpha) of the Aegir 3.x branch, after months of development. Development has been sometimes intermittent, but it is not over yet!

This release is tailored to make upcoming changes available to a wider audience than people ready to install from git, but also to make features more widely available and tested. More alpha releases will be published when there are substantial changes.

In the issue queues the central roadmap issue is: #1261030 [meta] Roadmap: Aegir 3.x (D7 port)

1. Major changes

  • Improved Drupal 8 support

2. Major API changes

to be determined.

3. Installing and upgrading

The canonical source of installation documentation is on the community site at:

In a similar fashion, the upgrade documentation is:

Within those sections you'll find step-by-step instructions for performing both manual and automatic upgrade processes.

Note that you should upgrade to the latest 2.x release (currently: 2.1) before attempting the upgrade to 3.x..

It is still imperative that you read the upgrade path and version-specific information and follow all version-specific upgrade instructions before trying to run the upgrade script or manual upgrade.

4. Need help?

If you struggle to install or upgrade your Aegir system, you have a number of options available to you for getting help.

Consult this page for more information:

Thanks to our awesome community for their help, support and encouragement as always! Enjoy the new release :)

5. Features and improvements

In addition to the "major changes" mentioned above, the following should also be noted.

6. Bugfixes

This is a non-exhaustive list.

Changes since 7.x-3.0-alpha1:

  • Improve readability of message
  • #2348173 by helmo: Remove unused vars causing trouble
  • #2372653 by helmo: Add --no-autocommit when dumping MySQL tables
  • typo
  • Fix platform name in demo content
  • don't make the example module warn so much
  • propagate example_field properly to the backend
  • Improve debug messages in Config classes.
  • Nginx: Helper locations to avoid 404 on legacy images paths (subdir only)
  • Nginx: Fix spacing
  • Nginx: Add missing variables in subdirectory config template.
  • don't allow d() to run before drush is fully initialized
  • clarify little debugging markers
  • silence the last warning, it's actually not one
  • add debugging: when no service type is specified from the frontend, yell a warning
  • remove dead code: $base_dir is not used anywhere in that function
  • Split arrays and hooks to alter chmod and chgrp file operations.
  • Add server data example module, which doesn't currently work.
  • Add post_verify hook for site_data module.
  • Remove legacy drush load for site data example module.
  • revert previous commit, it's too noisy
  • clarify traces in site_data module
  • Nginx: Add the fix for known problem with files/imagecache in legacy D6 sites (again).
  • Remove openatrium2 from testcase, build fails too often on external issues
  • Update openatrium2 test platform to new tag
  • Rename makefiles to .make extension
  • #2373835 by helmo | realityloop: 3.x doesn't currently install.
  • Nginx: Fail early if any required db credentials are empty, to never create broken vhost.
  • Nginx: Block semalt botnet (extended boa mode only)
  • Nginx: Batch merge updates from 6.x configuration (2)
  • Nginx: Batch merge from 6.x configuration.
  • Correct package name in changelog
  • Update debian package info to have aegir3 in the name
  • Fix branch name for 7.x-3.x in debian git-buildpackage
  • #2358795: Adding a "$force" parameter to setProperty() to allow overwriting of default context properties.
  • #2358795 Adding a provision-save to provision_verify command.
  • #2361729 by joestewart: Fixed D8 Platform verify doesn't add module version to package.
  • #2365171 by joestewart: Fixed D8 Contrib profiles in /profiles undetected.
  • #2362707 by joestewart: D8: update private and temporary paths after cloning
  • allow overrides to the site-specific drushrc.php file
  • #2163979 - Check if field_info_field_map() is available to not break support for old D7 versions.
  • #1995506 by Jon Pugh: Added Implement "--profile" option for "drush hostmaster-install".
  • Add API doc for new hook.
  • Allow altering the list of directories to recurse into on site/platform creation.
  • Removed a bashism
  • #2348879 by Deciphered, helmo: Fixed Welcome Mail - url() deprecated.
  • Remove a trailing space char
  • refactor
  • Improve error handling, better message and fail earlier.
  • #2300537 by helmo | ergonlogic: Added Merge Provision extensions into Hosting modules.
  • Make sure that db_port is never empty and defaults to 3306.
  • Add drupal 8 to provision-demo-content
  • #2346903 by helmo: Added Always disable allow_authorize_operations.
  • #2311005 by Deciphered, clemens.tolboom: Fixed D8 Site install fails on undefined indexes.
  • #2306055 by Deciphered, realityloop, helmo, clemens.tolboom: Fixed Platform verify fails for Drupal 8 under Aegir 3.x.
  • #2346967 by Deciphered: Fixed Onetime login link broken.
  • Pin test makefile of openatrium to stable version, to avoid build problems.

7. Known issues

  • Drupal 8 support is (Chasing HEAD) not complete.
  • Upgrading a hosted site from D6 to D7 has complications with Drush > 7.0.0-alpha6 issue
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