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DevShop Provision


DevShop Provision


DevShop Provision

Drupal development infrastructure made easy.

This module provides the backend commands needed to deploy and manage sites using the DevShop git and features based development workflow.

About DevShop

The goals of DevShop are...

  1. to simplify management of multiple environments for multiple Drupal projects.
  2. to provide web-based tools that streamline the Drupal site building workflow.
  3. to provide a common, open-source infrastructure for Drupal development shops.


To install devshop_provision, simply use drush:

$ drush dl devshop_provision

Or, you can download the source code to any available drush commands folder, such as /usr/share/drush or ~/.drush


DevShop Provision works by providing a new Provision class called "Project".

To start, you must have a Project drush alias. Using the DevShop+Hostmaster system will make this much easier, but if you wish to only use the backend, you can create a project alias with provision-save, for project NAME:

  $ drush provision-save project_NAME --context_type=project --code_path=/var/aegir/projects/NAME --git_url=http://git.url/to/repo.git

    $ drush provision-save project_NAME --project_name=NAME --context_type=project --code_path=/var/aegir/projects/NAME


DevShop contains a set of features that make Drupal site building within a version-controlled code workflow quick and easy.

Currently you must create new platforms within a project in hostmaster. Once created, you can execute the following commands:

1. Pull Code

  $ drush @project_NAME provision-devshop-pull ENVIRONMENT

This task runs on the dev platform for this project. It runs git pull, and optionally runs new updates, reverts features, and clears caches. It is used to keep the dev server up to date on every commit via the devshop_pull module, and can be used as the deployment task.

  • Git Pull the code for your site's platform.
  • Then, all optionally:
    • Run update.php.
    • Revert all Features modules
    • Clear caches

2. Commit Features

  $ drush @project_NAME provision-devshop-commit ENVIRONMENT --message="My Commit"

This task integrates with Features.module to make it very easy to commit your changes to your features.

  • Calls drush features-update-all
  • Commits the result, with a part automated and part customized commit message.
  • (Optionally) pushes the commits.
  • (Optionally) force-reverts after a commit.

3. Sync Content

  $ drush @project_NAME provision-devshop-sync SOURCE_ENVIRONMENT DESTINATION_ENVIRONMENT

This task makes it easy to syncronize the database and files down from other environments within the project.

WARNING: This will DESTROY the destination site's database!

This task:

  • (optionally) Pulls code
  • Drops the @destination database.
  • Creates an SQL dump from @source.
  • Copies the SQL dump to the local system (if @source is a remote).
  • Imports the SQL dump into @destination database.
  • (optionally) Runs update.php.
  • (optionally) Runs features-revert-all.
  • (optionally) Clears all caches.
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The notebook section provides a way for you to store and share information with your group members. With the book feature you can:

  • Add book pages and organize them hierarchically into different books.
  • Attach files to pages to share them with others.
  • Track changes that others have made and revert changes as necessary.
  • Archive books that are no longer of interest to the group. Archived books can be reactivated later if needed.