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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-11-28


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-11-28

[06:59:18]    <mig5>    scrum time in 1 minute i believe?
[06:59:25]    <mig5>    darthsteven: anarcat: ergonlogic:
[06:59:45]    <anarcat> oh yeah!
[07:00:04] <mig5>    ok!
[07:00:10]  <mig5>    scrum is now
[07:00:17] <anarcat> hi
[07:00:21]   <mig5>    i haven't done much this week at all :/
[07:00:29] * anarcat neither
[07:00:30]    <mig5>    and i just woke up so I can't remember if I did :)
[07:00:58]  <mig5>    well! if darthsteven doesn't show up, that's a very quick scrum! haha
[07:01:26]  <mig5>    I think ergonlogic worked on some new taxonomy/tagging/categorisation of discussion threads in the community site
[07:01:29]    <mig5>    i am yet to test it out
[07:01:40]  <mig5>    tomorrow i'll write my fortnightly aegir newsletter - do you think it should be monthly instead?
[07:02:04]    <anarcat> yeah
[07:02:05] <anarcat> makes sense
[07:02:17]  <anarcat> i was ill for two days last week, kinda knocked me off
[07:02:24]   <mig5>    the big news in it will be that 1.6 was released. speaking of that - we got a couple of good feedback on that release, and no big bug reports, so it must have been one of our most stable in a while
[07:02:30]    <mig5>    sorry to hear you were ill
[07:02:30]   <anarcat> cool
[07:02:47] <anarcat> i did some debian work on my side, and the more i think about it, the more i wish to package hostmaster properly...
[07:02:58]  <anarcat> i may work on that soon-ish
[07:03:04]  <mig5>    properly in what sense?
[07:03:10]  <mig5>    via debian official repos?
[07:03:15]   <anarcat> properly as in, with the php files actually in the package
[07:03:16]   <anarcat> yes
[07:03:32]  <mig5>    from memory we had some catch22 there
[07:03:35]    <anarcat> but that's further down the road
[07:03:42]    <anarcat> next step for me is ldap work
[07:03:43]    <mig5>    oh you mean with core inside it
[07:03:50]  <anarcat> yeah
[07:03:53] <mig5>    awesome
[07:04:04]  <anarcat> basically, this would mean that we would drun drush_make during the build, not during the install
[07:06:08]    <mig5>    right right
[07:06:16]  <anarcat> that's about it for me
[07:06:21]  <mig5>    thanks
[07:06:23]   <anarcat> let's wait another 10 to see if our friends show up
[07:06:27] <mig5>    yep
[07:06:44]  <anarcat> oh! ergonlogic wasn't voiced!
[07:06:50]   <mig5>    hahaha
[07:06:51]   <ergonlogic>  aha
[07:06:56]  <mig5>    geeeez us tyrants
[07:07:03]    <ergonlogic>  Hi all, sorry I'm late
[07:07:11]  <mig5>    hi!
[07:07:11]  <hefring> privet
[07:07:20]   <anarcat> hum
[07:07:41]  <mig5>    oh my site, and hefring, are now managed by Jenkins :) whaaaaat?
[07:07:52] <anarcat> ergonlogic: you do not seem to be identified with nickserv, which is why you are not voiced
[07:07:52]  <ergonlogic>  so, yeah I added a simpler tagging mechanism on c.a.o
[07:08:33]    <ergonlogic>  I normally am...
[07:08:34] <ergonlogic>  anyway, you can now tag without having to edit the node
[07:08:47]  <ergonlogic>  and we can filter discussions by keyword
[07:09:17] <mig5>    sweet *me goes and filters out all mention of centos/redhat* :)
[07:09:38]  <ergonlogic>  this was mostly in response to a suggestion by AquaticDisorder to have per-OS discussions
[07:09:46]    <ergonlogic>  exactly :)
[07:10:06]   <mig5>    hmm i search for 'centos' and i get no results
[07:10:13] <mig5>    same with 'debian'
[07:10:25] <ergonlogic>  are there any nodes tagged as such?
[07:10:30]  <mig5>    oh duh
[07:10:32]   <mig5>    probably not! :)
[07:10:49] <ergonlogic>  it's using the 'keywords' vocabulary
[07:10:55]  <mig5>    does it only search discussion threads?
[07:10:56]  <mig5>    gotcha
[07:11:00]   <ergonlogic>  which previously hadn;t been available for discussions
[07:11:04]   <mig5>    so it's probably that we have few tagged nodes
[07:11:04]  <mig5>    yep
[07:11:10]  <ergonlogic>  for now, just discussions
[07:11:17]    <mig5>    sorry still trying to wake up :)
[07:11:22] <ergonlogic>  :)
[07:12:00]   <anarcat> hey this reminds me - the twitter block seems to be broken
[07:12:07]   <mig5>    yeah was looking at that the other day
[07:12:08]   <anarcat> last post is from may or something
[07:12:09]   <mig5>    i can't work it out
[07:12:24] <mig5>    was looking at the view, but i think it's the feeds system itself... the feed URL is correct
[07:12:32]    <ergonlogic>  and I'm finally re-focusing on getting running as a reference implemnetation of the Aegir-SaaS stack stuff I'd been working on
[07:12:33]   <mig5>    i think it's just not pulling in new items properly
[07:12:50] <anarcat> that sounds like a reasonable assumption
[07:12:54] <ergonlogic>  and expect an alpha release of aegir-up this week
[07:13:17]    <ergonlogic>  I can take a look at that
[07:14:34]    <ergonlogic>  re being identified... I switched to using a proxy, could that exaplain it?
[07:14:36]  <mig5>    maybe something for after the scrum: i noticed we can't install aegir on a non-standard port. eg port 8080 (for vagrant direct 8080 to 8080 mapping)
[07:14:57]    <mig5>    we totally ignore --http_port in hostmaster-install. not sure why, it *ought* to be trivial surely? (famous last words)
[07:16:42]  <ergonlogic>  mig5: re vagrant, at one point I had aegir set up with dns, and then just added my vagrantbox as a dns server in resolv.conf
[07:18:32] <mig5>    ah so you got arund the login links being port 80 etc by resolving them back to the vagrant machine itself, and the port 80 then NAT to the 8080 on the vagrant box too
[07:18:49]  <mig5>    i stil lreckon we should support non-standard port on fresh install: what if I want to put varnish in front of my aegir box for example
[07:18:54]  <mig5>    sure i can fiddle about after the install but yeah
[07:19:01]   <mig5>    anyway - i think we are done for scrum
[07:19:04]   <ergonlogic>  agreed
[07:19:07]   <mig5>    darthsteven appears MIA today
[07:19:13]    <mig5>    thanks all
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