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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-02-06


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-02-06

14:59 darthsteve@> scrum in a couple of mins
15:02 darthsteve@> mig5, anarcat, EclipseGc, ergonlogic, hadsie, mvc, omega8cc, sfyn, skwashd: scrum!
15:04    anarcat@> yay!
15:04    anarcat@> i'm here for once
15:04 ergonlogic+> hi there
15:04    anarcat@> hey ergonlogic
15:04   omega8cc+> hi
15:04     hadsie+> hey
15:04    hefring > eh oh
15:05    anarcat@> alright, should i start? i have lots to say :)
15:05    anarcat@> so i'll just go ahead
15:05 ergonlogic+> sure
15:05    anarcat@> alright
15:05    anarcat@> i wrote this crazy web_pack module last week
15:05    anarcat@> in basically 3 hours, i fixed most of the issues i was having with our multi-server support, or at least the "cluster" use case
15:06    anarcat@> i have posted this article requesting comments for total replacement of the current cluster module with the new implementation:
15:06    anarcat@>
15:06    anarcat@> s/#comment.*//
15:06    anarcat@> anyways
15:06 darthsteve@> cool
15:06    anarcat@> the idea is to stop syncing the damn platforms and sites all over the place all the time
15:06    anarcat@> we only sync the ~aegir/config directory and reload apache
15:06 darthsteve@> replace replace replace
15:07    anarcat@> we assume /var/aegir/platforms is NFS-mounted
15:07    anarcat@> which brings me to: i think we should install the hostmaster platform in /var/aegir/platforms
15:07    anarcat@> it's inconsistent to have it where it is, and i don't see what purpose it serves
15:07    anarcat@> + it makes sharing "all the platforms" harder
15:07    anarcat@> food for thought
15:07    anarcat@> i have also worked on the provisionacl module
15:07    anarcat@> to make the sites directory accessible to the client group
15:08    anarcat@> but there are a few snafus in there that need working out
15:08    anarcat@> basically:
15:08    hefring > => Files created by www-data user => Provision ACL support, Code, normal, active, 0 comments, 1 IRC mention
15:08    anarcat@> and
15:08    hefring > => give access to entire site directory (was: add support for .git) => Provision ACL support, Code, normal, active, 8 comments, 1 IRC mention
15:08    anarcat@> otherwise i am trying to think more about how to optimise the migrate task so that it doesn't tar and untar all those damn files all the time
15:09    anarcat@> so far i came up with the idea that files/ should be a symlink to a version-controlled storage
15:09    anarcat@> and that therefore shouldn't eb backed up
15:09    anarcat@> so backups would now mean "backup the database", not "backup the filesystem"
15:09    anarcat@> that would be a plugin, i guess
15:09    anarcat@> i had a bit more time to work on aegir these days, which feels good
15:10     hadsie+> that would be awesome :)
15:10 darthsteve@> hmm…interesting
15:10    anarcat@> especially since it's client work paying for that
15:10    anarcat@> looking for more of those opportunities here
15:10    anarcat@> oh and i had issues... with 2.x
15:10    anarcat@> i wrote the pack module for 2.x, but since we don't deploy 2.x anywhere, i had to backport it to 1.x, which means now i have 4 branches (2 per module, 2 per version) for this simple module
15:11    anarcat@> kind of stupid
15:11 darthsteve@> ouch
15:11    anarcat@> i also wonder if that module could just be contrib, i didn't bother
15:11    anarcat@> i think that's it for me
15:11 darthsteve@> well looks like you got up to lots of stuff
15:11 darthsteve@> thanks!
15:11    anarcat@> :)
15:11 darthsteve@> anyone else want to go next?
15:12 ergonlogic+> you?
15:12 ergonlogic+> ok, me then
15:13 darthsteve@> ergonlogic: you go
15:13 ergonlogic+> I've been mostly working on Open Atrium features these past couple weeks
15:13 ergonlogic+> and not enough on Aegir
15:13 darthsteve@> tut tut
15:13 ergonlogic+> but that should change soon, as I gear up to launch
15:13 darthsteve@> oh cool
15:13 ergonlogic+> I'll basically be solidifying the contrib modules I've written
15:14 ergonlogic+> but that ususally involves some patches to aegir too
15:14 ergonlogic+> I also nee to update aegir-up, as an update to vagrant has now broken it
15:14 ergonlogic+> and I realized that at least 2 people other than myself were using it
15:14 ergonlogic+> so that'll be a priority this week
15:15 ergonlogic+> and I'll be reworking our puppet modules
15:15 ergonlogic+> mostly to parameterize the classes
15:15 darthsteve@> awesome
15:15 (*)  anarcat notes that vagrant has now hit debian unstable, which means he may start using it... some day :P
15:15 darthsteve@> need to talk to you about those puppet modules...
15:15 ergonlogic+> so we can point to other db servers, etc.
15:15    anarcat@> darthsteven: can do
15:15 ergonlogic+> darthsteven: whenever you'd like
15:16    anarcat@> snap :)
15:16 ergonlogic+> anyway, that's my plan for the coming weeks
15:16 darthsteve@> cool, thanks also
15:16    anarcat@> alright, we're splurging out of our timebox here
15:16    anarcat@> anyone else?
15:16 ergonlogic+> oh, and I'd like to get back to screencasting, but that'll probably have to wait
15:16 darthsteve@> me!
15:16    anarcat@> go go ! :)
15:16 darthsteve@> I've been working on something called 'Pergola'
15:16 darthsteve@> which is an open source version of the Pantheon server setup scripts
15:17 darthsteve@> using puppet
15:17 darthsteve@> so not much Aegir time
15:17    anarcat@> whoa
15:17 darthsteve@> but, been trying to get back into Aegir stuff
15:17    anarcat@> "A pergola, arbor or arbour is a garden feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice, often upon which 
                   woody vines are trained. As a type of gazebo, it may also be an extension of a building, or serve as protection for an open terrace or a link between pavilions."
15:17    anarcat@> - wikipedia
15:17 darthsteve@> and think about the D7 port and 6.x-2.x etc.
15:17    anarcat@> pergola isn't aegir driven?
15:18 darthsteve@> also, I did a migration the other day that failed in a really horrible way
15:18 darthsteve@> which was interesting
15:18    anarcat@> indeed
15:18    anarcat@> horrible as in killing kittens?
15:18 darthsteve@> Will talk about Pergola after the scrum, mentioned it, because that's where I've been spending my time :)
15:18    anarcat@> ok
15:18 darthsteve@> horrible as in the apache config got rolled back, but the site's files did not
15:19    anarcat@> we should talk about [67].x-2.x after too
15:19    anarcat@> ouch
15:19 darthsteve@> I had a look at Pantheon and dev cloud for inspiration for getting Aegir easier to use
15:19 darthsteve@> seeing how/if they handle 'platforms' and 'sites'
15:19    anarcat@> yeah, they really have their shit together
15:20 darthsteve@> but that's it from me
15:20 darthsteve@> anyone else?
15:20    anarcat@> hadsie ? omega8cc ?
15:20    anarcat@> don't be shy, we'd love to hear you talk about your aegir work! :)
15:20   omega8cc+> I have a ton of patches collected for nginx config, ready to submit, but who will have a time to review them? mig5 maybe? :)
15:20   omega8cc+> Anyway, it is a first step to fully (finally) sync my already fork with upstream before I will be able to seriously get the .deb thing done for nginx folks right, which is the next step to get done.
15:21    anarcat@> if they're marked as needs review, i may just do that, because i'm considering a 1.7 release with the pack module :)
15:21    anarcat@> nice, we should talk
15:21   omega8cc+> ok,  expect a flood there :)
15:21   omega8cc+> And that is it from me, I guess.
15:21    anarcat@> alright
15:21    anarcat@> so unless hadsie or anyone else has something to add, i guess we can close this scrum
15:21    anarcat@> and thank you everyone for attending!
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