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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-04-26


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-04-26

[22:00:05]    <anarcat> hello everyone!
[22:00:09]  <EclipseGc>   'ello
[22:00:10]   <anarcat> welcome to our weeeeekly scrum!
[22:00:27]  <anarcat> tons of great news this week
[22:00:34] <anarcat> sethvincent: scrum time
[22:00:41]  <sethvincent> hello!
[22:00:41]   <hefring> hey
[22:01:05]  <anarcat> so alright, i'll start by welcoming our new google summer of code student that will work on the d7 port and dns frontend
[22:01:12]    <anarcat> sethvincent: congratulations on your admission! :)
[22:01:23]   <sethvincent> thanks! i'm pretty excited about it
[22:01:24] <anarcat> now, for my stuff
[22:01:28]    <EclipseGc>   sethvincent: congrats
[22:01:56]    <anarcat> i worked some time on the drush unit testing stuff and have a patch for drush 5 to refactor the unit testing code so we can test functions directly
[22:02:14]  <anarcat> i will work on unit testing before reshuffling the backend too much, which should make 2.x more robust throughout the refactoring
[22:02:30]    <anarcat> we upgraded everything to 1.1
[22:02:34]    <anarcat> which i released last week
[22:02:46]   <anarcat> and our stable release seems to be well.. pretty stable :)
[22:03:01]   <EclipseGc>   heh
[22:03:02]  <anarcat> sethvincent: i was wondering if we could make an announcement for your project, that would make nice publicity :)
[22:03:14]    <sethvincent> ok. that sounds good.
[22:03:30]    <anarcat> oh, and i met with ubuntu people at the local launch party to get help with the backport of drush in there, should followup shortly
[22:03:33]  <anarcat> that's it for me
[22:03:34]    <shrop>   hey hey
[22:04:20]  <anarcat> oh, next week, i'll work on that announcement, we're deploying provision ACL internally big time here, and i'll work more on the new jenkins server we have (thanks mig5!) and unit testing - that's all
[22:04:25] <anarcat> anyone else?
[22:04:33] <anarcat> sethvincent: maybe you want to introduce yourself a little? :)
[22:04:45]   <sethvincent> sure.
[22:05:19]    <sethvincent> i'll be working on the d7 port and dns.
[22:05:32] <anarcat> alright :)
[22:05:41]   <anarcat> and i'll be your mentor, from what i understand :)
[22:05:44]  <sethvincent> i'm a student at the evergreen state college, where i also work part time as an advisor to the student newspaper there
[22:06:04]  <anarcat> (if anyone else wants to help with that, that would be cool, btw)
[22:06:36]    <shrop>   d7 ports and dns stuff?
[22:06:37]  <EclipseGc>   is the plan to move all our major components to entities?
[22:06:47]    <sethvincent> yeah, i'm excited to hear any advice y'all have on the d7 port and dns
[22:06:52] <anarcat> right
[22:06:55]    <sethvincent> entities does look like the way to go
[22:06:59]    <anarcat> so we alraedy have a few things on the table here
[22:07:10]    <anarcat> univate has a patch to refactor the install profile with profiler and use features more
[22:07:16]  <anarcat> that will certainly facilitate the port
[22:07:30]  <anarcat> that's in
[22:07:45] <anarcat> as for entities, yes, i figured that most of our current content type should probably become entities
[22:08:11]    <anarcat> that, in turn, will facilitate implementation of the DNS frontend, which will be also based on entities
[22:08:21]  <anarcat> and will provide a good use case for creating a new "hosting" content-type
[22:08:36] <anarcat> having documentation on how to actually do that while it's coded would be useful too in the manual
[22:08:52]  <anarcat> i think that's all my brain has to offer now for that :)
[22:09:01]    * FatGuyLaughing has quit (Quit: FatGuyLaughing)
[22:09:08] <anarcat> sethvincent: you should get familiar with git and work on a development branch, at the very least
[22:09:26]    * FatGuyLaughing has joined #aegir
[22:09:34]   <shrop>   anarcat: Will there be a dev branch for d7? sorry if I missed that
[22:09:37]   <anarcat> or maybe work in a sandbox for the time being, not sure it's appropriate to give you full commit access from the start
[22:09:41]  * FatGuyLaughing has quit (Client Quit)
[22:09:42]  <anarcat> shrop: there will certainly be!
[22:09:53]  * realityloop has joined #aegir
[22:09:59]  <shrop>   cool. Just checked and didn't see it yet, but wanted to be sure.
[22:10:04]    <sethvincent> ok. i have some git experience. i'll start out with a sandbox
[22:10:32]   <anarcat> cool
[22:10:37] <omega8cc>    sethvincent: congrats!
[22:10:58]   <anarcat> awesome
[22:11:09]  <EclipseGc>   sethvincent: be sure to let us all know where you sandbox is
[22:11:16] <EclipseGc>   your*
[22:11:29]    <sethvincent> ok. what will be the best way to share things like that?
[22:11:34] <anarcat> i'm sure it will be quite popular :)
[22:11:41]    <anarcat> hum
[22:11:43]  <shrop>   Just caught up on sethvincent's position here.. great!
[22:12:11]  <anarcat> sethvincent: maybe here?
[22:12:22]   <sethvincent> anarcat: ok
[22:12:23]  <anarcat> omega8cc: maybe you want to add pointers to your repos in there, btw
[22:12:43] <anarcat> sethvincent: otherwise, what's the next step for you and us? :)
[22:12:44] <omega8cc>    anarcat: right, good idea
[22:12:59]    <anarcat> and if anyone else has anything to add to our scrum, now is a good time - we're almost done!
[22:13:04]    <anarcat> darthsteven, you awake? :)
[22:14:19]   <sethvincent> anarcat: i need to study some of the general changes from d6 to d7, the aegir api, and write out a plan for the d7 port.
[22:15:13] <sethvincent> google code expects students to start coding somewhere around may 24, but i'd like to do a slow start earlier than that so that by may 24 i've already made some progress.
[22:15:33] <anarcat> i see
[22:15:43]    * arianekWORK has quit (Quit: Smell ya later)
[22:15:44]    <anarcat> so between now and the 24th you start documenting a plan is that right?
[22:16:13]  <anarcat> the right place for this is probably the handbook on the community site
[22:16:19]  <sethvincent> yeah. a plan, studying documentation, and getting to know the mentors is what's listed on the google summer of code site, i think.
[22:16:20]  <sethvincent> ok
[22:16:51]   <anarcat> i have done some of that documentation here:
[22:16:56]   <anarcat> before starting some coding, at least
[22:17:01]    <sethvincent> ok
[22:17:49]   <anarcat> alright, so welcome on board again, and thanks everyone for attending our scrum session!

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