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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-06-28


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-06-28

[22:01:28]  <darthsteven>  scrum time!
[22:01:35]  <darthsteven>  who wants to go first?
[22:01:51]  <darthsteven>  me?
[22:01:55]  <darthsteven>  okay, if you insist
[22:02:09]  <darthsteven>  I've not done much since last week
[22:02:27]  <darthsteven>  Don't really have anything to report
[22:02:36]  <darthsteven>  that's it from me!
[22:02:43]  <darthsteven>  anyone else have anything to add?
[22:03:08]  <mig5>  i've done nothing this week either.. sadly I don't see things changing from that, either..
[22:03:16]  <shrop>  darthsteven: I hope to add more docs to soon. Some ldap config info for Active Driectory
[22:03:29]  <mig5>  nice
[22:03:34]  <darthsteven>  awesome
[22:03:42]  <darthsteven>  anyone else?
[22:04:15]  <omega8cc>  I fixed a few bugs in the Nginx config, submit even more patches for review and also discovered we don't support D7 properly yet:
[22:04:15]  <hefring> => Paths to images are broken in D7 after site clone/rename => Provision, Code, critical, needs work, 2 comments, 1 IRC mention
[22:05:08]  <darthsteven>  oh hello, that's a bit of a showstopper
[22:05:31]  <darthsteven>  anyone else?
[22:05:45]  <omega8cc>  and that is it from me, I think, I plan to submit even more patches next/this week
[22:06:04]  <darthsteven>  Thank you omega8cc
[22:06:13]  <darthsteven>  anyone else have anything to add/discuss?
[22:06:36]  * mrconnerton has joined #aegir
[22:06:41]  <omega8cc>  so, what about 1.2?
[22:07:05]  <omega8cc>  are we waiting for anarcat probably?
[22:07:27]  <darthsteven>  I think that anarcat was working to get the debian packages built and tested automatically before releasing 1.2
[22:07:36]  <darthsteven>  and we need to fix the issue you found
[22:07:43]  <omega8cc>  yeah
[22:08:20]  <darthsteven>  Well, we'll end the scrum there I think
[22:08:27]  <darthsteven>  thanks for coming
[22:08:33]  <darthsteven>  logs?
[22:08:33]  <hefring>  yeah, ok, i admit, i'm logging this channel in - ask me about log bookmark too ;)
[22:08:45]  <darthsteven>  hefring: log bookmark?
[22:08:45]  <hefring>

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