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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-05-28


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-05-28

[05:02:37]  <@darthsteven>  anarcat, mig5, omega8cc, EclipseGc, mvc, sfyn, shrop, skwashd: scrum?
[05:02:43]  <@anarcat>  yay
[05:03:49]  <@darthsteven>  shall I go first?
[05:03:55]  <@darthsteven>  I've done not a lot
[05:03:58]  <@shrop>    Not at my computer, but will watch from mobile. Cheers!
[05:04:09]  <@darthsteven>  released 1.9 a little while ago
[05:04:23]  <@anarcat>  upgrade went through like a breeze here
[05:04:24]  <@darthsteven>  that's it from me!
[05:04:30]  <@anarcat>  alright
[05:04:31]  <@darthsteven>  next!
[05:04:43]  <@anarcat>  well, for me, thanks to omega8cc's grant, i have been able to free up more time for the project
[05:04:53]  <@anarcat>  my first focus was on urgent drush security issues
[05:05:07]  <@anarcat>
[05:05:09]  <@hefring> => mysql credentials leak in drush sqlc => Drush, PM (dl, en, up ...), critical, needs review, 44 comments, 3 IRC mentions
[05:05:33]  <@anarcat>  this is mostly fixed, but i have found deep issues in the sql code and other credentials leaks that are not yet fixd
[05:05:44]  <@anarcat>  my progress can be followed here:
[05:06:01]  <@anarcat>  and here:
[05:06:32]  <@anarcat>  which reminds me: i have started work on a pretty dumb merge script for apache log files
[05:06:35]  <@anarcat>
[05:06:51]  <@anarcat>  it is designed to suck apache logs from remote servers into a single file that can then be parsed by logfile analysis software
[05:07:11]  <@anarcat>  i have done some tests with awstats, and it works well, considering awstats haven't been updated in 3 years
[05:07:17]  <@anarcat>  btw, piwik sucks for that
[05:07:21]  <@darthsteven>  cool!
[05:07:31]  <@anarcat>  while it *can* process those logfiles, it's not reliable at all and makes *ONE HIT PER LINE* on the webserver
[05:07:42]  <@anarcat>  which is a lot of fun if the piwik site is in the logfile itself :P
[05:08:03]  <@anarcat>  i have also dug my head in the SSL code again, and found quite a lot of issues
[05:08:14]  <@anarcat>  found new bugs:
[05:08:15]  <@anarcat>
[05:08:15]  <@hefring> => deleting a site doesn't delete its SSL certificate => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, normal, needs work, 2 comments, 1 IRC mention
[05:08:32]  <@anarcat>  and updated the existing one:
[05:08:33]  <@hefring> => move the SSL IP allocation to the frontend => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, normal, needs work, 20 comments, 1 IRC mention
[05:08:40]  <@anarcat>  but we need to redo the SSL code, it's quite crappy right now
[05:08:52]  <@anarcat>  i am not sure we want to ditch IP management, as SNI doesn't seem quite mature enough yet
[05:08:59]  <@anarcat>  so i'd like to support both SNI and non-SNI setups
[05:09:19]  <@anarcat>  alright what else have i done
[05:09:40]  <@anarcat>  well, i guess all is left is what next:
[05:09:51]  <@anarcat>  i will work on improving migrate performance
[05:10:09]  <@anarcat>
[05:10:19]  <@anarcat>  i will attack shortly
[05:10:24]  <@anarcat>  and i'm looking for advice on how to do that
[05:10:32]  <@anarcat>  should files reside in the clients directory?
[05:11:00]  <@anarcat>  anyways, that's about it for me
[05:11:14]  <@anarcat>  i am going for a trip in sao paulo brasil between june 5th and 18th
[05:11:26]  <@anarcat>  if people want to hookup or organize a little aegir meetup there, that could be fun and useful
[05:11:32]  <@anarcat>  next up?
[05:12:35]  <@anarcat>  that was quite a monologue
[05:12:52]  <@darthsteven>  (all good stuff though)
[05:13:52]  <@darthsteven>  anyone else?
[05:14:20]  <@omega8cc> not much from me to report, other that we have now nice ssd machine for project testing etc
[05:15:12]  <@darthsteven>  indeed, thanks very much for that!
[05:15:30]  <@anarcat>  cool
[05:15:35]  <@anarcat>  who's following up on that setup?
[05:15:59]  <@darthsteven>  I am
[05:16:07]  <@anarcat>  alright
[05:16:09]  <@anarcat>  that's awesome
[05:16:18]  <@anarcat>  i noticed that ergonlogic posted something about vagrant
[05:16:21]  <@darthsteven>  should be able to get it sorted this week or next
[05:16:25]  <@anarcat>  he showed me his work, it's pretty good
[05:16:26]  <@omega8cc> ah, I have added r1soft backups there, just in case
[05:16:40]  <@darthsteven>  I'm trying to 'do it right' and set it all up using puppet
[05:18:10]  <@anarcat>  that's awesome
[05:19:32]  <@darthsteven>  we'll call that a scrum there
[05:19:34]  <@darthsteven>  oh
[05:20:11]  <@darthsteven>  actually, Drush 5 got itself a bit more sorted, and so Aegir could probably be released for Drush 5 now, if we wanted, but we'll have a better release if we wait a bit
[05:20:25]  <@darthsteven>  but we'll call it a scrum now.

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