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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-04-30


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-04-30

[05:01:07]    <anarcat> darthsteven / mig5 / EclipseGc / ergonlogic / mvc / omega8cc / sfyn / shrop / skwashd : scrum time!
[05:02:33]  <anarcat> ... anyone around? :)
[05:02:33]    <darthsteven> awesome
[05:02:36]  <anarcat> yay!
[05:02:36] <ergonlogic>  hi
[05:02:40]   <anarcat> hi
[05:02:40]   <hefring> eh oh
[05:02:52]    <omega8cc>    hi
[05:02:52]   <hefring> bonjour
[05:02:53]  <anarcat> hefring freakout
[05:02:59] <anarcat> hey omega8cc
[05:03:04] <anarcat> alright, who wants to start?
[05:03:12] * feizing has joined #aegir
[05:03:28]  <darthsteven> Who wants to go first?
[05:04:09]   <anarcat> i can go, i don't have much to say, i'm afraid
[05:04:25] <anarcat> i made a new release of provisionacl that is much more liberal about file permissions
[05:04:32]    <shrop>   hello
[05:04:54]    <anarcat> we recovered from a catastrophic operator failure on our aegir install 2 weeks ago (drush @hostmaster < wrongdb.sql => lots of fun)
[05:05:01]    <ergonlogic>  hi shrop
[05:05:17] <shrop>   ergonlogic: hey there :)
[05:05:21] <anarcat> which outlined a few bugs in import and that critical SSL bug that was fixed in 1.8 (thanks darthsteven !)
[05:05:44]   <anarcat> i'm still looking at finding time to do the estimate for subsites support
[05:05:53]   <anarcat> that's about it for me i think
[05:07:00]  <darthsteven> thanks
[05:07:26]   <darthsteven> my irc connection is not so great, so I'll go next
[05:08:25]  <darthsteven> I got 6.x-2.x working with Drush 5
[05:08:39]   <darthsteven> which was reasonably easy
[05:08:54]    <darthsteven> but, there are a couple of upstream bugs that need fixing in Drush first
[05:09:09] <darthsteven> is particularly nasty for us
[05:09:10]  <hefring> => drush_invoke_process uses 100% CPU => Drush, Base system (internal API), critical, needs review, 2 comments, 2 IRC mentions
[05:09:24]  <anarcat> wtf
[05:09:44]  <darthsteven> not sure how Drush 5 was released with that issue, but there we go
[05:10:05]   <darthsteven> hopefully that'll get fixed soon, I've posted a patch
[05:10:16]  * feizingDROID has joined #aegir
[05:10:16] <darthsteven> I pushed a few other fixes in 6.x-1.x
[05:10:41]    <darthsteven> including my fix for seg-faults/infinite loops when using contexts
[05:10:58]   <darthsteven> hopefully ergonlogic will tell me that it fixed his issue earlier
[05:11:04]    <darthsteven> that's it from me!
[05:11:12]  <anarcat> niiice
[05:11:28]   <ergonlogic>  darthsteven: well, it gave a more useful error message, but in the end it was a case of PEBKAC
[05:11:29]   <anarcat> you could mention you singlehandedly released yet another awesome aegir release? :)
[05:11:46]  <anarcat> ergonlogic: most of those are PEBKAC, the idea is exactly to give a useful error message :)
[05:11:56]  <darthsteven> anarcat: wasn't that the week before :)
[05:12:01] <ergonlogic>  then the patch worked worderfully!
[05:12:03]   * anarcat out of it ;)
[05:12:05]   <darthsteven> ergonlogic: can we chat afterward?
[05:12:14]   <ergonlogic>  darthsteven: of course
[05:12:16]   <darthsteven> next!
[05:12:19]    <darthsteven> ergonlogic?
[05:12:25]  <ergonlogic>  ok
[05:12:37]   * David_Hernandez has quit (Quit: Saliendo)
[05:12:47]  <ergonlogic>  well, I updated today with the new branches and such
[05:12:55]    <ergonlogic>  thanks for the poke darthsteven
[05:13:05]  <ergonlogic>  I'd been meaning to do that for awhile
[05:13:40]  <ergonlogic>  otherwise falling a little too deep doe the rabbit hole of Drush development
[05:14:16] <anarcat> oh boy :)
[05:14:19]    <ergonlogic>  I'd love to see provision's context stuff split off into it's own extension
[05:14:31]   <ergonlogic>  as I'm rolling my own aliases fro drush-vagrant
[05:14:55] <ergonlogic>  and I tried to grok how to add a new context type
[05:15:05]    <ergonlogic>  but well, I couldn't
[05:15:25]    <ergonlogic>  and a dependency on provision seemed a little steep
[05:15:42]  <ergonlogic>  anyway, that's most of it for me
[05:16:01]    <ergonlogic>  oh, I also noticed that there isn;t a drush 5 git branch
[05:16:17] <ergonlogic>  everything is going into master
[05:17:02]  <anarcat> i am not sure that drush 6 devel has started
[05:17:08] <darthsteven> ergonlogic: did you moshe's response:
[05:17:09]    <hefring> => Clarify git branches => Drush, Miscellaneous, normal, fixed, 2 comments, 1 IRC mention
[05:17:31]   <ergonlogic>  just saw it now
[05:17:42]  <anarcat> wtf
[05:17:53]  <anarcat> how can the releases be any different if they are on the same branch?
[05:18:48]    <ergonlogic>  everything goes into drush 5 until they have to break the API?
[05:18:54]   <ergonlogic>  hmm, ok
[05:19:45]  <anarcat> alright
[05:19:47]  <anarcat> you done ergonlogic ?
[05:19:50]    <ergonlogic>  yep
[05:19:52]  <anarcat> omega8cc: you next?
[05:20:05]  <omega8cc>    I have fixed a few issues in the Nginx config and made it compatible with 1.1.8 and later, so also 1.2.0, on the fly
[05:20:12] <omega8cc>    Also, I have discovered this new critical, which caused enough wtf issues (broken configs) on hostmaster upgrade for Nginx users in the past:
[05:20:13] <hefring> => Hostmaster upgrade/migrate doesn't update @server_master drush alias and web server config files => Provision, Code, critical, needs review, 8 comments, 1 IRC mention
[05:20:22]  <omega8cc>    And that's it from me, today.
[05:20:49]   <anarcat> mind if i prod you for the debian package? :)
[05:21:01]    <anarcat> where is the development happening?
[05:21:15]  <anarcat> also, i have given you autoop here, since well, you are core now :)
[05:21:19]  <omega8cc>    hah, still in the works
[05:21:24]  <omega8cc>    ah
[05:21:30]   <omega8cc>    thanks :)
[05:21:59]    <omega8cc>    and "still in the works" means no progress, in this case :/
[05:22:04]    * simg has left #aegir ()
[05:22:06]    <anarcat> alright
[05:22:23]  <anarcat> well, if you would push your work somewhere, people could jump in and give a hand...
[05:22:35] <anarcat> i'd certainly be curious to see the work
[05:22:36]    <omega8cc>    sure, will doo
[05:23:01]   <omega8cc>    this week, promise :)
[05:23:16]    <omega8cc>    we also need this, finally
[05:23:33]   <omega8cc>    so chances are it will happen
[05:24:04]    <anarcat> awesome
[05:24:12]  <anarcat> darthsteven: i commented on that loop bug
[05:24:26]    <anarcat> i think that is all for our scrum
[05:24:37]    <anarcat> unless there are other additions, i think we'll wrap it up here
[05:24:50] * feizingDROID has quit (Quit: Bye)
[05:25:27]  <darthsteven> that is all

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