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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-03-09


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-03-09

09:01 <@anarcat> mig5: hey
09:01 <@mig5> up for scrum or inconvenient time?
09:01 <@anarcat> i can't believe i can't find those revisionsw
09:01 <@anarcat> hey, scrum time, look at that
09:01 <@anarcat> sure
09:01 <@anarcat> at a session here, but it still works :)
09:01 <@mig5> alright, go! :)
09:02 <@mig5> actually
09:02 <@mig5> first, i believe i saw you mention that this scrum time is inconvenient for you 
09:02 <@anarcat> did something fuckup on d.o or something?
09:02 <@mig5> drupalcon aside
09:02 <@mig5> anarcat: you'll have to be more specific about d.o fuckups :)
09:02 <@anarcat> every first wednesday of the month i have a meeting during this scrum
09:02 <@mig5> ah. let's move it then
09:03 <@anarcat> what's convenient for ya?
09:03 <@mig5> the following day, but i think that's when it used to be for you
09:04 <@mig5> and you couldn't do later
09:04 <@anarcat> right
09:04 <@anarcat> that is correct
09:04 <@mig5> so maybe we go earlier in the week
09:04 <@anarcat> yeah, i can do the day before or before before
09:04 <@mig5> let's do day before, so Wednesday for us, unless it's a problem for univate
09:04 <@anarcat> got it
09:04 <@mig5> anyway!
09:04 <@anarcat> tuesday for us
09:04 <@mig5> d.o issues?
09:04 <@anarcat> right
09:05 <@anarcat> so about the upgrade path
09:05 <@anarcat>
09:05 <@mig5> i noticed i committed a change to provision and all my old commits are still unattributed to my user account. yay
09:05 <@anarcat> that comment refers to two patches that are supposedly on head
09:05 <@anarcat> and that i can't find
09:05 <@mig5> hmm
09:05 <@mig5> they're in master aren't they?
09:05 <@anarcat> i can't find them
09:05 <@anarcat> git fetch
09:06 <@anarcat> git show f64487706638
09:06 <@anarcat> fatal: ambiguous argument 'f64487706638': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.
09:06 <@mig5>
09:06 <@mig5>
09:06 <@mig5> are you sure your origin is not ? :)
09:06 <@anarcat> um
09:07 <@anarcat> well
09:07 <@anarcat> those are not the commits i am looking for
09:07 <@mig5> oh
09:07 <@anarcat> that above comment refers to two other commits
09:07 <@mig5> oh oops
09:08 <@mig5> yeah i don't see it
09:08 <@mig5> weird
09:08 <@anarcat> oh well
09:08 <@anarcat> maybe i didn't push them and it works anyways... (?!)
09:08 <@anarcat> anywho
09:08 <@anarcat> so i wanted to merge shit in and release rc2 this week
09:09 <@anarcat> i talked to a bunch of people here at drupalcon about aegir
09:09 <@anarcat> i just did a aegir 101 session to about 20 people
09:09 <@mig5> nice
09:09 <@mig5> how'd that go
09:10 <@anarcat> pretty well
09:10 <@anarcat> people didn't really *want* to install aegir so that part didn't really work
09:10 <@anarcat> but we had good exchanges and dispelled common myths
09:10 <@anarcat> and gave away cool stickers :)
09:10 <@anarcat> we have a roadmap session planned for tomorrow
09:10 <@anarcat> at 2, in missouri again
09:10 <@anarcat> and then we are thinking of having a doc/code sprint on friday
09:11 <@mig5> nice
09:11 <@anarcat> maybe help people out writing drush extensions, and a bunch of other ideas
09:11 <@mig5> we have about 20 'for reviews' in the queues
09:11 <@anarcat> yeah
09:11 <@mig5> mostly eugen :P
09:11 <@anarcat> i'll try to throw people at those
09:11 <@anarcat> we may have new people to get into the project
09:11 <@mig5> excellent
09:11 <@anarcat> i met with shrop, EclipseGc and others
09:11 <@anarcat> what else
09:12 <@anarcat> i want to release rc2 :P
09:12 <@mig5> well - you can, i didn't see any errors doing an upgrade to master from 0.3
09:12 <@anarcat> i was hoping someone could shed light on this - but maybe i'll just do it myself:
09:12 <@mig5> regardless of that missing commit
09:12 <@anarcat> oh, and i have pushed 6.x-1.x as the stable branch
09:12 <@anarcat> for provision
09:13 <@mig5> yeah that sounds expected: drupal keeps those paths in the db, you need to cache clear before it fixes itself up, so your theory is probably right there
09:13 <@mig5> that would happen with or without a Migrate task, basically
09:13 <@mig5> but would be nice for Migrate to fix it
09:13 <@anarcat> and for hostmaster now
09:13 <@anarcat> cool
09:14 <@anarcat> so i'll look at that before the release
09:14 < shrop> anarcat: you have aegir stickers?
09:14 < shrop> that would be cool
09:14 <@anarcat> shrop: yes!
09:14 <@anarcat> of course :)
09:14 < shrop> ok.. want one tomorrow at the meetup if you have any.. :)
09:14 <@anarcat> come to the bof tomorrow :)
09:14 <@anarcat> of course
09:14 < shrop> will do
09:14 <@anarcat> alright
09:14 <@anarcat> so what else for the scrum
09:14 <@anarcat> we did a little spike on the install docs manual for the purpose of the session
09:15 <@anarcat> i'd actually like to get a debian package working for rc2, but i'm not sure i'll have time to do this
09:15 <@anarcat> ideally, we'd get rc2 out during that code sprint
09:15 <@mig5> maybe for 1.0 :)
09:15 <@anarcat> ok, i think that's it for me
09:16 <@anarcat> well, i'd like the package to be tested :)
09:16 <@mig5> i've got nothing to report. univate, you here?
09:16 <@mig5> omega8cc?
09:16 < univate> hey
09:16 < hefring> eh oh
09:17 <@mig5> did you want to add anything to the scrum?
09:17 <@anarcat> mig5: i have merged the two commits you mentionned on the stable branch
09:18 <@mig5> cheers
09:19 <@anarcat> and then some more
09:19 <@mig5> i dont fully understand omega8cc's patches here
09:19 <@mig5> +  $form_state['values']['parameters']['new_uri'] = $url; // force lowercase
09:19 <@mig5> does that variable assignment really force lowercase?
09:20 <@mig5> maybe it's for readability.
09:20 <@mig5> anyway
09:21 <@anarcat> that doesn't force lowercase
09:21 <@anarcat> at all
09:22 <@anarcat> otherwise, i think that's it for our scrum
09:23 <@mig5> yep
09:23 <@mig5> thanks all
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