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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-01-07


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-01-07

07:01 <@mig5> Scrum time
07:01 <@mig5> who is here for the meeting, anarcat?
07:01 <@mig5> nope :)
07:01 <@mig5> sfyn: 
07:02 <@mig5> well i'll start. another week gone by without looking at DNS, but we have a good roadmap now thanks to anarcat, i may start looking at that today
07:03 <@mig5> we're now compatible with drush 4 (at the moment)
07:03 <@mig5> i cleaned up some of the hostmaster profile thanks to drush 4's supporting of drupal_set_message being sent to stdout during install profile execution, which identified some legacy stuff that could be removed
07:04 <@mig5> i'm going to look at dns, upgrades, and some multiserver stuff today hopefully
07:05 <@mig5> i also hope to look at darthsteven's new contrib module hosting_backup_gc
07:05 <@mig5> and am trying to think of a nice way to let people list their contrib modules on teh community site. i wonder if we should have an inbuilt Featureserver for that sortof thing to let people upload them
07:05 <@mig5> thats it from me (i am talking to myself anyway? :) )
07:06 <@mig5> i'll leave it for another 5 min and if nothing happens, will drop that into the logs
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