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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-03-12


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-03-12


[07:01:35]    <darthsteven> scrum time!
[07:03:44]  <ergonlogic>  hi
[07:04:30]   <darthsteven> hello!
[07:04:30]   <hefring> salut
[07:04:37]    <omega8cc>    hi
[07:04:37]   <hefring> hello
[07:04:56]    <omega8cc>    hefring: botsnack
[07:04:56]    <hefring> thanks omega8cc :)
[07:05:39]   * scientist_ has joined #aegir
[07:05:50]   <ergonlogic>  I believe anarcat is on vacation, and has found his way out to the woods
[07:05:55] <darthsteven> mig5: scrum?
[07:06:02] <ergonlogic>  so he won't likely be joining us
[07:06:20]    <darthsteven> I shall kick things off by saying well done to Anarcat for getting the 1.7 release done
[07:06:31]  <darthsteven> and well done to omega8cc for getting tons of stuff into that release
[07:06:42]    <darthsteven> that's it from me
[07:06:52]   <omega8cc>    :)
[07:07:11]   <omega8cc>    My work on porting Hostmaster BOA UI improvements to 6.x-2.x is still in progress, so I'm submitting some minor Nginx patches in the meantime. Not much to report this week.
[07:08:21]    <omega8cc>    However, I'm really tired with this bug:
[07:08:22] <hefring> => Automatic aliases are not persisted across rename and clone => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, major, needs work, 25 comments, 3 IRC mentions
[07:08:33]  <darthsteven> ah yes, that one
[07:08:34] <omega8cc>    it causes tons of support requests
[07:08:44]   <omega8cc>    so I plan to attack it
[07:09:20]   <darthsteven> ok cool
[07:09:36]  <omega8cc>    it is a major Aegir WTF/fail for most of our users
[07:11:49]   * SqyD has joined #aegir
[07:12:25] * penyaskito has joined #aegir
[07:12:45]   <darthsteven> indeed
[07:12:49]   <darthsteven> anything else?
[07:12:58]   <omega8cc>    that is it from me
[07:13:09]   <ergonlogic>  For my part I submitted some issues and patches to port Hostmaster to the Profiler library, making sub-profiles possible, and fairly easy. This also required a ptch to Provision to support alternative profile names.
[07:14:00]  <ergonlogic>  I also depends on splitting Eldir and Hosting back out of Hostmaster for the 6.x-2.x branch, and I submitted an issue on that as well
[07:14:23]    <darthsteven> yeah, I'm not 100% sure where I feel about a split tbh
[07:14:34]  <ergonlogic>  ok
[07:15:03]   <darthsteven> it's a good idea for us, but not sure if it will confuse people, and lead to lots of where should I post this issue type questions?
[07:15:15] <darthsteven> but I can see the benefits too
[07:15:21]   <ergonlogic>  well, we already get lots of that
[07:15:57]    <ergonlogic>  I'm pretty sure it will confise some people
[07:16:08] <ergonlogic>  but the other projects already exist
[07:16:56] <darthsteven> yup
[07:17:04]  <darthsteven> anyway…anyone got anything else to add?
[07:17:18]  <ergonlogic>  Beyond making hosting and eldir reusable, I think it could also make engagement in the project easier
[07:17:18]    * Artusamak_afk is now known as Artusamak
[07:18:55]    <darthsteven> possibly
[07:18:57] <ergonlogic>  anyway, I's also been making lots of headway with Aegir-up, which now supports full development builds of Aegir, including custom (i.e. sandbox) provision repos and alternative branches
[07:19:05]   <darthsteven> awesome
[07:19:19]  <darthsteven> got a link for that work?
[07:19:23]    <ergonlogic>  along with custom aegir.make makefiles
[07:20:07]   <ergonlogic>  a bit short on docs, but
[07:20:29]    <ergonlogic>  Aegir-up itself is at
[07:20:50] <ergonlogic>  that's about it from me
[07:21:13] <apassi>  I have a aegir installed on two server, now when i create server content type from other to other, then aegir ui does not work anymore on other server, why?
[07:21:43] <darthsteven> thanks ergonlogic
[07:21:52]    <darthsteven> i think we'll call that a scrum then
[07:22:02]    <darthsteven> anyone care to do the logs?
[07:22:06]  <ergonlogic>  I can
[07:22:20]    <darthsteven> ergonlogic: thanks
[07:22:34]   <ergonlogic>  darthsteven: can we discuss splitting hosting/eldir?
[07:22:47] <darthsteven> ergonlogic: sure, can you give me ten mins?
[07:22:47]  <ergonlogic>  darthsteven: I'd like to make sure I understand your reservations
[07:22:52]   <ergonlogic>  sure
[07:23:10] <ergonlogic>  hefring: logs
[07:23:21]    <ergonlogic>  gah, what is that command again?
[07:23:27] <ergonlogic>  hefring: timestamp
[07:23:31]   <darthsteven> hefring: log pointer?
[07:23:31]    <hefring>
[07:23:42] <ergonlogic>  right... thanks

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