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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-05-31


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-05-31

[22:00:12]    * anarcat SCRUM TIME!
[22:00:19]    <anarcat> so welcome to our weekly scrum and blablablablabla :)
[22:00:26]    <anarcat> I WANT TO RELEASE 1.2! :)
[22:00:42]    <Aciid>   more aegir harder faster stronger
[22:00:43]    <anarcat> i've been itching to make a new release, and since we have a few good patches in, i thought it'd be a good idea
[22:00:54]    <anarcat> i could do it on thursday
[22:00:56]    <sfyn>    WOW THAT SOUNDS GREAT ANARCAT! Is that the release we only talk about in all-caps?
[22:01:00]   <anarcat> if nobody freaks out until then
[22:01:07]  <anarcat> sfyn: no, it's not. :)
[22:01:22]  * bwood has joined #aegir
[22:01:27]    <anarcat> i've been mostly focused on working on the stable branch so far
[22:01:35] <anarcat> but i merged stuff around
[22:01:42]    <anarcat> i wonder where our gsoc student is
[22:02:12]   <anarcat> i'll be reviewing the patches sitting in the queue, so if you want to submit a patch for 1.x, now is a good time to push it up to RTBC
[22:02:19]  <anarcat> and that's about it for me!
[22:02:31] <anarcat> anyone else got something to announce here?
[22:02:43]  <sfyn>    nope
[22:02:49] <anarcat> oh and i'll be working on the dupe client/site visible to anon stuff too this week
[22:02:57]  * FransK has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[22:03:23]    <anarcat> since nobody is saying anything, i'll just bring something on a completely unrelated note:
[22:03:33]   <mig5>    morning
[22:03:41]  <anarcat> i'm building a huge ham radio antenna, 15'x15'x14', 11' in the air
[22:03:43]  <anarcat> heey mig5 !
[22:03:46]  <sfyn>    anarcat: wow that really is very unrelated
[22:03:50]   <mig5>    omg i woke up in time for a scrum
[22:03:56]    <jmcclelland> anarcat: i only now saw your response to I'd like to follow up and see if we can come up with a reasonable strategy before your next release.
[22:03:59]   <anarcat> mig5: omgomgomg! :)
[22:04:24]  <sfyn>    Would this perhaps be a good time to mention I won't be going to London, and so Koumbit will need a third aegir dev interested in participating in our training?
[22:04:27]    <anarcat> mig5: i changed the DNS records as you asked
[22:04:43] <anarcat> sfyn: i already mentionned this to darthsteven, we'll see where it goes
[22:04:46] <sfyn>    sl;ash helping us to deliver our training
[22:04:49]    <mig5>    thanks anarcat. darthsteven has sudo on that box now so there's more hands on deck
[22:04:53]  <sfyn>    anarcat: ah, ok, thanks
[22:05:07]  <anarcat> we're having trouble getting him to sync in during the scrum these days, maybe we can retune our schedule...
[22:05:29]    <anarcat> mig5: great!
[22:05:46] <anarcat> jmcclelland: i'm not sure we can get that in 1.x, actually - it seems like this would change the API in a significant way...
[22:05:53]    <anarcat> jmcclelland: but we can certainly talk about this :)
[22:05:56]   <anarcat> and at least get a fix in 2.x
[22:06:04]    <jmcclelland> ok - i understand.
[22:06:49]   <anarcat> jmcclelland: but yeah, thanks a lot for getting involved, that issue is ... hard :)
[22:06:58]  <anarcat> alrighty
[22:07:02] <anarcat> anyone else wants to jump in?
[22:07:08]    <anarcat> doing cool aegir stuff?
[22:07:13]  <anarcat> building crazy ham radio antennas? :)
[22:07:25]    <mig5>    hehe
[22:07:37] <sfyn>    I am working on an extension to provision to provision ham radio antennaes
[22:07:38]   <mig5>    i've nothing else to add, i only worked on the jenkins machine since coming back from overseas
[22:07:58]  <anarcat> sfyn: you're so lying :P
[22:08:11]    <sfyn>    anarcat: no it should be ready by quarter 5, 2019
[22:08:32]    <anarcat> ok cool
[22:08:34]  <anarcat> mig5: okay!
[22:08:46]  <anarcat> mig5: i am not sure where to go with that other vserver now
[22:08:53]  <anarcat> i've been busy with other stuff so i couldn't take care of that
[22:09:22]    <anarcat> mig5: what do you think of a 1.2 thursday?
[22:09:31]   <anarcat> or friday in your timezone :)
[22:09:39]    <anarcat> (iirc)
[22:10:45]   * bwood has quit (Quit: bwood)
[22:10:49]   <mig5>    should be ok, i'll be 'around'
[22:10:57]    <mig5>    what other vserver are you referring to
[22:11:24]  <anarcat> mig5: the other jenkins server?
[22:11:27]  <mig5>    the original jenkins machine is my own jenkins machine that runs stuff on lots of my servers, so i've just dropped those old aegir jobs since migrating them
[22:11:47]    <anarcat> didn't you setup a separate jenkins server for me to play with?
[22:11:49] <mig5>    the reason we moved it was so i could give you sudo on a machine without exposing my evil little secrets :)
[22:11:56]  <mig5>    the new jenkins server is for you to play with
[22:12:06]   <anarcat> oh, so that new ip is excatly that!
[22:12:07]  <anarcat> i see
[22:12:11]    <mig5>    yep
[22:12:12]  <anarcat> so you migrated all the jobs!
[22:12:13]    <anarcat> awesome
[22:12:21]  <mig5>    yes so go crazy :)
[22:12:23]   <anarcat> okay, then i guess that's one thing less on my list :)
[22:12:24]  <anarcat> great!
[22:12:30]   <mig5>    i think we intended on not building 'cloud' machines but doing aegir installs directly on that box from git
[22:12:33]    <anarcat> one thing i want to do is autobuild debian packges
[22:12:40]   <mig5>    oooh yes
[22:12:40] <anarcat> yeah that too
[22:12:44]    <anarcat> do we still do the cloud thing?
[22:12:48]  <mig5>    yes for now
[22:12:55]  <anarcat> okay so here's my idea
[22:13:00]  <anarcat> we can chain jobs right?
[22:13:03] <mig5>    yep
[22:13:05]  <anarcat> so we have a job that builds the package
[22:13:11] <anarcat> another that installs it!
[22:13:15]    <anarcat> dumb and simple :)
[22:13:17]   <mig5>    perfect
[22:13:32]  <anarcat> oh wait, there's another one (duh) - another one removes the package! :)
[22:13:34]    <mig5>    and we can chain an install + upgrade too
[22:13:40]    <anarcat> totally
[22:13:45]  <anarcat> so we can have a builder for the last release
[22:13:56]    <anarcat> then use that package to install then chain with the upgrade
[22:14:13] <anarcat> the intricacies of this are just scary for a jenkins newbie like me, but it looks promising
[22:14:19]  <anarcat> i tried the openid plugin again
[22:14:25]  <anarcat> and it failed on me again
[22:14:37]    <mig5>    chaining seems pretty straightforward in jenkins: and it's smart enough to know whether to not build if the previous job failed, etc
[22:14:37]    <anarcat> problem is - i became the openid_provider maintainer now, so i have no excuse left :P
[22:14:40]    <mig5>    hrm
[22:14:40]  <mig5>    haha
[22:15:15] <anarcat> kinda sucks :P
[22:15:43]   <mig5>    fuckity fuck :)
[22:15:48]  <mig5>    too funny
[22:15:50]    <anarcat> yeah
[22:15:55] <anarcat> so anyways
[22:16:00]   <anarcat> i think that's it for our scrum folks!
[22:16:03]  <anarcat> thanks for attending!
[22:16:11]    <mig5>    cheers

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