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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-04-26


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-04-26

20:06 <+omega8cc> scrum?
20:06 < hefring> Every Monday at 20h00 UTC: 12h00 San Francisco, USA (PDT), 15h00 Montreal, Canada (EDT), 20h00 London, UK (GMT), 07h00 (Tuesday) Melbourne, Australia (EST)
20:08 <@mig5> oops
20:08 <@mig5> in an hour i think?
20:08 <+omega8cc> no, now! :)
20:09 <+omega8cc> mig5: is this 21h00 in Melbourne, Australia (EST)?
20:09 <@mig5> hmm, it's 20h00 here
20:09 <+omega8cc> heh
20:09 <+omega8cc> so we need to fix this
20:09 <@mig5> maybe i moved back and the rest of you stayed where oyu are
20:09 <+omega8cc> as it says 12h00 (noon) in Warsaw, Poland
20:09 <@mig5> now is fine, if that's the normal time
20:09 <@mig5> i think i must've moved back
20:09 <@mig5> so it was EDT before
20:10 <@mig5> ok, scrum :P
20:10 <+omega8cc> ah
20:10 <@mig5> i have nothing to add anyway!
20:11 <+omega8cc> Nothing new to report from me today, but I do have an idea I want to discuss later.
20:11 <+omega8cc> We have some concept-grade, half-baked modules for importing the site into Aegir (or migrating between Aegir instances), plus many how-tos etc. But what we really need is an aegir_connector, like in this demo: This is what I want to get done right in the next month or two.
20:13 <+omega8cc> mig5: so we need to fix the hours at as it should much your time when it is a good time in AU
20:13 <+omega8cc> match*
20:13 <@mig5> now is fine, i'll just change melbourne's time
20:14 <+omega8cc> ok
20:15 <@mig5> i can only add that i played with the Pack module and managed to get it working. i think the docs for Pack need a lot of work, and there are some 'gotchas' such as the aegir UID/GID needing to  match between systems or aegir fails to chmod/chown during rsyncs etc
20:15 <@mig5> and, i wrote some neat Jenkins/Fabric magic that automatically tags install profile repositories and updates stub makefiles and does tag-based deployment with drush make etc
20:15 <@mig5> for a client
20:15 <@mig5> hope to release it soon
20:16 <+omega8cc> wow
20:16 <@mig5> finally i hope to do another aegir newsletter soon, it's been a while
20:16 <+omega8cc> sounds great
20:16 <@mig5> when i say 'updates stub makefiles' i mean, updated the [tag] = xxxxx for that install profile referenced in the stub makefile
20:17 <@mig5> in otherwords allows a user to manually kick off a 'Build' in jenkins and it does the whole tagged release.. standard provision-migrate etc but with proper tags etc.
20:18 <@mig5> anyways, small scrum i think. i think we also didn't have one on tuesday, too bad..
20:18 <+omega8cc> mig5: you remember Vertice idea to have makefiles subscribed via some feed and auto-generating new platforms?
20:18 <@mig5> yeah
20:18 <@mig5> that would be neat
20:19 <@mig5> you'd need something faster than cron to subscribe to it though
20:19 <@mig5> jenkins is faster atm
20:19 <@mig5> maybe, erm, node.js :) /me runs
20:20 <+omega8cc> haha, I think we need more stuff like that, to help adoption, as all those Hpowerful workflows with Jenkins etc are just over the head of 99% of the audience we could attract
20:20 <@mig5> of course
20:22 <+omega8cc> and that is my plan (and it always has been) to make it easy for people who don't really have a chance to be a power users, but want the benefits of using the Aegir stuff with their mouse only (almost)
20:24 <+omega8cc> because, you know, power users prefer command line and ci stuff etc anyway, so they will never really help in Aegir adoption, because power users are always a small percent of the audience
20:24 <@mig5> yes it's been good that you stick to your audience :)
20:24 <@mig5> the real world
20:24 <+omega8cc> both are real
20:25 <+omega8cc> just a different scale
20:27 <+omega8cc> ok
20:27 <+omega8cc> hefring: botsnack
20:27 < hefring> delicious!
20:27 <+omega8cc> scrum 
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