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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-11-21


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-11-21

07:00 <@mig5> ok, time for a quick scrum
07:00 <@mig5> good morning
07:00 <@mig5> it appears darthsteven sends his apologies!
07:00 <@darthsteven> Nothing from me, will do a 1.6 release tomorrow if I have time!
07:00 <@mig5> so ping anarcat, ergonlogic, etc
07:00 <@mig5> oh he's here! :)
07:00 <@mig5> cool
07:00 <@mig5> thanks darthsteven 
07:00 <@darthsteven> Now I'm gone...
07:01 <@mig5> not much from me this week: I posted the first of a fortnightly Aegir newsletter last wednesday, I got some good feedback from anarcat but that was 
              about it :)
07:01 <@mig5> ok. 1.6 release will be tomorrow
07:01 <@mig5> my stickers have arrived, i ordered way too many for DrupalDownUnder, maybe I'll send some in the post to people :)
07:02 <@mig5> we fixed the Reset Password bug that broke resetting of passwords in Drupal 5, so that will go into the 1.6 release which is nice
07:02 <@mig5> that's all from me I think. anarcat?
07:03 < teeyza> so anyone have any ideas why my aegir wont upgrade?
07:03 <@mig5> right, i have a feeling anarcat isn't here, and we have a hijacker, so I might end the scrum earlier than usual..
07:03 <@mig5> thanks all
07:14 <@anarcat> oops
07:14 <@anarcat> missed the scrum
07:14 <+ergonlogic> sorry
07:14 <@anarcat> mig5 / darthsteven : pong
07:14 <@mig5> hehe
07:14 <@anarcat> we were in our own planning session over here, maybe we can touchbase on that
07:14 <@mig5> sure thing
07:15 <@anarcat> we are reorienting my work a bit, away from
07:15 < teeyza> my apologies mig i was corrected, so were stuck on step 4 of the that link
07:15 <@anarcat> we'll focus on the debian packaging and puppet manifests
07:15 <@anarcat> i'm going to work on a provision-upgrade command which will be basically like drush upgrade
07:15 <@anarcat> but really safe
07:15 <@anarcat> and designed specifically with the upgrade of aegir itself in mind
07:16 <@anarcat> so that we can ship the files with the aegir-hostmaster package
07:16 <@anarcat> and overwrite existing files, and run the update and so on
07:16 <@anarcat> we're also going to work on D7 LDAP integration so that Drupal can be used to manage LDAP groups and user memberships
07:16 <@mig5> will that open itself up to in any way?
07:16 < hefring> => allow upgrade of hostmaster sites from the frontend => Hosting, Code, minor, postponed, 3 comments, 1 IRC mention
07:16 <@anarcat> which is a bit offtopic here
07:16 <@anarcat> mig5: i don't know
07:16 <@anarcat> maybe
07:17 <@mig5> we need that external queue daemon :)
07:17 <@anarcat> so those are our priorities, shifting the other ones in the list down
07:17 <@anarcat> yes
07:17 <@anarcat> so that's still in the list
07:17 <@anarcat> but probably after christmas if not summer
07:17 <@mig5> sure
07:17 <@anarcat> same with unit tests, which get pushed away
07:17 <@anarcat> we're going to also sponsor more uc_hosting and hosting_services development
07:18 <@anarcat> with sfyn waiting to do a lot of improvements there, apparently
07:18 <@anarcat> expect the "official puppet module for aegir" to come out soon
07:18 <@anarcat> oh
07:18 <@mig5> awesome! :) 
07:18 <@anarcat> and just random name-dropping here: openstack.
07:18 <@anarcat> that's it for me.
07:18 <@mig5> thanks anarcat
07:18 <+sfyn> 3~hey folks
07:19 <+sfyn> guess its scrum time
07:19 <@mig5> hey sfyn 
07:19 <+ergonlogic> for my part, I'll be helping with the aegir puppet module
07:19 <+ergonlogic> yeah... a little late
07:19 < teeyza> hey mig, you have any other suggestions i could try?
07:19 <@anarcat> sfyn: it *was* :)
07:19 <@mig5> teeyza: please wait a bit, we are in the middle of a regular meeting
07:19 <+ergonlogic> and otherwise continuing to push aegir-up towards a release
07:19 <+sfyn> oops
07:19 < teeyza> kk
07:19 <@anarcat> sfyn: we had a great discussion on prioritizing work for aegir in the following week here
07:19 -!- mode/#aegir [+m] by anarcat
07:20 -!- mode/#aegir [+v mig5] by anarcat
07:20 -!- mode/#aegir [+v darthsteven] by anarcat, anarcat
07:20 <@mig5> thanks..
07:20 <+ergonlogic> that's most of it for me
07:20 <+sfyn> short term my efforts are more on civicrm support right now
07:20 <@anarcat> sfyn: we'll be looking from feedback from you about estimates on how much time we should spend on hostnig_services integration this year
07:20 <@mig5> i'm very interested in the aegir puppet stuff, i use vagrant for dev now, let me know if you need extra eyes on that :)
07:20 <@anarcat> mig5: we certainly will!
07:20 <+ergonlogic> mig5: indeed, yes!
07:21 <@mig5> and i know puppet pretty well these days
07:21 <@anarcat> now that's cool
07:21 <+sfyn> anarcat: hosting_services is a mess right now
07:21 <@anarcat> sfyn: and yes, maybe we need to add provision_civi to our shopping list, if it's not budgeted in other teams
07:21 <@mig5> although ergonlogic taught me you can preseed directly in puppet, didn't know that :)
07:21 <+ergonlogic> :)
07:21 <@anarcat> sfyn: how much hours does that mean, "mess"? ;)
07:22 <+sfyn> anarcat: means i don't know
07:22 <@anarcat> sfyn: awesome
07:22 <@anarcat> sfyn: i've put a mostly random guess of 100h
07:22 <@anarcat> maybe we can try to fine-grain the thing in smaller iterations
07:22 <@anarcat> and do a better estimate
07:22 <@anarcat> but we don't need to do it now :)
07:22 <@anarcat> just a heads up that we'd like to push this out
07:22 <@anarcat> for the next reflexion meeting
07:22 <+sfyn> anarcat: ok
07:23 <@anarcat> alright, i think that's it for our part of the scrum, unless sfyn or ergonlogic have anything to add
07:23 <+sfyn> anarcat: I will break down the work for both projects over the week
07:23 <@anarcat> sfyn: awesome
07:23 -!- mode/#aegir [-m] by anarcat
07:23 <@mig5> thanks guys
07:23 <+ergonlogic> no, I'm done
07:23 <@anarcat> sorry for the censorship here :)
07:23 <+sfyn> thats it for me
07:23 <@anarcat> thanks\
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