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Provision CiviCRM


Provision CiviCRM

provision_civicrm helps to manage the installation and upgrades of CiviCRM in Drupal sites managed with Aegir.

CiviCRM is not a typical Drupal module. It is a third-party system that integrates with Drupal, WordPress and Joomla for its front-end and permission system. CiviCRM has its own installer, upgrade system and cron. The "provision_civicrm" module helps to manage any CiviCRM+Drupal site as any other Drupal site managed in Aegir.


  • Aegir 2.x or 3.x
  • hosting_civicrm must be installed in the hostmaster front-end (~/hostmaster-x-y/sites/


Download the provision_civicrm module as the "aegir" user:

drush dl provision_civicrm-6.x-2.x

This should install the module in ~/.drush/provision_civicrm.

NB: provision_civicrm 6.x-2.x is a Drush module, and works with both Aegir 2 and Aegir 3. However, for Aegir 3, you must use the 7.x-3.x branch of the hosting_civicrm module.

Creating a CiviCRM platform

provision_civicrm assumes that if you have a CiviCRM installation in your sites/all/modules/civicrm, then this is a CiviCRM platform and CiviCRM should be installed automatically.

(A cleaner way, in theory, would be to have an install profile and let the user configure it through the front-end, patches welcome! -- however, you do not want any site to simply enable CiviCRM from the Drupal admin/build/modules, so having dedicated platforms for CiviCRM makes sense in any case.)

A sample drush makefile is provided with provision_civicrm.

Assuming you are running as the user 'aegir', whose $HOME is /var/aegir/, save this in a file such as ~/makefiles/drupal-6.22-civicrm-3.3.4.make

Then create the new platform:

mkdir ~/platforms/drupal-6.22-civicrm-3.3.4
cd ~/platforms/drupal-6.22-civicrm-3.3.4
drush make ~/makefiles/drupal-6.22-civicrm-3.3.4.make

You can now add your platform in the Aegir front-end and then create new sites.

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