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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-12-12


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-12-12

[07:01:33]    scrum time - any devs here? anarcat: ergonlogic:
[07:01:38]     hey
[07:01:38]     eh oh
[07:01:39]     yes
[07:01:41]    I believe darthsteven is currently at a Drupal meetup
[07:01:44]    hello!
[07:01:44]     ni hao
[07:01:49]     very little for me again
[07:01:57]     i have released this nifty module that waglo wrote:
[07:02:16]    ooh interesting
[07:02:51]     Hello!
[07:02:51]     yo
[07:02:56]    very little from me too. i sent out a silly newsletter last wednesday to be in timing for Vertice's 1 year anniversary
[07:02:59]    hey darthsteven, you made it! :)
[07:03:03]     Nothing from me today, hoping to do some real work on Aegir soon though!
[07:03:09]     hey darthsteven
[07:03:18]     darthsteven: i was wondering - how is the d7 port?
[07:03:19]     mig5: Thanks for that
[07:03:32]     Hah, stalled
[07:03:45]     I have 0 time to spend on aegir at the moment
[07:03:49]     i see
[07:03:52]     i know your pain
[07:03:53]     That will change in Jan
[07:03:58]     cool
[07:04:12]     i note that ohloh thinks we have decreasing overtime development
[07:04:23]    probably true
[07:04:26]     I'm trying to convince my employer to sponsor some of my time on Aegir
[07:05:01]     Pretty much will be able to spend 1 day every three weeks
[07:05:18]     Sorry, I'll be quiet now.
[07:05:30]     ok
[07:05:36]     pretty much the same situation for me
[07:05:55]     so basically, we're looking for sponsors and workforce :)
[07:06:38]     Yup
[07:07:08]     I want to donate money to the project, can someone let me know how :)
[07:07:43]     don't we have a paypal account? :)
[07:07:59]    i think koumbit do ;)
[07:08:14]     ah right, that's what that button does
[07:08:31]     i wonder how many donatiosn we receive there
[07:08:36]    me too :P
[07:08:37]  * anarcat will take a look
[07:10:08]     the answer is 0$
[07:10:15]    whee
[07:10:28]    i thought i recalled ergonlogic or someone thanking some people in some release notes
[07:10:44]     interestingly enough, 6 of those are "incomplete transaction"
[07:10:59]     people donating between 18 and 100$ have canceled their submission, apparently
[07:11:10]    yeah ''
[07:11:11]    oh ok
[07:11:19]    weird
[07:11:35]     yeah
[07:11:37]     i wonder
[07:11:48]     i see my failed donation there, and it happened after i hit cancel in paypal
[07:11:54]     i'll try to do a real donation to see if it works
[07:13:20]    me too
[07:13:21]     this shit doesn't work
[07:13:28]    seemed to work for me
[07:13:29]     dude, did you just donate a lot?
[07:13:34]    $50
[07:13:43]     yeah
[07:13:47]     mig5: it says: En attente (Incomplete Transaction)
[07:13:49]    that's a lot?
[07:13:50]    hmm
[07:13:53]    that's no good
[07:13:54]     well, for a test :)
[07:14:18]    i got a transaction id but no confirmation email
[07:14:45]    it doesn't show up in my paypal activity though
[07:14:50]    so probably just didn't do anything
[07:15:15]     civicrm, i love you
[07:15:26]     so that button freaking doesn't work
[07:15:40]     ergonlogic: the donate button in the community site doesn't work
[07:15:57]     we should just create a paypal account for the project and be done with it, remove the koumbit intermediary
[07:16:09]    i think we'll need more dev hands on deck.. let's be honest.. devseed left us, and many others, in the lurch, and i don't think we ever fully recovered
[07:16:12]     mig5 / darthsteven : ... and then us three can share the access in some way
[07:16:22]    i wish i could code a bit better or i'd do it, but i don't think it's my strength
[07:16:38]     i agree we need more people
[07:16:45]     i will not comment on your skills, you never listen to me :P
[07:17:00]    will i git log | grep migression to make my point? :)
[07:17:22]    anyways. next month i am at Drupal DownUnder talking aegir, i'll try and evangelise and drum up dev interest
[07:17:29]    oh! how was Drupalcamp NYC, how did the session go?
[07:17:43]     the session went well!
[07:17:56]     i got to talk with the pantheon guys about how they do intersite security, it was really interesting
[07:18:10]    ah nice
[07:18:20]    are they in fact doing multisite?
[07:18:40]     yeah, they switched away from one vserver per site
[07:18:48]    interesting
[07:19:28]      not sure the context, but seeing pantheon and aegir in the same chat sounds exciteing
[07:19:54]    it's good to trade war stories :)
[07:20:13]     hehe
[07:20:20]     yeah, it was great
[07:20:33]    what amazes me about pantheon is the deliberate simplicity of it.. not too many features, quite spartan in its approach
[07:20:47]    you have to be good to avoid feature creep like that
[07:20:58]    anyways - shall we call that a scrum end?
[07:21:13]     yes, i think we're done

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