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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-10-18


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-10-18

[21:00:33]  <@darthsteven>  anarcat, darthsteven, mig5, mvc, sfyn, skwashd: Scrum time!
[21:10:03]  <@mig5> sorry, nothing to report
[21:12:45]  <@darthsteven>  ok
[21:12:47]  <@darthsteven>  thanks!
[21:13:16]  <@darthsteven>  I applied some nasty patches to get the debian package installing correctly with drush 4.5
[21:13:46]  <@darthsteven>  I also got to the bottom of the problem when installing on debian, where it would consume all CPU and memory
[21:13:52]  <@darthsteven>  which anarcat then fixed!
[21:13:53]  <@mig5> excellent. do we need to roll a new release for that drush issue?
[21:14:57]  <@darthsteven>  I think we do
[21:15:08]  <@darthsteven>  I was going to add an issue to the queue
[21:15:20]  <@darthsteven>  See if we can do a release without anarcat :)
[21:15:58]  <@mig5> :)
[21:20:50]  <@darthsteven>  anyone else?
[21:21:06]  <@darthsteven>  speak now, or hold until next week...
[21:21:29]  <@darthsteven>  oh, and I just posted about changing the times of these:
[21:36:06]  <@darthsteven>  okay
[21:36:13]  <@darthsteven>  official end of scrum there
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