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Aegir core team


Aegir core team

The Aegir maintainers are committers that have access to the code. They are responsible for specific parts of the project and are general go-to people for various things.

  • cweagans - maintainer of a number of contrib modules, and contributor to several more, as well as patches to Aegir core.
  • ergonlogic - Aegir Project Leader, release engineering, continuous integration testing, community site webmaster, documentation, general bugfixing, ubercart integration co-maintainer, SaaS contrib components
  • helmo - hairy bugfixes and generally great contributions in the queue, maintainer for several contrib components.
  • Jon Pugh - maintainer of devshop hosting/provision, provision_git, and tons of other contrib modules, submitter of many good patches
  • omega8cc - nginx support Provision Sandbox, Barracuda Project

Emeritus members

These members have decided to take a less active role in the project. However, out of respect for them, and all their previous efforts for the Aegir Project (and the hope that they'll become more active again ;), they continue to have commit access.

  • anarcat - debian packaging, crazy late night coding splurges, general goto guy for everything
  • mig5 - testing, release engineering, migressions and general bugfixing
  • Steven Jones - documentation, queueing and contexts stuff, Drupal 7 port, general bugfixing

Other contributors

Those people have given significant contributions to the project but do not yet have complete commit access.

Sorry if your name isn't here and you have done significant contributions!! Feel free to add it or contact us if you feel you have been forgotten...

All contributors of Aegir's history can also be found on's contributors page although that doesn't count patches that were sent in the issue queues.

Past contributors

  • vertice - project founder, retired
  • tbosviel - DNS support improvements
  • univate - views support and batch operations
  • seth.vincent - Google Summer of Code student, working on D7 port and DNS editor. Sandbox

How to join the core team

If you are interested in joining the core team, you should provide us with valuable patches or contribute to the issue queues significantly. The core team has access to all core git repositories for writing, so you will need to prove that you can provide good quality code through the issue queue. We usually notice such people and welcome them in the team directly, but you should also feel free to ask to join if you feel you are worthy.

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