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Revision of Aegir Virtual Applicance from Fri, 01/07/2011 - 13:07


Aegir Virtual Applicance

A Google Code-In student has create a virtual appliance in VirtualBox which make users able to use Aegir without using Linux or conflict with current server setting.

You can download it at


- VirtualBox
- DNS Server which you can modfiy records (optional)
How to install:
1. Virtual Machine
1.1. Extract Aegir.7z file.
1.2. Open VirtualBox goto File -> Import Applicance
1.3. Select .odf file which you have extract in first step.
1.4. Choose CPU and RAM size which are suitable for your system.
1.5. Click Finish and agree to license agreement
1.6. Start Virtual Machine, click on network adapter icon on the bottom of window,
 and config bridge adapter to bridge with network you wish to use with.
1.8. Login to Virtual Machine with username "ageiradmin" and password "aegir" 
and type "sudo ifconfig" to show your current ip address.

2. DNS config
2.1 If you can config your DNS Server, point "ageir" to virtual machine ip address.
2.2 Else you have to add line below in /etc/hosts (Linux) or %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (Windows)


3. Guest system config
3.1 You can login to Aegir web interface by http://aegir/ 
3.2 You can login to shell using VirtualBox VM window or ssh to server ip address.

Linux admin account:
Username: aegiradmin
Password: aegir
*root user is disable for security.

Aegir management account:
User: admin
Password: aegir

Aegir Document:
You could learn more about how to use Aegir at
Offical Document:
Community Site:
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