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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-01-09


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-01-09

14:56       mig5@> shall we do a scrum darthsteven anarcat ergonlogic omega8cc
15:02    anarcat@> oh yes!
15:02    anarcat@> scrum time!
15:03   omega8cc+> hi!
15:03    hefring > privet
15:03    anarcat@> alright
15:04    anarcat@> well, for myself i am just back from vacation
15:04    anarcat@> still swamped with a lot of non-aegir related work
15:04    anarcat@> but hopefully i will get to fix some pesky issues that have been bothering our clients and workers here
15:05    anarcat@> one low hanging fruit we have is to deploy those module automatically on new sites:
15:05    hefring > => DB Login => 0 comments, 1 IRC mention
15:06 (*)  anarcat looking for the second one
15:06    anarcat@>
15:06    anarcat@> there
15:06    anarcat@> the other things are: exportable backups and the pesky files directory
15:06    anarcat@> i am looking for ways to optimise the migrations
15:06    anarcat@> because right now we end up tarring and untarring a lot of the same crap every week
15:07    anarcat@> and i'm looking for ways to optimise that
15:07    anarcat@> so suggestions welcome there
15:07    anarcat@> the exportable backups is just to have a way to hardlink the backup in the @hostmaster/files directory with a hard-to-guess filename so that only the user can download it
15:11       mig5@> interesting
15:11       mig5@> sorry, dealing with a nagios alert here at the same time
15:11    anarcat@> fun :)
15:11    anarcat@> i think that's pretty much it for me
15:12       mig5@> not much from me this week.. need to find some more time to look at again. would be nice to test the nginx stuff more, not that we don't trust omega8cc of course :)
15:12    hefring > => It is possible to break Nginx based install with upload progress by enabling nginx_ssl feature => Provision, Code, critical, needs review, 5 comments, 1 IRC mention
15:12       mig5@> i'm otherwise just swamped with work, it's insane
15:12    anarcat@> i know how you feel
15:12    anarcat@> my return from vacation is insane
15:12       mig5@> i give my aegir talk at Druapl DownUnder on saturday, should be good
15:12       mig5@> how was NYC ?
15:12    anarcat@> we had a compromised ftp account that sent out 30k spams on my first day :P
15:12       mig5@> ugh!
15:12    anarcat@> it was good
15:12    anarcat@> it was only one day!
15:12    anarcat@> but i did a aegir pres with ergonlogic
15:12    anarcat@> and i think we got a few people in
15:13    anarcat@> i met with the pantheon guys, and they have a *great* product
15:13    anarcat@> not open source of course :P
15:13       mig5@> yeah. it's nice and simple
15:13    anarcat@> but they really got somethign going with their dev/staging/prod thingy
15:13       mig5@> yes and non-free :(
15:13 ergonlogic > hi
15:13    anarcat@> well, i got invite codes
15:13    anarcat@> i promised josh_k_ i would try to crack their thing
15:13       mig5@> haha
15:13    anarcat@> so far didn't find the time
15:13    anarcat@> but they really have good security tools
15:14    anarcat@> they are using cgroups, fcgi (or similar)
15:14       mig5@> David Strauss knows his stuff
15:14    anarcat@> so basically, you are renting out process groups
15:14       mig5@> and that valhalla filesystem he's using for clustering and HA, sounds interesting
15:14    anarcat@> as opposed to whole vservers, which was the old way
15:14    anarcat@> yeah that's nice too
15:14       mig5@> what are they using underneath: debian?
15:14       mig5@> or redhat?
15:14    anarcat@> i didn't troll, so i don't know ;)
15:14       mig5@> i seem to recall a redhat feature that rented processes
15:15    anarcat@> well, cgroups allow for fine-grained process isolation
15:15    anarcat@> cgroups is the kernel option that allows vservers (or linux containers as the call them now) to work
15:15       mig5@> yeh
15:15    anarcat@> they also use selinux
15:15    anarcat@> they seem really into it
15:15    anarcat@> pretty cool
15:15    anarcat@> anyways
15:15       mig5@> i'm surprised they don't just build a machine per client or something.. it's not that expensive these days
15:15    anarcat@> enough with pantheon :P
15:15       mig5@> yeah :)
15:15    anarcat@> mig5: that's what they were doing before
15:16    anarcat@> i think it was *more* expensive than clustering in a single box
15:16    anarcat@> you got to get some edge in some place
15:16    anarcat@> so anyways
15:16    anarcat@> ergonlogic hi!
15:16    anarcat@> ergonlogic: something to add to our first scrum of the year?
15:16    anarcat@> (or is it?)
15:16    anarcat@> :)
15:16 ergonlogic > well, I'm just back from vacation too
15:16    anarcat@> welcome back :)
15:17 ergonlogic > so trying to get back into the swing of things
15:17 ergonlogic > I'm working out the kinks to start doing to Aegir 101 screencasts
15:17 ergonlogic > s/to/some/g
15:17 ergonlogic > and fighting with vimeo... they don;t like .ogv apparently
15:18    anarcat@> them basterds :)
15:18 ergonlogic > but anyway, just "how to create a site with Aegir" kinda stuff
15:18 ergonlogic > introductory for new clients, at this point
15:19 ergonlogic > other than that, just before the holidays, anarcat and I published a couple puppet modules
15:19 ergonlogic > one for drush and another for aegir
15:19 ergonlogic > on d.o
15:19    anarcat@> oh yeah we did!
15:19    anarcat@> actually *you* did :)
15:19 ergonlogic > well, I published them, sure...
15:19    anarcat@> but yeah, we polished a aegir module
15:19 ergonlogic > but *we* worked on getting them publishable
15:19    anarcat@> unfortunately it still relies on debian
15:19    anarcat@> ie. it doesn't do the manual install if you're *not* on debian
15:19       mig5@> oh, exciting! where are the modules?
15:19    anarcat@> which would have been awesome
15:20 ergonlogic > I posted a dozen or so issues on them for cleanup 
15:20    anarcat@> well, it *should* be on
15:20    anarcat@> but it isn't :P
15:20       mig5@> i'll work this into a new aegir newsletter :)
15:20 ergonlogic > I'll get the urls
15:20    anarcat@> and i'll add them to the page
15:20 ergonlogic >
15:20 ergonlogic >
15:21       mig5@> i love this: server goes down, hosting company's support system and all their nameservers go down as well. excellent
15:21       mig5@> if it wasn't for DNS cache they'd be uncontactable to tell them about it
15:21 (*)  anarcat notices the twitter block on c.a.o is still broken
15:21 ergonlogic > they depend on a couple other puppet modules, one from Koumbit, and another from RiseUp, which is documented on the project pages
15:21    anarcat@> mig5: dns -> ouch
15:21 ergonlogic > sigh...
15:21       mig5@> great stuff re: puppet
15:22       mig5@> looking forward to trying that
15:22 ergonlogic > anyway, I also updated Aegir Up to use the new puppet modules
15:22 ergonlogic >
15:22 ergonlogic > using git subtrees
15:22    anarcat@> mig5: another thing for your newsletter: arch linux support!
15:23       mig5@> yes! saw that
15:23 ergonlogic > so I now have about a dozen branches to wrangle
15:23       mig5@> and did you see darthsteven's crazy article where he mass-migrated sites between two aegirs
15:23 ergonlogic > but seems more maintainable than sub-modules
15:23 ergonlogic > indeed yes!
15:23 ergonlogic > I want to try it out this week or next
15:24 ergonlogic > the mass migration stuff looks very cool
15:24 ergonlogic > it's also the initial reason I started aegir-up, to test that sort of thing
15:25    anarcat@>
15:25 ergonlogic > anarcat: thanks!
15:26 ergonlogic > I think that's it from me...
15:26    anarcat@> ok, i think we're done then
15:27   omega8cc+> I'm also back at work and plan to port some never submitted patches to 1.x, as we (boa) are using already 2.x code so it was a bit out of sync between boa and official Nginx support in Aegir 1.x
15:27 ergonlogic > I'd really appreciate some feedback on Aegir-up, btw
15:27    anarcat@> unless darthsteven magically flys in
15:27    anarcat@> with his cape
15:27    anarcat@> oh, omega8cc ! hi! :)
15:27   omega8cc+> plus, I promised to submit standalone Aegir on Nginx how-to (step by step). We also tested and helped to fix a few distros so they work with Aegir and this list grows nicely :)
15:27   omega8cc+> hi anarcat! and all
15:27    anarcat@> nice!
15:27    anarcat@> omega8cc: any work on a debian package for nginx? :)
15:28   omega8cc+> anarcat: there is chance it will be soon! on the table already
15:28   omega8cc+> as we are moving with everything to things like deb, puppet etc
15:28 darthsteve@> Sorry I missed the scrum!
15:28    anarcat@> nice!
15:28 darthsteve@> In another meeting
15:28    anarcat@> i am really happy to hear that!
15:29    anarcat@> omega8cc: if you need help with the package, i already have ideas on how to do it
15:29 darthsteve@> Nothing really to add though
15:29 ergonlogic > omega8cc: I'd be happy to integrate nginx patches to the puppet-aegir module :)
15:29 ergonlogic > hi steve
15:29    anarcat@> omega8cc: basically, i think that it can be done without creating a new package - just add "| nginx" as a dependency and make a debconf dialog (or autodetection) to figure out which to setup
15:29 ergonlogic > steven
15:29   omega8cc+> anarcat: I will ask for your assistance for sure, thanks!
15:29 darthsteve@> Hoping to get back to working on Aegir within the next few weeks.
15:29 darthsteve@> Sorry for interrupting!
15:30   omega8cc+> anarcat: exactly, it shouldn't be a separate package
15:30 ergonlogic > darthsteven: thanks for the mass migration write-up
15:30    anarcat@> cool
15:30 ergonlogic > darthsteven: I'll be trying it out soon
15:30   omega8cc+> ergonlogic: sure, I will let you know
15:31 darthsteve@> ergonlogic: Yeah, no doubt I removed a vital part of it while writing it up. Pester me of that's the case
15:31 ergonlogic > darthsteven: you can bet on it ;)
15:32 darthsteve@> Some of it will be in Aegir core at some point, so I'd rather find the bugs now :)
15:33   omega8cc+> darthsteven: hi, in the meantime we (boa) are testing the 2.x code in production :)
15:34   omega8cc+> so far, absolutely no issues
15:34 darthsteve@> omega8cc: Hehe, just you wait...
15:35   omega8cc+> ;)
15:35 darthsteve@> omega8cc: Though hopefully we can get some more tests written
15:40 ergonlogic > ok then... so, I'll assume that's the end of the scrum and post the log to c.a.o
15:40       mig5@> thanks ergonlogic
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