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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-08-02


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-08-02

20:00 <@mig5> ok, scrum time
20:00 <@mig5> as usual, no news from me this week :P
20:00 <@mig5> anarcat is away as we know
20:00 <@mig5> I have not heard from the GSOC student, so I will follow that up
20:01 <@mig5> there are currently no criticals in the queue which is nice, although I have vaguely heard about some issues with the cron queue, someone let me know if that's still an issue
20:01 <@mig5> aaaand I can't think of anything else significant, other than thanks to omega8cc for donating to hefring :)
20:02 <+omega8cc> haha
20:02 <@mig5> go for it darthsteven, omega8cc
20:02 <@darthsteven> I've done a little bit of work on the Aegir session for Drupalcon
20:02 <@darthsteven> hope to have that completed by the end of the week
20:02 <@mig5> oh nice
20:03 <@darthsteven> And then I hope to start writing docs again, but am away on holiday a lot over the next little while
20:03 <@darthsteven> but that's it from me
20:03 -!- aegir-jenkins [] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
20:03 <@darthsteven> omega8cc?
20:04 <+omega8cc> I didn't submit any new patches, but I promise I will - related to the UI, soon
20:04 <+omega8cc> also, I released 1.0-boa-T-8.9, and it is using Aegir head
20:04 <+omega8cc> so good for receiving more feedback
20:05 <+omega8cc> and I noticed the sites cron is still an issue on some servers, when web based method is used
20:05 <+omega8cc> I will debug this and post more details soon
20:05 <@mig5> i am tired of this one in the queue: - I have been planning on removing a chunk of code from provision for that for a while, so I might do that in the 7.x branch and see how it goes
20:05 < hefring> => Undefined index: profiles => Provision, Code, normal, needs work, 14 comments, 2 IRC mentions
20:06 <@mig5> it is harmless but people keep carrying on about it
20:06 <@mig5> we have a fresh bug from ergonlogic too
20:06 < hefring> => "View client" permission broken => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, normal, active, 0 comments, 1 IRC mention
20:06 -!- aegir-jenkins [] has joined #aegir
20:07 <@mig5> aegir-jenkins returns.. that was weird
20:07 <@mig5> it's been up for over 100 days now, \o/
20:07 <@darthsteven> mig5: 1111572, can we set up a test case that invokes that code, remove it and then see if anything breaks/changes
20:07 <+omega8cc> aegir-jenkins: welcome back :)
20:07 -aegir-jenkins:#aegir- omega8cc did you mean me? Unknown command 'welcome'
20:07 -aegir-jenkins:#aegir- Use '!78jujdd7yujufyyshhayuuufhhysjjhyew9i2 help' to get help!
20:07 <@mig5> hah
20:07 <+omega8cc> haha
20:08 <@mig5> oops, and there goes anarcat's clever idea to 'hide' the jenkins command...
20:08 <@darthsteven> hehe
20:08 <@darthsteven> that's genius!
20:08 <@darthsteven> anyone else have anything for the scrum?
20:09 <@mig5> darthsteven: that's the thing re: test case: we don't scan packages in the site-specific dir, which means those values are always null. anyway i promise to look at it
20:09 <@darthsteven> ok
20:09 < Aciid> I have something , never setup a VM with Amazon AWS
20:09 <@mig5> ok, scrum done, unless ergonlogic has anything to add
20:09 < Aciid> - mail sent by Amazon
20:10 <+omega8cc> so, thanks for attending!
20:10 <@mig5> cheers
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