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Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-06-21


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-06-21

21:59 <@anarcat> hey
21:59 <@anarcat> gooood morning vietnam!
22:00 <@mig5> HELO
22:00 <@anarcat> alright
22:00  * anarcat SCRUM TIME!
22:00 <@anarcat> gosh this is early
22:00 <@anarcat> so welcome everyone
22:00 <@darthsteven> heh
22:01 <@anarcat> i'm your sleepy host, unless another timezone feels less jetlagged :)
22:01 <@mig5> getting sleepy :)
22:01 <@darthsteven> I'm your less sleepy host then
22:01 <@anarcat> yay! :)
22:01 <@darthsteven> Welcome to the scrum for 21 Jun 2011
22:01 <@darthsteven> Who wants to speak first?
22:01 <@darthsteven> anarcat?
22:01 <@anarcat> i can try! :)
22:02 <@anarcat> so i haven't published 1.2, but this time i have a good excuse
22:02 <@anarcat> we're really almost there - i want to test the debian packages first
22:02 <@anarcat> i was able to make an autobuilder in jenkins
22:02 <@anarcat> so jenkins now has a pgp key and can build packages. both from the debian branch and from the 1.x branch
22:02 <@anarcat>
22:02 <@darthsteven> cool
22:03 <@anarcat> there are a good few questions in there that i'd like feedback about
22:03 <@anarcat> esp. from mig5
22:03 <@mig5> awesome, you are now our CI ninja :)
22:03 <@anarcat> crap :)
22:03 <@darthsteven> anything else anarcat?
22:03 <@anarcat> well, there's this daemon thing :)
22:04 <@anarcat> i played with darthsteven's queue runner, and it's awesom
22:04 <@anarcat> we're running it in production, working very well, got people impressed
22:04 <@anarcat> i want to merge it in 2.x
22:04 <@anarcat> and port our dispatcher to the d7 queue system
22:04 <@anarcat> i think we should make queue-runner 1.1
22:04 <@anarcat> i think that's about it for me!
22:05 <@darthsteven> mig5?
22:05 <@darthsteven> (thanks anarcat)
22:05 <@anarcat> welcome!
22:05 <@mig5> nothing from me this week, i need to catch up on the jenkins changes
22:05 <@darthsteven> okay, cool
22:05 <@darthsteven> I'll go next...
22:06 <@darthsteven> I looked at the daemon for running tasks with anarcat
22:06 <@darthsteven> resulting in a 1.1 release, which anarcat hasn't noticed :)
22:06 <@anarcat> haha cool
22:06 <@darthsteven> We also got the api site sorted last week, though mostly not down to me
22:06 <@darthsteven> which is ace!
22:07 <@mig5> nice
22:07 <@darthsteven> I added a new hook to enable friendly names for servers in lists of servers
22:07 <@darthsteven> and released a module that uses the hook
22:07 <@darthsteven>
22:08 <@darthsteven> I think I added a ton of documentation the week before too
22:08 <@darthsteven> which was nice
22:08 < chouchou> Hello,
22:08 <@anarcat> cool
22:08 <@darthsteven> but that's it from me
22:08 < chouchou> pls i have an issue,
22:08 <@anarcat> note that i documented the 2.x api changes here
22:08 < chouchou> first, i wouuld like to know how do I change the drush gid download source ?
22:08 <@darthsteven> chouchou: We're in the middle of a scrum, please hold for the end, then you can ask
22:08 <@anarcat> i think we should keep that page in mind when we change the API
22:08 <@darthsteven> anyone else have anything for the scrum?
22:09 <+omega8cc> I finally started publishing some nginx related docs on and will extract from there to re-post on c.a.o handbook, also some new nginx patches are in testing and should be sumitted for review shortly, we are sponsoring also Aegir session at next week!
22:09 <@darthsteven> awesome
22:09 <@mig5> props to shrop who has done great work on the community site sorting some stuff out
22:09 <@darthsteven> omega8cc: anything else?
22:09 <@anarcat> all good
22:09 <+omega8cc> that is it from me, i think
22:10 <@anarcat> ah, note that i'll be at the drush test sprint next week, so i will probably miss the scrum
22:10 <@anarcat> if you guys have specifics of things i should work on with drush, let me know!
22:11 <@darthsteven> anyone else have anything to add?
22:11 <@darthsteven> I'll give it a minute...
22:11 <@anarcat> well, i'd like to chat quickly with mig5 about the jenkins stuff
22:11 <@anarcat> mig5: did you read up on the issue?
22:11 <@mig5> this one?
22:12 <@anarcat> mig5: upy
22:12 <@anarcat> yup*
22:12 <@anarcat> basically, we need to decide this:
22:12 <@anarcat> 1. do we install/remove/update/whatnot on the jenkins server? (be scared)
22:12 <@anarcat> 2. do we install using dpkg -i or do we upload to's unstable repository and use apt-get? (the latter has the disadvantage of having 
                 to wait a undetermined delay for repo to catchup, but has the upside of broadening the test capabilities)
22:12 <@anarcat> i am thinking more and more of this as a build bot, with packges uploaded to
22:13 <@anarcat> and then everyone can test them, including jenkins or "the cloud", from jenkins
22:13 <@mig5> 1. is fine with me but i was already scared :) but as far as I can tell, it's the only way to sanely chain tasks.. (as opposed to an isolated 
              cloud-generated VPS)
22:14 <@mig5> the fundamental thing i want to do with theses tests, is pretend like we are a user
22:14 <@anarcat> well that's the thing, if we upload to debian.k.n, then we can run install/upgrade/whatever independently...
22:14 <@mig5> except with preseeding :)
22:14 <@mig5> so i think the apt-get is good
22:14 -!- bgm_ is now known as bgm
22:14 <@anarcat> ok
22:14 <@anarcat> mig5: do you know about jenkins's "tasks"?
22:14 -!- bgm [~bgm@2607:f748:1200:105::5] has quit [Changing host]
22:14 -!- bgm [~bgm@pdpc/supporter/active/bgm] has joined #aegir
22:14 <@mig5> no
22:14 <@anarcat> ok
22:14 <@mig5> i've only done build steps
22:15 <@anarcat> i tried to play with that, but i don't feel it's what we need, basically...
22:15 <@anarcat> it's a weird thing
22:15 <@anarcat> so okay, that's cool
22:15 -!- mode/#aegir [+v shrop] by ChanServ
22:15 <@anarcat> i think i'll try to setup fabric stuff to deploy debian packages remotely
22:15 <@anarcat> and of course upload to debian.k.n
22:15 <@mig5> deploy as in send to koumbit.d.n ?
22:15 <@mig5> er
22:15 <@mig5> ah
22:15 <@anarcat> and fix the preseed
22:16 <@mig5> so by deploy debian packages remotely you mean, build on fresh VPS?
22:16 <@mig5> as i am not against the former
22:16 <@anarcat> deploy as in ssh 'apt-get install aegir; drush provision-tests ; apt-get remove aegir'
22:16 <@mig5> so long as we can clean up our mess on the jenkins server
22:17 <@anarcat> well, i'm worried about not being able to do that
22:17 < chouchou> are you free now?
22:17 <@mig5> my main worry about is we may lose the ability to chain builds
22:17 <@anarcat> *and* about interop problems with jenkins itself
22:17 <@darthsteven> Anyone else have anything for the scrum? Otherwise we'll wrap it up there, and leave mig5 and anarcat to it...
22:17 <@anarcat> darthsteven: yup, ok
22:17 <@darthsteven> 
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