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Revision of Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-04-12 from Fri, 04/13/2012 - 19:03


Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-04-12

[21:01:31] alright! i actually made it, almost on time, to the second scrum of the week [21:01:39] i missed the first few weeks, and i'm meant to be the one hosting it. epic [21:01:50] darthsteven: anarcat: ergonlogic: if you're around [21:02:04] mig5: hello! [21:02:37] i updated the python-cloudfiles installation on the jenkins server, and raised a sleep timeout limit that was causing all our jenkins builds to fail, as rackspace takes ages to build from our images these days sadly [21:02:55] cool [21:03:07] not cool about rackspace though [21:03:11] i then suckered myself into working more on what was meant to be a trivial patch, and now has left me bewildered and confused [21:03:12] => hosting_site_count() ignores disabled sites => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, normal, needs work, 5 comments, 1 IRC mention [21:03:16] like the last 20 or so patches over the last 2 years [21:03:24] that's about it from me! [21:03:46] * rv0 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [21:03:54] some of our builds in jenkins are still broken, this seems to be related to installing deb files via dpkg, which i haven't figured out yet [21:04:26] weird requirements like nfs-common, and the drush-make deb, etc.. and my attempt to fix it saw that restarting portmap or something failed. haven't had time to look at. [21:06:05] sorry if I've added to your confusion in that issue [21:06:25] nah it's not you. any developer would be fine with it [21:06:43] iam just not made of the same stuff and never have been. i should find something i'm good at and stick with it :) [21:06:54] don't have a coder brain [21:07:50] okay, well the efforts are appreciated [21:07:54] shall I go next? [21:08:06] please! [21:08:17] well, I've looked at a couple of issues in the queue [21:08:52] notably: 1185690 [21:09:10] which is running through jenkins now [21:09:13] a minor fix [21:09:34] We'll release 1.8 next week [21:09:38] I think [21:09:42] that's it from me [21:09:59] nice, thanks [21:11:07] real shame that we lost data from the community site [21:11:14] niccolo wrote something interesting in response to [21:11:36] about how it feels like the project is sort of losing its spark, so to speak, in the wake of other beasts like pantheon [21:11:45] i've been wondering about that and how we can get that spark back [21:12:02] indeed [21:12:13] it's probably in the eye of the beholder, of course.. some might feel it's very new and exciting and others less so [21:12:33] but i don't think we ever fully recovered from the developmentseed departure [21:12:40] yup [21:13:41] I haven't got much to suggest, given I myself struggle with immense motivation issues. ho, hum [21:13:55] I'm now working at least a day week, at work, on Aegir [21:14:00] that's unreal :) [21:14:26] i wanted to ask how you currently do your deployments etc [21:14:31] so hoping to get some of the longer standing bugs sorted out [21:15:19] and some of the more complicated bugs that would take a few hours to set up multiple servers etc.

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