Weekly Scrums

Since we have now a bigger team of people interested in the project (contributors in the queue, outside the queue, people at Koumbit, the community site, my my!!), we (koumbit) feel it would be important to start doing weekly scrums again.

Nothing complicated: just a 15 minutes where we agree we try to be available on IRC to talk about various issues that have or will come up during the week. No work, just talk.. to quote wikipedia:

  • The meeting starts precisely on time.
  • All are welcome, but only “pigs” [devs] may speak
  • The meeting is timeboxed to 15 minutes
  • The meeting should happen at the same location and same time every day
  • During the meeting, each team member answers three questions:
    • What have you done since yesterday?
    • What are you planning to do today?
    • Do you have any problems preventing you from accomplishing your goal?
(It is the role of the ScrumMaster to facilitate resolution of these impediments. Typically this should occur outside the context of the Daily Scrum so that it may stay under 15 minutes.)

These occur via IRC on the #aegir channel twice a week at separate times:

Every Monday at 20h00 UTC. This works out to be:

  • 11h00 in Los Angeles, USA (PDT)
  • 15h00 in Montreal, Canada; New York, USA (EDT)
  • 19h00 in London, UK (GMT)
  • 06h00 in Melbourne, Australia (EST)(on Tuesday)

(See this useful tool for how we settled on those times.)

Every Thursday at 10h00 UTC. This works out to be:

  • 03h00 in Los Angelas, USA (PDT)
  • 06h00 in Montreal, Canada; New York, USA (EDT)
  • 11h00 in London, UK
  • 12h00 (noon) in Warsaw, Poland
  • 20h00 in Melbourne, Australia (EST)

We will keep logs of these here for future reference.

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New scrum time for our gsoc student? Fri, 07/22/2011 - 20:28 anarcat

Archive: 2010


Archive of the weekly scrum from 2010

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2010-12-02

(03:00:54 PM) anarcat: hi.
(03:01:08 PM) anarcat: so now is the time for our newly established weekly scrums :)
(03:01:24 PM) anarcat: of course, mig5 is not there and vertice either, but i'll still do my part,
 just to kickstart this
(03:01:32 PM) hadsie: hey anarcat
(03:01:54 PM) anarcat: hey hadsie
(03:03:30 PM) anarcat: so basically, i haven't done much wrt to aegir this week, i'm busy
 with other koumbit work
(03:03:39 PM) anarcat: you're going to hear this often from me, unfortunately :)
(03:04:03 PM) anarcat: my latest thing though is the creation of a debian package for provision
 that can install and upgrade aegir automagically, it's pretty neat and needs testing
(03:05:42 PM) anarcat: i have contacted other debian developpers to get their feedback about
 the possibility of uploading that package straight into debian
(03:07:24 PM) anarcat: the followup for the debian package happens here: 
http://drupal.org/node/490004 and here: http://bugs.debian.org/532923
(03:07:36 PM) sfyn: hey folks
(03:07:36 PM) anarcat: in other news i started looking at STS here: 
(03:08:04 PM) anarcat: so that's it for my past work, in the next week i'll try to:
(03:08:22 PM) anarcat: figure out proper permissions for multi-(shell)user setups in aegir
(03:08:49 PM) anarcat: right now a lot of our devs use sudo -u aegir to do stuff and that's quite 
messy, we're going to try to figure out the minimum set of perms for that to work, maybe with 
(03:09:03 PM) anarcat: we also need to figure out how we maintain site-specific packages in 
remote servers
(03:09:26 PM) anarcat: and i want to start fixing DNS in the frontend, but we are slowly pushing
 back our objective of having DNS in production to after christmast
(03:09:30 PM) anarcat: so that's it for me
(03:09:42 PM) anarcat: hi sfyn :)
(03:09:43 PM) anarcat: sfyn / ergonlogic / mvc : anything to add?
(03:11:24 PM) simesy: hey i actually made the scrum, (but only because I had to get up for a
 job and now I have to go :P)
(03:11:35 PM) anarcat: :)
(03:11:35 PM) anarcat: i see
(03:11:39 PM) anarcat: well, congratulations :)
(03:11:42 PM) sfyn: I have been sick all week and trying to catch up on my rpod stuff
(03:11:51 PM) sfyn: So very little progress to report
(03:11:59 PM) sfyn: I have a guy who is interested in writing tests for us
(03:12:13 PM) sfyn: Luigi - are you here?
(03:12:38 PM) sfyn: A guy in montreal, but he is a little new to the fabulous world of drupal,
 and FLOSS in general, I get the impression
(03:12:46 PM) sfyn: But he has done unit testing work before
(03:13:00 PM) sfyn: Maybe we should get him to come into the office so we can orient him
(03:13:18 PM) sfyn: hadsie: hey man
(03:14:07 PM) anarcat: thank you sfyn
(03:14:16 PM) anarcat: so our little scrum is almost over, anybody got anything to add before
 we move on?
(03:16:26 PM) anarcat: thank you for your attention, and see you next week!

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2010-12-09

(02:57:33 PM) ergonlogic: everyone: Weekly scrum being in ~5 mins
(02:57:57 PM) mig5: trying to wake up :)
(03:01:49 PM) anarcat: hey hey!
(03:01:55 PM) anarcat: good morning world!
(03:02:01 PM) omega8cc: hey
(03:02:10 PM) ***anarcat tries to play the gooooood moooorning vietnam cue here
(03:02:12 PM) mig5: good morning, here at least :)
(03:02:16 PM) anarcat: so
(03:02:31 PM) anarcat: welcome to our weekly scrum session, we have ... 13 minutes left
(03:02:35 PM) mig5: woot
(03:02:41 PM) anarcat: we failed at the first directive, and i'm sorry for that (start on time, damnit!)
(03:02:50 PM) ergonlogic: my fault
(03:02:51 PM) anarcat: and i'll start with my stuff, i didn't do much last week
(03:03:02 PM) anarcat: in fact, nothing i can remember
(03:03:14 PM) anarcat: next week is likely to be similar as i'm over[load]ed with thousands of internal needles
(03:03:20 PM) anarcat: that's all for me :)
(03:03:22 PM) mig5: yay
(03:03:29 PM) mig5: ok
(03:03:47 PM) mig5: to carry on that tune, i didn't do much last week, i have been trying to catch up on some tickets
(03:03:53 PM) mig5: my immediate aims are,
(03:04:04 PM) mig5: to test the debian packages now that i know they're in unstable
(03:04:07 PM) mig5: which i will do today
(03:04:24 PM) mig5: and possibly help ergonlogic with this clients permission stuff
(03:04:45 PM) mig5: after that i will start looking at the 'for review' patches in the queue per our beta2 plans
(03:04:51 PM) mig5: but that may not get to happen until next week
(03:05:01 PM) anarcat: rc2 you mean
(03:05:02 PM) mig5: that's about it from me
(03:05:06 PM) anarcat: ok
(03:05:08 PM) mig5: oh really
(03:05:10 PM) mig5: rc2?
(03:05:12 PM) anarcat: er
(03:05:13 PM) anarcat: no
(03:05:15 PM) anarcat: i don't
(03:05:16 PM) mig5: haha
(03:05:18 PM) ***anarcat is on crack, nevermind
(03:05:24 PM) anarcat: i was confusing us with drush, sorry
(03:05:29 PM) mig5: i would be happy to push for rc1 :)
(03:05:32 PM) anarcat: ergonlogic?
(03:05:48 PM) anarcat: sfyn is offline today, but i know he tried to get back into things and will keep on doing that
(03:05:50 PM) ergonlogic: well, I'm working on the permission issue that mig5 mentioned
(03:06:02 PM) ergonlogic: and the udev dependency
(03:06:11 PM) anarcat: right, about that
(03:06:22 PM) anarcat: i'm sure that moshe_work and other drush people would love to see that land in drush 4
(03:06:27 PM) ergonlogic: just trying to get into the swing of things, and familiarize myslef with some of aegir's inner workings
(03:06:32 PM) anarcat: but i'm not sure we'd make it for rc3 at this rate
(03:06:51 PM) anarcat: how do you feel about this?
(03:07:32 PM) ergonlogic: well, I think I'm about half way there on that issue
(03:07:40 PM) anarcat: alright
(03:07:41 PM) ergonlogic: but I still nee to post a patch
(03:07:47 PM) ergonlogic: s/nee/need
(03:07:48 PM) anarcat: ok
(03:08:11 PM) anarcat: *and* it would then need to be ported up to drush... so we can safely assume we won't make it into drush 4, those guys are in a rush :)
(03:08:20 PM) anarcat: speaking of drush
(03:08:28 PM) mig5: in a rush or in a drush? :)
(03:08:33 PM) anarcat: drush is that somebody omega8cc tested aegir with drush 4-rc1, and it works
(03:08:34 PM) anarcat: hehe
(03:08:35 PM) ergonlogic: groan
(03:08:40 PM) mig5: sorry..
(03:08:44 PM) anarcat: hehe
(03:08:49 PM) anarcat: alright
(03:08:55 PM) mig5: yes Vertice asked me to test that too, another thing on my todo list
(03:08:59 PM) anarcat: so
(03:09:00 PM) mig5: glad someone else did
(03:09:02 PM) anarcat: i guess one last thing
(03:09:32 PM) anarcat: we heard from vertice finally and he's coming back after a small hiatus, he's going to concentrate on documentation stuff and helping us figuring [stuff] out
(03:09:40 PM) anarcat: he's also eager (hehe) to release an rc
(03:09:45 PM) anarcat: so maybe it's something we should consider
(03:09:49 PM) ***anarcat looking at rc bugs
(03:10:22 PM) mig5: we have had the benefit of not having too many new criticals. i think if we can tie off some existing patches, we could look at that perhaps
(03:10:26 PM) anarcat: so most of those are postponed (so needs testing and closed: worksforme)
(03:10:44 PM) mig5: do you have a link to the rc bugs
(03:10:50 PM) anarcat: http://drupal.org/project/issues?text=&projects=provision,+hosting,+hostslave,+eldir,+Hostmaster+(Aegir)&status=Open&priorities=1&categories=All
(03:11:05 PM) anarcat: one is the freaky multiserver thing, i'd like adrian or somebody else to look at that one as i don't have the resources or time or brain to look into this
(03:11:11 PM) anarcat: that one is http://drupal.org/node/976300
(03:11:20 PM) anarcat: the other one is the site form optimisation: http://drupal.org/node/955854
(03:11:27 PM) anarcat: which could be postponed to post 0.4
(03:11:33 PM) anarcat: so we need testing, basically
(03:11:39 PM) mig5: yeah i'm still not convinced the multiserver thing is just someone trying to do something we don't support at all (i.e spoke vs mesh model)
(03:11:42 PM) mig5: yep
(03:11:49 PM) anarcat: alright
(03:12:03 PM) anarcat: so i would favor more a testing + rc1 than a beta2 at this point
(03:12:07 PM) ergonlogic: I'm into testing the multi-server stuff, if that's on the menu
(03:12:17 PM) anarcat: ergonlogic: it is, take a look at http://drupal.org/node/976300
(03:12:20 PM) ergonlogic: and dns
(03:12:29 PM) anarcat: dns + ssl integration needs testing too: http://drupal.org/node/934908
(03:12:44 PM) anarcat: and this should probably just be closed: http://drupal.org/node/950118 (new servers probably work fine)
(03:12:52 PM) anarcat: that one is more hairy: http://drupal.org/node/884090
(03:12:57 PM) anarcat: not suer about it
(03:13:12 PM) anarcat: but really, i believe we could just test those quickly and release next week, how about that?
(03:13:56 PM) mig5: sounds good, perhaps late next week, allowing me my thursday/friday where i can spend like a whole day looking at some of this
(03:13:56 PM) ergonlogic: I'll look into provisioning some new servers :)
(03:14:02 PM) anarcat: ok
(03:14:04 PM) anarcat: awesome
(03:14:07 PM) anarcat: okay, anybody else has something to add here?
(03:14:24 PM) anarcat: so thank you for attending, and have a nice day!
(03:14:31 PM) ergonlogic: cheers!
(03:14:34 PM) mig5: cheers

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2010-12-16


07:00 <@mig5> scrum time
07:00 <@anarcat> hi
07:00 <@mig5> morning
07:01 <@anarcat> good morning!
07:01 <@anarcat> not much to report on my side again, other than i forgot to book a session for drupalcon :/
07:01 <@mig5> hehe
07:01 <@anarcat> we're working on LDAP support and we'll focus on intersite security after christmas
07:01 <@mig5> i did make a tweet after i saw there are three aegir related proposals
07:01 <@mig5> oh sweet! LDAP++
07:01 <@anarcat> add a way for aegir to run tasks as a real user instead of itself, so that site A can't see site B's stuff
07:03 <@mig5> cool - that's it from you?
07:04 <@anarcat> yes, sorry
07:04 <@mig5> no worries
07:04 <@mig5> ok, so (again) i haven't done much
07:05 <@mig5> i tried to address some of the for review tickets in the queue, committing two of hadsie's work which i tested
07:05 <@anarcat> that's much :)
07:05 <@mig5> i didn't get to test your debian packages against another squeeze install but i did comment on the ticket about what i think the issue is there
07:05 <@anarcat> yeah, you're right about the issues, feel free to fix if you have time
07:06 <@mig5> but mainly i have been just staring at the queue and feeling out of steam (again), I wonder whether it is time to look at adding more people to the project
07:06 <@anarcat> i agree
07:06 <@mig5> as i feel i'm getting less and less useful, and vertice is taking a break etc,
07:06 <@mig5> and you are tied up a lot with internal stuff (which is fine)
07:06 <@anarcat> i don't feel you're less and less useful though :P
07:07 <@mig5> well that's ok :) i think it speaks for itself
07:07 <@mig5> and things have slowed down so lets get some more hands on deck basically.
07:07 <@mig5> also, i have a client at the moment who is interested in seeing two things happen:
07:07 <@mig5> a dns frontend and scheduled tasks
07:07 <@mig5> Steven Jones has been doing great work with scheduled tasks and created a contrib project hosting_backup_queue
07:08 <@mig5> i was going to ask whether Koumbit were already working on a dns frontend
07:08 <@mig5> we can discuss that later if you like
07:08 <@mig5> and that's about it from me
07:09 <@anarcat> ok, anybody else?
07:09 <@mig5> maybe it would be nice to summarise these scrum sessions as a 'weekly aegir news' email to the mailing list, making people aware of stuff like Steven Jones' contrib project etc
07:09 <@anarcat> mig5: i have ideas on the frontend: 1) there should be code we can resurrect from older git repos and 2) i have a workflow for the blacklisting algorithm (can't let anyone host any zone can't we...)
07:09 <@anarcat> yep
07:10 <@mig5> i am happy to do so
07:11 <@mig5> (re: news)
07:11 <@mig5> ok -we are 11 minutes in anyone else have anything to add?
07:12 < erutan> re: news to save time you could always just dump the relevant irc log onto the open atrium site
07:12 <@mig5> we do that already, yep
07:12 <@mig5> maybe that's enough.
07:12 <@anarcat> yeah...
07:13 <@anarcat> alright, thanks for coming everyone!
07:13 <@mig5> cheers
07:13 <@mig5> cheers
07:14 <@mig5> adding the irc log now
07:15 < noecc> mig5: anarcat: vertice: and others  You have done great things with aegir.  Don't let your steamlessness get you down.
07:15 <@anarcat> :)
07:15 <@anarcat> thanks :)

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2010-12-23

Note that none of the core devs were in attendance for this session. Regardless, this is the discussion that ensued:

(03:01:56 PM) darthsteven: Is the scrum at 2005?
(03:05:10 PM) ergonlogic: I guess I could start, pending the arrival of the core devs
(03:05:28 PM) ergonlogic: This week I upgraded to beta2 and began testing remote servers
(03:05:58 PM) ergonlogic: the beta2 upgrade required debugging some misconfiguration I had done previously, but otherwise everything seems to be working fine
(03:06:32 PM) ergonlogic: so far, I can verify a remote platform, but can't yet provision a site on it
(03:06:48 PM) ergonlogic: so that'll be something I look at over the holidays
(03:07:03 PM) ergonlogic: finally, I published and api site
(03:07:27 PM) ergonlogic: currently at api.ergonlogic.net, but hopefully api.aegirproject.org will point ot it soon
(03:07:34 PM) ergonlogic: that's it for me
(03:07:49 PM) ergonlogic: happy holidays everyone
(03:08:07 PM) eft_: I started a Why Aegir wiki http://community.aegirproject.org/node/217
(03:08:35 PM) eft_: hope to add some graphics at some point
(03:08:50 PM) eft_: we need to market Aegir more :)
(03:09:50 PM) ergonlogic: eft_: agreed about the mktg, but the move to beta seems to have helped already
(03:10:35 PM) eft_: how so?  do you mean the perception of getting out of alpha?
(03:11:21 PM) omega8cc: I submitted my first attempt to resolve the issue with remote files being removed on site verify, testing it is welcome: http://drupal.org/node/976300#comment-3855932
(03:13:15 PM) omega8cc: the issue is mentioned on http://community.aegirproject.org/0.4-beta2
(03:14:00 PM) ergonlogic: eft_: yes
(03:14:31 PM) omega8cc: oh, and  www.drupal7releaseparty.org is hosted on Aegir
(03:14:52 PM) eft_: cool

Archive: 2011


Archive of the weekly scrums from 2011

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-01-07

07:01 <@mig5> Scrum time
07:01 <@mig5> who is here for the meeting, anarcat?
07:01 <@mig5> nope :)
07:01 <@mig5> sfyn: 
07:02 <@mig5> well i'll start. another week gone by without looking at DNS, but we have a good roadmap now thanks to anarcat, i may start looking at that today
07:03 <@mig5> we're now compatible with drush 4 (at the moment)
07:03 <@mig5> i cleaned up some of the hostmaster profile thanks to drush 4's supporting of drupal_set_message being sent to stdout during install profile execution, which identified some legacy stuff that could be removed
07:04 <@mig5> i'm going to look at dns, upgrades, and some multiserver stuff today hopefully
07:05 <@mig5> i also hope to look at darthsteven's new contrib module hosting_backup_gc http://drupal.org/project/hosting_backup_gc
07:05 <@mig5> and am trying to think of a nice way to let people list their contrib modules on teh community site. i wonder if we should have an inbuilt Featureserver for that sortof thing to let people upload them
07:05 <@mig5> thats it from me (i am talking to myself anyway? :) )
07:06 <@mig5> i'll leave it for another 5 min and if nothing happens, will drop that into the logs

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-01-14

06:59 <@anarcat> SCRUM START NOW!
06:59 <@anarcat> welcome everyone :)
06:59 <@anarcat> i'll start with myself
06:59 <@anarcat> i am just out of a lenghty (2.5 week) vacation
06:59 <@anarcat> which was very good
06:59 <@anarcat> i have done absolutely no aegir work since decembre
07:00 <@anarcat> and i don't plan on doing anything until monday
07:00 <@anarcat> at which point we'll update our prod server to head and try to make it work
07:00 <@anarcat> i had big unexpected issues last time with that http://drupal.org/node/1003700
07:00 <@anarcat> in general, i feel there's something very fishy with aliases, i feel this affects more than one of my server instances\
07:00 <@anarcat> i suspect it may be related to drush 3.3 or the drush package of
07:01 <@anarcat> so i'll be working on that
07:01 <@anarcat> i have also a huge backlog of internal aegir issues that may yield a few bugfixes
07:01 <@anarcat> this will be a good Q/A to maybe lead to an RC somewhere next week
07:01 <@anarcat> so that's it for me
07:01 <@mig5> nice one
07:02 <@mig5> i've not done much except, updated our makefiles to depend on drush 4 and new drush make
07:02 <@mig5> i also updated the upgrade script to remove some hardcoded crap and be more consistent with the install.sh
07:02 <@anarcat> coool
07:02 <@mig5> i *wanted* to work on DNS but sorry, I am just really struggling to do anything aegir :(
07:02 <@anarcat> you've actually done some real work, crazy ;)
07:02 <@mig5> well not really.. :s
07:03 <@mig5> finally, i'll just note on what i think is our most critical bug right now, and i hope to focus on this instead
07:03 <@mig5> http://drupal.org/node/976300
07:03 <@anarcat> Vertice: anything to add? how is the DNS change coming up?
07:03  * anarcat takes a look
07:03 <@mig5> verify a remote platform/site and it deletes shit in your site's /files dir :s
07:03 <@anarcat> right, ok
07:03 <@anarcat> mig5: i think it's good to sync only some files and not the whole dir
07:03 <@mig5> because we do these crazy syncs of the entire codebase *after just syncing the settings.php, and then the drushrc.php, etc*
07:03 <@mig5> yes
07:04 <@mig5> anyway, can discuss that later, just wanted to mention what i think i'll focus on for the moment
07:04 <@anarcat> that's very good.
07:04 <@mig5> and that's it from me
07:04 <@anarcat> and it it's RC indeed
07:04 <@anarcat> i need Vertice to do changes to the DNS to activate ergonlogic's API site so we have api.aegirproject.org
07:04 <@anarcat> anyone else wants to add something?
07:04 <@mig5> i'd like to add to that and possibly take over the hosting of aegirproject.org at least, so we can get that updated
07:05 < ergonlogic> thanks anarcat
07:05 <@mig5> or possibly even take over the DNS for aegirproject.org itself, in the event i ever need to move the mailing list server or something
07:05 < eft_> mig5 : +1 to that idea
07:05 <@mig5> just for the sake of speed, but it's up to devseed
07:05 <@anarcat> yeah
07:05 <@anarcat> i don't mind you hosting that, koumbit can also host DNS and the site
07:05 <@mig5> yeah either way :)
07:05 <@anarcat> i offered this to Vertice, i expect us to have DNS soon
07:05 <@mig5> cool
07:05 <@anarcat> (us = koumbit)
07:05 <@mig5> yep
07:06 <@anarcat> but for the site, yeah, it would be important to at least have a backup ...
07:06 <@mig5> darthsteven: feel free to chime in - you've been doing great work with contrib aegir stuff
07:06 < darthsteven> ah okay
07:06 < eft_> either way, it would be nice to increase the cookie timeout on community.aegir.org
07:06 <@anarcat> yeah, if anyone else wants to jump in, feel free to talk :)
07:06 < darthsteven> So I've been thinking mostly
07:06 <@anarcat> if you're doing dev on aegir, now's the time to talk (after darthsteven :)
07:06 < darthsteven> Mainly about provision contexts
07:07 < darthsteven> and provision-save and services and how all the pieces fit together
07:07 < darthsteven> I have an outline for a handbook page(s) that should document most of what's going on
07:08 <@mig5> oh that'd be nice. since you have chosen the bit that no-one understands how it really is meant to work :)
07:08 < darthsteven> Nothing new in contrib land from me this week
07:08 <@anarcat> cool
07:08 <@anarcat> i think Vertice did some work in that direction in the handbook already
07:08 <@anarcat> ok
07:08 <@anarcat> anyone else?
07:08 < darthsteven> mig5: yeah, it is complex...
07:08 < darthsteven> that's it from me
07:08 <@mig5> yes darthsteven http://community.aegirproject.org/node/41 have a read of that if you've not already
07:09 <@anarcat> cool
07:09 <@anarcat> ok last call, anyone else?
07:09 <@anarcat> anybody have time to log this into the community site?
07:09 <@mig5> sure
07:09 <@mig5> thanks all! goodscrum
07:10 <@anarcat> thanks!
07:10 <@anarcat> happy new year everybody, and thanks for attending!
07:10 <@anarcat> SCRUM END!
07:10 < darthsteven> 

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-01-20

(03:00:17 PM) anarcat: welcome to our weeeeekly scrum!
(03:00:28 PM) anarcat: good morning, good evening, wherever you are!
(03:00:39 PM) anarcat: those new to the scrum can read on them here; http://community.aegirproject.org/scrums
(03:00:43 PM) anarcat: otherwise i'll start
(03:00:57 PM) anarcat: yesterday i upgraded our prod server from alpha14 to beta2, and it went well
(03:01:00 PM) anarcat: mostly without an hitch
(03:01:05 PM) anarcat: i was really surprised, actually
(03:01:15 PM) anarcat: i expected to see the weird issues with aliases
(03:01:27 PM) anarcat: http://drupal.org/node/1003700
(03:01:30 PM) anarcat: but i didn't
(03:01:34 PM) mig5: pretty smooth upgrades from the later alphas
(03:01:44 PM) anarcat: however, when upgrading a client from alpha6, i had issues with the upgrade path
(03:01:56 PM) anarcat: http://drupal.org/node/973826
(03:02:08 PM) anarcat: the above contains a nice demonstration on how to fix the issues
(03:02:22 PM) anarcat: i am not sure we should fix anything there, as it's really hairy to fix and affects very few people
(03:02:25 PM) anarcat: not worth it, i think
(03:02:32 PM) anarcat: i have filed a bunch of bug nevertheless
(03:02:36 PM) anarcat: after our prod upgrade
(03:02:40 PM) anarcat: had performance issues with the migrate page
(03:02:51 PM) anarcat: which we fixed: http://drupal.org/node/1033072
(03:02:59 PM) anarcat: that needs testing, but maybe I can just merge it now
(03:03:13 PM) anarcat: we also have numerous issues with the site form that remain
(03:03:15 PM) anarcat: esp http://drupal.org/node/1033078
(03:03:23 PM) anarcat: ie. the ssl cert selection doesn't pop up
(03:03:37 PM) anarcat: and that page is still slow as hell
(03:03:41 PM) anarcat: which may be related to http://drupal.org/node/955854
(03:03:59 PM) anarcat: so that's it for last week
(03:04:06 PM) mig5: wow! :)
(03:04:09 PM) anarcat: next week i'll try to fix a shitload of bugs i have in the backlog
(03:04:15 PM) anarcat: that other koumbit workers reported
(03:04:24 PM) anarcat: mostly upgrade issues, sometimes contrib-modules (e.g. date) related
(03:04:27 PM) ergonlogic: anarcat++
(03:04:38 PM) anarcat: once i'm through this, i am thinking of looking again at a RC release
(03:04:45 PM) mig5: anarcat has taken over skynet again
(03:04:49 PM) anarcat: but i am curious what others think about this
(03:04:58 PM) anarcat: mig5: i wish...
(03:05:07 PM) anarcat: i still struggle to free some time for aegir here
(03:05:12 PM) anarcat: but that may get better with time
(03:05:17 PM) anarcat: my focus right now is stabilising our thing
(03:05:24 PM) mode (+v grugnog_laptop) by ChanServ
(03:05:30 PM) mig5: i am the opposite, i have the time but not the skills :)
(03:05:33 PM) anarcat: targeting feb. for stabilisation, then working on security during feb.
(03:05:39 PM) mig5: yes for RC, that's a good idea
(03:05:49 PM) mig5: i even forgot we agreed to jump from 0.4 to 1.0
(03:05:52 PM) mig5: in september
(03:06:01 PM) anarcat: re. taht, we still have 2 RC bugs
(03:06:04 PM) anarcat: http://drupal.org/node/1003908
(03:06:07 PM) anarcat: http://drupal.org/node/993944
(03:06:10 PM) anarcat: The bulk operations form for site listings shouldn't list install and import tasks
(03:06:14 PM) anarcat: ssl rollback failure
(03:06:25 PM) anarcat: we should consider the option of rolling back the bulk ops shit if it breaks stuff
(03:06:32 PM) anarcat: but that seems like an easy thing to fix
(03:06:36 PM) anarcat: the ssl rollback sounds more hairy
(03:06:46 PM) anarcat: but i think we can ship an RC with it as a known issue
(03:06:51 PM) mig5: yeah.. i opened a ticket here and there about bulk ops. not really major bugs, just little niggly things
(03:06:53 PM) anarcat: that's it for me
(03:06:55 PM) mig5: yeah
(03:07:01 PM) mig5: ok
(03:07:09 PM) anarcat: go mig5 !
(03:07:13 PM) mig5: in classic mig5 style i have done nothing
(03:07:15 PM) mig5: EXCEPT
(03:07:18 PM) mig5: http://drupal.org/node/976300
(03:07:26 PM) mig5: i fixed our major and possibly only data-loss bug
(03:07:39 PM) mig5: that was deleting stuff from a site's 'files'dir on a remote server on every verify
(03:07:43 PM) mig5: and hence migrate, etc.
(03:07:52 PM) anarcat: "just that"
(03:07:56 PM) anarcat: dude that's awesome
(03:08:00 PM) mig5: that was a major aegirwtf but it seems to be ok now
(03:08:07 PM) omega8cc: that fix makes rc possible, imo
(03:08:08 PM) anarcat: cool
(03:08:32 PM) anarcat: right
(03:08:36 PM) anarcat: mig5: what's up next week?
(03:08:43 PM) mig5: i don't think i've done anything else :s i have given up on the idea of getting anywhere with the dns stuff, so i won't make promises there
(03:08:44 PM) anarcat: dns? ;)
(03:08:47 PM) mig5: haha
(03:08:47 PM) anarcat: Vertice: you there?
(03:08:51 PM) mig5: damn
(03:08:52 PM) anarcat: hehe
(03:08:55 PM) anarcat: it's okay
(03:09:05 PM) anarcat: our discussion helped me rehash the roadmap, so it's all good
(03:09:39 PM) anarcat: mig5: anything else?
(03:09:53 PM) mig5: this is weird: http://drupal.org/node/1025972 and i think i've reproduced it, so i will probably take a look at that
(03:10:06 PM) mig5: it's not *too* critical but it means remote servers need a manual apache restart or something, after the task completes
(03:10:14 PM) anarcat: right
(03:10:15 PM) anarcat: ok
(03:10:15 PM) mig5: so this is just stability stuff
(03:10:22 PM) mig5: that's it from me
(03:10:28 PM) anarcat: i have seen weird ordering issues like this even in local, but i never found it to be a bug so far
(03:10:31 PM) anarcat: okay
(03:10:34 PM) anarcat: omega8cc / ergonlogic / others: any comments? what you did last week / will do next week?
(03:10:37 PM) anarcat: Vertice: ?
(03:11:10 PM) darthsteven: I didn't get chance to write up 'contexts' this week
(03:11:19 PM) darthsteven: But hope to next week
(03:11:23 PM) anarcat: awesome
(03:11:27 PM) anarcat: otherwise i want to say that we (the aegir project) are always looking for new blood
(03:11:34 PM) darthsteven: That's it from me
(03:11:49 PM) mig5: nice darthsteven, i am looking forward to learning how this stuff works :)
(03:11:55 PM) omega8cc: from me - I made a few important changes to nginx configuration and plan to submit all of them shortly, also next week I plan to submit nginx installer, promised long time ago
(03:11:59 PM) ergonlogic: nothing really on my end, though I've noticed some odd behaviour since updating to beta2, so I'll be looking through open issues and filing some bugs possibly this week
(03:12:12 PM) anarcat: we need testers (dl new release and report bugs, test existing issues), documentors (community.aegirproject.org/handbook!) and developpers (submit and review patches and we will love you and give you commit access)
(03:12:35 PM) anarcat: ergonlogic: awesome!
(03:12:44 PM) anarcat: omega8cc: patches to hostmaster-install? or bash scripting?
(03:13:28 PM) anarcat: otherwise, anybody else has somethign to say?
(03:13:35 PM) ergonlogic: oh, also DNS for api.aegirproject.org should shortly be working (thanks Anarcat!), so check out that resource
(03:13:42 PM) omega8cc: anarcat: mostly nginx conf templates, installer script (very simple bash) and some UI improvements
(03:13:58 PM) ergonlogic: It exposes some pretty spotty documentation in the code
(03:14:15 PM) anarcat: oh right, we are in the processing of transfering the dns to a new registrar (yay gandi.net!) and hopefully that will go without an hitch
(03:14:23 PM) anarcat: omega8cc: i'd love to see this factored into hostmaster-install
(03:14:33 PM) anarcat: ergonlogic: those could be reported as bugs, maybe...
(03:14:43 PM) mig5: sure
(03:14:45 PM) anarcat: ergonlogic: Vertice expressed interest in working on those documentation issues
(03:14:55 PM) anarcat: okay, so that's pretty much it, thanks for attending our daily scrum!
(03:15:03 PM) mig5: cheers
(03:15:05 PM) anarcat: have a nice day, wherever you are!
(03:15:09 PM) ergonlogic: that's what I had in mind, with maybe some doc patches where I can grok the code
(03:15:16 PM) anarcat: can somebody file this in the OA site?
(03:15:19 PM) darthsteven: Bad docs are bugs for sure
(03:15:21 PM) omega8cc: anarcat: that is simple installer and how-to for standalone nginx based installs,
(03:15:23 PM) ergonlogic: I got it
(03:15:29 PM) anarcat: ergonlogic: thanks
(03:15:37 PM) anarcat: scrum over, see you again next week :)
(03:15:38 PM) anarcat: ciao !
(03:15:40 PM) darthsteven: Thanks everyone
(03:15:43 PM) ergonlogic: Take care
(03:15:47 PM) omega8cc: ciao

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-01-27

07:01 <@anarcat> morning!
07:01 <@anarcat> scrum is late omg! ;)
07:01 <@mig5> hai!
07:01 <@mig5> oops
07:01 <@anarcat> sorry i'm late :)
07:01 <@mig5> too many emails to read
07:01 <@anarcat> first rule of scrums : start on time damnit! ;)
07:01 < eft_> people still use email?
07:02 <@mig5> only 1 minute off. i blame timezones
07:02 <@anarcat> so anyways
07:02 <@anarcat> i almost caught up on all my issues
07:03 <@anarcat> i reported a few following significant upgrades
07:03 <@anarcat> maybe that was last week
07:03 <@mig5> I think so :)
07:03 <@anarcat> i want to make rc tonight
07:03 <@mig5> !
07:03 <@anarcat> oh, we have deployed our first d7 platform here
07:03 <@mig5> nicely done.hefring in here runs on d7
07:04 <@anarcat> still waiting on actual tests for this - i think i'll just merge it in: http://drupal.org/node/1033072
07:04 <@anarcat> i agree with http://drupal.org/node/1039168 that path shouldn't be editable
07:04 <@anarcat> and well, that's it!
07:04 <@mig5> nice!
07:04 <@anarcat> i think that koumbit will rework its own roadmap next week, so i'll keep you up to date on that
07:04 <@anarcat> so how about an rc?
07:04 <@mig5> yes please do merge that in, i have heard a number of people add those indexes themselves and report good results
07:05 <@mig5> an rc sounds good
07:05 <@mig5> i would like to fix this http://drupal.org/node/1004526
07:05 <@mig5> this functionality got ripped out for some reason in like, June
07:05 <@mig5> so it's not critical, but i hate seeing good work disappear
07:05 <@anarcat> ah
07:05 <@anarcat> yeah, agreed
07:06 <@mig5> i'll briefly run through what i've been doing in the last 48 hours
07:06 <@mig5> i've mainly been trying to stabilise a bunch of shit
07:06 <@mig5> You could create platforms and servers with the same names/hostnames, leading to Duplicate entries and context clashes
07:06 <@mig5> http://drupal.org/node/1039010 
07:07 <@mig5> Drush 4.x is broken in terms of rsyncing stuff to remote servers, so I reverted HEAD to use 3.3. see http://drupal.org/node/1041386
07:07 <@mig5> Drush Make beta10 is broken re: remote makefile referencing. So upped to beta11. http://drupal.org/node/979656
07:07 <@mig5> committed that fix for that Quota bug: http://drupal.org/node/1003666
07:07 <@mig5> Some deprecated ereg_replace thing in provision
07:07 <@mig5> uid 1 was not mapped to client 1 in hosting_client_user which broke some client-based platform access control http://drupal.org/node/996578
07:08 <@mig5> unconed identified an infinite loop with provision-save and contexts: http://community.aegirproject.org/node/267
07:08 <@mig5> I couldn't reproduce the infinite loop but can confirm clusters simply don't work
07:08 <@anarcat> about that uid1 thing - i thought uid1 was bypassing all access checks?
07:08 <@anarcat> i think ergonlogic had problems with that in the past too
07:08 <@anarcat> i see
07:08 <@mig5> it *was* at some point
07:08 <@anarcat> it'd be nice that node/267 be reported as a real bug...
07:08 <@mig5> but i decided, if we are letting people check a box granting access to that user, then maybe it should just work as expected
07:08 <@anarcat> too bad ppl report issues on community.a.o
07:08 <@anarcat> agreed
07:08 <@mig5> if it bypasses the checks, it should probably not even be a checklist option, 
07:08 <@mig5> so i just fixed it the other way
07:08  * anarcat nods
07:08 <@anarcat> ok
07:09 <@mig5> yes unconed, He supplied me with a patch that seems to fix clusters! but concerned that I still couldn't reproduce the infinite loop.
07:09 <@mig5> xk has similar issues, so I put the patch there for review: http://drupal.org/node/1016890
07:09 <@anarcat> cool
07:09 <@mig5> and finally that Aliases thing
07:09 <@mig5> (phew! yes i did take notes in preparation for this scrum :)
07:09 <@mig5> that's me done
07:09 <@anarcat> man you're awesome
07:09 <@anarcat> do you plan to be as awesome next week? ;)
07:10 <@mig5> i can try, but i might balance it out by throwing in some migressions
07:10 <@mig5> :)
07:10 < eft_> my efforts are barely worth mentioning
07:10 < eft_> I didn't mention last week that I contributed a small wiki : using drush_make to optimize workflow http://community.aegirproject.org/node/256
07:11 <@mig5> eft_: yes, nice article!
07:11 <@anarcat> mig5: excellent :)
07:11 <@anarcat> okay, anyone else has anything to add?
07:11 <@anarcat> anybody scared of an RC?
07:11 <+omega8cc> This week (well, in the last minute) I rewrote and finally submitted for review two commits: one to add Nginx related how-to in the docs/INSTALL.txt - http://drupal.org/node/1042402 and second (too big probably, sorry!) with many improvements for Nginx configuration templates: http://drupal.org/node/1042312. I promise to submit future changes in the small incremental chunks instead of one big update. Next week I plan to submit even more Nginx related improv
07:11 <+omega8cc> and will debug mysterious issue - Aegir fails to rewrite paths in the "files" table on second and next site rename tasks, it works only on the first rename and I reproduced it on more than 5 imported sites, so something for sure interesting to debug and submit a patch (I hope). Also, I plan to finally work on some multiserver deployments and hope to help to find a fix for Drush 4.1 - http://drupal.org/node/1041386. That is it from me.
07:12 <@anarcat> omega8cc: your first line was stripped
07:12 <@anarcat> at Nginx related improv
07:12 <@mig5> nice, yes i freaked out the other day not knowing how to set up aegir with just nginx :) so those docs would be great
07:12 <@anarcat> thanks omega8cc ! :)
07:13 <@anarcat> your work is really appreciated, i wonder if we shouldn't just commit the huge patch with the hope that next ones will be incremental :)
07:13 <@anarcat> esp. considering you also use git, you should really "commit often" :)
07:13 <@anarcat> okay, anybody else?
07:13 <@mig5> anRC would be great - either way, yes definitely a new release, there are some annoying and critical bugs in beta2 (the data loss multiserver one for one)
07:13 < eft_> any word from devseed on moving c.a.o. ?
07:13 <@mig5> oh yes. or a.o
07:14 <@mig5> does anyone want to work on a drupalised version of a.o? and maybe give it to anarcat to host (or i can host it)
07:14 <@mig5> i can't theme for shit, so I'm out :)
07:14 < eft_> how much is there?
07:14 <@anarcat> mig5: i don't think we should drupalize a.o, actually
07:14 <@mig5> ah, cool that's fine with me
07:14 <@anarcat> just leave it like this, but remove the time-changing stuff
07:14 <@anarcat> and yeah we can host it
07:14 <@mig5> i remember adrian mentioning it
07:15 <@anarcat> oh, the DNS transfer of a.o and .com is stuck
07:15 <@mig5> everyone is annoyed at the g.d.o link, so if we could change that at least
07:15 <@mig5> ah
07:15 <@anarcat> email problems between gandi and devseed
07:15 <@anarcat> yeah
07:15 <@anarcat> but they wanted to transfer ownership of the domains too
07:15 <@anarcat> and i started the xfer
07:15 <@mig5> oh i see
07:16 <@anarcat> but anyways, yeah, transfer the NS and we'll go ahead from there
07:16 <@anarcat> okay, that's it for the scrum folks, thanks for attendign!
07:16  * anarcat heading for a sandwich
07:16 <@mig5> cheers
07:16 < eft_> later

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-02-03

06:59 <@anarcat> scrum time!
06:59 <@anarcat> mig5: you there?
06:59 <@mig5> yep
06:59 <@anarcat> omega8cc / ergonlogic / others... scrum starts now
06:59 <@anarcat> mig5: you wanna start?
06:59 <@anarcat> need to remove my skis
07:00 <@mig5> ok
07:00 <@mig5> i haven't done much, i still would like testers of http://drupal.org/node/1004526
07:00 <@mig5> but it sounds like we have two different issues there
07:00 <@mig5> and that i misunderstood the first issue
07:01 <@mig5> drush 4 remains unusable at least for multiserver, i had some difficulty convincing the drush guys that it was their problem http://drupal.org/node/1041386
07:01 <@anarcat> i wanted to test that and http://drupal.org/node/1016890 for ya before the RC
07:01 <@mig5> yes it's that cluster thing and the aliases that would be nice to get in before the RC
07:01 <@mig5> oh
07:02 <@mig5> and the package indexes
07:02 <@mig5> which i confirmed did seem to speed things up even on my tiny system
07:02 <@mig5> so do go ahead and merge that
07:02 <@mig5> that's all from me I think :s
07:02 <@anarcat> okay
07:02 <@anarcat> i can take a look at the drush 4 issue
07:03 <@anarcat> they are correct that the API is not supposed to change in dr4
07:03 <@anarcat> so if it's a dr bug, we'll have to wait until dr5 for a fix
07:03 <@mig5> yeah, on the other hand, they have completely reversed the logic
07:03 <@mig5> mmm.
07:03 <@anarcat> which is fine because dr5 is coming soon
07:03 <@mig5> o rly. fair enough!
07:03 <@anarcat> i'll weigh in on that one and we'll see
07:03 <@anarcat> on my side
07:03 <@anarcat> i haven't done much. :)
07:03 <@anarcat> still swamped with internal work here
07:04 <@anarcat> i wanted to do an RC, but failed to find time, i have scheduled time to review patches and do the RC on monday
07:04 <@mig5> oh nice, thanks
07:04 <@anarcat> maybe we should stick with 3.3 for aegir 4
07:04 <@anarcat> if you want to take care of the release before that, that's fine with me too though :)
07:04 <@anarcat> otherwise well i opened a few crazy issues
07:05 <@mig5> oh i need to try and reproduce omega8cc's report here: http://drupal.org/node/1047922 . not sure that's drush 4's fault, unless we know it works fine on 
              3.3 too
07:05 <@anarcat> most notably the exportable backup and wordpress support craziness
07:05 <@mig5> haha
07:06 <@anarcat> also, we have migrated to koumbit's DNS servers so i can do DNS changes if people need that to happen from now on
07:06 <@anarcat> api.aegirproject.org is up
07:06 <@anarcat> and aegirproject.org has been fixed
07:06 <@mig5> awesome stuff
07:07 <@anarcat> i think this is it for me too, i'm getting more and more towards freeing up my time to work on aegir, and we are aiming to work on our internal roadmap
                 'real soon' here at koumbit
07:07 <@anarcat> anybody else wants to cue in?
07:08 <@anarcat> anybody else is awake? :)
07:09 <@anarcat> so i guess this just makes for a short scrum! :)
07:09 <@mig5> no problem - i can go back to bed :)
07:10 < kvanderw> anarcat: what is a scrum? and could dummies help?
07:10 <@anarcat> thank you all
07:11 <@anarcat> kvanderw: http://community.aegirproject.org/scrums

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-02-10

07:00 <@anarcat> aaaalright
07:00 <@anarcat> hellow everybodyyy!
07:00 <@anarcat> welcome to our weekly scrums
07:00 <@anarcat> (we need a bot for that cheering crap - anyways)
07:00 <@anarcat> i
07:00 <@anarcat> have done nothing again. :P
07:00 <@anarcat> actually, that's not true
07:00 <@anarcat> i have done a good review of the queue
07:00 <@anarcat> to try to prepare for the RC
07:01 <@anarcat> committed a bunch of things lying around
07:01 <@mig5> you've done great
07:01 <@anarcat> and then univate decided to submit a bunch of patches on top of that, so i'll have to start all over again
07:01 <@anarcat> univate: thanks ;)
07:01 <@anarcat> yeah, it's been good
07:01 <@anarcat> i still have to review my own internal aegir shit before we go towards a release
07:01 <@anarcat> we have around 200+ issues in our internal queue, it's a mess
07:02 <@anarcat> we had a marketing meeting today where we determined our priorities, but i am not sure i should talk about that now ;)
07:02 <@mig5> :)
07:02 <@anarcat> expect another announce soon
07:02 <@anarcat> we are in talks with devseed to migrate the OA site (community.a.o) to Koumbit (? or mig5 ?) THIS MONDAY!
07:03 <@anarcat> so consider this the first announcement:
07:03 <@anarcat> ON MONDAY, 16H EST, the community site will go down for a migration
07:03 <@anarcat> (that's about the same time as now +1h)
07:03 <@anarcat> i still hope that we can RC next week, which will mean creating the 0.4.x branch
07:04 <@anarcat> but before that, i want to do some tests on my side and review our queue
07:04 <@anarcat> we had a weird issue with cron not running on a site here, that i have trouble making a diagnostic of
07:04 <@anarcat> with that
07:04 <@anarcat> i think i am done, mig5 ?
07:04 <@mig5> ok
07:04 <@mig5> not much to report, other than i think the only real blocker to getting an rc out, is that the upgrade path is broken
07:05 <@mig5> http://drupal.org/node/1056864
07:05 <@anarcat> i was scared to read that issue
07:05 <@mig5> i really need to speak to unconed about this since it's his patch, 
07:05 <@mig5> and only he understands it, it's like talking to another Vertice :)
07:06 <@anarcat> good good :)
07:06 <@mig5> that's really all from me :s
07:06 <@anarcat> plans for next week?
07:06 <@mig5> to try and fix that, I suppose
07:06 <@anarcat> cool
07:07 <@anarcat> (as an aside, we just found this code in /var/aegir/fuck.php on our prod server, before destroying it, i pastebin'd it in the idea it might be useful for others: http://pastebin.com/163byC1z)
07:07 <@anarcat> (i am not sure what it does)
07:07 <@mig5> wtf
07:07 <@anarcat> okay, anyone else?
07:07 <+omega8cc> Last week I worked on some new features in the Nginx for Aegir configuration, like improved caching and performance (patches to be submitted), and tested everything with Drush 4 and 5 (head)
07:07 <+omega8cc> Now still working on issues like http://drupal.org/node/1056864, and hope to fix more Drush related issues next week to get Aegir Drush 4 compatible. That is it from me :)
07:08 <@anarcat> adrinux / darthsteven / EclipseGc / ergonlogic / grugnog_ / mvc / sfyn / skwashd / univate : you're all aegir contributors and welcome to say hi during this scrum - what you're working on these days... etc
07:08 <@anarcat> thanks omega8cc !
07:08 <+darthsteven> Sure...
07:08 <@mig5> oh yeas darthsteven wrote some killer docs :)
07:08 <+darthsteven> I added the first part if some docs about context
07:09 <+darthsteven> More to follow, and extra docs about services too
07:09 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: oh awesome
07:09 <+darthsteven> That's it from me
07:09 <@anarcat> thanks darthsteven
07:10 <+EclipseGc> all of my time these days has been devoted to non-aegir-specific Drupal 7 work these days, though I do see a number of potential point of collaboration on various items in D7 for whenever aegir decides to make that jump
07:10 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: have you done d6 to d7 porting work?
07:10 <@anarcat> would you be interested in contributing to that?
07:11 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: I've worked on ctools/page_manager porting to D7 yes, as well as my own context_admin
07:11 <@anarcat> how's that going? :)
07:12 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: very good all things considered, native support for all entity types in page_manager is a pretty freaking awesome thing
07:12 <@anarcat> :)
07:12 <@anarcat> alright
07:12 <@anarcat> thank you EclipseGc
07:12 <@anarcat> anyone else has anything to add to this mighty scrum?
07:13 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: from an aegir perspective, (as an example) if say, "site nodes" became "site entities" in the D7 version, we could still utilize panels to display the site information (not that we're doing that now, but it is a possibility)
07:13 <@anarcat> oh, an idea i had: we should have a "wildcard domains" variable in the frontend for wildcards pointing to the aegir server while we fix DNS, then when people create sites, they can just type the left part of the domain and choose the wildcard from a dropdown
07:13 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: right, ok
07:13 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: should we wait for d7 before creating the "dns zone" content-type for example?
07:13 <@anarcat> how easy is it to declare entities programmatically?
07:14 <@anarcat> anyways, i have to head out now, so thanks everyone for attending, and have a nice day
07:14 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: well, the only way to declare an entity is programatically, there's no... entity ui or anything that allows you to build new entities
07:14 <@anarcat> can anyone take care of uploading this to the community site?
07:14 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: ok
07:14 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: thus far, a new entity, front to back all manual is minimum about 400 lines of code if you want it to be fairly usable
07:15 <@mig5> yeah i'll sort it later
07:15 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: ow?
07:15 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: I'm hoping that fago's entity_api and ctools can have a meeting of the minds and do something really great to make all of that (including user interfaces) much easier
07:16 <+EclipseGc> but that is still non-existent yet, and many people are uncomfortable depending on entity_api at the moment (though I hear it cuts down on the necessary code for an entity significantly)
07:16 <@anarcat> aand how easy is it to port existing content types to that ... stuff?
07:16 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: I'm going to change your vocabulary real quick (if you don't mind) just so there's no confusion
07:17 <@anarcat> i really have to head out, but feel free, i'll read on later tonight
07:17 <@anarcat> ciao everyone
07:17 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: "content types" or what we call node types in D6 and below are actually "bundles" (generic term) of the node entity now.  You can still call them whatever you like, but to be precise I usually say "node bundles".  All entity types can have bundles
07:18 <@anarcat> fuck
07:18 <@anarcat> sorry, screwed up there
07:18 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: got it :)
07:18 <@anarcat> ciao for real
07:18 <+omega8cc> cia
07:18 <+omega8cc> o
07:18 <+omega8cc> :)

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-02-17

07:00 <@anarcat> so welcome to our weekly scrum
07:01 -!- JoshBenner_ [~quassel@pool-173-59-14-26.phlapa.fios.verizon.net] has joined #aegir
07:01 <@anarcat> so to start with - i had a major fuckup with the community site with a verify that went bad
07:01 <@anarcat> because the alias didn't have the profile set in
07:01 <@anarcat> i documented all this in here http://community.aegirproject.org/node/355
07:01 <@mig5> reading that now. why did oyu need to manually run provision-deploy rather than standard migrate?
07:02 <@anarcat> mig5: because the site wasn't in aegir at first
07:02 <@mig5> gotcha
07:02 <@anarcat> i was importing from devseed
07:02 <@mig5> oh ofcourse *slaps forehead*
07:02 <@anarcat> maybe i should clarify that.. but anyways
07:02 <@mig5> no i'm just a dick and just woke up :)
07:02 <@anarcat> other than that, this week i have struggled with the issue queue
07:02 <@mig5> +1...
07:03 <@anarcat> specificall with that eugene guy which apparently decided we were evil and decided to develop his own stuff privately and stop collaborating on the queue
07:03 <@anarcat> i wrote a response in the issue queue, but i wanted to share here that it pissed me off real bad to hear somebody just go away like this because we're not being nice enough
07:03 <@anarcat> when he's treating us with abuse and duplicate issues
07:04 <@anarcat> hopefully he will not come back to the queue but share his work with others so that we don't reinvent the wheel
07:04 <@anarcat> one of those duplicate issues is this: http://drupal.org/node/1058918
07:05 <@mig5> his hosting_folders feature was just wrong anyway
07:05 <@anarcat> apparently eugene had a contrib module to fix this, but because i marked his issue as duplicate of mine, he got angry and removed his code from github
07:05 <@anarcat> but anyways, we talked about this vhost customization thing, and people were suggesting that it should be in contrib, but i feel like i disagree - if it's safe, it could be in core couldn't it?
07:05 <@mig5> the subfolder stuff?
07:06 <@anarcat> no no
07:06 <@anarcat> http://drupal.org/node/1058918
07:06 <@anarcat> the custom vhost stuff
07:06 <@mig5> ah
07:06 <+omega8cc> in core, imo
07:06 <@anarcat> right
07:06 < eft_> anarcat: that's moving vhost config  into front end?
07:07 -!- Artusamak is now known as Artusamak_afk
07:07 <@anarcat> so anyways, that's about it for me - i'll try to work more on the issue queue and make an RC during next week unless there are objections here
07:07 <@anarcat> eft_: no
07:07 <@anarcat> mig5: next!
07:07 < eft_> anarcat: that's great that you migrated c.a.o. - do we still need the 1700 EST downtime in the header of this channel
07:07 <@anarcat> eft_: no
07:07 -!- anarcat changed the topic of #aegir to: Aegir hosting system 0.4-beta2 released! http://community.aegirproject.org/0.4-beta2 | Issue queue: http://is.gd/edalY | read this before asking: http://community.aegirproject.org/bugs | scrums on thursdays 2000UTC
07:08 <@mig5> i've done nothing all week due to some hectic work and basically some of our users killing my love for the project.
07:08 <@mig5> i fixed a minor bug here or there
07:08 <@mig5> and will likewise attack the queue some more, i think we should rc soonor we'll just be forever trying to battle that
07:08 <@anarcat> yeah
07:08 <@anarcat> agreed
07:09 <@mig5> that's it from me
07:09 <@anarcat> seems like the only blocker is the ssl rollback, which we could roll into another rc
07:09  * eft_ wishes he had more to offer than nitpicks about channel headers
07:09 -!- Artusamak_afk is now known as Artusamak
07:09 <@anarcat> let's just RC the fucking thing
07:09 <@anarcat> mig5: if you feel like it - just do it, and ignore the issue queue ;)
07:09 < eft_> mig5: any progress on your workflow diags?
07:09 <@anarcat> eft_: you can fight with trolls in the issue queue and get them off our backs :)
07:09 <+omega8cc> go with RC - to avoid "one more thing" syndrome == release 3 years later ;)
07:09 <@anarcat> there's a lot of triage work that is needed in the queue, that mostly anyone could do
07:09 <@mig5> eft_: that was just for a client proposal, it wasn't very good, http://greenbeedigital.com.au/files/aegir_workflow.jpg
07:10 <@anarcat> mig5: anything else?
07:10 <@mig5> anarcat: nope, that's it, i might release today then if i get time
07:10 < eft_> anarcat: bon cop, bad cop
07:10 <@anarcat> eft_: ouaip :)
07:10 <@anarcat> Vertice / adrinux / darthsteven / grugnog / mvc / omega8cc / sfyn / ergonlogic / univate_: anybody else got something to add to our scrum?
07:10 <@anarcat> mig5: that would be just amazing :)
07:10 <+omega8cc> not much from me this week, I only made barracuda/octopus compatible with Debian 6 and Ubuntu 10.10 plus some new fixes for Nginx config
07:11 <@anarcat> okay, anyone else?
07:11 <+ergonlogic> nothing from me
07:11 <+omega8cc> hope to work on contrib module for solr cores automatic setup - integrated with skwashd work
07:11 <@anarcat> univate_: thanks for those patches, btw, keep em coming!
07:11 <@anarcat> omega8cc: that would be freakin awesome!
07:12 <@anarcat> omega8cc: we got config for secure multi-core setups if you're interested... in our wiki
07:12 <+omega8cc> yep
07:12 <@mig5> anarcat: would love a review of http://drupal.org/node/1005014
07:12 <@mig5> (re:univate)
07:12 <@anarcat> mig5: got it, maybe tomorrow
07:12 <@anarcat> mig5: but don't wait for this to rc
07:12 <@mig5> ok
07:12 <+omega8cc> anarcat: I will check that, thanks!
07:12 <@anarcat> okay, anyone else?
07:13 <+ergonlogic> now that community.aegirproject.org is hosted at Koumbit, I could help if there's any issues with the site itself
07:13 <+ergonlogic> just let me know
07:13 <@mig5> eft_: wanted thesession_timeout something or other to be raised
07:13 <@mig5> so that it remembers you're loged in
07:13 <@mig5> logged* bah.
07:13 <@anarcat> ergonlogic: yeah, i think mig5 had issues with some images you could help with
07:13 <@anarcat> mig5: ^?
07:14 <@mig5> which images?
07:14 <@anarcat> mig5: i don't recall
07:14 <@anarcat> istr there was some thumbnail problem... wasn't there?
07:14 <@mig5> oh yes
07:14 < eft_> yea
07:14 <@mig5> possibly an atrium bug or something weird
07:14 <@anarcat> yeah
07:14 <@mig5> http://community.aegirproject.org/node/76
07:14 <@anarcat> well now we have root, so let us know what we need to do :)
07:14 <@mig5> the href to that is the full size image, but it *always* loads the thumbnail
07:14 <@anarcat> ergonlogic can take care of it or i can help
07:14 <+ergonlogic> ok, I'll take a look
07:15 <@anarcat> okay, i gotta go
07:15 <@anarcat> and the scrum is over, thanks for attending, people!
07:15 <@anarcat> and have a nice day
07:15 <@mig5> cheers
07:15 <+ergonlogic> thanks all
07:15 < eft_> ciao
07:15 <+omega8cc> ciao

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-02-23

17:00:00  * anarcat **** WEEEKLY SCRUM TIME!!! ****
17:00:07 <@anarcat> alright, welcome everybody
17:00:16 <jcapelo> ok thx
17:00:34 <@anarcat> darthsteven: sfyn EclipseGc Vertice : our weekly scrum has started!
17:00:40 <@anarcat> it seems that our new developer didn't make it
17:00:44 <@mig5> bugger
17:00:45 <+EclipseGc> :-(
17:00:50 <@anarcat> or is stuck behind the netsplit...
17:01:03 <@mig5> oh true, he was here before
17:01:13 <@anarcat> anyways, let's start
17:01:22 <@anarcat> so i have worked on upgrading our server to rc1
17:01:25 <@anarcat> our prod server
17:01:32 <@anarcat> and people are yelling at me because everything is slower
17:01:38 <@anarcat> so i wanted to yell back at univate ;)
17:01:41 <@anarcat> but he's not here :)
17:01:47 <@anarcat> so i'll just yell in the void
17:01:50 <@anarcat> which is better
17:01:53 <@mig5> have you tried his patch
17:01:57 <@anarcat> anyways i'll test the patches he sent to see if that fixes it
17:02:04 <@anarcat> but in the meantime i had a more urgent matter to attend to
17:02:10 <@mig5> i find it odd it only affects upgrades (fresh installs are quire fast for me)
17:02:19 <@anarcat> the UPPGRADE PATH (wooooo...)
17:02:20 <@anarcat> http://drupal.org/node/1068280
<@anarcat> mig5: it is quite odd
17:02:59 <@anarcat> mig5: maybe it's because upgrades have all modules installed and certain tasks (e.g. migrate) take more time to build their forms
17:03:07 <@mig5> ah!
17:03:17 <@mig5> thanks. that  was annoyingly confusing
17:03:26 <@anarcat> what was?
17:03:33 <@mig5> not understanding why
17:03:35 <@mig5> and now i do :)
17:03:37 <@anarcat> anyways, i do think it's the wrong approach to build all forms now, it's slow
17:03:41 ::: mattmcmanus [~mattmcman@] has quit [Quit: That's it! I QUIT! I can't take it anymore!]
17:03:47 <@mig5> yep. we copy temp tables  etc there for migrate
17:03:50 <@anarcat> so maybe we should have a metadata field instead
17:03:52 <@anarcat> yeah, fuck it
17:04:05 <@anarcat> so we'll use the cache as a workaround, but send univate back to do his homework there
17:04:11 <@mig5> agreed
17:04:15 <@anarcat> alright\
17:04:30 <@anarcat> regarding the upgrade path, i think we agreed me and mig5 that he would do some regression testing on master, is that right?
17:04:41 <@mig5> sure thing
17:04:56 <@anarcat> there are two commits (one in hostmaster, one in provision) that are only in head and need to be merged in 0.4 once they are tested without regression and fixing the upgrade path from 0.3
17:05:23 <@anarcat> the one in provision needs to be actually reverted in master when the merge occurs too, because it's a 0.4-specific upgrade path that we can drop from master
17:05:24 <@mig5> ok
17:05:49 <@anarcat> i'll try to work full day on aegir tomorrow to try to settle some issues here
17:06:17 <@anarcat> i think that's all for me, i'm happy to see a new dev join the project, and i hope we can welcome more!
17:06:33 <@mig5> anarcat++
17:06:55 <@mig5> ok, as for me, i've done nothing as usual unfortunately
17:07:04 <@anarcat> as usual, i do not believe you :P
17:07:10 <@mig5> no, this time i haven't
17:07:14 <@mig5> i've been scared of the queue
17:07:17 <@anarcat> so what haven't you done
17:07:37 <@mig5> i'll test the upgrade path, i haven't even really looked at the issue queue since Eugen has discovered it :)
17:07:55  * EclipseGc just sliced his finger open on a grape juice package...
17:07:56 <@anarcat> istr that you actually answered a few things in the queue and here
17:08:08 <talengix> i have finally sucessfully installed aegir and i get Aegir is now installed. You can visit it at http://aegir.talengix.com/user/reset/1/1298497788/3644fc5f6ead4cf4d3a0c7... <talengix> but the page is blank. i have restarted httpd and I have ensured  localhost $AEGIR_HOST $AEGIR_DOMAIN are in my host file. what else could it be?
17:08:10 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: bleeding edge! ;)
17:08:15 <+EclipseGc> seriously
17:08:24 <@anarcat> alright
17:08:33 <@anarcat> anyone else has anything to add to our weekly scrum?
17:08:33 <@mig5> anyone else?
17:08:35 <@mig5> snap
17:08:36 <+EclipseGc> so, I set up a new rc1 for myself
17:08:37 <@anarcat> hehe
17:08:59 <+EclipseGc> trying to put together a hosted system for my own dev outside of the MAMP package
17:09:08 <+EclipseGc> so, first ++ really easy to install these days
17:09:26 <+EclipseGc> second, trying to hunt down why an install profile that works in MAMP won't install for aegir
17:09:57 <@anarcat> awesome
17:09:58 <+EclipseGc> kind of lost, but... I do have some clues, will need to follow up with people more knowledgeable than myself probably to get anywhere, but still... that's what I did
17:10:02 <@anarcat> ok
17:10:10 <@anarcat> are you still interested in the d7 port?
17:10:42 <+EclipseGc> I AM interested, I'm unsure of what I will have time for beyond advising
17:10:47 <@anarcat> i see
17:10:49 <@anarcat> ah mig5, regarding this: http://community.aegirproject.org/node/377#comment-411 - i think we'll have to live with some vagueness in the documentation, people will need to figure it out themselves, can't them?
17:11:01 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: sort of interested in trying to get ctools to a point to make that sort of dev easier for everyone
17:11:27 <@anarcat> mig5: if we have a thing that says something like "VERSION is the version you are trying to install, it's usually found on the frontpage of community.aegirproject.org" and use VERSION or OLD_VERSION everywhere in the
17:11:44 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: yeah, i was kind of scared of your ctools/features/hostmaster profile reshuffling there :)
17:11:50 <@mig5> anarcat: they ought to be able to, but sometimes it seems there's only maybe 10% of our users who have ever used linux before :) aegir is an 'attractive toy' it seems..
17:11:58 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: you should setup a sandbox for that on git.drupal.org when we migrate, so people can test it out
17:11:59 <@mig5> i am not that worried, i just want all of us to be aware of those issues
17:12:06 <@anarcat> mig5: awesome
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17:12:18 <@mig5> whoa
17:12:23 <@anarcat> univate: you missed part of the scrum :)
17:12:25 <@anarcat> omega8cc: scrum time!
17:12:32 <@anarcat> mvc / skwashd : scrum time
17:12:51 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: yeah, I literally have 14 patches for ctools that I'm running in production
17:13:09 ::: Irishgringo [~chatzilla@c-66-229-63-143.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
17:13:12 ::: catatonicrelapse [~catatonic@adsl-67-67-217-158.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #aegir
17:13:13 <@anarcat> summary of the scrum so far: i'm fixing the upgrade path, mig5 is scared of the queue and will do some regrsesion testing, EclipseGc has some patches for hostmaster.profile and is testing installs
17:13:14 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: so there's a lot of work left to do and a lot of signoff from earl left to get, but... I'm pretty confident
17:13:28 <@anarcat> we have this low-hanging fruit for documentors, which is reshuffling the installation manual
17:13:33 <@anarcat> http://community.aegirproject.org/node/377
<@anarcat> if somebody wants to start working on that, that would be awesome
17:13:59 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: also worth mentioning that, for REALLY big aegir installs, D7 hold some interesting search possibilities
17:14:11 <+EclipseGc> i.e. an aegir with lots of sites
17:14:14 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: ... and probably horrible performance issues possibilities ;)
17:14:29 <@anarcat> so anyways
17:14:30 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: well, not from search
17:14:34 <+EclipseGc> but D7 maybe yes...
17:14:36 <@anarcat> EclipseGc: right
17:14:45 <@anarcat> i think that's it for our scrum, which was a bit disturbed by our netsplit
17:14:59 <@anarcat> if people have things to add to the scrum, freel free to add that now
17:15:02  * EclipseGc shakes fist @ netsplit
17:15:06 <@anarcat> i don't have to run anywhere this time :)
17:16:33 <@anarcat> univate: we really need to rework that patch of yours for the VBO stuff, it's a release critical
17:19:31 <@anarcat> now for something completely different
17:20:11 <@anarcat> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsQd2n99zS4
::: scientist_ [~scientist@] has joined #aegir
17:21:03 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: nice
17:21:10 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: definitely awesome
17:21:14 <@anarcat> :)
17:21:22 <@anarcat> i can take care of uploading the log into the community site for once
17:21:28 <@anarcat> unless mig5 has alraedy done it?
17:21:49 ::: Slydder1 [~chuck@dslb-088-072-212-004.pools.arcor-ip.net] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
17:22:44 ::: joestewart [~joestewar@] has joined #aegir
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17:22:55 <+EclipseGc> anarcat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmoDLyiQYKw
<@anarcat> uh, and unless that wasn't clear, the scrum is over :)

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-03-09

09:01 <@anarcat> mig5: hey
09:01 <@mig5> up for scrum or inconvenient time?
09:01 <@anarcat> i can't believe i can't find those revisionsw http://drupal.org/node/1068280#comment-4131534
09:01 <@anarcat> hey, scrum time, look at that
09:01 <@anarcat> sure
09:01 <@anarcat> at a session here, but it still works :)
09:01 <@mig5> alright, go! :)
09:02 <@mig5> actually
09:02 <@mig5> first, i believe i saw you mention that this scrum time is inconvenient for you 
09:02 <@anarcat> did something fuckup on d.o or something?
09:02 <@mig5> drupalcon aside
09:02 <@mig5> anarcat: you'll have to be more specific about d.o fuckups :)
09:02 <@anarcat> every first wednesday of the month i have a meeting during this scrum
09:02 <@mig5> ah. let's move it then
09:03 <@anarcat> what's convenient for ya?
09:03 <@mig5> the following day, but i think that's when it used to be for you
09:04 <@mig5> and you couldn't do later
09:04 <@anarcat> right
09:04 <@anarcat> that is correct
09:04 <@mig5> so maybe we go earlier in the week
09:04 <@anarcat> yeah, i can do the day before or before before
09:04 <@mig5> let's do day before, so Wednesday for us, unless it's a problem for univate
09:04 <@anarcat> got it
09:04 <@mig5> anyway!
09:04 <@anarcat> tuesday for us
09:04 <@mig5> d.o issues?
09:04 <@anarcat> right
09:05 <@anarcat> so about the upgrade path
09:05 <@anarcat> http://drupal.org/node/1068280#comment-4131534
09:05 <@mig5> i noticed i committed a change to provision and all my old commits are still unattributed to my user account. yay
09:05 <@anarcat> that comment refers to two patches that are supposedly on head
09:05 <@anarcat> and that i can't find
09:05 <@mig5> hmm
09:05 <@mig5> they're in master aren't they?
09:05 <@anarcat> i can't find them
09:05 <@anarcat> git fetch
09:06 <@anarcat> git show f64487706638
09:06 <@anarcat> fatal: ambiguous argument 'f64487706638': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.
09:06 <@mig5> http://drupalcode.org/project/hostmaster.git/commitdiff/75191804926c5c29...
09:06 <@mig5> http://drupalcode.org/project/hostmaster.git/commitdiff/a8dfee3391cb89f0...
09:06 <@mig5> are you sure your origin is not git.aegirproject.org ? :)
09:06 <@anarcat> um
09:07 <@anarcat> well
09:07 <@anarcat> those are not the commits i am looking for
09:07 <@mig5> oh
09:07 <@anarcat> that above comment refers to two other commits
09:07 <@mig5> oh oops
09:08 <@mig5> yeah i don't see it
09:08 <@mig5> weird
09:08 <@anarcat> oh well
09:08 <@anarcat> maybe i didn't push them and it works anyways... (?!)
09:08 <@anarcat> anywho
09:08 <@anarcat> so i wanted to merge shit in and release rc2 this week
09:09 <@anarcat> i talked to a bunch of people here at drupalcon about aegir
09:09 <@anarcat> i just did a aegir 101 session to about 20 people
09:09 <@mig5> nice
09:09 <@mig5> how'd that go
09:10 <@anarcat> pretty well
09:10 <@anarcat> people didn't really *want* to install aegir so that part didn't really work
09:10 <@anarcat> but we had good exchanges and dispelled common myths
09:10 <@anarcat> and gave away cool stickers :)
09:10 <@anarcat> we have a roadmap session planned for tomorrow
09:10 <@anarcat> at 2, in missouri again
09:10 <@anarcat> and then we are thinking of having a doc/code sprint on friday
09:11 <@mig5> nice
09:11 <@anarcat> maybe help people out writing drush extensions, and a bunch of other ideas
09:11 <@mig5> we have about 20 'for reviews' in the queues
09:11 <@anarcat> yeah
09:11 <@mig5> mostly eugen :P
09:11 <@anarcat> i'll try to throw people at those
09:11 <@anarcat> we may have new people to get into the project
09:11 <@mig5> excellent
09:11 <@anarcat> i met with shrop, EclipseGc and others
09:11 <@anarcat> what else
09:12 <@anarcat> i want to release rc2 :P
09:12 <@mig5> well - you can, i didn't see any errors doing an upgrade to master from 0.3
09:12 <@anarcat> i was hoping someone could shed light on this - but maybe i'll just do it myself: http://drupal.org/node/1081528
09:12 <@mig5> regardless of that missing commit
09:12 <@anarcat> oh, and i have pushed 6.x-1.x as the stable branch
09:12 <@anarcat> for provision
09:13 <@mig5> yeah that sounds expected: drupal keeps those paths in the db, you need to cache clear before it fixes itself up, so your theory is probably right there
09:13 <@mig5> that would happen with or without a Migrate task, basically
09:13 <@mig5> but would be nice for Migrate to fix it
09:13 <@anarcat> and for hostmaster now
09:13 <@anarcat> cool
09:14 <@anarcat> so i'll look at that before the release
09:14 < shrop> anarcat: you have aegir stickers?
09:14 < shrop> that would be cool
09:14 <@anarcat> shrop: yes!
09:14 <@anarcat> of course :)
09:14 < shrop> ok.. want one tomorrow at the meetup if you have any.. :)
09:14 <@anarcat> come to the bof tomorrow :)
09:14 <@anarcat> of course
09:14 < shrop> will do
09:14 <@anarcat> alright
09:14 <@anarcat> so what else for the scrum
09:14 <@anarcat> we did a little spike on the install docs manual for the purpose of the session
09:15 <@anarcat> i'd actually like to get a debian package working for rc2, but i'm not sure i'll have time to do this
09:15 <@anarcat> ideally, we'd get rc2 out during that code sprint
09:15 <@mig5> maybe for 1.0 :)
09:15 <@anarcat> ok, i think that's it for me
09:16 <@anarcat> well, i'd like the package to be tested :)
09:16 <@mig5> i've got nothing to report. univate, you here?
09:16 <@mig5> omega8cc?
09:16 < univate> hey
09:16 < hefring> eh oh
09:17 <@mig5> did you want to add anything to the scrum?
09:17 <@anarcat> mig5: i have merged the two commits you mentionned on the stable branch
09:18 <@mig5> cheers
09:19 <@anarcat> and then some more
09:19 <@mig5> i dont fully understand omega8cc's patches here http://drupal.org/node/949044#comment-4144944
09:19 <@mig5> +  $form_state['values']['parameters']['new_uri'] = $url; // force lowercase
09:19 <@mig5> does that variable assignment really force lowercase?
09:20 <@mig5> maybe it's for readability.
09:20 <@mig5> anyway
09:21 <@anarcat> that doesn't force lowercase
09:21 <@anarcat> at all
09:22 <@anarcat> otherwise, i think that's it for our scrum
09:23 <@mig5> yep
09:23 <@mig5> thanks all

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-03-15

09:01 <@anarcat> alright
09:01 <@anarcat> scrum time
09:01 <@anarcat> mig5 / univate / Vertice / darthsteven / mvc / omega8cc : scrum time
09:01 <+omega8cc> hello!
09:01 < hefring> que tal
09:01 <@mig5> morning
09:01 <+darthsteven> Hello!
09:01 < hefring> hello
09:01 <@anarcat> ghankstef / mrbaileys / sfyn_ / shrop / / others i forgot: welcome to our weekly scrum! feel free to jump in!
09:02 <@anarcat> so welcome everybody
09:02 <@anarcat> we're back from drupalcon! it was an insane week
09:02 <@anarcat> so i'll start with that
09:02 <@anarcat> crazy
09:02 <@anarcat> week
09:02 <+omega8cc> and sk]washd!
09:02 <@anarcat> met a bunch of people
09:02 <@anarcat> oh yeah! skwashd !
09:02 <@anarcat> even though we didn't have a formal aegir session schedule (which is strange considering there were 5 submitted), we did host 2 bofs and a training session, plus a code sprint
09:03 <@anarcat> i met with about 30-40 people to talk about aegir during those session
09:03 <@mig5> someone must've been anti-aegir on the organising committee :)
09:03 <@anarcat> for me the best session was the roadmap session, of which my coworker mvc posted a summary here: http://community.aegirproject.org/node/488
09:03 < skwashd> anarcat, we should've had 34 at the initimate session alone :)
09:03 <@anarcat> mig5: i actually suspect it's because there weren't "big names" submitting a session
09:04 <@anarcat> skwashd: that's right!
09:04 <@mig5> ah ;)
09:04 <@anarcat> and i was late to the intimate aegir session, which sucked, but it was my only "free" day during the whole week
09:04 <@anarcat> koumbit *drove* to chicago, which was insane
09:04 <@anarcat> 1400km one way, so around 3000 km of driving, 30h total...
09:04 <@anarcat> lots of fun and spilled coffee
09:04 <@anarcat> oh and i scratch the fucking car when parking it in a narrow street
09:05 <@anarcat> 4500$CAD in damage, believe it or not
09:05 <@anarcat> lots of fun
09:05 <@anarcat> anyways
09:05 <@mig5> haha
09:05 <@anarcat> so we're passing the hat to pay for the stupid koumbit van ... ;) (kdding)
09:05 <@anarcat> we *almost* got rc2 released
09:05 <@anarcat> i was about to push the tags when they cut off power and wifi in the code sprint
09:05 <@anarcat> but mig5 ended up doing the last mile on that
09:06 <@mig5> sort of
09:06 <@anarcat> i personnally met with shrop, cashwilliams, ghankstef, joestewart, and probably others i forget here :)
09:06 <@anarcat> i feel that our presence there got people interested in participating in the project and i got that objective at least partially accomplished
09:07 <@anarcat> with people comitting to watching and helping in the queues, and i helped people review patches in the code sprint
09:07 <@mig5> it sounded like it had a better bof/community spirit than san francisco
09:07 <@mig5> which is excellent
09:07 <@anarcat> yeah
09:07 <@anarcat> we did more BOFs
09:07 <@anarcat> i think it's better for us to do BOFs than formal sessions - people know of aegir, we need to make it work now :)
09:08 <@anarcat> i closed 10-20 tickets in the issue queue and pissed of eugen again
09:08  * mig5 claps
09:08 <@anarcat> we're down to around 5-10 needs review tickets
09:08 < ghankstef> it works  great  -  except for when it doesn;t  : )  but when it does its really really great
09:08 <@anarcat> this week i am working from home so i am hoping to get more aegir work done than usual
09:08 <@anarcat> but so far i'm failing, mostly because of internal poutine again
09:09 <@mig5> you've got chips and gravy inside you?
09:09 <@mig5> :)
09:09 <@anarcat> i hope to get into it tomorrow and get a solid 3 days
09:09 <@anarcat> haha
09:09 <@anarcat> i mean internal to koumbit :P
09:09 <@mig5> :)
09:09 <@anarcat> and it's french fries and gravy and cheese, for your information :)
09:09 <@anarcat> but enough with quebecois cuisine
09:09 <@anarcat> i think i'm done when i start to talk about poutine :)
09:09 <@anarcat> ah, yeah
09:10 <@anarcat> this week i hope to get working on "i want to run drush on my sites as a regular user"
09:10 <@anarcat> which promises to be a real PITA
09:10 <@anarcat> and also working on the 2.x roadmap, after feedback from the community
09:10 <@anarcat> so that's it for me - next!
09:11 <@mig5> i did nothing except push out rc2, which went horribly wrong, but mostly works
09:11 <@mig5> next! :)
09:11 <@anarcat> haha
09:11 <@anarcat> a bit more on that though - we weren't able to tag hostmaster, because of a bug on d.o
09:11 <@anarcat> we're pushing the limits on git and install profiles on d.o, and that's cool for those people, they like us :)
09:11 <@anarcat> everybody is quite happy and proud that aegir is back on d.o
09:11 <@anarcat> if feels good
09:11 <@anarcat> ah and for everyone that contributed to aegir here:
09:12 <@anarcat> i had a *lot* of thanks and good feedback on the project
09:12 <@anarcat> people *love* aegir
09:12 <@anarcat> they are very grateful and thank me for my involvement
09:12 <@anarcat> so i want to share that with the team here
09:12 <@anarcat> because i couldn't possibly have done this alone, so you all share this credit :)
09:12 <@anarcat> mig5: you really should have been there :)
09:13 <@mig5> i doubt i'll ever make another drupalcon
09:13 <@mig5> the two times of the year are awful for me frankly
09:13 <@mig5> anyways
09:13 <@anarcat> that's too bad
09:13 <@mig5> i'll look at that core dump/segfault issue you're having
09:13 <@mig5> i have never reproduced it
09:13 <@anarcat> you don't *have* to come twice a year :)
09:13 <@mig5> but i feel i understand the *reason* for unconed's patch
09:13 <@anarcat> if you have xdebug enabled, it's not a core dump, it's a loop
09:13 <@mig5> right
09:14 <@mig5> but i've never seen the segfault myself, is what i mean
09:14 <@anarcat> yeah
09:14 <@anarcat> you need to reference a non-existing platform
09:14 <@mig5> unconed explained it was something about the stdin context in drush that caused a loop of loading the @self or @server_msater alias
09:14 <@mig5> ahy
09:14 <@mig5> ah*
09:14 <@mig5> he tried to specifically exclude the @server_master context in his patch, which fixed clusters in this case, but broke install/migrate
09:14 <@mig5> anyway, that's for the tickets, i won't noise up the scrum now
09:15 <@anarcat> alright, anyone else?
09:15 <+omega8cc> I did nothing new "inside" the project last week. There are still some Nginx config improvements waiting for review in the queue, but..
09:15 <+omega8cc> I released Barracuda and Octopus 1.0-boa-T to celebrate Aegir 1.0-rc2, which introduces support for Squeeze and Maverick, with even more speed improvements, so..
09:16 <+omega8cc> I *think* we are already as fast as Mercury (formerly Pantheon) out of the box ;) Seriously, it needs some testing to confirm. That is it from me!
09:16 <@anarcat> alright!
09:16 <@anarcat> people looking for low-hanging fruits!
09:16 <@anarcat> **** THIS IS YOU! ****
09:16 <@anarcat> http://drupal.org/project/issues?text=&projects=provision,+hosting,+hostslave,+eldir,+Hostmaster+(Aegir)&status=8&priorities=All&categories=All
09:16 <@anarcat> this is the "needs review" queue
09:17 <@anarcat> what you need to do in there is to pick an issue in there, try to reproduce the issue described
09:17 <@anarcat> if you can't reproduce, close the issue (can't reproduce)
9:17 <@anarcat> if you can, try to apply the patch to see if it fixes the thing for you, if it does mark it RTBC (ready to be committed), if not, "needs work"
09:17 <@anarcat> there is also work to be done in the documentation
09:18 <@anarcat> we have reworked the manual, actually ergonlogic did
09:18 <@anarcat> http://community.aegirproject.org/notebook
09:19 <@anarcat> followup on documentation is in the "documentation" category in hostmaster
09:19 <@anarcat> see also http://community.aegirproject.org/node/377
09:19 <@anarcat> we specifically need help on the upgrade document
09:19 <@anarcat> and reorganising the "using aegir" section
09:19 <@anarcat> so if nobody has anything else to add
9:19 <@anarcat> i think that's it for our scrum this week
09:20 <@anarcat> thanks for everyone for attending
09:20 < ghankstef> I will have a look at the upgrade doc   see if I can add  to it
09:20 <@anarcat> ghankstef: alright!
09:20 < ghankstef> Will give me a good excuse to update an old aegir  site
09:20 < ghankstef> oh yeah its all empty
09:20 <@anarcat> well
09:21 < ghankstef> guess I can improve on that a bit
09:21 <@anarcat> it's not really empty - i feel ergonlogic forgot to update the status page
09:21 <@anarcat> it seems the UPGRADE.txt was migrated into separate wiki pages
09:21 <@mig5> the sub pages are where it's at
09:21 <@anarcat> maybe it can be merged in one page
09:21 <@mig5> the wrapper page is a bit bare
09:21 <@anarcat> i think we should throw everything in the parent page there
09:22 <+omega8cc> and the structure is too deep now
09:22 <@anarcat> alright
09:22 <@anarcat> that's it for me folks, going back in my "trying to code" hole :)
09:23 <@mig5> thanks all
09:23 <+omega8cc> thanks!

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-03-29

08:58 <@anarcat> alright, so we're 1 minute away from the scrum, but i'll start anyways :P
08:59 <@anarcat> i'm a bit in a rush since we're going to replace a switch at the datacenter in about an hour
08:59 <@mig5> np
08:59 <@anarcat> which could affect community.a.o momentarily
08:59 <@anarcat> we had a few issues with the server
08:59 <@anarcat> it was replaced with a spare recently and we diagnosed a problem with a corrupted bios
08:59 <@anarcat> our hw provider is running more tests and we hope to get the original server back online shortly
09:00 <@anarcat> as for actual dev
09:00 <@anarcat> i have worked on provisionacl recently and got it in good shape
09:00 <@anarcat> i hope to deploy it in production here this week and get rid of our ugly sudo -u aegir kludges we were giving to workers
09:00 < Aurorus> sounds interesting anarcat
09:00 <@anarcat> so now not only can worker access modules/ files/ etc without problems, but they can run drush commands as their regular user
09:01 <@anarcat> *plus* this gives access to the regular drush aliases
09:01 <@anarcat> although there are still warnings (fixed in drush 5 and drush 4-head)
09:01 <@anarcat> i'm working on having site aliases respect drush -i
09:01 <@anarcat> i have worked a lot on the debian packages too, they are mostly ready
09:02 < Aurorus> anarcat: Are there plans to allow the deletion of sites and platforms that fail verify?
09:02 <@anarcat> provision is packaged, and there's a meta-package for hostmaster that downloads provision
09:02 <@anarcat> i also want to get the debian packages finished this week and we'll update the docs accordingly
09:02 <@anarcat> hopefully we can ship 1.0 with debian
09:02 <@anarcat> i started coordination of the rc3 release, but we have a significant blocker with d.o that refuses to release hostmaster
09:03 <@anarcat> see http://drupal.org/node/1105824
09:03 <@anarcat> for the drush issues: http://drupal.org/node/1104450 and http://drupal.org/node/957182
09:04 <@anarcat> i am going to work more on security in the coming weeks, i plan to work two weeks in a retreat in the woods with internet access :)
09:04 <@anarcat> i will make sure we don't bootstrap evil modules so that allowing access to modules and themes is secure
09:04 <@anarcat> i'd like to release rc3 tomorrow
09:05 <@anarcat> i am thinking of starting work on the d7 port and ldap integration for 2.x during the next two weeks
09:05 <@anarcat> and koumbit has done its internal roadmap and we'll be working hard on 2.x for the summer
09:05 <@anarcat> i think that's pretty much it for me!
09:05 <@mig5> nice one. you have given yourself a lot of work as usual :)
09:05 <@anarcat> i am glad to see that crazy stuff darthsteven has been doing here :) http://www.computerminds.co.uk/articles/aegir-tasks-daemon
09:05 <@anarcat> i think it should be merged in
09:06 <@anarcat> well, if anyone wants to pick up rc3 or similar things, be my guest :)
09:06 <@mig5> i read that: i think the queue thing would be good in aegir, hopefully doesn't have too many dependencies?
09:06 <@anarcat> drush especially needs a lot of love - and we'll need to work with them for aegir 2.0, which i suspect will support only drush 5 or above
09:06 <@anarcat> mig5: seems to be standalone contrib!
09:06 <@mig5> ok cool
09:06 <@anarcat> it's just a ghetto php daemon :)
09:06 <@anarcat> what Vertice didn't want :)
09:06 <@mig5> i thought it deopeneded on some obscure launchd-like OSX daemon
09:07 <@mig5> but i admit i didn't read it thoroughly
09:07 <@anarcat> darthsteven: recommends supervisor, but it's just to keep the php script alive - you could use whatever you want
09:07 <@anarcat> hey, we could even use the cronjob to restart the daemon if it fails
09:07 <@mig5> anyway: not much from me, as usual. i basically encountered some significant stability issues with the master branch, and fixed it as best as I could, though I worry i broke some of your ideas there. http://drupal.org/node/1106768
09:08 <@mig5> i found the bug while writing my aegir build test in jenkins, which was exactly what it was designed to do (although it didn't literally fail the test :) )
09:08 <@mig5> and that's the other main thing i've been toying with (jenkins), although it's at an early stage in terms of aegir tests.
09:08 <@anarcat> cool :)
09:08 <@mig5> but i think we could use it more and more
09:08 <@anarcat> that is freakin awesome
09:08 <@anarcat> can you paste urls for that here?
09:08 <@anarcat> i'm really lazy, nevermind :)
09:09 <@mig5> sure http://jenkins.greenbeedigital.com.au:8080/job/aegir%20install/
09:09 <@mig5> i'd like to at least give you or other developers access to that properly, so you can run tests
09:09 <@mig5> at my expense :)
09:09 <@mig5> as i figure you might catch migressions, and do me a favour
09:09 <@mig5> :)
09:10 <@anarcat> haha
09:10 <@anarcat> well, in this case the regression was mine wasn't it ;)
09:10 <@mig5> no matter
09:10 <@mig5> one other thing:
09:10 <@mig5> i'm less worried than you re: drupal.org's issues in releasing hostmaster
09:10 <@mig5> i think it would be nice
09:10 <@mig5> but it's not a blocker in my opinion
09:10 <@anarcat> ok
09:10 <@mig5> as our design works around it already
09:11 <@anarcat> ... since we depend on git
09:11 <@mig5> yeah
09:11 <@anarcat> ok
09:11 <@anarcat> but the release.sh doesn't know that :p
09:11 <@mig5> ah, true :)
09:11 <@anarcat> so i almost released a broken rc3 here :)
09:11 <@mig5> don't worry, i broke rc2
09:11 <@mig5> but i ignored it :)
09:11 <@anarcat> eh
09:11 <@anarcat> ok
09:12 <@anarcat> so if you want to break^Wrelease rc3 tomorrow, or anytime, in fact, be my guest
09:12 <@mig5> don't want to make more work for us in the release.sh though. but, i'm afraid i'm still crippled with a 'don't wait for drupal.org to catch up with us' mentality :)
09:12 <@mig5> ok
09:12 <@anarcat> that's alright
09:13 <@anarcat> alright, anyone else?
09:13 <@mig5> i'll have some time, this time tomorrow
09:13 <@anarcat> omega8cc doesn't seem to be here, so i'll talk for her a little :)
09:13 <@anarcat> she found a vhost injection vulnerability in the alias
09:13 <@mig5> oh yeah
09:13 <@anarcat> it was fixed in head and I *think* i merged in stable
09:13 <@mig5> did the security team say anything?
09:13 <@anarcat> which is why i wanted to make a release
09:13 <@anarcat> yeah
09:13 <@anarcat> no embargo, just release
09:14 <@anarcat> since it's not a stable release, it's ok
09:14 <@mig5> ok
09:14 <@anarcat> so don't tag it as a security release either, because then it gets unpublished and all the shit
09:14 <@mig5> she has some nginx batch updates in the queue as well, since we never really test those ourselves, we should probably just roll them in
09:15 <@mig5> they missed rc2 already
09:15 <@mig5> http://drupal.org/project/issues?text=&projects=hosting%2C+provision%2C+...
09:15 <@anarcat> yup
09:15 <@anarcat> a good review of the needs review patches would be good, but not mandatory
09:15 <@anarcat> too bad we got that silly security issue otherwise that would have been 1.0 :P
09:15 <@mig5> oh well. i admit i didn't read the security vulnerability properly. how was it exploitable?
09:15 <@anarcat> darthsteven: please do submit a patch for that stuff, it seems like gold
09:15 <@mig5> i spose i could find the ticket
09:16 <@anarcat> oh and i think we should fix this too: http://drupal.org/node/1108810
09:16 <@anarcat> Files in sites/example.org/private are accessible.
09:16 <@mig5> yeah
09:16 <@anarcat> this is the security issue: http://drupal.org/node/1098304
09:16 <@anarcat> i thought the private files was already done
09:16 <@mig5> i thought we could stick it in the platform vhost
09:16 <@mig5> the deny all
09:16 <@mig5> his .htaccess is probably being ignored for that reason
09:17 <@mig5> in that we don't have AllowOverride
09:17 <@anarcat> yes, the .htaccess are ignored, on purpose
09:17 <@mig5> yep
09:17 <@anarcat> okay folks, i need to go!
09:17 <@mig5> so i thought we could inject that into the template ourselves
09:17 <@mig5> sound sane?
09:17 <@mig5> ok
09:17 <@anarcat> yep
09:17 <@mig5> have fun with your switch
09:17 <@mig5> cheers
09:17 <@anarcat> hehe i will :)
09:17 <@anarcat> ciao ciao

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-04-05

(06:02:27 PM) anarcat: mig5 / Vertice / darthsteven / EclipseGc / mvc / omega8cc / sfyn / skwashd / ergonlogic : scrum time!
(06:02:35 PM) EclipseGc: anarcat: yay
(06:02:43 PM) anarcat: joestewart: scrum!
(06:02:48 PM) darthsteven: crouch...touch...engage
(06:02:52 PM) anarcat: shrop / univate : scrum!
(06:02:57 PM) anarcat: alright
(06:03:31 PM) anarcat: so welcome everybody, sorry i'm little late :)
(06:03:35 PM) anarcat: i got tons of stuff :)
(06:03:39 PM) anarcat: first
(06:03:41 PM) anarcat: master is dead
(06:03:52 PM) anarcat: being an anarchist and all, no masters no god and everything ;)
(06:04:00 PM) anarcat: more seriously - we're all on 6.x-1.x now
(06:04:09 PM) anarcat: it was too much of a pain to sync that all the time
(06:04:20 PM) EclipseGc: heh
(06:04:32 PM) darthsteven: anarcat: has the master branch actually been removed now?
(06:04:40 PM) anarcat: darthsteven: yes, it's dead.
(06:04:49 PM) darthsteven: cool
(06:04:51 PM) anarcat: also, i have cleaned up the docs regarding the branch naming conventions here: http://community.aegirproject.org/node/187
(06:04:59 PM) ergonlogic: long live 6.x-1.x!
(06:05:05 PM) anarcat: reviews of that from the docs team would be welcome
(06:05:18 PM) anarcat: speaking of which, we talked about having maintainers for various sections of the project
(06:05:28 PM) anarcat: the first of which is the docs team, spearheaded by darthsteven and ergonlogic
(06:05:40 PM) anarcat: i don't remember the full list of teams, but i'll dig it out later
(06:05:55 PM) anarcat: so congrats to the docs team for the awesome work so far, more on that from darthsteven ltr i guess
(06:06:00 PM) anarcat: i did the roadmap for 2.0
(06:06:07 PM) anarcat: http://community.aegirproject.org/roadmap/2.0
(06:06:16 PM) anarcat: everyone is strongly encouraged to review and augment
(06:06:21 PM) anarcat: and especially take tasks
(06:06:48 PM) anarcat: koumbit will *not* do everything in there, but we *will* make a 2.0 release to deploy our changes in production, so the stuff that's not being taken care of will be pushed to 3.0
(06:07:12 PM) arianek is now known as arianekPHONE
(06:07:13 PM) anarcat: i would love to get betas for 2.0 released by the end of summer, with rcs in automn (ie. koumbit runnin 2.x in production by the end of the summer)
(06:07:21 PM) anarcat: we release rc3
(06:07:24 PM) anarcat: i want to release rc4
(06:07:26 PM) anarcat: tonight
(06:07:32 PM) EclipseGc: yay
(06:07:32 PM) anarcat: we have a bunch more changes
(06:07:47 PM) anarcat: especially the symlink stuff  (now sites are symlinked into /var/aegir/clients  for easier access)
(06:07:53 PM) anarcat: provisionacl has been updated to fix the perms there too
(06:08:08 PM) anarcat: debian packages have been released and uploaded to debian.koumbit.net
(06:08:11 PM) mig5: whoop, daylight savings screwed me. morning
(06:08:23 PM) EclipseGc: morning mig5
(06:08:26 PM) anarcat: morning mig5 ! :)
(06:08:47 PM) anarcat: there's been a few bugs with the debian packages, mostly with the new installs (because i'm mostly testing upgrades from our existing installs)
(06:08:56 PM) anarcat: upgrades work well, installs need testing but should work now
(06:09:11 PM) anarcat: the docs have been updated so that the manual install doesn't use install.sh
(06:09:16 PM) anarcat: which has been removed from the tree
(06:09:23 PM) anarcat: completely
(06:09:33 PM) anarcat: and the manual docs have been updated to use hostmaster-install instead
(06:09:40 PM) anarcat: and favor the debian automatic installs through packages
(06:10:01 PM) anarcat: koumbit will deploy the stable branch in staging tonight or tomorrow and rc4 in prod tomorrow
(06:10:06 PM) anarcat: that's about it for me i think
(06:10:17 PM) anarcat: oh and i'm in a retreat in the woods to code like crazy for a week or two
(06:10:31 PM) omega8cc: haha
(06:10:31 PM) anarcat: i'm trying to work on the d7 port, but if people want to join that effort, that would be welcome
(06:10:43 PM) anarcat: i'll also focus on bootstrap security, as i see fun
(06:10:49 PM) anarcat: prioritisation welcome
(06:10:53 PM) anarcat: ok, next!
(06:10:58 PM) mig5: i've done nothing, i'm sick and also have busted my back. also, i fly to europe end of next week, what great timing
(06:11:06 PM) mig5: so i don't expect you'll get much out of me until end of may now
(06:11:31 PM) mig5: that's it for my pep talk
(06:11:35 PM) anarcat: yay! ;)
(06:11:38 PM) omega8cc: mig5: welcome to eu!
(06:11:41 PM) anarcat: well, rest and get well :)
(06:11:45 PM) mig5: thanks
(06:11:57 PM) EclipseGc: I also have done nothing, but anarcat if you're doing a 7.x upgrade I would love to be available in any capacity that you might find useful. Be that review, or just as someone to bounce ideas at
(06:12:08 PM) anarcat: EclipseGc: gotcha
(06:12:19 PM) anarcat: so let's welcome our new dev here - darthsteven , do you have something to share?
(06:12:33 PM) darthsteven: sure
(06:13:02 PM) darthsteven: So, prompted by ergonlogic's issue, I asked for commit access to aegir to work on the documentation
(06:13:13 PM) mode (+o darthsteven) by anarcat
(06:13:14 PM) darthsteven: and it was granted
(06:13:23 PM) anarcat: great timing :)
(06:13:30 PM) EclipseGc: woot, now he can kick us all
(06:13:36 PM) darthsteven: hurrah!
(06:13:46 PM) darthsteven: (no idea how to though)
(06:13:49 PM) anarcat: congratulations! :)
(06:13:55 PM) darthsteven: so yeah, just been working on some docs
(06:13:57 PM) anarcat: darthsteven: /kick EclipseGc now now
(06:13:58 PM) anarcat: ;)
(06:13:59 PM) omega8cc: darthsteven: congrats!
(06:14:05 PM) EclipseGc: :-(
(06:14:10 PM) omega8cc: lol
(06:14:12 PM) darthsteven: and wrote an article about passing data from the Aegir frontend to the backend
(06:14:12 PM) anarcat: EclipseGc: just kidding :)
(06:14:15 PM) EclipseGc: heh
(06:14:23 PM) ***EclipseGc saw that
(06:14:32 PM) mode (+v shrop) by anarcat
(06:14:45 PM) EclipseGc: http://www.computerminds.co.uk/articles/storing-data-aegir
(06:14:58 PM) anarcat: darthsteven: that's nice!
(06:15:04 PM) anarcat: darthsteven: we should copy that into the manual somewhere...
(06:15:14 PM) darthsteven: from our work on the docs so far, I wonder if we wanted to clean up the API before the 1.0 final release?
(06:15:23 PM) darthsteven: it's not hugely consistent
(06:15:27 PM) EclipseGc: heh
(06:15:38 PM) mode (+v ergonlogic) by anarcat
(06:15:42 PM) darthsteven: but that would mean big changes I guess, so 2.0 stuff
(06:15:54 PM) ergonlogic: I've been promoted
(06:15:56 PM) anarcat: darthsteven: i would also think that api changes at this point would be a bit daring
(06:16:14 PM) anarcat: darthsteven: i would rather tag those inconsistencies as issues for 2.x
(06:16:17 PM) darthsteven: sure
(06:16:19 PM) anarcat: darthsteven: but document, document
(06:16:32 PM) anarcat: also, i think we should aim for a short 1.0 release cycle
(06:16:35 PM) darthsteven: so, plans are to add lots more documentation over the next days/weeks
(06:16:41 PM) anarcat: esp. because we're having api issues and so on
(06:16:42 PM) darthsteven: that's it for me
(06:16:46 PM) anarcat: alright
(06:16:57 PM) anarcat: thanks darthsteven and welcome again in the crew
(06:17:07 PM) anarcat: so a parenthesis on the statuses in this channel
(06:17:13 PM) anarcat: +o is for developers
(06:17:37 PM) anarcat: we're all equal there - if you need access to some resource on aegirproject.org or drupal.org, just ask and it will be granted
(06:17:47 PM) anarcat: +v is for (currently) occasional contributors
(06:17:53 PM) anarcat: it's the way to become a dev :)
(06:18:09 PM) anarcat: end of parenthesis
(06:18:19 PM) anarcat: so anyone else has something to add to our (late) scrum?
(06:18:19 PM) anarcat: omega8cc: ?
(06:18:53 PM) omega8cc: nothing from me this week, I'm sick, but hope to add something next week
(06:18:57 PM) anarcat: i can speak quickly for sfyn, who made his first official release of uc_hosting (1.0-beta1), ubercart integration
(06:19:06 PM) anarcat: which we're going to deploy soon
(06:19:18 PM) anarcat: also, we'll need to figure out where the heck univate has gone :)
(06:19:25 PM) anarcat: if anybody saw him, let me know ;)
(06:19:49 PM) ergonlogic: So, for my part, I've actually been pretty busy... 
(06:19:57 PM) ergonlogic: testing some of the aegir contrib modules
(06:20:09 PM) ergonlogic: some functional updates to the community site (spread out over the past few weeks really)... and more to come
(06:20:19 PM) ergonlogic: Some documentation, though I feel I need to better understand how to document hooks properly... 
(06:20:28 PM) ergonlogic: I'll be trying to debug some issues on api.aegirproject.org
(06:20:42 PM) ergonlogic: And I have a new Aegir contrib module (https://github.com/ergonlogic/hosting_saas) that denies uid1 to clients creating sites, and assignes them a role of our choosing
(06:20:52 PM) ergonlogic: which I'll release shortly on d.o, I think
(06:21:05 PM) ergonlogic: that's it, I think
(06:21:06 PM) anarcat: for hooks, we need to add sample code for it to make sense, e.g. hook_post_install()
(06:21:26 PM) darthsteven: ergonlogic: Feel free to ask me about documentation!
(06:21:30 PM) EclipseGc: ergonlogic: nice
(06:21:31 PM) anarcat: ah - ergonlogic and darthsteven - do we want to refactor your code straight into 1.0 core? or maybe we should wait for 2.x?
(06:21:33 PM) ergonlogic: I've some experience with a coule now, so I can try to put something together
(06:21:43 PM) ergonlogic: s/coule/could
(06:22:14 PM) darthsteven: anarcat: we're working in a branch of 1.0
anarcat AntiNSA-AFK 
(06:22:32 PM) anarcat: darthsteven: for docs, but i was talking about the scheduling, the dispatcher, and saas stuff
(06:22:46 PM) darthsteven: anarcat: ah okay
(06:22:48 PM) anarcat: darthsteven: i think we can merge that branch in rc4 - it's really all just docs
(06:23:10 PM) anarcat: i also think we can merge documentation into 1.x releases after 1.0
(06:23:23 PM) ergonlogic: I'd be happy for aegir core to appropriate hosting_saas
(06:23:34 PM) anarcat: so anyways, i think that's it for our scrum
(06:23:35 PM) ergonlogic: I think it might mean another promotion ;)
(06:23:44 PM) anarcat: hopefully we'll have rc4 ready tonight or tomorrow
(06:23:48 PM) EclipseGc: yay
(06:23:53 PM) anarcat: and 1.0 ready by next week or something
(06:23:54 PM) EclipseGc: mass migrate will come back :-D
(06:24:00 PM) anarcat: EclipseGc: yeah, i fixed it
(06:24:02 PM) darthsteven: cool
(06:24:04 PM) EclipseGc: anarcat: yeah I saw
(06:24:05 PM) ergonlogic: sounds good
(06:24:10 PM) EclipseGc: anarcat: thx for that :-D
(06:24:27 PM) anarcat: if someone wants to volunteer for the 1.x branch maintenance, i'd be happy to explain how that works and help with the work
(06:24:42 PM) ergonlogic: 
(06:24:45 PM) EclipseGc: lol
(06:24:48 PM) anarcat: ergonlogic: :P
(06:25:02 PM) anarcat: ergonlogic / darthsteven : i think i was too quick about the offer to merge the modules in core - let's do that merge in 2.x instead
(06:25:13 PM) darthsteven: anarcat: agreed
(06:25:29 PM) anarcat: okay, who wants the amazing and wonderful job of uploading the log in the site?
(06:25:31 PM) ergonlogic: k
(06:25:38 PM) ergonlogic: I'll do it
(06:25:47 PM) anarcat: great!
(06:26:04 PM) anarcat: thanks everyone for coming

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-04-12

23:02 darthsteven: mig5: ping
23:02 darthsteven: anarcat: ping
23:02 darthsteven: Scrum?
23:02 hefring: Every Tuesday at 22h00 UTC: 15h00 San Francisco, USA (PST), 18h00 Montreal, Canada (EDT), 23h00 London, UK (CET), 08h00 (Wednesday) Melbourne, Australia (EST)
23:03 darthsteven: Guess this is going to be a quiet scrum then...
23:03 darthsteven: Well, I'll start
23:04 obicke: go for it
23:04 darthsteven: I've not done a whole lot of extra documentation, just all the constants in hostmaster, and a couple more hooks
23:04 darthsteven: I've been chasing ergonlogic about the api.a.o site not updating, he should be looking at it soon
23:05 darthsteven: hoping to still push some more docs before the 1.0 final release
23:05 darthsteven: that's it from me
23:05 darthsteven: anyone else?
23:06 darthsteven: EclipseGc, ergonlogic, grugnog, mvc, omega8cc, sfyn, shrop, skwashd or anyone else have anything to add?
23:06 obicke: • obicke is trying to round up anarcat and ergonlogic
23:07 EclipseGc: • EclipseGc was not reading
23:07 EclipseGc: • EclipseGc has nothing to add
23:08 shrop: Nothing at this point
23:08 shrop: When is v1 coming out?
23:09 darthsteven: soon
23:10 EclipseGc: • EclipseGc would like to point out his new power-module though http://drupal.org/project/path_profiler
23:11 darthsteven: I'll give this scrum until 22:15UTC
23:14 sethvincent: darthsteven: where are the api docs located?
23:15 darthsteven: sethvincent: api.aegirproject.org
23:15 sethvincent: thanks
23:16 darthsteven: that's the end of the scrum then

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-04-19

[22:00:51]  <@anarcat>  alright, welcome everybody to our weekly scrum
[22:01:04]  <@anarcat>  i'm your host for this week and we have a wonderful agenda :)
[22:01:09]  <@anarcat>  enough with the bull
[22:01:14]  <@anarcat>  1.0 IS RELEASED!!!!!
[22:01:17]  <@anarcat>  YEEHAAA! :)
[22:01:24]  <@mvc>  :)
[22:01:26]  <@darthsteven>  YEAH!!!
[22:01:26]  <@anarcat>  *AND* we have found our first RC bug!
[22:01:33]  <@anarcat>  http://drupal.org/node/1132514
[22:01:38]  <@anarcat>  d5 migrations are fucked! :)
[22:01:42]  <@anarcat>  so that's already fixed and great
[22:01:48]  <@anarcat>  and i am thinking of making 1.1 already
[22:02:06]  <@anarcat>  also, we found a low-hanging fruit here to make exportable backups easy: http://drupal.org/node/1047992
[22:02:17]  <@anarcat>  and i merged this in by mistake in 1.x, but now i think i won't revert it
[22:02:36]  <@anarcat>  http://drupalcode.org/project/provision.git/patch/1edd757f95b3f86a84ba72...
[22:02:43]  <@anarcat>  if anyone opposes, feel free to revert
[22:03:03]  <@anarcat>  it's not an API change, and it's a nice quick fix to have people with SFTP access able to download backups of their sites
[22:03:09]  <@anarcat>  so i think it would be nice to get this in
[22:03:18]  <@anarcat>  koumbit is now running 1.0 in production
[22:03:35]  <@anarcat>  and we're going to test head 1.x tomorrow, and if that works well we'll release 1.1
[22:03:46]  <@anarcat>  what else, what else
[22:04:04]  <@anarcat>  did i mention we have a candidate student for the summer of code?
[22:04:16]  <@anarcat>  http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2011/sdv_3...
[22:04:19]  <@anarcat>  here, i mentionned it
[22:04:24]  * mapleleaf has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 3.6.16/20110319135224])
[22:04:24]  <@anarcat>  results should be announced somewhere next week
[22:04:33]  <@anarcat>  his focus would be on the d7 port and maybe dns
[22:04:40]  <@anarcat>  so i decided to hold off on those tasks for now
[22:04:54]  * Chipie has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[22:04:55]  <@anarcat>  i will however look more at inter site security
[22:04:57]  <@darthsteven>  all very cool
[22:05:02]  * FatGuyLaughing has quit (Quit: FatGuyLaughing)
[22:05:09]  <@anarcat>  and queueing, and i'd like to talk with darthsteven about that, but prolly more next week
[22:05:16]  <@anarcat>  so that's about it for me
[22:05:49]  <@anarcat>  mig5 darthsteven ergonlogic mvc omega8cc sfyn shrop skwashd - something to add to our weekly scrum?
[22:05:55]  <@darthsteven>  yup
[22:06:20]  <@anarcat>  oh, and of course, i forgot: http://community.aegirproject.org/discuss/2x-branch-created 2.x is opened for dev, and i merged the chained cert support there
[22:06:33]  <@darthsteven>  I've just come from a Drupal Meetup where I saw that drupal 5 migration bug demoed
[22:06:42]  <@darthsteven>  and now I know what caused it
[22:06:44]  <@darthsteven>  :)
[22:06:58]  <@anarcat>  and now you can tell them it's fixed already :)_
[22:07:17]  <@darthsteven>  So I took a look at at patch to add SSL chained certificates to provision
[22:07:32]  <@darthsteven>  It needed a bit of cleanup, but was okay
[22:07:43]  <@anarcat>  i agree, and merged it into 2.x
[22:08:06]  <@darthsteven>  I think I added some docs since the last scrum, and ergonlogic got the api.c.o site working
[22:08:36]  <@darthsteven>  ermm...that's it for me, nothing else Aegir related really
[22:08:45]  <@darthsteven>  hoping to write more docs though...
[22:08:51]  <@darthsteven>  done
[22:08:55]  <@darthsteven>  anyone else?
[22:09:09]  <@anarcat>  cool
[22:09:22]  <@anarcat>  omega8cc: ?
[22:09:35]  <@anarcat>  omega8cc: you mentionned something about tracking 2.x, can you expand on that?
[22:09:36]  <@omega8cc> I released Barracuda/Octopus 1.0-boa-T-8 with Aegir 1.0
[22:10:08]  <@omega8cc> anarcat: just switched to 2.x to continue with patches related to Nginx
[22:10:22]  <@anarcat>  i am, in general, a bit worried that we won't get as much testing on 2.x than we have on 1.x now that 1.x is declared stable, but i'll try to run 2.x on my home server - we were also thinking of running 2.x on a dev server at koumbit, but that has yet to happen
[22:10:26]  <@anarcat>  omega8cc: cool, nice to hear
[22:11:04]  <@omega8cc> anarcat: I will use 2.x in Barracuda head, so people will test it and I hope to get more feedback
[22:11:08]  <@anarcat>  cool
[22:11:31]  <@anarcat>  i was thinking of reworking the platform access control for april, we set that as a target, so maybe that will land in 2.x and maybe get merged in 1.x if it doesn't break any apis
[22:11:41]  <@omega8cc> interesting that 5.x to 6.x to 7.x migrations worked for me
[22:11:48]  <@anarcat>  i am still looking for ways to radically change 2.x so that it's really different from 1.x :P
[22:12:01]  <@omega8cc> but I tested it only on basic core installs
[22:12:07]  <@anarcat>  i see
[22:12:12]  <@anarcat>  nice to hear anyways :)
[22:12:13]  <@ryanarmstrong>    anarcat: cross-site stats :P
[22:12:21]  <@ryanarmstrong>    *goes back into the background*
[22:13:25]  <@anarcat>  oh, darthsteven - this could use some more eyes as it touches on the context/services stuff that you may be familiar with: http://drupal.org/node/1074966
[22:13:41]  <@anarcat>  omega8cc: thanks for your feedback
[22:13:44]  <@anarcat>  anyone else?
[22:13:54]  <@anarcat>  ryanarmstrong: you'll have to expand on that after the scrum :)
[22:14:03]  <@ryanarmstrong>    will do, didn't want to derail :)
[22:14:07]  <@omega8cc> we need UI improved in 2.x, I will submit patches soon, and will propose Fetaures integration etc
[22:14:17]  <@anarcat>  omega8cc: great idea!
[22:14:31]  <@anarcat>  omega8cc: one idea about features was to drop our idea of "features" in favor of features.module
[22:14:38]  <@darthsteven>  anarcat: yeah I saw that, and it is on my radar, but I've not used any of the DNS stuff, but could look at the code anyways
[22:14:57]  <@omega8cc> right, and move install profile to profiler
[22:15:06]  <@omega8cc> maybe
[22:15:10]  <@anarcat>  omega8cc: yeah
[22:15:20]  <@anarcat>  omega8cc: ergonlogic was saying it was a good upgrade path to d7
[22:15:33]  <@anarcat>  alright
[22:15:35]  <@omega8cc> anarcat: yes, noticed that
[22:15:47]  <@anarcat>  we're pretty much done here, thanks for attending our scrum session and see you next week!
[22:16:02]  <@darthsteven>  I'm not sure that converting to features features would get us much, as we don't use CCK/fields
[22:16:07]  <@anarcat>  anyone wants to upload this log to the com site?
[22:16:26]  <@darthsteven>  will do
[22:16:28]  <@anarcat>  darthsteven: indeed..
[22:16:31]  <@anarcat>  darthsteven: cool! tx
[22:16:59]  <@anarcat>  darthsteven: as for the dns issue, it's not as much for the DNS but for the part where he changes the way config information is stored in the services objects
[22:17:03]  <@anarcat>  hairy stuff
[22:17:09]  <@anarcat>  alright, scrum end!

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-04-26

[22:00:05]    <anarcat> hello everyone!
[22:00:09]  <EclipseGc>   'ello
[22:00:10]   <anarcat> welcome to our weeeeekly scrum!
[22:00:27]  <anarcat> tons of great news this week
[22:00:34] <anarcat> sethvincent: scrum time
[22:00:41]  <sethvincent> hello!
[22:00:41]   <hefring> hey
[22:01:05]  <anarcat> so alright, i'll start by welcoming our new google summer of code student that will work on the d7 port and dns frontend
[22:01:12]    <anarcat> sethvincent: congratulations on your admission! :)
[22:01:23]   <sethvincent> thanks! i'm pretty excited about it
[22:01:24] <anarcat> now, for my stuff
[22:01:28]    <EclipseGc>   sethvincent: congrats
[22:01:56]    <anarcat> i worked some time on the drush unit testing stuff and have a patch for drush 5 to refactor the unit testing code so we can test functions directly
[22:02:14]  <anarcat> i will work on unit testing before reshuffling the backend too much, which should make 2.x more robust throughout the refactoring
[22:02:30]    <anarcat> we upgraded everything to 1.1
[22:02:34]    <anarcat> which i released last week
[22:02:46]   <anarcat> and our stable release seems to be well.. pretty stable :)
[22:03:01]   <EclipseGc>   heh
[22:03:02]  <anarcat> sethvincent: i was wondering if we could make an announcement for your project, that would make nice publicity :)
[22:03:14]    <sethvincent> ok. that sounds good.
[22:03:30]    <anarcat> oh, and i met with ubuntu people at the local launch party to get help with the backport of drush in there, should followup shortly
[22:03:33]  <anarcat> that's it for me
[22:03:34]    <shrop>   hey hey
[22:04:20]  <anarcat> oh, next week, i'll work on that announcement, we're deploying provision ACL internally big time here, and i'll work more on the new jenkins server we have (thanks mig5!) and unit testing - that's all
[22:04:25] <anarcat> anyone else?
[22:04:33] <anarcat> sethvincent: maybe you want to introduce yourself a little? :)
[22:04:45]   <sethvincent> sure.
[22:05:19]    <sethvincent> i'll be working on the d7 port and dns.
[22:05:32] <anarcat> alright :)
[22:05:41]   <anarcat> and i'll be your mentor, from what i understand :)
[22:05:44]  <sethvincent> i'm a student at the evergreen state college, where i also work part time as an advisor to the student newspaper there
[22:06:04]  <anarcat> (if anyone else wants to help with that, that would be cool, btw)
[22:06:36]    <shrop>   d7 ports and dns stuff?
[22:06:37]  <EclipseGc>   is the plan to move all our major components to entities?
[22:06:47]    <sethvincent> yeah, i'm excited to hear any advice y'all have on the d7 port and dns
[22:06:52] <anarcat> right
[22:06:55]    <sethvincent> entities does look like the way to go
[22:06:59]    <anarcat> so we alraedy have a few things on the table here
[22:07:10]    <anarcat> univate has a patch to refactor the install profile with profiler and use features more
[22:07:16]  <anarcat> that will certainly facilitate the port
[22:07:30]  <anarcat> that's in http://drupal.org/node/517620
[22:07:45] <anarcat> as for entities, yes, i figured that most of our current content type should probably become entities
[22:08:11]    <anarcat> that, in turn, will facilitate implementation of the DNS frontend, which will be also based on entities
[22:08:21]  <anarcat> and will provide a good use case for creating a new "hosting" content-type
[22:08:36] <anarcat> having documentation on how to actually do that while it's coded would be useful too in the manual
[22:08:52]  <anarcat> i think that's all my brain has to offer now for that :)
[22:09:01]    * FatGuyLaughing has quit (Quit: FatGuyLaughing)
[22:09:08] <anarcat> sethvincent: you should get familiar with git and work on a development branch, at the very least
[22:09:26]    * FatGuyLaughing has joined #aegir
[22:09:34]   <shrop>   anarcat: Will there be a dev branch for d7? sorry if I missed that
[22:09:37]   <anarcat> or maybe work in a sandbox for the time being, not sure it's appropriate to give you full commit access from the start
[22:09:41]  * FatGuyLaughing has quit (Client Quit)
[22:09:42]  <anarcat> shrop: there will certainly be!
[22:09:53]  * realityloop has joined #aegir
[22:09:59]  <shrop>   cool. Just checked and didn't see it yet, but wanted to be sure.
[22:10:04]    <sethvincent> ok. i have some git experience. i'll start out with a sandbox
[22:10:32]   <anarcat> cool
[22:10:37] <omega8cc>    sethvincent: congrats!
[22:10:58]   <anarcat> awesome
[22:11:09]  <EclipseGc>   sethvincent: be sure to let us all know where you sandbox is
[22:11:16] <EclipseGc>   your*
[22:11:29]    <sethvincent> ok. what will be the best way to share things like that?
[22:11:34] <anarcat> i'm sure it will be quite popular :)
[22:11:41]    <anarcat> hum
[22:11:43]  <shrop>   Just caught up on sethvincent's position here.. great!
[22:12:11]  <anarcat> sethvincent: maybe here? http://community.aegirproject.org/maintainers
[22:12:22]   <sethvincent> anarcat: ok
[22:12:23]  <anarcat> omega8cc: maybe you want to add pointers to your repos in there, btw
[22:12:43] <anarcat> sethvincent: otherwise, what's the next step for you and us? :)
[22:12:44] <omega8cc>    anarcat: right, good idea
[22:12:59]    <anarcat> and if anyone else has anything to add to our scrum, now is a good time - we're almost done!
[22:13:04]    <anarcat> darthsteven, you awake? :)
[22:14:19]   <sethvincent> anarcat: i need to study some of the general changes from d6 to d7, the aegir api, and write out a plan for the d7 port.
[22:15:13] <sethvincent> google code expects students to start coding somewhere around may 24, but i'd like to do a slow start earlier than that so that by may 24 i've already made some progress.
[22:15:33] <anarcat> i see
[22:15:43]    * arianekWORK has quit (Quit: Smell ya later)
[22:15:44]    <anarcat> so between now and the 24th you start documenting a plan is that right?
[22:16:13]  <anarcat> the right place for this is probably the handbook on the community site
[22:16:19]  <sethvincent> yeah. a plan, studying documentation, and getting to know the mentors is what's listed on the google summer of code site, i think.
[22:16:20]  <sethvincent> ok
[22:16:51]   <anarcat> i have done some of that documentation here: http://community.aegirproject.org/developing/architecture
[22:16:56]   <anarcat> before starting some coding, at least
[22:17:01]    <sethvincent> ok
[22:17:49]   <anarcat> alright, so welcome on board again, and thanks everyone for attending our scrum session!

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-05-03


[22:01:15]    * anarcat SCRUM TIME!
[22:01:24]    * anarcat cues boom-boom beat
[22:01:30]    <anarcat> alrighty
[22:01:40] <anarcat> so
[22:01:56]   <anarcat> what i'll do this week: finish setting up the new jenkins server, and work on drush/provision unit testing in 2.x
[22:02:07]   <anarcat> i have fixed a pesky issue in the site form editing
[22:02:09]  <shrop>   Haha
[22:02:22] * trainer has joined #aegir
[22:02:31]  <anarcat> and we're struggling with a core dump in d7 installs on our production server we can't reproduce in staging, really weird
[22:02:39]  <anarcat> if anyone got more info, let me know
[22:02:52] <anarcat> that's it for me
[22:03:02]    <anarcat> anyone else?
[22:03:07] <sethvincent> i'll go
[22:03:11] <anarcat> c_mcintosh: you said you had something to mention for our scrum?
[22:03:18] * arianek is now known as arianek_afk
[22:03:20]    <anarcat> sethvincent: go ahead!
[22:03:28]   <sethvincent> sandbox: http://drupal.org/sandbox/seth.vincent/1140244
[22:03:43]  <sethvincent> and the plan: http://community.aegirproject.org/roadmap/2.0/d7-port-dns-editor-plan-go...
[22:03:51]    <gmclelland>  is hostmaster-pause still a valid drush command? It tells me could not be found?
[22:04:01] <sethvincent> if anyone has advice on the plan that i wrote up please let me know
[22:04:08]  <anarcat> gmclelland: please wait after the scrum :)
[22:04:20]   <EclipseGc>   sethvincent: I'll read through it
[22:04:33]   <sethvincent> i've been doing studying of the docs, and that's what i'll keep working on over the next week
[22:04:47] * scottrigby has joined #aegir
[22:04:48]   * anarcat reading up
[22:04:49] <sethvincent> @EclipseGc thanks!
[22:04:57]   <anarcat> sethvincent: sounds good!
[22:05:04]    * arianek_afk has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:05:06]   <sethvincent> cool. that's it for me.
[22:05:20] <anarcat> sethvincent: do you plan on reviewing the existing work in the issue queue?
[22:05:25]  <anarcat> that's where most of the stuff is so far
[22:05:31]    <sethvincent> ah. yes
[22:06:13]  <anarcat> i'm happy to see a plan, so far it looks sound
[22:06:23]  <sethvincent> ok
[22:06:53]   <anarcat> sethvincent: you should authentify with nickserv when you hang around here, it will give you +v, which is a good way to get notified when the scrum starts
[22:07:03]   <EclipseGc>   I'm hoping to get to do this this week or next, but I'm actually intending on screwing around with drupal commerce some to see if I can get an outside of aegir D7 + DC platform requesting that aegir provision new sites
[22:07:19] <anarcat> we may make the channel +m (moderated, so only voiced users can talk) eventually so that will make it really important you authentify
[22:07:23]    <sethvincent> anarcat: ok. i'll do that
[22:07:23]   <anarcat> and that goes for everybody :)
[22:07:45]   <anarcat> EclipseGc: cool - note that c_mcintosh is working on that
[22:08:05]    <EclipseGc>   anarcat: http://drupal.org/project/hostmaster_plus I assume?
[22:08:07] <anarcat> koumbit is also rolling out a new ecommerce frontend that will talk with aegir through XMLRPC, maybe in collaboration with c_mcintosh, we'll see
[22:08:42]    <anarcat> wtf
[22:08:43]  <anarcat> no
[22:08:57]   <anarcat> c_mcintosh: that's not a good module name
[22:09:12]   <anarcat> c_mcintosh: first, it should be called hosting_* as hostmaster is the profile name
[22:09:19]   <anarcat> c_mcintosh: second, "plus" doesn't mean anything
[22:09:30]  <EclipseGc>   anarcat: I was just intending on trying to get a straight up drush provisioning call going and requiring that they be on the same server
[22:09:38] * Met4physica has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:10:31]   <anarcat> EclipseGc: not sure what you mean there
[22:10:40]  <EclipseGc>   anarcat: meh, no worries
[22:11:04] <EclipseGc>   anarcat: I've not even gotten to dig in yet, so, nothing to see here ;-)
[22:11:09]    <darthsteven> my turn?
[22:11:36] <anarcat> darthsteven: go ahead! :)
[22:12:11]    <darthsteven> Well, I looked at running cron using wget for D7 and popped a fix into the 2.x branch
[22:12:35]    <darthsteven> I think the change is pretty simple, and could be easily backported to 1.x
[22:12:59]   <darthsteven> Also, I have been thinking about the scheduled task problem
[22:13:24]  <darthsteven> so plan for coming week is more docs and coming up with a firm plan for scheduled/recurring task
[22:13:29] <darthsteven> that's all
[22:14:15]  <anarcat> cool
[22:14:21] <anarcat> i commented on your issue, but basically it's a great idea
[22:14:30]  <anarcat> so we're almost done with our scrum here
[22:14:45]    <anarcat> if anyone else has something to add, speak now or be silent for... a week ;)
[22:14:51] <anarcat> just kidding, you can speak whenever :P
[22:14:55]  <omega8cc>    I don't have anything special to report this week - it was a little spring holiday for me, but next week I plan to work on some Nginx related docs for c.a.o.
[22:14:57]   <anarcat> but now is the best time to get feedback!
[22:15:02]    <anarcat> awesome
[22:15:09]  <anarcat> omega8cc: thanks for that cron.php fix btw
[22:15:13]   <darthsteven> awesome module: http://drupal.org/project/hosting_platform_pathauto
[22:15:24]  <anarcat> you guys were making me crazy with that to and fro :)
[22:15:42]    <anarcat> darthsteven: yeah, that's freaking awesome
[22:15:46]  <anarcat> we need to merge it into 2.x
[22:15:53] * ipwa has quit (Quit: ipwa)
[22:15:55] <darthsteven> or just add to the makefile?
[22:16:42] * sethvincent has quit (Quit: Page closed)
[22:17:31]   <EclipseGc>   add to makefile
[22:17:32]  <EclipseGc>   ftw
[22:17:46]  * dob_ has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[22:17:50]   <anarcat> i think it should be in
[22:18:07]  * dob_ has joined #aegir
[22:18:15] <anarcat> but whatever...
[22:18:20]  <darthsteven> anyone else
[22:18:24]  <anarcat> the biggest problem right now is that it hardcodes /var/aegir
[22:18:29]    <darthsteven> want to say anything?
[22:18:30]    <anarcat> i think we're done!
[22:18:37] <anarcat> or late
[22:18:45]  <anarcat> and since we're not allowed to be late, we're done :P
[22:18:48]  <anarcat> ciao everyone
[22:18:52]    <anarcat> thanks for attending :)

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-05-10


[12:14am] anarcat: darthsteven mig5 bgm ergonlogic mvc joestewart omega8cc sfyn shrop skwashd univate_ : scrum time!
[12:14am] anarcat: alright
[12:14am] anarcat: so for my part i haven't done much aegir work in the last week
[12:14am] anarcat: i was swamped with sysadmin duties and other koumbit stuff
[12:15am] anarcat: i am trying to fix that damn d7 segfault problem we're having and i'm stuck
[12:15am] anarcat: i will try to find sometime this week to finally setup the new jenkins server and start to work on provision unit tests
[12:15am] anarcat: sfyn something else to add to our scrum?
[12:15am] anarcat: omega8cc ?
[12:15am] omega8cc: I'm still busy writing some Nginx related updated docs for c.a.o when I have some rare free minutes, and in the meantime Barracuda and Octopus have been finally moved to d.o, yay!
[12:15am] omega8cc: See http://drupal.org/project/barracuda and http://drupal.org/project/octopus, so we can co-operate better now.
[12:15am] anarcat: yay!
[12:16am] anarcat: awesome
[12:16am] omega8cc: Next week I plan to publish the docs I collected so far. That is it for me.
[12:16am] sfyn: Since last I came I started rolling out releases for uc_hosting
[12:16am] sfyn: I am working on the next one this week and then I am porting the puppy to D7
[12:17am] sfyn: And implementing remote storefronts, which means I am going to start working on services
[12:17am] anarcat: awesome
[12:17am] Pathin left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[12:17am] sfyn: cmcintosh has convinced me, along with 8 of his friends, to go with servicesapi
[12:17am] sfyn: also
[12:17am] anarcat: it seems our gsoc student is missing, but he's going to work on the d7 port of hostmaster, so you may want to coordinate with him on that
[12:18am] sfyn: quota api, and particularly the sites implementation of it could use some love, and i've noticed that platforms being locked prevent you from changing anything on a site at all
[12:18am] sfyn: anarcat: what is his nick on irc?
[12:18am] anarcat: sfyn: he's sethvincent
[12:18am] Pathin joined the chat room.
[12:18am] sfyn: anarcat: and maybe you could fire over his email
[12:18am] anarcat: about platforms being locked - yeah, another user reported something like this recently
[12:18am] anarcat: sfyn: not sure i have his email, lemme check
[12:19am] sfyn: thanks
[12:19am] sfyn: one last thing
[12:19am] anarcat: done
[12:19am] sfyn: this discussion: http://community.aegirproject.org/discuss/aegir-and-phpmyadmin
[12:20am] sfyn: has a question about deploying phpmyadmin on slave servers, would be cool if someone could chip in with experience with those
[12:20am] anarcat: note that i haven't followed the issue queue or the community site in about a week, so i'm a bit lagging
[12:20am] Pasqualle left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[12:20am] sfyn: anarcat: received and thanks
[12:20am] anarcat: i see
[12:21am] Artusamak is now known as Artusamak_afk.
[12:21am] anarcat: not sure i have time for this right now, but i would just set it up as a separate vhost
[12:21am] anarcat: and no need to set it up on all servers...
[12:21am] anarcat: anyways, we need some integration there so that mysql servers get configured in PMA
[12:21am] anarcat: i think therE's an issue for that
[12:21am] anarcat: anyone else for the scrum?
[12:23am] • sfyn chirps like a cricket
[12:24am] mvc: did i mention my pet drush module here lately?
[12:24am] mvc: http://drupal.org/sandbox/mvc/1142496
[12:24am] anarcat: mvc: i don't think you did!
[12:24am] anarcat: sweet
[12:24am] mvc: it reports which projects (as in groups of modules) are in use by different sites in one or more platforms
[12:25am] anarcat: good work
[12:25am] mvc: as soon as i get around to testing it with d5 and d7 i'll move it out of the sandbox
[12:25am] anarcat: isn't status-report a bit confusing as a command name? i would expect that command to give me similar results than the status report page in the drupal site...
[12:26am] anarcat: otherwise, cool
[12:26am] omega8cc: there is some promising contrib to review, if you can help
[12:26am] Pathin left the chat room. (Quit: Lost terminal)
[12:27am] obrienmd: mvc: really intersted in testing that, will do so ASAP... agree w/ anarcat on the command name though
[12:27am] omega8cc: see http://drupal.org/node/1144968
[12:27am] FatGuyLaughing left the chat room. (Quit: FatGuyLaughing)
[12:29am] anarcat: alright
[12:29am] anarcat: oh
[12:29am] anarcat: another thing
[12:29am] anarcat: koumbit is going to make a presentation at drupalcon this year
[12:29am] anarcat: i would have loved to talk with darthsteven about this, i guess we can catch up later this week
[12:29am] anarcat: but basically, we're going to send the proposal soon, the deadline is the 15th, iirc
[12:30am] anarcat: so there we go
[12:30am] anarcat: i think that covers it for our scrum
[12:30am] anarcat: thanks everybody for attending
[12:30am] anarcat: and see you next week!
[12:30am] • anarcat scrum over!
[12:30am] omega8cc: ciao
[12:30am] sfyn: salut
[12:30am] szczym: see you

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-05-24

[22:00:11]    * anarcat SCRUM TIME!
[22:00:27]    <j0nathan>    hi
[22:00:35]   <anarcat> darthsteven / mig5 / bgm / grugnog / joestewart / mvc / omega8cc / sethvincent / / sfyn / shrop : scrum time!
[22:00:35]    <hefring> anarcat: 2 days 8 hours ago <mig5> tell anarcat I don't know if one can export. I am happy to copy-and-paste, can you make me an admin of the system when you get a chance
[22:00:38]    <anarcat> hallo :)
[22:00:50] <anarcat> mig5: sure will!
[22:00:54] <anarcat> so i'll start by saying
[22:00:54] <omega8cc>    hello!
[22:00:54]   <hefring> que tal
[22:00:55]  <anarcat> hi!
[22:00:55]  <hefring> hola
[22:00:56] <anarcat> :)
[22:01:09]   <anarcat> i've got a few thinsg to touch base on
[22:01:18]  <anarcat> darthsteven: we need to talk about drupalcon
[22:01:31] <anarcat> darthsteven: we'd like to see if you could participate in the training
[22:01:40]  <anarcat> also
[22:01:53] <anarcat> i'll be going to the drush code sprint in boston 27-28 of june
[22:02:04]  <anarcat> and i'll probably be around boston during the weekend too for the design camp
[22:02:12]   <anarcat> so if anybody wants to hang out or say hi
[22:02:13]    <anarcat> hi :)
[22:02:18]    <anarcat> what else
[22:02:35]    <anarcat> i'll look in the sites security issues this week - the stuff about sites being visible by anonymous users
[22:02:50]   <anarcat> i know that sfyn is working on the uc_hosting module real hard, and got a 1.0 release out (or almost)
[22:03:11]    <anarcat> we're looking at creating a d7 ubercart frontend that could talk to the aegir backend using cmcintosh's services_api stuff
[22:03:14] * henk_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:03:22] <anarcat> so i think that's it for me!
[22:03:33]    <anarcat> deadline for drupalcon votes is tomorrow, please vote for our sessions!
[22:03:50]  <anarcat> http://london2011.drupal.org/conference/proposed-sessions?track=All&expe...
[22:03:54]  <anarcat> anyone else?
[22:04:38] <sethvincent> i will officially start coding for gsoc today!
[22:04:50]   <anarcat> yaaay! :)
[22:04:57]    <anarcat> sethvincent: so what do you need help on now?
[22:05:07]    <sethvincent> i'll be getting started by making a branch in my snadbox to test out the relevant patches in the issue queue
[22:05:20]    * peterm95018 has quit (Quit: peterm95018)
[22:05:24]   <anarcat> cool
[22:05:34] <anarcat> take a look at this one, i think that's a key issue: http://drupal.org/node/517620
[22:06:11]  <sethvincent> right, that seems like the main one i need to work with
[22:06:20]  <anarcat> okay
[22:06:27] <anarcat> if you need any help, please do let me know
[22:06:53]  <anarcat> sethvincent: anything else?
[22:06:54]  <sethvincent> i figure once i start testing out patches, doing a test run through coder upgrade and such things i'll have a list of questions i could use help with
[22:06:55]   <anarcat> anyone else?
[22:07:02] <anarcat> awesome
[22:07:02]  <sethvincent> that's about it for me.
[22:07:05] <anarcat> sethvincent: ping me any time
[22:07:07]    <anarcat> as an aside, if anybody hangs around the channel wants some training for aegir, please look at http://london2011.drupal.org/page/aegir-hosting-system-deep-dive
[22:07:09]  <sethvincent> ok. thanks
[22:07:28]   <anarcat> darthsteven / mig5 / josh_k / omega8cc / shrop : anything to add to our weekly scrum?
[22:07:54]    <anarcat> i can add for myself that i will be reviewing the patch queue tomorrow and try to get some of those commits in, and who knows - get 1.2 out the door? :)
[22:07:59] <joestewart>  I posted a couple of simple patches that should be easy to review.
[22:08:06]   <josh_k>  I am currently working a small side project to try and get universities to use aegir
[22:08:15] <anarcat> awesome!
[22:08:21] <anarcat> double-awesome! ;)
[22:08:22]   <josh_k>  if it works, it should mean more users and hopefully more support (of the good kind)
[22:08:26] <josh_k>  :)
[22:08:29]   <anarcat> great :)
[22:08:35] <anarcat> joestewart: thanks for the patches
[22:09:06]   <anarcat> alright, anyone else?
[22:10:15]    <anarcat> omega8cc: ?
[22:10:18]  <anarcat> maybe?
[22:10:48]   <omega8cc>    not much this week, still working on new docs for aegir/nginx
[22:10:59]    <omega8cc>    plus some video maybe
[22:11:04]    <anarcat> good
[22:11:56] <anarcat> alright
[22:12:05]  <anarcat> so i think that does it for our scrum, thanks everyone for attending!
[22:12:20]    <anarcat> if anyone has anything to add, i'll stick around another 3 minutes, but in the meantime i'll upload the log to the site
[22:12:21]    <omega8cc>    ciao

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-05-31

[22:00:12]    * anarcat SCRUM TIME!
[22:00:19]    <anarcat> so welcome to our weekly scrum and blablablablabla :)
[22:00:26]    <anarcat> I WANT TO RELEASE 1.2! :)
[22:00:42]    <Aciid>   more aegir harder faster stronger
[22:00:43]    <anarcat> i've been itching to make a new release, and since we have a few good patches in, i thought it'd be a good idea
[22:00:54]    <anarcat> i could do it on thursday
[22:00:56]    <sfyn>    WOW THAT SOUNDS GREAT ANARCAT! Is that the release we only talk about in all-caps?
[22:01:00]   <anarcat> if nobody freaks out until then
[22:01:07]  <anarcat> sfyn: no, it's not. :)
[22:01:22]  * bwood has joined #aegir
[22:01:27]    <anarcat> i've been mostly focused on working on the stable branch so far
[22:01:35] <anarcat> but i merged stuff around
[22:01:42]    <anarcat> i wonder where our gsoc student is
[22:02:12]   <anarcat> i'll be reviewing the patches sitting in the queue, so if you want to submit a patch for 1.x, now is a good time to push it up to RTBC
[22:02:19]  <anarcat> and that's about it for me!
[22:02:31] <anarcat> anyone else got something to announce here?
[22:02:43]  <sfyn>    nope
[22:02:49] <anarcat> oh and i'll be working on the dupe client/site visible to anon stuff too this week
[22:02:57]  * FransK has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[22:03:23]    <anarcat> since nobody is saying anything, i'll just bring something on a completely unrelated note: http://anarcat.koumbit.org/2011-05-23-construire-une-antenne-quad-en-ville
[22:03:33]   <mig5>    morning
[22:03:41]  <anarcat> i'm building a huge ham radio antenna, 15'x15'x14', 11' in the air
[22:03:43]  <anarcat> heey mig5 !
[22:03:46]  <sfyn>    anarcat: wow that really is very unrelated
[22:03:50]   <mig5>    omg i woke up in time for a scrum
[22:03:56]    <jmcclelland> anarcat: i only now saw your response to http://drupal.org/node/1083366. I'd like to follow up and see if we can come up with a reasonable strategy before your next release.
[22:03:59]   <anarcat> mig5: omgomgomg! :)
[22:04:24]  <sfyn>    Would this perhaps be a good time to mention I won't be going to London, and so Koumbit will need a third aegir dev interested in participating in our training?
[22:04:27]    <anarcat> mig5: i changed the DNS records as you asked
[22:04:43] <anarcat> sfyn: i already mentionned this to darthsteven, we'll see where it goes
[22:04:46] <sfyn>    sl;ash helping us to deliver our training
[22:04:49]    <mig5>    thanks anarcat. darthsteven has sudo on that box now so there's more hands on deck
[22:04:53]  <sfyn>    anarcat: ah, ok, thanks
[22:05:07]  <anarcat> we're having trouble getting him to sync in during the scrum these days, maybe we can retune our schedule...
[22:05:29]    <anarcat> mig5: great!
[22:05:46] <anarcat> jmcclelland: i'm not sure we can get that in 1.x, actually - it seems like this would change the API in a significant way...
[22:05:53]    <anarcat> jmcclelland: but we can certainly talk about this :)
[22:05:56]   <anarcat> and at least get a fix in 2.x
[22:06:04]    <jmcclelland> ok - i understand.
[22:06:49]   <anarcat> jmcclelland: but yeah, thanks a lot for getting involved, that issue is ... hard :)
[22:06:58]  <anarcat> alrighty
[22:07:02] <anarcat> anyone else wants to jump in?
[22:07:08]    <anarcat> doing cool aegir stuff?
[22:07:13]  <anarcat> building crazy ham radio antennas? :)
[22:07:25]    <mig5>    hehe
[22:07:37] <sfyn>    I am working on an extension to provision to provision ham radio antennaes
[22:07:38]   <mig5>    i've nothing else to add, i only worked on the jenkins machine since coming back from overseas
[22:07:58]  <anarcat> sfyn: you're so lying :P
[22:08:11]    <sfyn>    anarcat: no it should be ready by quarter 5, 2019
[22:08:32]    <anarcat> ok cool
[22:08:34]  <anarcat> mig5: okay!
[22:08:46]  <anarcat> mig5: i am not sure where to go with that other vserver now
[22:08:53]  <anarcat> i've been busy with other stuff so i couldn't take care of that
[22:09:22]    <anarcat> mig5: what do you think of a 1.2 thursday?
[22:09:31]   <anarcat> or friday in your timezone :)
[22:09:39]    <anarcat> (iirc)
[22:10:45]   * bwood has quit (Quit: bwood)
[22:10:49]   <mig5>    should be ok, i'll be 'around'
[22:10:57]    <mig5>    what other vserver are you referring to
[22:11:24]  <anarcat> mig5: the other jenkins server?
[22:11:27]  <mig5>    the original jenkins machine is my own jenkins machine that runs stuff on lots of my servers, so i've just dropped those old aegir jobs since migrating them
[22:11:47]    <anarcat> didn't you setup a separate jenkins server for me to play with?
[22:11:49] <mig5>    the reason we moved it was so i could give you sudo on a machine without exposing my evil little secrets :)
[22:11:56]  <mig5>    the new jenkins server is for you to play with
[22:12:06]   <anarcat> oh, so that new ip is excatly that!
[22:12:07]  <anarcat> i see
[22:12:11]    <mig5>    yep
[22:12:12]  <anarcat> so you migrated all the jobs!
[22:12:13]    <anarcat> awesome
[22:12:21]  <mig5>    yes so go crazy :)
[22:12:23]   <anarcat> okay, then i guess that's one thing less on my list :)
[22:12:24]  <anarcat> great!
[22:12:30]   <mig5>    i think we intended on not building 'cloud' machines but doing aegir installs directly on that box from git
[22:12:33]    <anarcat> one thing i want to do is autobuild debian packges
[22:12:40]   <mig5>    oooh yes
[22:12:40] <anarcat> yeah that too
[22:12:44]    <anarcat> do we still do the cloud thing?
[22:12:48]  <mig5>    yes for now
[22:12:55]  <anarcat> okay so here's my idea
[22:13:00]  <anarcat> we can chain jobs right?
[22:13:03] <mig5>    yep
[22:13:05]  <anarcat> so we have a job that builds the package
[22:13:11] <anarcat> another that installs it!
[22:13:15]    <anarcat> dumb and simple :)
[22:13:17]   <mig5>    perfect
[22:13:32]  <anarcat> oh wait, there's another one (duh) - another one removes the package! :)
[22:13:34]    <mig5>    and we can chain an install + upgrade too
[22:13:40]    <anarcat> totally
[22:13:45]  <anarcat> so we can have a builder for the last release
[22:13:56]    <anarcat> then use that package to install then chain with the upgrade
[22:14:13] <anarcat> the intricacies of this are just scary for a jenkins newbie like me, but it looks promising
[22:14:19]  <anarcat> i tried the openid plugin again
[22:14:25]  <anarcat> and it failed on me again
[22:14:37]    <mig5>    chaining seems pretty straightforward in jenkins: and it's smart enough to know whether to not build if the previous job failed, etc
[22:14:37]    <anarcat> problem is - i became the openid_provider maintainer now, so i have no excuse left :P
[22:14:40]    <mig5>    hrm
[22:14:40]  <mig5>    haha
[22:15:15] <anarcat> kinda sucks :P
[22:15:43]   <mig5>    fuckity fuck :)
[22:15:48]  <mig5>    too funny
[22:15:50]    <anarcat> yeah
[22:15:55] <anarcat> so anyways
[22:16:00]   <anarcat> i think that's it for our scrum folks!
[22:16:03]  <anarcat> thanks for attending!
[22:16:11]    <mig5>    cheers

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-06-07

[15:00]  * anarcat SCRUM TIME!
[15:00] <@anarcat> welcome everybody
[15:00] <+sfyn> hello
[15:00] <@anarcat> so this is our weekly scrum
[15:00] <j0nathan> halo
[15:00] <@anarcat> and i'll be your host, jolly-o-anarcat
[15:00] <@anarcat> this week
[15:00] <@anarcat> i want to release 1.2
[15:00] <@anarcat> i know i said that last week
[15:00] <@anarcat> but i failed
[15:00] <@anarcat> so i'll try again :)
[15:00] <@anarcat> if you guys have patches to review or commit, now is a good time
[15:00] <@anarcat> i'll do a sprint tomorrow and try to release thursday
[15:01] <@anarcat> also
[15:01] <@anarcat> koumbit wants to blog about "cool things done with aegir" - we have a few on our end
[15:01] <@anarcat> but if you guys have good examples, bring it!
[15:01] <@anarcat> you can send sample sites or blurbs or text or whatever to me on irc here or by email at anarcat@koumbit.org
[15:01] <@anarcat> what else what else
[15:02] <@anarcat> i think that's it for me, other than the fact that i'm probably supposed to harrass our gsoc student here
[15:02] <@anarcat> sethvincent: prod!
[15:02] <+sethvincent> hello!
[15:02] <@anarcat> prod prod :)
[15:02] == dunkoh [~dunkoh@MW-ESR1-72-49-37-45.fuse.net] has joined #aegir
[15:02] <@anarcat> hey seth, how's it going
[15:02] <@anarcat> can you give us a little progress update?
[15:02] <+sethvincent> sorry. classes here have just finished, so i'll be more active starting this week.
[15:03] <+sfyn> yay
[15:03] <@anarcat> yay! :)
[15:03] <+sfyn> !
[15:03] <+sethvincent> i've been working on porting eldir first.
[15:03] <+sethvincent> made a few initial commits of that work
[15:03] <+sethvincent> applied the 'turn features into features' patch and have been looking through the changes that introduces
[15:04] <+sethvincent> and that's about it
[15:04] <@anarcat> okay, those commits don't seem to be pushed on drupal.org, please do so when you can!
[15:04] <@univate> I am willing to help out with some of that "features" stuff if you need it
[15:04] <@anarcat> good work
[15:04] <@anarcat> awesome!
[15:04] == dunkoh [~dunkoh@MW-ESR1-72-49-37-45.fuse.net] has quit [Client Quit]
[15:04] <@anarcat> univate: please do! i understand you had good contributions there
[15:04]  * sfyn raises his hand
[15:04] <@anarcat> in fact, if you want to help sethvincent by reviewing and merging his patches in, that's great
[15:04] <@anarcat> sfyn: go right ahead
[15:04] <@anarcat> i think seth was done
[15:04] == jerryitt [~jerry@ip-78-137-175-99.dsl.digiweb.ie] has joined #aegir
[15:05] <+sethvincent> cool. so far all the stuff i'm working on is here: http://drupal.org/sandbox/seth.vincent/1140244
[15:05] <+sfyn> not much done, but I have started working on the servicesAPI imp from the hostmaster_plus module
[15:05] <+sfyn> Bit of a mess, but I am hosting that work on github for now
[15:05] <+sfyn> https://github.com/sfyn/hosting_services
[15:05] == AquaticDisorder [~AquaticDi@cpc2-chwo3-0-0-cust50.perr.cable.virginmedia.com] has joined #aegir
[15:05] <+sfyn> The big news - the module can now be installed
[15:05] <@univate> I have a couple a major projects that are planning to use aegir, so hoping to have a a bit more time focused on this
[15:05] <@anarcat> sethvincent: i see... the url linked from the gsoc page is wrong: http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2011/sdv_3333/1#
[15:05] <+sfyn> I am waiting to hear back from cmcintosh - the original author - before publishing to d.org
[15:06] <+sethvincent> anarcat: oh! i'll fix that
[15:06] <@anarcat> sfyn: why isn't that on drupal.org?
[15:06] <@anarcat> oh nevermind :)
[15:06] <@anarcat> sfyn: i think you should go ahead and publish
[15:06] <+sfyn> I agree
[15:06] <+sfyn> if mr. mac doesn't get back to me by friday I will
[15:06] <@anarcat> ok
[15:07] <@anarcat> great
[15:07] <+sfyn> YOU HEAR THAT CMCINTOSH?
[15:07] <@anarcat> SFYN: I DON'T THINK HE'S HERE!
[15:07] <@anarcat> ;)
[15:07] <@anarcat> alright, enough yelling :)
[15:07] <+sfyn> maybe he will read the scrum log later
[15:07] == FatGuyLaughing [~FatGuyLau@] has quit [Quit: FatGuyLaughing]
[15:07] <@darthsteven> my turn
[15:07] <@anarcat> sfyn, if you're done, i think we can move on to mig5 or darthsteven
[15:07] <@anarcat> alright :)
[15:07]  * sfyn clams up
[15:08] <@mig5> nothing from me this week i'm afraid
[15:08] <@darthsteven> so, this week I've been reviewing a few issues and committing some of my patches to the 7.x branch and 6.x too
[15:08] <@mig5> i hear the distribution relesae node issue was fixed
[15:08] <@darthsteven> thinking about things to do with cron
[15:08] <@anarcat> darthsteven: cool
[15:08] <@anarcat> mig5: yes, at last!!!
[15:08] <@darthsteven> I'm going to hit documentation hard over the next few weeks
[15:09] <@darthsteven> to live up to my 'documentation maintainer' title :)
[15:09] <@anarcat> cool :)
[15:09] <@anarcat> that's great!
[15:09] <@darthsteven> I'd also like to get api.aegirproject.org sorted out
[15:09] <@darthsteven> cause it's a bit of a mess at the moment
[15:09] <@anarcat> darthsteven: we should really move the api site to our aegir server, that would fix a lot of shit
[15:09] <@anarcat> yeah
[15:09] <@anarcat> ergonlogic was proposing we move to d7 too
[15:10] <@darthsteven> we can discuss in the issue...
[15:10] <@anarcat> yeah
[15:10] <@darthsteven> that's it from me
[15:10] == ipwa [~ipwa@] has joined #aegir
[15:10] <@anarcat> alright
[15:10] <@darthsteven> anyone else?
[15:10] <@anarcat> mig5: anything to add?
[15:10] <@mig5> nope
[15:10] <@anarcat> otherwise i think we're kind of done here
[15:10] <@anarcat> thanks everyone for attending, and see you on the other side of 1.2 :)
[15:10] <@anarcat> oh
[15:10] <+sfyn> cya all next week
[15:10] <@anarcat> another thing
[15:11] <@anarcat> i am trying to remove aegir from ubuntu
[15:11] <@anarcat> because it currently ships with 0.3
[15:11] <+sfyn> oops
[15:11] <@anarcat> which is confusing some people
[15:11] <@anarcat> and is blocking the drush backport
[15:11] <@anarcat> but that seems to be hard
[15:12] <@anarcat> if anyone wants to help in the ubuntu effort, that would be apprecitated: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aegir-provision/+bug/793567
[15:12] <@anarcat> and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/drush/+bug/755169
[15:12] <@anarcat> so that's about it
[15:12] <@anarcat> thanks again everyone

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-06-21

21:59 <@anarcat> hey
21:59 <@anarcat> gooood morning vietnam!
22:00 <@mig5> HELO
22:00 <@anarcat> alright
22:00  * anarcat SCRUM TIME!
22:00 <@anarcat> gosh this is early
22:00 <@anarcat> so welcome everyone
22:00 <@darthsteven> heh
22:01 <@anarcat> i'm your sleepy host, unless another timezone feels less jetlagged :)
22:01 <@mig5> getting sleepy :)
22:01 <@darthsteven> I'm your less sleepy host then
22:01 <@anarcat> yay! :)
22:01 <@darthsteven> Welcome to the scrum for 21 Jun 2011
22:01 <@darthsteven> Who wants to speak first?
22:01 <@darthsteven> anarcat?
22:01 <@anarcat> i can try! :)
22:02 <@anarcat> so i haven't published 1.2, but this time i have a good excuse
22:02 <@anarcat> we're really almost there - i want to test the debian packages first
22:02 <@anarcat> i was able to make an autobuilder in jenkins
22:02 <@anarcat> so jenkins now has a pgp key and can build packages. both from the debian branch and from the 1.x branch
22:02 <@anarcat> https://drupal.org/node/1183926
22:02 <@darthsteven> cool
22:03 <@anarcat> there are a good few questions in there that i'd like feedback about
22:03 <@anarcat> esp. from mig5
22:03 <@mig5> awesome, you are now our CI ninja :)
22:03 <@anarcat> crap :)
22:03 <@darthsteven> anything else anarcat?
22:03 <@anarcat> well, there's this daemon thing :)
22:04 <@anarcat> i played with darthsteven's queue runner, and it's awesom
22:04 <@anarcat> we're running it in production, working very well, got people impressed
22:04 <@anarcat> i want to merge it in 2.x
22:04 <@anarcat> and port our dispatcher to the d7 queue system
22:04 <@anarcat> i think we should make queue-runner 1.1
22:04 <@anarcat> i think that's about it for me!
22:05 <@darthsteven> mig5?
22:05 <@darthsteven> (thanks anarcat)
22:05 <@anarcat> welcome!
22:05 <@mig5> nothing from me this week, i need to catch up on the jenkins changes
22:05 <@darthsteven> okay, cool
22:05 <@darthsteven> I'll go next...
22:06 <@darthsteven> I looked at the daemon for running tasks with anarcat
22:06 <@darthsteven> resulting in a 1.1 release, which anarcat hasn't noticed :)
22:06 <@anarcat> haha cool
22:06 <@darthsteven> We also got the api site sorted last week, though mostly not down to me
22:06 <@darthsteven> which is ace!
22:07 <@mig5> nice
22:07 <@darthsteven> I added a new hook to enable friendly names for servers in lists of servers
22:07 <@darthsteven> and released a module that uses the hook
22:07 <@darthsteven> http://drupal.org/project/hosting_server_titles
22:08 <@darthsteven> I think I added a ton of documentation the week before too
22:08 <@darthsteven> which was nice
22:08 < chouchou> Hello,
22:08 <@anarcat> cool
22:08 <@darthsteven> but that's it from me
22:08 < chouchou> pls i have an issue,
22:08 <@anarcat> note that i documented the 2.x api changes here http://community.aegirproject.org/upgrading/path
22:08 < chouchou> first, i wouuld like to know how do I change the drush gid download source ?
22:08 <@darthsteven> chouchou: We're in the middle of a scrum, please hold for the end, then you can ask
22:08 <@anarcat> i think we should keep that page in mind when we change the API
22:08 <@darthsteven> anyone else have anything for the scrum?
22:09 <+omega8cc> I finally started publishing some nginx related docs on www.omega8.cc and will extract from there to re-post on c.a.o handbook, also some new nginx patches are in testing and should be sumitted for review shortly, we are sponsoring also Aegir session at http://drupaldesigncamp.net next week!
22:09 <@darthsteven> awesome
22:09 <@mig5> props to shrop who has done great work on the community site sorting some stuff out
22:09 <@darthsteven> omega8cc: anything else?
22:09 <@anarcat> all good
22:09 <+omega8cc> that is it from me, i think
22:10 <@anarcat> ah, note that i'll be at the drush test sprint next week, so i will probably miss the scrum
22:10 <@anarcat> if you guys have specifics of things i should work on with drush, let me know!
22:11 <@darthsteven> anyone else have anything to add?
22:11 <@darthsteven> I'll give it a minute...
22:11 <@anarcat> well, i'd like to chat quickly with mig5 about the jenkins stuff
22:11 <@anarcat> mig5: did you read up on the issue?
22:11 <@mig5> this one? https://drupal.org/node/1183926
22:12 <@anarcat> mig5: upy
22:12 <@anarcat> yup*
22:12 <@anarcat> basically, we need to decide this:
22:12 <@anarcat> 1. do we install/remove/update/whatnot on the jenkins server? (be scared)
22:12 <@anarcat> 2. do we install using dpkg -i or do we upload to debian.koumbit.net's unstable repository and use apt-get? (the latter has the disadvantage of having 
                 to wait a undetermined delay for repo to catchup, but has the upside of broadening the test capabilities)
22:12 <@anarcat> i am thinking more and more of this as a build bot, with packges uploaded to debian.koumbit.net/unstable
22:13 <@anarcat> and then everyone can test them, including jenkins or "the cloud", from jenkins
22:13 <@mig5> 1. is fine with me but i was already scared :) but as far as I can tell, it's the only way to sanely chain tasks.. (as opposed to an isolated 
              cloud-generated VPS)
22:14 <@mig5> the fundamental thing i want to do with theses tests, is pretend like we are a user
22:14 <@anarcat> well that's the thing, if we upload to debian.k.n, then we can run install/upgrade/whatever independently...
22:14 <@mig5> except with preseeding :)
22:14 <@mig5> so i think the apt-get is good
22:14 -!- bgm_ is now known as bgm
22:14 <@anarcat> ok
22:14 <@anarcat> mig5: do you know about jenkins's "tasks"?
22:14 -!- bgm [~bgm@2607:f748:1200:105::5] has quit [Changing host]
22:14 -!- bgm [~bgm@pdpc/supporter/active/bgm] has joined #aegir
22:14 <@mig5> no
22:14 <@anarcat> ok
22:14 <@mig5> i've only done build steps
22:15 <@anarcat> i tried to play with that, but i don't feel it's what we need, basically...
22:15 <@anarcat> it's a weird thing
22:15 <@anarcat> so okay, that's cool
22:15 -!- mode/#aegir [+v shrop] by ChanServ
22:15 <@anarcat> i think i'll try to setup fabric stuff to deploy debian packages remotely
22:15 <@anarcat> and of course upload to debian.k.n
22:15 <@mig5> deploy as in send to koumbit.d.n ?
22:15 <@mig5> er
22:15 <@mig5> ah
22:15 <@anarcat> and fix the preseed
22:16 <@mig5> so by deploy debian packages remotely you mean, build on fresh VPS?
22:16 <@mig5> as i am not against the former
22:16 <@anarcat> deploy as in ssh cloud.vps.foo 'apt-get install aegir; drush provision-tests ; apt-get remove aegir'
22:16 <@mig5> so long as we can clean up our mess on the jenkins server
22:17 <@anarcat> well, i'm worried about not being able to do that
22:17 < chouchou> are you free now?
22:17 <@mig5> my main worry about cloud.vps.foo is we may lose the ability to chain builds
22:17 <@anarcat> *and* about interop problems with jenkins itself
22:17 <@darthsteven> Anyone else have anything for the scrum? Otherwise we'll wrap it up there, and leave mig5 and anarcat to it...
22:17 <@anarcat> darthsteven: yup, ok
22:17 <@darthsteven> 

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-06-28

[22:01:28]  <darthsteven>  scrum time!
[22:01:35]  <darthsteven>  who wants to go first?
[22:01:51]  <darthsteven>  me?
[22:01:55]  <darthsteven>  okay, if you insist
[22:02:09]  <darthsteven>  I've not done much since last week
[22:02:27]  <darthsteven>  Don't really have anything to report
[22:02:36]  <darthsteven>  that's it from me!
[22:02:43]  <darthsteven>  anyone else have anything to add?
[22:03:08]  <mig5>  i've done nothing this week either.. sadly I don't see things changing from that, either..
[22:03:16]  <shrop>  darthsteven: I hope to add more docs to community.aegirproject.org soon. Some ldap config info for Active Driectory
[22:03:29]  <mig5>  nice
[22:03:34]  <darthsteven>  awesome
[22:03:42]  <darthsteven>  anyone else?
[22:04:15]  <omega8cc>  I fixed a few bugs in the Nginx config, submit even more patches for review and also discovered we don't support D7 properly yet: http://drupal.org/node/1196034
[22:04:15]  <hefring>  http://drupal.org/node/1196034 => Paths to images are broken in D7 after site clone/rename => Provision, Code, critical, needs work, 2 comments, 1 IRC mention
[22:05:08]  <darthsteven>  oh hello, that's a bit of a showstopper
[22:05:31]  <darthsteven>  anyone else?
[22:05:45]  <omega8cc>  and that is it from me, I think, I plan to submit even more patches next/this week
[22:06:04]  <darthsteven>  Thank you omega8cc
[22:06:13]  <darthsteven>  anyone else have anything to add/discuss?
[22:06:36]  * mrconnerton has joined #aegir
[22:06:41]  <omega8cc>  so, what about 1.2?
[22:07:05]  <omega8cc>  are we waiting for anarcat probably?
[22:07:27]  <darthsteven>  I think that anarcat was working to get the debian packages built and tested automatically before releasing 1.2
[22:07:36]  <darthsteven>  and we need to fix the issue you found
[22:07:43]  <omega8cc>  yeah
[22:08:20]  <darthsteven>  Well, we'll end the scrum there I think
[22:08:27]  <darthsteven>  thanks for coming
[22:08:33]  <darthsteven>  logs?
[22:08:33]  <hefring>  yeah, ok, i admit, i'm logging this channel in http://hefring.mig5.net/bot/log/aegir - ask me about log bookmark too ;)
[22:08:45]  <darthsteven>  hefring: log bookmark?
[22:08:45]  <hefring>  http://hefring.mig5.net/bot/log/aegir/2011-06-28#T88506

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-07-05

[22:01:04]    <mig5>    scrum time
[22:01:12]   <omega8cc>    hello!
[22:01:12]   <mig5>    anarcat sends his apologies for this week
[22:01:25]    <mig5>    but I hear he had a good time at the drush sprint and got some good work done, so hopefully we'll hear more about that soon
[22:02:03] <mig5>    me, i once again didn't do anything.. oh, I did add to the jenkins deb install of aegir to uninstall and purge the packages before destroying
[22:02:13]   <mig5>    which is a final good test of those packages
[22:02:18] <halcyonCorsair>  omega8cc: i'm trying a barracuda/octopus upgrade before i try again
[22:02:40] <mig5>    i think we are well overdue for a 1.2 release, I am conscious there are a lot of patches from omega8cc for review (I think?) so we should get those in
[22:02:53]   <halcyonCorsair>  omega8cc: but i was having trouble replicating the site installation commands, i think there might have been some arguments i was missing?
[22:02:55]   <omega8cc>    halcyonCorsair: please wait 15 minutes, we have scrum time
[22:02:56]   <mig5>    that's it from me, over to darthsteven and omega8cc
[22:03:27] <darthsteven> sure
[22:03:52] * Harley has joined #aegir
[22:03:56]   <darthsteven> I got the Jenkins deb install of aegir working
[22:04:07]   <mig5>    epic
[22:04:13] <darthsteven> and worked on getting notification integration with Aegir
[22:04:26]    <darthsteven> http://drupal.org/project/hosting_notifications
[22:04:42]  <mig5>    oh nice. i saw somewhere a sandbox link but it had disappeared
[22:04:47]   <darthsteven> So I now get push notifications on my iPhone when Aegir tasks fail
[22:04:51]   <darthsteven> which is nice
[22:04:58]    <darthsteven> write-up coming soon
[22:05:02] <mig5>    nice. Notifo?
[22:05:11]    <darthsteven> that's it from me
[22:05:25]   <darthsteven> (using prowl, but whatever messaging module supports is possible)
[22:05:36]    <mig5>    gotcha
[22:06:23]   <mig5>    omega8cc, anything to add? other than 'commit my patches you bastards' :)
[22:06:42]  <omega8cc>    ok, so I want to attack that weird critical today: http://drupal.org/node/1196034 and it lock all our upgrades schedule currently, and then will submit next round of improvements to the Nginx config plus - yay! Aegir UI patches!
[22:06:42] <hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1196034 => Paths to images are broken in D7 after site clone/rename => Provision, Code, critical, needs work, 3 comments, 3 IRC mentions
[22:07:52]    <mig5>    cool!
[22:07:55]    <omega8cc>    and that is it from me, but the UI changes are long overdue and I want to share them finally
[22:09:09] <mig5>    omega8cc: i wonder if that patch of yours needs to be applied to the deploy_7.inc file?
[22:09:13]  <mig5>    as opposed to deploy.inc
[22:09:18] <mig5>    but i've forgotten how it all works
[22:09:54] <mig5>    don't think it would change that result anyway
[22:09:57]  <omega8cc>    mig5: that is exactly what I think, it misses d7 specific stuff there completely
[22:10:04] <mig5>    strange
[22:10:08]  <omega8cc>    yeah
[22:10:15] <mig5>    anyway - anyone else got something to add to the scrum? ergonlogic?
[22:10:25]  <joestewart>  not directly on aegir but I posted two patches to drush_make that are useful for aegir. one that adds ability to set options in the makefile - http://drupal.org/node/1206340 the other updated a patch that allows setting working-copy per project - http://drupal.org/node/958844
[22:10:25] <hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1206340 => introduce an options array in the root level of the makefile => Drush Make, Code, normal, needs review, 0 comments, 1 IRC mention
[22:10:26]    <hefring> http://drupal.org/node/958844 => PATCH: Allow [working-copy] in makefile as well as on commandline => Drush Make, Code, normal, needs review, 18 comments, 1 IRC mention
[22:10:42]   <mig5>    nice, I saw the working-copy patch update
[22:11:08]    <mig5>    also see Owen's Drush sprint overview here for those interested: http://civicactions.com/blog/2011/jun/30/drush_code_sprint_report
[22:11:29]  * CraHan is now known as CraHan_out
[22:11:52]  <mig5>    ok, scrum done I think, and i'll do the log
[22:11:56] <mig5>    thanks all
[22:12:04]   <omega8cc>    thanks!

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-07-12

(08:01:34 AM) anarcat: heey scrum time
(08:01:39 AM) anarcat: mig5 / darthsteven : scrum!
(08:01:45 AM) anarcat: omega8cc / sfyn / shrop : scrum time
(08:01:52 AM) anarcat: am i the only one awake? :)
(08:01:59 AM) omega8cc: hello!
(08:02:01 AM) ergonlogic: anarcat: not the *only* one
(08:02:14 AM) ergonlogic: hi all
(08:02:35 AM) anarcat: hello ergonlogic !
(08:02:50 AM) anarcat: so welcome to our weekly scrum
(08:02:52 AM) anarcat: i don't have much to say
(08:02:57 AM) anarcat: i've been away for a while
(08:03:03 AM) anarcat: vacations, drush sprint, etc
(08:03:12 AM) anarcat: i'll try to do a reportback of that great drush sprint soon
(08:03:36 AM) anarcat: but basically, i worked on jenkins, debian packaging and cleaning up the drush bootstrap process to make real unit tests possible
(08:03:49 AM) anarcat: so we can now test *functions* (instead of just commands) in the drush unit test framework
(08:03:53 AM) anarcat: which will be useful for provision
(08:03:54 AM) anarcat: now
(08:04:01 AM) anarcat: how's 1.x doing?
(08:04:14 AM) anarcat: i have on my tuesday todo (and had for a while) to release 1.2
(08:04:27 AM) anarcat: so i'm thinking to test the 1.x debian packages all over the place then just release the damn thing
(08:04:53 AM) anarcat: how does that sound?
(08:04:55 AM) omega8cc: anarcat: there are patches waiting in the queue
(08:05:02 AM) anarcat: ah darn :)
(08:05:05 AM) anarcat: omega8cc: your patches? :)
(08:05:07 AM) omega8cc: ;)
(08:05:10 AM) omega8cc: yep
(08:05:13 AM) anarcat: hehe ok
(08:05:17 AM) anarcat: that shouldn't be a big issue
(08:05:26 AM) omega8cc: simple stuff
(08:05:59 AM) anarcat: ok, so i'll merge that in before release
(08:06:09 AM) omega8cc: thanks
(08:06:09 AM) anarcat: so one last thing for me
(08:06:17 AM) anarcat: i'll be going on a looong holiday around drupalcon
(08:06:33 AM) anarcat: i'm leaving on august 3rd for europe, then going to drupalcon, then i'm gone for september
(08:06:54 AM) anarcat: so that could stall dev of 2.x for a little longer, but i'll be back in full force after that
(08:07:22 AM) anarcat: ah and before i forget: darthsteven: our hosting-queue-runner daemon disappeared here for the first time ever, not sure why, i'll try to track it down today
(08:07:29 AM) anarcat: okay, anyone else has something to add here?
(08:07:45 AM) ergonlogic: For my part, I posted an Aegir extension module on d.o: Hosting Profile Roles
(08:07:50 AM) ergonlogic: ... and I've begun hacking on a couple more
(08:07:55 AM) ergonlogic: And worked on a couple small patches to Drush
(08:08:09 AM) ergonlogic: I've been testing .deb installs on some client VPSs, which has been going smoothly
(08:08:12 AM) omega8cc: not much from me this week, besides fixed support for open public and vudeola
(08:08:33 AM) omega8cc: err, videola
(08:08:52 AM) ergonlogic: ooh, lullabot's published it now?
(08:08:56 AM) omega8cc: yep
(08:09:04 AM) ergonlogic: I'll have to check it out
(08:09:14 AM) omega8cc: and merged my fix already
(08:09:44 AM) Aciid: oh no, videola. I hope it doesn't catch on at the company that we should start offerin sites with it..
(08:09:56 AM) Aciid: videola's performance and seek capabilities are horrible
(08:10:08 AM) Aciid: or maybe it's lullabot's CDN
(08:11:28 AM) anarcat: alright, anyone else?
(08:11:43 AM) ***anarcat notices our gsoc student missing
(08:11:52 AM) anarcat: has he checked in at all while i was gone?
(08:12:13 AM) omega8cc: I didn't notice
(08:12:26 AM) anarcat: that's reallly too bad
(08:12:32 AM) anarcat: i'll have to do an evaluation soon
(08:12:57 AM) ergonlogic: oh, one other things (not to do with our GSoC student), Koumbit is now accepting donations in support of the Aegir Project
(08:13:15 AM) ergonlogic: there's a link on the front page of community.aegirproject.org
(08:14:29 AM) ergonlogic: if/when we receive any donations, we'll have to figure out how to disburse them
(08:14:33 AM) anarcat: ergonlogic: yeah, mig5 wanted to talk about this, actually
(08:14:55 AM) anarcat: ergonlogic: he was suggesting we (koumbit) get a rackspace cloud account and deal with the donations
(08:14:59 AM) anarcat: where are the donations going now?
(08:15:16 AM) ergonlogic: anarcat: Koumbit's PayPal acct
(08:15:23 AM) anarcat: ok, good
(08:15:46 AM) anarcat: alright
(08:15:57 AM) anarcat: so if there's nobody else, that will be it for our weekly scrum!
(08:16:13 AM) ergonlogic: I'll post to the community site
(08:16:28 AM) omega8cc: thanks

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-07-19

22:00 <@anarcat> alright
22:00 <@anarcat> scrum time!
22:00 <+omega8cc> oh
22:01 <@mig5> I didn't know if it had moved time yet or what :)
22:01 <@anarcat> darthsteven: scrum!
22:01 -!- Irssi: #aegir: Total of 75 nicks [4 ops, 0 halfops, 4 voices, 67 normal]
22:01 <@anarcat> so hi
22:01 <@anarcat> i am not sure what to do about the time
22:01 <@anarcat> steven says he can't attend every week because it's too late
22:02 <@anarcat> mig5: and you seem also to have issue about i
22:02 <@mig5> not ideal for everyone, ever.. maybe we just tolerate a 'rotation' of devs who might not always be here
22:02 <@anarcat> t
22:02 <@mig5> maybe it helps that I never have anything to add... :/
22:02 <@anarcat> well
22:02 <@anarcat> i will be on a holiday for two months
22:02 <@anarcat> so maybe we can flip that around somehow
22:03 <@anarcat> http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingdetails.html?year=2011&mont... É
22:03 <@anarcat> ?
22:03 <@anarcat> 8hAM london, 5PM melbourne, midnight LA
22:04 <@mig5> we'll see if darthsteven complains about the early start :)
22:04 <@mig5> fine with me
22:04 <@darthsteven> Fine with me
22:04 <@anarcat> 2 am EDT
22:04 <@anarcat> anyways
22:04 <@anarcat> i don't know what to do
22:04 <@anarcat> and i wish somebody else would figure it out basically :P
22:05 <+omega8cc> fine with me too ^^
22:05 <@mig5> it won't ever work until I quit :)
22:05 <@darthsteven> Could we rotate early and late on alternate weeks?
22:05 <@anarcat> we could!
22:05 <@anarcat> and really, we need to keep in mind we don't absolutely need to readjust for seth
22:05 <@anarcat> he was pretty clear about that
22:06 <@darthsteven> So long as it's not too confusing
22:06 <@anarcat> he can (and should) provide feedback in other ways
22:06 <@anarcat> the 8AM is kinda hard on some people here though
22:06 <@anarcat> so anyways
22:07 -!- Chipie [~Chipie@mue-88-130-106-140.dsl.tropolys.de] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
22:07 <@anarcat> to be clear - i would rather see both of you guys (mig5 and darthsteven) than bring seth back in the loop and loose you :P
22:07 <@anarcat> so i suggest we stick to the schedule at least until i leave for europe
22:07 <@mig5> don't worry too much
22:07 <@anarcat> then you guys can organize as you want
22:07 <@mig5> sure
22:07 <@anarcat> which brings me to
22:08 <@anarcat> somebody should probably take over gsoc mentorship while i'm gone
22:08 <@anarcat> i may have *some* time to followup, but really not a lot
22:08 <@anarcat> i'll be traveling all over the place and I won't be able to prod seth
22:08 <@anarcat> and he needs prodding :P
22:08 <@anarcat> so if somebody could take that over, that would be cool
22:09 -!- redShadow[2V] [~redShadow@93-62-151-43.ip23.fastwebnet.it] has joined #aegir
22:09 <@anarcat> it's just sending an email from time to time to say "hey what's up" - he's usually pretty responsive
22:09 <@anarcat> i tried to encourage him to document hist stuff on the commmunity site
22:09 <@mig5> ok. I am probably doing the least all round so I will step up
22:09 <@anarcat> and we reoriented his roadmap
22:09 <@anarcat> which he needs to document
22:09 <@anarcat> mig5: awesome!
22:09 <@mig5> if you could brief me in an email on the current status, maybe cc him
22:09 <@anarcat> mig5: i can forward you the relevant communications
22:09 <@mig5> so i'm up to date
22:09 <@mig5> snap
22:09 <@anarcat> hehe
22:09 <@anarcat> cool
22:09 <@anarcat> so that will be it
22:10 <@anarcat> i will probably receive the "hey you need to evaluate this guy" at the end of the program, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there
22:10 <@anarcat> alright
22:10 <@anarcat> now
22:10 <@anarcat> i released 1.2
22:10 <@anarcat> whooohooo!
22:10 <@anarcat> http://community.aegirproject.org/1.2
22:10 -!- romaingar [5d197493@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #aegir
22:10 <@mig5> thanks for that anarcat, it got a good response
22:10 <@anarcat> omega8cc found what seems to be a critical with the new cron code: https://drupal.org/node/1222208
22:11 <@anarcat> i tried to roll out a patch for it and it failed to work, and i'm totally puzzled as to why
22:11 <@darthsteven> Cool
22:11 <@anarcat> i don't see the same issue at all here
22:11 <@mig5> i wondered if it was nginx specific, caching HTTP results
22:11 <@anarcat> and i'm about to give up on it for now, as we don't see the bug at koumbit
22:11 <@anarcat> mig5: s/was/is/
22:11 <@anarcat> the issue is still there
22:11 <@mig5> yeah.
22:11 <@anarcat> so i don't get it
22:11 <@anarcat> the original code *was* broken, but with the patch it should be fine
22:12 <@anarcat> http://drupalcode.org/project/hostmaster.git/commitdiff/f46c7ce
22:12 <@mig5> it would not be the first time i've seen nginx cache a 404
22:12 <+omega8cc> there is no caching there
22:12 <+omega8cc> none
22:12 <@mig5> 2 days is too much though
22:12 <@mig5> ok
22:12 <@darthsteven> Not sure I have time, but will try to look if I can
22:12 <+omega8cc> just one 403 error locks the queue
22:13 <@anarcat> omega8cc: and you did try the patch?
22:13 <@anarcat> omega8cc: do you see this watchdog entry?         watchdog('hosting_cron', 'cron failed on site %site with error %error', array('%site' => $site->title, '%error' => $response->error), WATCHDOG_NOTICE);
22:13 <+omega8cc> yes, and reported failure there
22:13 <@anarcat> we'll need more juice to figure that one out
22:13 <+omega8cc> yes, it says 403, as before, for site taken offline for maintenance
22:14 <+omega8cc> this should be easy to reproduce
22:14 <@anarcat> ok
22:14 <@anarcat> so anyways, maybe darthsteven will look into it
22:14 <@anarcat> we can talk more about it after the scrum
22:14 <@anarcat> i monopolized the space too long :)
22:14 <@anarcat> otherwise yeah, release++
22:14 <@anarcat> the debian packages kick major asses
22:15 <@anarcat> and we're deploying a bunch of vservers with those
22:15 <@anarcat> so it's fun
22:15 <@anarcat> that's about it for me, anyone else?
22:15 <@mig5> nothing here
22:16 <@anarcat> darthsteven?
22:16 <@anarcat> oh crap, that should be a continue, not a break
22:16 <@anarcat> i'm on acid
22:16 <@anarcat> ffs
22:17 <@mig5> ??
22:17 <@mig5> ah
22:17 <@anarcat> anyways, i have a fix for the cron thing
22:17 <@mig5> haha
22:17 <@darthsteven> I've been on holiday, and not had time to do anything Aegir related
22:17 <@darthsteven> Will do something Aegir related in the next week for sure
22:17 <@darthsteven> Need to check up on our Drupalcon presentation with anarcat
22:18 <@anarcat> darthsteven: any specific time you want to do this?
22:18 <+omega8cc> hah, break does just that - breaks things! lol
22:18 <@darthsteven> anarcat: not fussy about a time
22:18 <@mig5> failed to fail failed :)
22:19 <@darthsteven> anarcat: soon though, as I think they need things from us?
22:20 <@anarcat> yeah, i've been kind of sloppy with this
22:20 <@anarcat> darthsteven: maybe we can talk later today?
22:21 <@anarcat> omega8cc: try cb0c2d2

22:21 <@darthsteven> sure, I'm around for the next 3 hours or so...
22:21 -!- scientist [~scientist@] has joined #aegir
22:21 <@anarcat> ok
22:21 <+omega8cc> anarcat: sure, thanks
22:21 <@anarcat> i think that's it for our scrum unless somebody else wants to kick in...
22:21 <@anarcat> who's it?
22:22 <@anarcat> (who wants to upload the scrum log, that is)
22:22 <@mig5> i'll do it
22:22 <@darthsteven> I can
22:22 <@darthsteven> oh
22:22 <+omega8cc> :)
22:22 <@darthsteven> go for it mig5

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-07-26

[12:00pm] anarcat scrum time!
[12:00pm] anarcat: hello people
[12:00pm] univate: hello
[12:00pm] anarcat: welcome to our morning weekly scrum
[12:00pm] omega8cc: hi
[12:00pm] anarcat: hey univate what's up
[12:00pm] anarcat: alright
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[12:01pm] anarcat: univate: i don't know! 
[12:01pm] anarcat: so our gsoc student is supposed to take care of that, but i didn't get any news from him since the evaluation
[12:02pm] anarcat: which is really too bad
[12:02pm] anarcat: i'll try to ping him by email now
[12:02pm] mig5: anarcat: please send me an email before you go, re GSOC student
[12:02pm] mig5: or cc me on that one ^^
[12:02pm] anarcat: alright, i'll do this right away
[12:02pm] anarcat: other than that, i think that's it for me
[12:03pm] mig5: nothing new from me, all my time atm is taken up by work and study
[12:03pm] anarcat: alright, sounds like me except s/work and study/vacation/ 
[12:04pm] anarcat: mig5: @gmail is okay?
[12:04pm] mig5: sure
[12:04pm] omega8cc left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[12:04pm] You are now known as omega8cc.
[12:06pm] anarcat: okay, anyone else?
[12:06pm] anarcat: darthsteven: ping
[12:06pm] anarcat: omega8cc: how are the cron jobs?
[12:07pm] darthsteven: anarcat: pong!
[12:07pm] Irishgringo joined the chat room.
[12:07pm] anarcat: ha!
[12:07pm] anarcat: darthsteven: anything for the scrum?
[12:07pm] anarcat: darthsteven: we need to coordinate for the training and the session
[12:07pm] omega8cc: anarcat: it works great, but it should probably go in 1.3 no? as it is a critical for all users
[12:07pm] darthsteven: nothing for the scrum 
[12:07pm] anarcat: darthsteven: ok
[12:07pm] anarcat: darthsteven: i'm leaving the internets for a while on the 1st, so we would need to coordinate this week... email?
[12:08pm] anarcat: omega8cc: well, not for *all*, the drush method works fine right?
[12:08pm] darthsteven: anarcat: sure
[12:08pm] omega8cc: yeah, so it is critical in 50% 
[12:08pm] anarcat: okay
[12:08pm] anarcat: i don't think i'll be making a 1.3 release now
[12:09pm] anarcat: if someone else wants to, be my guest!
[12:09pm] omega8cc: as long as we have crush method as default, it is fine
[12:09pm] omega8cc: drush
[12:09pm] anarcat: univate: so the d7 port is handled by seth.vincent's sandboxes on drupal.org, if you want to followup on that it would be great
[12:09pm] omega8cc: uh, Lion autocorrection is crazy
[12:11pm] univate: anarcat: ok i will try and track down what is there
[12:11pm] anarcat: univate: can you give me your mail addy again
[12:14pm] univate: looks like seth.vincents last commits to his sandbox projects were 5 weeks ago
[12:15pm] anarcat: quite possible
[12:15pm] anarcat: he kinda stalled on the project at some point
[12:15pm] anarcat: i'll push him again now
[12:18pm] anarcat: so what's the next scrum time?
[12:18pm] welly left the chat room. (Quit: Textual IRC Client: http://www.textualapp.com/)
[12:18pm] anarcat: i won't be coordinating the next ones until october 1st
[12:19pm] anarcat: so we need someone to take that over, or we suspend those for a while
[12:19pm] mig5: I don't think we agreed on a new time, i'll coordinate with darthsteven / omega8cc
[12:20pm] mig5: if we can't agree on a good time we'll suspend them or rotate people
[12:20pm] anarcat: ok
[12:20pm] mig5: or i'll move to europe 
[12:20pm] omega8cc:                          
[12:21pm] omega8cc: it should be easy to find good time for EU/AU
[12:23pm] mig5: yeah
[12:24pm] jonhattan left the chat room. (Quit: llevaré una chaquete de guns'n'roses)
[12:24pm] anarcat: there was a time proposal here: http://community.aegirproject.org/discuss/new-scrum-time-our-gsoc-student
[12:28pm] omega8cc: mig5: what time works best for you? morning, evening?
[12:36pm] Egyptian[Laptop] joined the chat room.
[12:40pm] omega8cc: so maybe http://bit.ly/qGhjDr ?
[12:40pm] mig5: evening usually better for me
[12:41pm] omega8cc: 7, 8 or 9 pm?
[12:41pm] mig5: 8 or 9 is fine, that link above is fine with me
[12:41pm] mig5: let's see what darthsteven says
[12:41pm] omega8cc: k
[12:41pm] anarcat: mig5: ping
[12:41pm] mig5: pong
[12:42pm] q-rban left the chat room. (Remote host closed the connection)
[12:42pm] q0rban joined the chat room.
[12:43pm] anarcat:        http://community.aegirproject.org/handbook/project-history    
[12:44pm] mig5: that's quite good! when did that appear
[12:44pm] scientist joined the chat room.
[12:45pm] anarcat: i just wrote it
[12:45pm] mig5: nice
[12:45pm] mig5: some of that would be good in the wikipedia page
[12:46pm] mig5: (for those of you who missed it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aegir_Hosting_System )
[12:46pm] anarcat: yeah, that's why i wrote it
[12:46pm] mig5:                          
[12:47pm] Irishgringo left the chat room. (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 5.0.1/20110707182747])
[12:47pm] omega8cc: nice!
[12:48pm] mig5: in other news, i rejoined twitter, and now feel dirty
[12:49pm] mig5: and am studying for my OSCP, so if you find I discover any XSS or other holes in aegir, you know why  http://www.offensive-security.com/online-information-security-training/p...
[12:50pm] scottalan joined the chat room.
[12:51pm] darthsteven: mig5, omega8cc: 10AM UTC is fine with me
[12:52pm] omega8cc: mig5: I already grabbed that book about security thanks to your tweets, so it is a good thing (™)
[12:54pm] omega8cc: darthsteven, mig5: so let's change the scrum time to http://bit.ly/qGhjDr then for the summer
[12:54pm] darthsteven: agreed

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-08-02

20:00 <@mig5> ok, scrum time
20:00 <@mig5> as usual, no news from me this week :P
20:00 <@mig5> anarcat is away as we know
20:00 <@mig5> I have not heard from the GSOC student, so I will follow that up
20:01 <@mig5> there are currently no criticals in the queue which is nice, although I have vaguely heard about some issues with the cron queue, someone let me know if that's still an issue
20:01 <@mig5> aaaand I can't think of anything else significant, other than thanks to omega8cc for donating to hefring :)
20:02 <+omega8cc> haha
20:02 <@mig5> go for it darthsteven, omega8cc
20:02 <@darthsteven> I've done a little bit of work on the Aegir session for Drupalcon
20:02 <@darthsteven> hope to have that completed by the end of the week
20:02 <@mig5> oh nice
20:03 <@darthsteven> And then I hope to start writing docs again, but am away on holiday a lot over the next little while
20:03 <@darthsteven> but that's it from me
20:03 -!- aegir-jenkins [~PircBot@173-203-101-207.static.cloud-ips.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
20:03 <@darthsteven> omega8cc?
20:04 <+omega8cc> I didn't submit any new patches, but I promise I will - related to the UI, soon
20:04 <+omega8cc> also, I released 1.0-boa-T-8.9, and it is using Aegir head
20:04 <+omega8cc> so good for receiving more feedback
20:05 <+omega8cc> and I noticed the sites cron is still an issue on some servers, when web based method is used
20:05 <+omega8cc> I will debug this and post more details soon
20:05 <@mig5> i am tired of this one in the queue: http://drupal.org/node/1111572 - I have been planning on removing a chunk of code from provision for that for a while, so I might do that in the 7.x branch and see how it goes
20:05 < hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1111572 => Undefined index: profiles deploy.provision.inc:84 => Provision, Code, normal, needs work, 14 comments, 2 IRC mentions
20:06 <@mig5> it is harmless but people keep carrying on about it
20:06 <@mig5> we have a fresh bug from ergonlogic too http://drupal.org/node/1236490
20:06 < hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1236490 => "View client" permission broken => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, normal, active, 0 comments, 1 IRC mention
20:06 -!- aegir-jenkins [~PircBot@173-203-101-207.static.cloud-ips.com] has joined #aegir
20:07 <@mig5> aegir-jenkins returns.. that was weird
20:07 <@mig5> it's been up for over 100 days now, \o/
20:07 <@darthsteven> mig5: 1111572, can we set up a test case that invokes that code, remove it and then see if anything breaks/changes
20:07 <+omega8cc> aegir-jenkins: welcome back :)
20:07 -aegir-jenkins:#aegir- omega8cc did you mean me? Unknown command 'welcome'
20:07 -aegir-jenkins:#aegir- Use '!78jujdd7yujufyyshhayuuufhhysjjhyew9i2 help' to get help!
20:07 <@mig5> hah
20:07 <+omega8cc> haha
20:08 <@mig5> oops, and there goes anarcat's clever idea to 'hide' the jenkins command...
20:08 <@darthsteven> hehe
20:08 <@darthsteven> that's genius!
20:08 <@darthsteven> anyone else have anything for the scrum?
20:09 <@mig5> darthsteven: that's the thing re: test case: we don't scan packages in the site-specific dir, which means those values are always null. anyway i promise to look at it
20:09 <@darthsteven> ok
20:09 < Aciid> I have something , never setup a VM with Amazon AWS
20:09 <@mig5> ok, scrum done, unless ergonlogic has anything to add
20:09 < Aciid> http://pastebin.com/pRt4UNeg - mail sent by Amazon
20:10 <+omega8cc> so, thanks for attending!
20:10 <@mig5> cheers

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-09-13

[20:15:26]  <@darthsteven>  Scrum time
[20:15:30]  <@darthsteven>  at last!
[20:15:49]  <@mig5> yeah sorry about that
[20:15:52]  <@mig5> i have neglected it a bit
[20:16:14]  <@darthsteven>  ping: darthsteven, mig5, ergonlogic, grugnog, mvc, omega8cc, sfyn, skwashd (time for a scrum!)
[20:16:23]  <@darthsteven>  mig5: I kept forgetting to have them!
[20:16:33]  <@darthsteven>  do you want to go first?
[20:16:52]  <@darthsteven>  mig5: do you want to go first?
[20:17:04]  <@mig5> sure, that's easy: i've done nothing as usual
[20:17:06]  <@mig5> :)
[20:17:09]  <@omega8cc> lol
[20:17:13]  <@mig5> sigh
[20:17:26]  <@mig5> i want to look at getting those jenkins tasks into provision, but i haven't begun
[20:18:18]  <@mig5> i have built some cool automatic deployments using jenkins + aegir, all tracking changes in git, which i want to screencast soon
[20:18:28]  <@mig5> zero-touch deployment of dev > stage > live, good fun
[20:18:36]  <@darthsteven>  mig5: awesome!
[20:18:39]  <@mig5> anyway, that's me..
[20:18:57]  <@darthsteven>  mig5: Thanks!
[20:19:08]  <@darthsteven>  omega8cc: anything from yourself?
[20:19:27]  <@omega8cc> I already forgot what I did in the last few weeks :p but it was something, I'm sure! seriously, I probably helped with some drush issues and now working on a new theme, including mobile version for hostmaster
[20:19:46]  <@mig5> ooer
[20:19:53]  <@darthsteven>  cool! (the theme stuff, not forgetting things)
[20:20:21]  <@darthsteven>  omega8cc: anything else?
[20:20:50]  <@omega8cc> and the app for iOS and Android maybe is in the works, leveraging Aegir api where possible
[20:21:11]  <@omega8cc> but it is an Apple-like secret! lol
[20:21:44]  <@darthsteven>  heh, well the scrum logs don't get published anywhere ;)
[20:21:56]  <@omega8cc> but first, I will submit some simple UI related patches for the current theme
[20:22:02]  <@omega8cc> haha
[20:22:26]  <@omega8cc> I have some problems with it
[20:22:56]  <@omega8cc> I don't want to include ctools and stuff just to override some blocks, for example
[20:23:12]  <@omega8cc> so some patches will need to hit the core instead
[20:23:19]  <@omega8cc> I mean hostmaster
[20:23:40]  <@darthsteven>  omega8cc: ok, well I reckon we might end up with ctools in 7.x-2.x before long anyway
[20:23:58]  <@darthsteven>  because I want views in there :)
[20:24:09]  <@darthsteven>  omega8cc: anything else?
[20:25:06]  <@omega8cc> features_extra requires ctools, but we could too easily end up with fatcore instead of smallcore then
[20:25:08]  * skwashd stands up
[20:25:46]  <@omega8cc> so, features are nice, but always
[20:25:58]  <@omega8cc> but not* always, err
[20:26:28]  <@omega8cc> and that is it from me, I guess
[20:27:10]  <@darthsteven>  cool, thanks for the work on Aegir, as always
[20:27:17]  <@darthsteven>  skwashd: do you want to go next?
[20:27:45]  <@skwashd>  darthsteven: i have done 50% more work than mig5 on the same tasks as he has
[20:27:58]  <@skwashd>  darthsteven: and i plan to double my efforts on that task this week
[20:28:23]  <@mig5> that sounds believable
[20:28:30]  <@omega8cc> haha
[20:28:31]  <@darthsteven>  skwashd: sorry, what task was that?
[20:28:39]  <@mig5> trolling
[20:28:43]  <@skwashd>  darthsteven: doing fuck all for aegir
[20:28:46]  <@darthsteven>  heh
[20:29:07]  <@darthsteven>  well, thanks for keeping us in the loop :)
[20:29:16]  <@darthsteven>  skwashd: anything else?
[20:29:22]  <@skwashd>  mig5: i said i'd only done 50% more than you ... if we're talking about trolling there would be another 0 in there :P
[20:29:41]  <@darthsteven>  moving on...
[20:29:45]  <@darthsteven>  I'll go next
[20:29:46]  <@skwashd>  darthsteven: no
[20:30:06]  <@darthsteven>  I fixed an issue with PHP 5.2 and Drupal 7.8
[20:30:50]  <@darthsteven>  I've asked about spinning the theme out of hostmaster, back into it's own project http://drupal.org/node/1269212
[20:30:51]  <@hefring>  http://drupal.org/node/1269212 => Spin Eldir back out to its own project => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, normal, needs review, 0 comments, 1 IRC mention
[20:31:17]  <@darthsteven>  I built a 'harness' for testing Eldir for Drupal 7: http://drupal.org/sandbox/darthsteven/1267494
[20:31:37]  <@darthsteven>  I.e. it's a 'port' of Hostmaster's HTML output for D7
[20:32:09]  <@darthsteven>  finally I have ported Eldir to D7: https://github.com/darthsteven/eldir
[20:32:23]  <@darthsteven>  building on the work of Seth (SoC student)
[20:33:00]  <@darthsteven>  I think I've also fixed various little things in Aegir and tried to process the queues a little
[20:33:42]  <@darthsteven>  Future plans are to possibly make the 7.x-2.x branch actually use D7, and begin the porting...
[20:34:05]  * beautifulmind has joined #aegir
[20:34:15]  <@darthsteven>  that's it from me
[20:34:22]  <@darthsteven>  anyone else?
[20:36:20]  <@darthsteven>  I'll give them a minute...
[20:37:46]  <@darthsteven>  </scrum>
[20:37:51]  <@darthsteven>  Thanks everyone!

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-09-20

20:01 <@darthsteven> scrum in 1 minute!
20:02 <@darthsteven> mig5, mvc, omega8cc, sfyn, skwashd; scrum in 1 min
20:03 <@darthsteven> scrum time!
20:03 <+omega8cc> hello!
20:03 <@darthsteven> scrum?
20:03 < hefring> scrum is Every Tuesday at 10h00 UTC: 03h00 San Francisco, USA (PST), 06h00 Montreal, Canada (EDT), 11h00 London, UK (CET), 20h00 Melbourne, Australia 
20:03 <@darthsteven> indeed it is hefring
20:03 <@darthsteven> botsnack
20:03 < hefring> skynet thanks YOU!
20:03 <@darthsteven> who wants to go first?
20:04 <@mig5> just made it..
20:04 <@darthsteven> mig5: Hello!
20:04 <@mig5> you go firsst, you have been on fire in the queue!
20:05 <@darthsteven> I fixed some issues that were in the queue, and worked on the site form a little
20:05 <@darthsteven> Hopefully we can now handle database passwords that include special characters
20:05 <@darthsteven> though we may be chasing that one around a few more dark corners yet
20:06 <@darthsteven> I'd like some feedback about the site form changes (which are in a dev branch)
20:06 <@darthsteven> the issue is...
20:06 <@darthsteven> http://drupal.org/node/1282280
20:06 < hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1282280 => Clean up the hosting form javascript => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, normal, needs review, 2 comments, 1 IRC mention
20:06 <@darthsteven> I would really appreciate some reviews of that
20:07 <@mig5> i never understood any of that as i don't grok javascript - i'm glad you're tackling it
20:07 <@darthsteven> It's basically just adding an AJAX spinner, so you know that something is happening...
20:07 <@mig5> so i'm not sure how helpful i can be there but hopefully others..
20:07 <@mig5> ah right
20:07 <@darthsteven> even just a test and 'I like the look of that' or 'Can we do this' would be helpful
20:08 <@darthsteven> Also
20:08 <@darthsteven> I installed Drupal 8 using Aegir last night, and it worked!
20:08 <@darthsteven> which isn't a major surprise, but it is fun
20:08 <@darthsteven> that's it from me
20:08 <@darthsteven> who wants to go next?
20:09 <@mig5> nothing from me, i see you want to add some drupal8 tests into jenkins, i can do that
20:09 <@mig5> still way too busy right now to look at moving tests into provision
20:09 <@mig5> hopefully more time early october when i go full-time consultant
20:10 <@darthsteven> mig5: do you have time for a quick chat after the scrum about Aegir stuff?
20:10 <@mig5> should do, it's either you or dinner, whatever happens first
20:10 <@mig5> :)
20:11 <@darthsteven> mig5: been thinking about the tests stuff, have some ideas and thoughts about it...
20:11 <@darthsteven> mig5: anything else to add?
20:11 <@mig5> nope, other than to say thanks to you specifically for working the issue queue like a nutter this week
20:11 <@darthsteven> mig5: thanks for coming to the scrum even if you don't have much to report!
20:11 <@mig5> keep it up but don't burn out :)
20:11 <@darthsteven> mig5: these are my normal levels of involvement in projects... :)
20:12 <@darthsteven> anyone else have anything for the scrum?
20:12 <+omega8cc> I don't have anything new related to the Aegir core this week to report, however I worked on some BOA new features and there is a chance I will submit some new patches for Nginx config (and finally) the menu/UI.
20:12 <+omega8cc> darthsteven: and also thanks for your work in the queue!
20:12 <@darthsteven> omega8cc: awesome!
20:13 <@mig5> omega8cc: i expect to hear you move into Linode Tokyo soon ;)
20:13 <@darthsteven> omega8cc: I think we should make tiding up the UI a priority for 2.x
20:13 <@mig5> sorry offtopic
20:13 <@mig5> apparently there was a drupal montreal on
20:13 <@darthsteven> anyone else?
20:13 <@mig5> i read some french tweets about it
20:13 <@mig5> something about an 'albert method', a guy from koumbit did a talk
20:14 <@mig5> i am keen to find out more, there are slides somewhere, search on twitter under #aegir
20:14 <@mig5> i think it's deployment-related, i'll see if i can find out more and get some english-language focus on it as it looked interesting
20:15 <@darthsteven> cool
20:15 <+omega8cc> http://t.co/gv7OisUe
20:15 <+omega8cc> or http://twitter.com/#!/omega8cc/status/114783126844223488
20:16 <@mig5> oh nice already in english
20:16 <+omega8cc> yep
20:16 <@mig5> again, soon, i will have a new screencast up
20:16 <@mig5> about my 'zero touch' deployment for aegir
20:16 <@mig5> using jenkins
20:16 <@mig5> that 'reacts' to git push in de/v/stage/live environments
20:16 <@darthsteven> mig5: cool, have you seen that someone is doing screencasts of Aegir stuff?
20:16 <@mig5> that will come 'soon' ;)
20:16 <@darthsteven> mig5: that would be awesome
20:16 <@mig5> darthsteven: yes i did, i watched one
20:17 <+omega8cc> mig5: cool! finally! :)
20:17 <@darthsteven> mig5: I've not watched them...so I've no idea if they're any good
20:17 <@darthsteven> To finish the scrum, I'd like to say...
20:18 <@darthsteven> that we seem to have had a bump in contributors, which is really cool!
20:18 <@mig5> yes! rock on, patchers!
20:18 <@darthsteven> There are also a few people who've started using Aegir, and are now blogging about the project
20:18 <@mig5> thanks GuyPaddock and halcyonCorsair
20:18 <@darthsteven> The 'Wedful' thing springs to mind
20:19 <@mig5> yes and hadsie, i think that was the first commercial 'payment' aegir system that implemented our api
20:19 <+omega8cc> right
20:19 <@darthsteven> So, with a bit of effort we make Aegir 2.x happen fast, and be super awesome in every way!
20:19 <@darthsteven> anyway
20:19 <@darthsteven> that's it for this scrum!
20:19 <@mig5> the pantheon project is getting a lot of publicity right now, i am keen to see people publish 'how to make your own pantheon' with aegir :)
20:19 <@mig5> just to balance things out :)
20:19 <@mig5> thanks scrummers
20:19 <@darthsteven> Thanks for attending
20:19 <+omega8cc> thanks
20:19 <@darthsteven> who wants to do the log thing?
20:20 <@mig5> i can
20:20 <@darthsteven> thanks!

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-09-27

[10:02am] darthsteven: mig5, ergonlogic, grugnog, mvc, omega8cc, sfyn: scrum time!
[10:02am] omega8cc: hello!
[10:02am] darthsteven: Welcome to our weekly Aegir Scrum
[10:02am] darthsteven: Who would like to go first?
[10:03am] merro left the chat room.
[10:04am] darthsteven: omega8cc: would you like to start us off?
[10:04am] beautifulmind joined the chat room.
[10:05am] omega8cc: darthsteven: all my nginx related new stuff is a bit delayed as it needs more testing
[10:05am] omega8cc: so I didn't submit any patches yet, but I hope to be able to do it this week
[10:06am] omega8cc: also new boa release has been delayed for this reason
[10:06am] darthsteven: okay
[10:06am] darthsteven: well, looking forward to reviewing those bits
[10:06am] merro joined the chat room.
[10:07am] darthsteven: anyone else?
[10:08am] darthsteven: I'll go next then
[10:08am] darthsteven: I factored out the Jenkins tests to a drush command in provision
[10:09am] darthsteven: so we can run them locally without python or Jenkins
[10:09am] darthsteven: which is nice
[10:09am] omega8cc: wow
[10:09am] darthsteven: We can also have different tests for the different branches now too
[10:10am] darthsteven: the tests are pretty basic, as we'll be using the Drush testing framework in a bit, when Drush 5 is out, but for now they're pretty basic
[10:10am] darthsteven: also
[10:10am] dfrt:  /t
[10:10am] darthsteven: I made the Jekins scripts use configuration from Jenkins, rather than new code in the repo
[10:11am] darthsteven: so we can do releases much more easily
[10:11am] darthsteven: speaking of which
[10:11am] darthsteven: We release 1.4 
[10:11am] darthsteven: *released
[10:11am] darthsteven: Fixing a security issue
[10:11am] darthsteven: Also
[10:11am] darthsteven: I created the 6.x-2.x branch, which was where the 7.x-2.x branch was
[10:11am] darthsteven: because...
[10:12am] darthsteven: 7.x-2.x now contains Drupal 7 code!
[10:12am] darthsteven: hurrah!
[10:12am] darthsteven: Porting is underway
[10:12am] omega8cc:
[10:12am] darthsteven: I was going to let everyone know via the community site, but couldn't because that had issues with the OA upgrade that was forced upon it
[10:12am] darthsteven: I will do that today though
[10:14am] omega8cc: darthsteven: so, is our gSoC student work/idea already cancelled, I suppose? as you are doing it currently
[10:14am] darthsteven: omega8cc: As far as I can tell, nothing really came of that
[10:14am] omega8cc: yeah 
[10:15am] darthsteven: we can always get him porting one of the modules if that's not the case
[10:15am] darthsteven: gSoC is over afaik anyway
[10:15am] darthsteven: Anyone else want to say anything?
[10:15am] omega8cc: so we may want to update our room header
[10:20am] szczym left the chat room. (Read error: Operation timed out)
[10:22am] omega8cc: darthsteven: Thanks for leading the work and our scrum! I can submit the log to c.a.o if you wish
[10:22am] darthsteven: end of scrum!

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-10-18

[21:00:33]  <@darthsteven>  anarcat, darthsteven, mig5, mvc, sfyn, skwashd: Scrum time!
[21:10:03]  <@mig5> sorry, nothing to report
[21:12:45]  <@darthsteven>  ok
[21:12:47]  <@darthsteven>  thanks!
[21:13:16]  <@darthsteven>  I applied some nasty patches to get the debian package installing correctly with drush 4.5
[21:13:46]  <@darthsteven>  I also got to the bottom of the problem when installing on debian, where it would consume all CPU and memory
[21:13:52]  <@darthsteven>  which anarcat then fixed!
[21:13:53]  <@mig5> excellent. do we need to roll a new release for that drush issue?
[21:14:57]  <@darthsteven>  I think we do
[21:15:08]  <@darthsteven>  I was going to add an issue to the queue
[21:15:20]  <@darthsteven>  See if we can do a release without anarcat :)
[21:15:58]  <@mig5> :)
[21:20:50]  <@darthsteven>  anyone else?
[21:21:06]  <@darthsteven>  speak now, or hold until next week...
[21:21:29]  <@darthsteven>  oh, and I just posted about changing the times of these: http://community.aegirproject.org/discuss/change-scrum-time
[21:36:06]  <@darthsteven>  okay
[21:36:13]  <@darthsteven>  official end of scrum there

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-11-01

[21:00:57]     Scrum time!
[21:01:00]     scrum?
[21:01:00]     scrum is Every Tuesday at 10h00 UTC: 03h00 San Francisco, USA (PST), 06h00 Montreal, Canada (EDT), 11h00 London, UK (CET), 20h00 Melbourne, Australia (EST)
[21:01:08]    go!
[21:01:19]     shall I go first?
[21:01:26]     okay, if you insist
[21:01:40]     Aegir 1.5 is out!
[21:01:42]     Hurrah
[21:01:47]    \o/
[21:01:57]     Anarcat helped in advisory role
[21:02:17]     which means at least two people can complete the full release process, independently
[21:02:26]    excellent
[21:02:50]     and we found that Jenkins actually does most of the work, and we could get it to do most of the rest of Debian stuff very easily
[21:02:57]     other things:
[21:03:10]     I did some bug fixes
[21:03:29]     I completely re-factored the 6.x-2.x branch of provision to use autoloading for classes
[21:03:41]     so we can support contrib add-ons for provision
[21:03:51]     I still need to document those changes
[21:04:01]     will try to get a few mins to do that today
[21:04:31]     also, I increased the number of things tested by Jenkins, and improved the quality of the code running the tests a little
[21:04:44]     resulting in less code all round :)
[21:05:05]     Also, made the upgrade tests take parameters
[21:05:09]     which is handy
[21:05:29]     also we now test PHP 5.2, every 24 hours if there are changes
[21:05:32]     that's it from me
[21:05:39]     mig5 want to go next?
[21:05:48]    ok - incredible efforts as always darthsteven, thanks
[21:05:52]    that's amazing work
[21:06:20]    me - very little as always - i simply built a new debian squeeze image with backported php 5.2 from lenny, so that we could do those php 5.2 tests
[21:06:57]    i'm pondering giving an aegir talk at http://drupaldownunder.org in January 2012, only a couple monts away now, but i'd like to diverge away from the usual 'how to install aegir, basic usage' thing we always do, as a lot of people will have seen that
[21:07:08]    any suggestions or ideas, let me know.
[21:07:11]    that's about it from me
[21:08:10]     mig5: thanks as always
[21:08:47]     anyone else?
[21:09:00]     mig5: we can chat talks after the scrum?
[21:09:23]    sure
[21:10:13]     anyone else? I'll give you a minute!
[21:11:31]     okay
[21:11:36]     thanks for attending mig5
[21:11:37]    i'll do log

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-11-14

07:01 <@mig5> well, scrum time :)
07:01 <@mig5> (I think!)
07:01 <@mig5> anarcat: ergonlogic: ^^
07:01 <@mig5> I'll start. I've got myself back into the swing of things a bit, fixed some minor bugs, accidentally even committed some fixes by mistake that I wanted 
              reviews of first, oh well :)
07:01 <@mig5> cleared out some old stuff in the queue that is irrelevant, are actually support requests, etc
07:02 <@mig5> submitted a talk for Drupal Down Under 
07:02 <@mig5> http://drupaldownunder.org/session/aegir-skynet-drupal
07:02 <@mig5> I'm making some stickers and tshirts for that conference to give away and generally spruik Aegir
07:03 <@mig5> welcome back darthsteven 
07:03 <@darthsteven> awesome stuff!
07:03 <@darthsteven> (my IRC reflector is doing funny things)
07:03 <@mig5> so, I'm hoping to continue to fix some small-ish bugs, help in the queue, etc
07:03 <@darthsteven> awesome stuff
07:03 <@mig5> i don't think i'll ever be a crazy big committer to the project since code is obviously not my biggest skill
07:04 <@mig5> but i'd like to get your help to make me contribute in some obvious way, even if it's just writing news/blog posts, managing the community portal etc
07:04 <@mig5> and perhaps be the '1.x' maintainer for basic bug fixes?
07:04 <@darthsteven> awesome, will try to push you :)
07:04 <@mig5> leaving you to concentrate on 2.x or something like that
07:04 <@mig5> these are just ideas anyway
07:05 <@mig5> anyway I think that's it for me. someone review my patches in the queue! :)
07:05 <@mig5> onto you darthsteven 
07:05 <@anarcat> hey
07:05 <@darthsteven> ok
07:05 <@darthsteven> hey hey
07:05 <@anarcat> yay, i didnt miss the scrum :)
07:05 <@mig5> yay!
07:05 <@anarcat> go ahead darthsteven :)
07:06 <@darthsteven> I didn't do too much this week, I did some issue queue re-assignment
07:06 <@darthsteven> I set up some Jenkins jobs to monitor code style of hosting and provision using the Coder review module
07:06 <@darthsteven> see: http://ci.aegirproject.org/view/Code%20reviews/
07:07 <@mig5> oh nice
07:07 <@darthsteven> not sure I'll have much time to work on stuff this week, but hoping to get back to 2.x asap
07:07 <@anarcat> nice
07:07 <@darthsteven> anarcat: over to you
07:08 <@anarcat> uh
07:08 <@anarcat> not much on my side either :)
07:08 <@anarcat> i am now a debian developer
07:08 <@mig5> \o/
07:08 <@anarcat> and so i have pushed ergonlogic's drush_make package into debian
07:08 <@anarcat> my glorious achievements can be seen here: http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=anarcat
07:09 <@anarcat> i will try to start working again on 2.x this week, as my replacement is coming to an end
07:09 <@anarcat> but it's not easy
07:09 <@mig5> you are not allowed to quit :)
07:09 <@anarcat> i have worked on 1.5 release last week a little and found a critical bug in the debian package, which hosed a client server here
07:09 <@anarcat> yeah
07:09 <@anarcat> but it's all fine now
07:09 <@anarcat> and we discovered that most of the debian build stuff is now automated by jenkins, which is freaking cool
07:09 <@anarcat> and i support mig5 as a 1.x maintainer
07:10 <@mig5> ouch. so that critical bug only affected the debian package?
07:10 <@anarcat> yeah
07:10 <@mig5> do we need to reroll? lots of people use it now
07:10 <@anarcat> http://community.aegirproject.org/1.5#Known_issues
07:10 <@mig5> ah
07:10 <@mig5> :)
07:10 <@anarcat> aka https://drupal.org/node/1328316
07:10 <@anarcat> it's been rerolled already
07:10 <@anarcat> i wouldn't have let that one sit there :)
07:10 <@mig5> right right
07:10 <@mig5> :)
07:10 <@anarcat> so next steps for me
07:10 -!- darthsteven_ [~darthstev@] has joined #aegir
07:10 -!- mode/#aegir [+o darthsteven_] by ChanServ
07:10 <@anarcat> backport drush_make, once it hits tseting
07:10 <@anarcat> testing*
07:11 <@anarcat> look into merging the daemon into 2.x, the sites/ directory magic and unit testing
07:11 <@anarcat> those impatient to see drush_make hit testing/backports can reload franatically this page: http://packages.qa.debian.org/d/drush-make.html
07:12 <@anarcat> oh, and we have submitted a Aegir training proposal for Denver
07:12 <@darthsteven> good stuff anarcat
07:12 <@anarcat> so i guess that means we'll go to denver :)
07:13 <@anarcat> well, i think that's it
07:13 <@mig5> ok, anyone else?
07:13 <@mig5> ergonlogic ^^
07:13 <@anarcat> i think he's off
07:13 <@mig5> ok
07:13 <@anarcat> he was at drupalcamp toronto
07:13 <@anarcat> and is resting
07:13 <@mig5> oh that's right, i believe there was some aegir stuff happening there via him?
07:14 <@mig5> cool
07:14 <@anarcat> he presented aegir to some folks there and i heard through the grapevine that we may see derek again :)
07:14 <@mig5> who's derek?
07:14 <@anarcat> mig5: spiderman - worked on the dns stuff?
07:14 <@mig5> oh right!
07:14 <@mig5> I remember
07:15 <@mig5> ok, i'm off for breakfast. happy ot upload the log when i'm back in 20 min or so
07:15 <@mig5> thanks all!
07:15 <@anarcat> awesome
07:15 <@anarcat> yeah, i think that's it
07:16 <@darthsteven> thanks!
07:16 <@darthsteven> I think we need to do a 1.6 release for https://drupal.org/node/1330018 sooner rather than later
07:17 <@darthsteven> that bug is entirely my fault btw, major lack of testing on my part
07:17 <@anarcat> i see
07:17 <@anarcat> well, now you know how to make a release, maybe you can train mig5 to do it? :)
07:18 <@darthsteven> sure
07:29 <@darthsteven> I'll teach Jenkins how to do releases first

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-11-21

07:00 <@mig5> ok, time for a quick scrum
07:00 <@mig5> good morning
07:00 <@mig5> it appears darthsteven sends his apologies!
07:00 <@darthsteven> Nothing from me, will do a 1.6 release tomorrow if I have time!
07:00 <@mig5> so ping anarcat, ergonlogic, etc
07:00 <@mig5> oh he's here! :)
07:00 <@mig5> cool
07:00 <@mig5> thanks darthsteven 
07:00 <@darthsteven> Now I'm gone...
07:01 <@mig5> not much from me this week: I posted the first of a fortnightly Aegir newsletter last wednesday, I got some good feedback from anarcat but that was 
              about it :)
07:01 <@mig5> ok. 1.6 release will be tomorrow
07:01 <@mig5> my stickers have arrived, i ordered way too many for DrupalDownUnder, maybe I'll send some in the post to people :)
07:02 <@mig5> we fixed the Reset Password bug that broke resetting of passwords in Drupal 5, so that will go into the 1.6 release which is nice
07:02 <@mig5> that's all from me I think. anarcat?
07:03 < teeyza> so anyone have any ideas why my aegir wont upgrade?
07:03 <@mig5> right, i have a feeling anarcat isn't here, and we have a hijacker, so I might end the scrum earlier than usual..
07:03 <@mig5> thanks all
07:14 <@anarcat> oops
07:14 <@anarcat> missed the scrum
07:14 <+ergonlogic> sorry
07:14 <@anarcat> mig5 / darthsteven : pong
07:14 <@mig5> hehe
07:14 <@anarcat> we were in our own planning session over here, maybe we can touchbase on that
07:14 <@mig5> sure thing
07:15 <@anarcat> we are reorienting my work a bit, away from http://community.aegirproject.org/discuss/back-vacation
07:15 < teeyza> my apologies mig i was corrected, so were stuck on step 4 of the that link
07:15 <@anarcat> we'll focus on the debian packaging and puppet manifests
07:15 <@anarcat> i'm going to work on a provision-upgrade command which will be basically like drush upgrade
07:15 <@anarcat> but really safe
07:15 <@anarcat> and designed specifically with the upgrade of aegir itself in mind
07:16 <@anarcat> so that we can ship the files with the aegir-hostmaster package
07:16 <@anarcat> and overwrite existing files, and run the update and so on
07:16 <@anarcat> we're also going to work on D7 LDAP integration so that Drupal can be used to manage LDAP groups and user memberships
07:16 <@mig5> will that open itself up to http://drupal.org/node/711746 in any way?
07:16 < hefring> http://drupal.org/node/711746 => allow upgrade of hostmaster sites from the frontend => Hosting, Code, minor, postponed, 3 comments, 1 IRC mention
07:16 <@anarcat> which is a bit offtopic here
07:16 <@anarcat> mig5: i don't know
07:16 <@anarcat> maybe
07:17 <@mig5> we need that external queue daemon :)
07:17 <@anarcat> so those are our priorities, shifting the other ones in the list down
07:17 <@anarcat> yes
07:17 <@anarcat> so that's still in the list
07:17 <@anarcat> but probably after christmas if not summer
07:17 <@mig5> sure
07:17 <@anarcat> same with unit tests, which get pushed away
07:17 <@anarcat> we're going to also sponsor more uc_hosting and hosting_services development
07:18 <@anarcat> with sfyn waiting to do a lot of improvements there, apparently
07:18 <@anarcat> expect the "official puppet module for aegir" to come out soon
07:18 <@anarcat> oh
07:18 <@mig5> awesome! :) 
07:18 <@anarcat> and just random name-dropping here: openstack.
07:18 <@anarcat> that's it for me.
07:18 <@mig5> thanks anarcat
07:18 <+sfyn> 3~hey folks
07:19 <+sfyn> guess its scrum time
07:19 <@mig5> hey sfyn 
07:19 <+ergonlogic> for my part, I'll be helping with the aegir puppet module
07:19 <+ergonlogic> yeah... a little late
07:19 < teeyza> hey mig, you have any other suggestions i could try?
07:19 <@anarcat> sfyn: it *was* :)
07:19 <@mig5> teeyza: please wait a bit, we are in the middle of a regular meeting
07:19 <+ergonlogic> and otherwise continuing to push aegir-up towards a release
07:19 <+sfyn> oops
07:19 < teeyza> kk
07:19 <@anarcat> sfyn: we had a great discussion on prioritizing work for aegir in the following week here
07:19 -!- mode/#aegir [+m] by anarcat
07:20 -!- mode/#aegir [+v mig5] by anarcat
07:20 -!- mode/#aegir [+v darthsteven] by anarcat, anarcat
07:20 <@mig5> thanks..
07:20 <+ergonlogic> that's most of it for me
07:20 <+sfyn> short term my efforts are more on civicrm support right now
07:20 <@anarcat> sfyn: we'll be looking from feedback from you about estimates on how much time we should spend on hostnig_services integration this year
07:20 <@mig5> i'm very interested in the aegir puppet stuff, i use vagrant for dev now, let me know if you need extra eyes on that :)
07:20 <@anarcat> mig5: we certainly will!
07:20 <+ergonlogic> mig5: indeed, yes!
07:21 <@mig5> and i know puppet pretty well these days
07:21 <@anarcat> now that's cool
07:21 <+sfyn> anarcat: hosting_services is a mess right now
07:21 <@anarcat> sfyn: and yes, maybe we need to add provision_civi to our shopping list, if it's not budgeted in other teams
07:21 <@mig5> although ergonlogic taught me you can preseed directly in puppet, didn't know that :)
07:21 <+ergonlogic> :)
07:21 <@anarcat> sfyn: how much hours does that mean, "mess"? ;)
07:22 <+sfyn> anarcat: means i don't know
07:22 <@anarcat> sfyn: awesome
07:22 <@anarcat> sfyn: i've put a mostly random guess of 100h
07:22 <@anarcat> maybe we can try to fine-grain the thing in smaller iterations
07:22 <@anarcat> and do a better estimate
07:22 <@anarcat> but we don't need to do it now :)
07:22 <@anarcat> just a heads up that we'd like to push this out
07:22 <@anarcat> for the next reflexion meeting
07:22 <+sfyn> anarcat: ok
07:23 <@anarcat> alright, i think that's it for our part of the scrum, unless sfyn or ergonlogic have anything to add
07:23 <+sfyn> anarcat: I will break down the work for both projects over the week
07:23 <@anarcat> sfyn: awesome
07:23 -!- mode/#aegir [-m] by anarcat
07:23 <@mig5> thanks guys
07:23 <+ergonlogic> no, I'm done
07:23 <@anarcat> sorry for the censorship here :)
07:23 <+sfyn> thats it for me
07:23 <@anarcat> thanks\

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-11-28

[06:59:18]    <mig5>    scrum time in 1 minute i believe?
[06:59:25]    <mig5>    darthsteven: anarcat: ergonlogic:
[06:59:45]    <anarcat> oh yeah!
[07:00:04] <mig5>    ok!
[07:00:10]  <mig5>    scrum is now
[07:00:17] <anarcat> hi
[07:00:21]   <mig5>    i haven't done much this week at all :/
[07:00:29] * anarcat neither
[07:00:30]    <mig5>    and i just woke up so I can't remember if I did :)
[07:00:58]  <mig5>    well! if darthsteven doesn't show up, that's a very quick scrum! haha
[07:01:26]  <mig5>    I think ergonlogic worked on some new taxonomy/tagging/categorisation of discussion threads in the community site
[07:01:29]    <mig5>    i am yet to test it out
[07:01:40]  <mig5>    tomorrow i'll write my fortnightly aegir newsletter - do you think it should be monthly instead?
[07:02:04]    <anarcat> yeah
[07:02:05] <anarcat> makes sense
[07:02:17]  <anarcat> i was ill for two days last week, kinda knocked me off
[07:02:24]   <mig5>    the big news in it will be that 1.6 was released. speaking of that - we got a couple of good feedback on that release, and no big bug reports, so it must have been one of our most stable in a while
[07:02:30]    <mig5>    sorry to hear you were ill
[07:02:30]   <anarcat> cool
[07:02:47] <anarcat> i did some debian work on my side, and the more i think about it, the more i wish to package hostmaster properly...
[07:02:58]  <anarcat> i may work on that soon-ish
[07:03:04]  <mig5>    properly in what sense?
[07:03:10]  <mig5>    via debian official repos?
[07:03:15]   <anarcat> properly as in, with the php files actually in the package
[07:03:16]   <anarcat> yes
[07:03:32]  <mig5>    from memory we had some catch22 there
[07:03:35]    <anarcat> but that's further down the road
[07:03:42]    <anarcat> next step for me is ldap work
[07:03:43]    <mig5>    oh you mean with core inside it
[07:03:50]  <anarcat> yeah
[07:03:53] <mig5>    awesome
[07:04:04]  <anarcat> basically, this would mean that we would drun drush_make during the build, not during the install
[07:06:08]    <mig5>    right right
[07:06:16]  <anarcat> that's about it for me
[07:06:21]  <mig5>    thanks
[07:06:23]   <anarcat> let's wait another 10 to see if our friends show up
[07:06:27] <mig5>    yep
[07:06:44]  <anarcat> oh! ergonlogic wasn't voiced!
[07:06:50]   <mig5>    hahaha
[07:06:51]   <ergonlogic>  aha
[07:06:56]  <mig5>    geeeez us tyrants
[07:07:03]    <ergonlogic>  Hi all, sorry I'm late
[07:07:11]  <mig5>    hi!
[07:07:11]  <hefring> privet
[07:07:20]   <anarcat> hum
[07:07:41]  <mig5>    oh my site, and hefring, are now managed by Jenkins :) whaaaaat?
[07:07:52] <anarcat> ergonlogic: you do not seem to be identified with nickserv, which is why you are not voiced
[07:07:52]  <ergonlogic>  so, yeah I added a simpler tagging mechanism on c.a.o
[07:08:33]    <ergonlogic>  I normally am...
[07:08:34] <ergonlogic>  anyway, you can now tag without having to edit the node
[07:08:47]  <ergonlogic>  and we can filter discussions by keyword
[07:09:17] <mig5>    sweet *me goes and filters out all mention of centos/redhat* :)
[07:09:38]  <ergonlogic>  this was mostly in response to a suggestion by AquaticDisorder to have per-OS discussions
[07:09:46]    <ergonlogic>  exactly :)
[07:10:06]   <mig5>    hmm i search for 'centos' and i get no results
[07:10:13] <mig5>    same with 'debian'
[07:10:25] <ergonlogic>  are there any nodes tagged as such?
[07:10:30]  <mig5>    oh duh
[07:10:32]   <mig5>    probably not! :)
[07:10:49] <ergonlogic>  it's using the 'keywords' vocabulary
[07:10:55]  <mig5>    does it only search discussion threads?
[07:10:56]  <mig5>    gotcha
[07:11:00]   <ergonlogic>  which previously hadn;t been available for discussions
[07:11:04]   <mig5>    so it's probably that we have few tagged nodes
[07:11:04]  <mig5>    yep
[07:11:10]  <ergonlogic>  for now, just discussions
[07:11:17]    <mig5>    sorry still trying to wake up :)
[07:11:22] <ergonlogic>  :)
[07:12:00]   <anarcat> hey this reminds me - the twitter block seems to be broken
[07:12:07]   <mig5>    yeah was looking at that the other day
[07:12:08]   <anarcat> last post is from may or something
[07:12:09]   <mig5>    i can't work it out
[07:12:24] <mig5>    was looking at the view, but i think it's the feeds system itself... the feed URL is correct
[07:12:32]    <ergonlogic>  and I'm finally re-focusing on getting openatria.com running as a reference implemnetation of the Aegir-SaaS stack stuff I'd been working on
[07:12:33]   <mig5>    i think it's just not pulling in new items properly
[07:12:50] <anarcat> that sounds like a reasonable assumption
[07:12:54] <ergonlogic>  and expect an alpha release of aegir-up this week
[07:13:17]    <ergonlogic>  I can take a look at that
[07:14:34]    <ergonlogic>  re being identified... I switched to using a proxy, could that exaplain it?
[07:14:36]  <mig5>    maybe something for after the scrum: i noticed we can't install aegir on a non-standard port. eg port 8080 (for vagrant direct 8080 to 8080 mapping)
[07:14:57]    <mig5>    we totally ignore --http_port in hostmaster-install. not sure why, it *ought* to be trivial surely? (famous last words)
[07:16:42]  <ergonlogic>  mig5: re vagrant, at one point I had aegir set up with dns, and then just added my vagrantbox as a dns server in resolv.conf
[07:18:32] <mig5>    ah so you got arund the login links being port 80 etc by resolving them back to the vagrant machine itself, and the port 80 then NAT to the 8080 on the vagrant box too
[07:18:49]  <mig5>    i stil lreckon we should support non-standard port on fresh install: what if I want to put varnish in front of my aegir box for example
[07:18:54]  <mig5>    sure i can fiddle about after the install but yeah
[07:19:01]   <mig5>    anyway - i think we are done for scrum
[07:19:04]   <ergonlogic>  agreed
[07:19:07]   <mig5>    darthsteven appears MIA today
[07:19:13]    <mig5>    thanks all

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2011-12-12

[07:01:33]    scrum time - any devs here? anarcat: ergonlogic:
[07:01:38]     hey
[07:01:38]     eh oh
[07:01:39]     yes
[07:01:41]    I believe darthsteven is currently at a Drupal meetup
[07:01:44]    hello!
[07:01:44]     ni hao
[07:01:49]     very little for me again
[07:01:57]     i have released this nifty module that waglo wrote: http://drupal.org/project/dblogin
[07:02:16]    ooh interesting
[07:02:51]     Hello!
[07:02:51]     yo
[07:02:56]    very little from me too. i sent out a silly newsletter last wednesday to be in timing for Vertice's 1 year anniversary
[07:02:59]    hey darthsteven, you made it! :)
[07:03:03]     Nothing from me today, hoping to do some real work on Aegir soon though!
[07:03:09]     hey darthsteven
[07:03:18]     darthsteven: i was wondering - how is the d7 port?
[07:03:19]     mig5: Thanks for that
[07:03:32]     Hah, stalled
[07:03:45]     I have 0 time to spend on aegir at the moment
[07:03:49]     i see
[07:03:52]     i know your pain
[07:03:53]     That will change in Jan
[07:03:58]     cool
[07:04:12]     i note that ohloh thinks we have decreasing overtime development
[07:04:23]    probably true
[07:04:26]     I'm trying to convince my employer to sponsor some of my time on Aegir
[07:05:01]     Pretty much will be able to spend 1 day every three weeks
[07:05:18]     Sorry, I'll be quiet now.
[07:05:30]     ok
[07:05:36]     pretty much the same situation for me
[07:05:55]     so basically, we're looking for sponsors and workforce :)
[07:06:38]     Yup
[07:07:08]     I want to donate money to the project, can someone let me know how :)
[07:07:43]     don't we have a paypal account? :)
[07:07:59]    i think koumbit do ;)
[07:08:14]     ah right, that's what that button does
[07:08:31]     i wonder how many donatiosn we receive there
[07:08:36]    me too :P
[07:08:37]  * anarcat will take a look
[07:10:08]     the answer is 0$
[07:10:15]    whee
[07:10:28]    i thought i recalled ergonlogic or someone thanking some people in some release notes
[07:10:44]     interestingly enough, 6 of those are "incomplete transaction"
[07:10:59]     people donating between 18 and 100$ have canceled their submission, apparently
[07:11:10]    yeah 'http://community.aegirproject.org/1.3'
[07:11:11]    oh ok
[07:11:19]    weird
[07:11:35]     yeah
[07:11:37]     i wonder
[07:11:48]     i see my failed donation there, and it happened after i hit cancel in paypal
[07:11:54]     i'll try to do a real donation to see if it works
[07:13:20]    me too
[07:13:21]     this shit doesn't work
[07:13:28]    seemed to work for me
[07:13:29]     dude, did you just donate a lot?
[07:13:34]    $50
[07:13:43]     yeah
[07:13:47]     mig5: it says: En attente (Incomplete Transaction)
[07:13:49]    that's a lot?
[07:13:50]    hmm
[07:13:53]    that's no good
[07:13:54]     well, for a test :)
[07:14:18]    i got a transaction id but no confirmation email
[07:14:45]    it doesn't show up in my paypal activity though
[07:14:50]    so probably just didn't do anything
[07:15:15]     civicrm, i love you
[07:15:26]     so that button freaking doesn't work
[07:15:40]     ergonlogic: the donate button in the community site doesn't work
[07:15:57]     we should just create a paypal account for the project and be done with it, remove the koumbit intermediary
[07:16:09]    i think we'll need more dev hands on deck.. let's be honest.. devseed left us, and many others, in the lurch, and i don't think we ever fully recovered
[07:16:12]     mig5 / darthsteven : ... and then us three can share the access in some way
[07:16:22]    i wish i could code a bit better or i'd do it, but i don't think it's my strength
[07:16:38]     i agree we need more people
[07:16:45]     i will not comment on your skills, you never listen to me :P
[07:17:00]    will i git log | grep migression to make my point? :)
[07:17:22]    anyways. next month i am at Drupal DownUnder talking aegir, i'll try and evangelise and drum up dev interest
[07:17:29]    oh! how was Drupalcamp NYC, how did the session go?
[07:17:43]     the session went well!
[07:17:56]     i got to talk with the pantheon guys about how they do intersite security, it was really interesting
[07:18:10]    ah nice
[07:18:20]    are they in fact doing multisite?
[07:18:40]     yeah, they switched away from one vserver per site
[07:18:48]    interesting
[07:19:28]      not sure the context, but seeing pantheon and aegir in the same chat sounds exciteing
[07:19:54]    it's good to trade war stories :)
[07:20:13]     hehe
[07:20:20]     yeah, it was great
[07:20:33]    what amazes me about pantheon is the deliberate simplicity of it.. not too many features, quite spartan in its approach
[07:20:47]    you have to be good to avoid feature creep like that
[07:20:58]    anyways - shall we call that a scrum end?
[07:21:13]     yes, i think we're done

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-01-09

14:56       mig5@> shall we do a scrum darthsteven anarcat ergonlogic omega8cc
15:02    anarcat@> oh yes!
15:02    anarcat@> scrum time!
15:03   omega8cc+> hi!
15:03    hefring > privet
15:03    anarcat@> alright
15:04    anarcat@> well, for myself i am just back from vacation
15:04    anarcat@> still swamped with a lot of non-aegir related work
15:04    anarcat@> but hopefully i will get to fix some pesky issues that have been bothering our clients and workers here
15:05    anarcat@> one low hanging fruit we have is to deploy those module automatically on new sites: http://drupal.org/node/1157114
15:05    hefring > http://drupal.org/node/1157114 => DB Login => 0 comments, 1 IRC mention
15:06 (*)  anarcat looking for the second one
15:06    anarcat@> http://drupal.org/project/environment_indicator
15:06    anarcat@> there
15:06    anarcat@> the other things are: exportable backups and the pesky files directory
15:06    anarcat@> i am looking for ways to optimise the migrations
15:06    anarcat@> because right now we end up tarring and untarring a lot of the same crap every week
15:07    anarcat@> and i'm looking for ways to optimise that
15:07    anarcat@> so suggestions welcome there
15:07    anarcat@> the exportable backups is just to have a way to hardlink the backup in the @hostmaster/files directory with a hard-to-guess filename so that only the user can download it
15:11       mig5@> interesting
15:11       mig5@> sorry, dealing with a nagios alert here at the same time
15:11    anarcat@> fun :)
15:11    anarcat@> i think that's pretty much it for me
15:12       mig5@> not much from me this week.. need to find some more time to look at http://drupal.org/node/1388906 again. would be nice to test the nginx stuff more, not that we don't trust omega8cc of course :)
15:12    hefring > http://drupal.org/node/1388906 => It is possible to break Nginx based install with upload progress by enabling nginx_ssl feature => Provision, Code, critical, needs review, 5 comments, 1 IRC mention
15:12       mig5@> i'm otherwise just swamped with work, it's insane
15:12    anarcat@> i know how you feel
15:12    anarcat@> my return from vacation is insane
15:12       mig5@> i give my aegir talk at Druapl DownUnder on saturday, should be good
15:12       mig5@> how was NYC ?
15:12    anarcat@> we had a compromised ftp account that sent out 30k spams on my first day :P
15:12       mig5@> ugh!
15:12    anarcat@> it was good
15:12    anarcat@> it was only one day!
15:12    anarcat@> but i did a aegir pres with ergonlogic
15:12    anarcat@> and i think we got a few people in
15:13    anarcat@> i met with the pantheon guys, and they have a *great* product
15:13    anarcat@> not open source of course :P
15:13       mig5@> yeah. it's nice and simple
15:13    anarcat@> but they really got somethign going with their dev/staging/prod thingy
15:13       mig5@> yes and non-free :(
15:13 ergonlogic > hi
15:13    anarcat@> well, i got invite codes
15:13    anarcat@> i promised josh_k_ i would try to crack their thing
15:13       mig5@> haha
15:13    anarcat@> so far didn't find the time
15:13    anarcat@> but they really have good security tools
15:14    anarcat@> they are using cgroups, fcgi (or similar)
15:14       mig5@> David Strauss knows his stuff
15:14    anarcat@> so basically, you are renting out process groups
15:14       mig5@> and that valhalla filesystem he's using for clustering and HA, sounds interesting
15:14    anarcat@> as opposed to whole vservers, which was the old way
15:14    anarcat@> yeah that's nice too
15:14       mig5@> what are they using underneath: debian?
15:14       mig5@> or redhat?
15:14    anarcat@> i didn't troll, so i don't know ;)
15:14       mig5@> i seem to recall a redhat feature that rented processes
15:15    anarcat@> well, cgroups allow for fine-grained process isolation
15:15    anarcat@> cgroups is the kernel option that allows vservers (or linux containers as the call them now) to work
15:15       mig5@> yeh
15:15    anarcat@> they also use selinux
15:15    anarcat@> they seem really into it
15:15    anarcat@> pretty cool
15:15    anarcat@> anyways
15:15       mig5@> i'm surprised they don't just build a machine per client or something.. it's not that expensive these days
15:15    anarcat@> enough with pantheon :P
15:15       mig5@> yeah :)
15:15    anarcat@> mig5: that's what they were doing before
15:16    anarcat@> i think it was *more* expensive than clustering in a single box
15:16    anarcat@> you got to get some edge in some place
15:16    anarcat@> so anyways
15:16    anarcat@> ergonlogic hi!
15:16    anarcat@> ergonlogic: something to add to our first scrum of the year?
15:16    anarcat@> (or is it?)
15:16    anarcat@> :)
15:16 ergonlogic > well, I'm just back from vacation too
15:16    anarcat@> welcome back :)
15:17 ergonlogic > so trying to get back into the swing of things
15:17 ergonlogic > I'm working out the kinks to start doing to Aegir 101 screencasts
15:17 ergonlogic > s/to/some/g
15:17 ergonlogic > and fighting with vimeo... they don;t like .ogv apparently
15:18    anarcat@> them basterds :)
15:18 ergonlogic > but anyway, just "how to create a site with Aegir" kinda stuff
15:18 ergonlogic > introductory for new clients, at this point
15:19 ergonlogic > other than that, just before the holidays, anarcat and I published a couple puppet modules
15:19 ergonlogic > one for drush and another for aegir
15:19 ergonlogic > on d.o
15:19    anarcat@> oh yeah we did!
15:19    anarcat@> actually *you* did :)
15:19 ergonlogic > well, I published them, sure...
15:19    anarcat@> but yeah, we polished a aegir module
15:19 ergonlogic > but *we* worked on getting them publishable
15:19    anarcat@> unfortunately it still relies on debian
15:19    anarcat@> ie. it doesn't do the manual install if you're *not* on debian
15:19       mig5@> oh, exciting! where are the modules?
15:19    anarcat@> which would have been awesome
15:20 ergonlogic > I posted a dozen or so issues on them for cleanup 
15:20    anarcat@> well, it *should* be on http://community.aegirproject.org/contrib-modules
15:20    anarcat@> but it isn't :P
15:20       mig5@> i'll work this into a new aegir newsletter :)
15:20 ergonlogic > I'll get the urls
15:20    anarcat@> and i'll add them to the page
15:20 ergonlogic > http://drupal.org/project/puppet-aegir
15:20 ergonlogic > http://drupal.org/project/puppet-drush
15:21       mig5@> i love this: server goes down, hosting company's support system and all their nameservers go down as well. excellent
15:21       mig5@> if it wasn't for DNS cache they'd be uncontactable to tell them about it
15:21 (*)  anarcat notices the twitter block on c.a.o is still broken
15:21 ergonlogic > they depend on a couple other puppet modules, one from Koumbit, and another from RiseUp, which is documented on the project pages
15:21    anarcat@> mig5: dns -> ouch
15:21 ergonlogic > sigh...
15:21       mig5@> great stuff re: puppet
15:22       mig5@> looking forward to trying that
15:22 ergonlogic > anyway, I also updated Aegir Up to use the new puppet modules
15:22 ergonlogic > http://drupal.org/project/aegir-up
15:22 ergonlogic > using git subtrees
15:22    anarcat@> mig5: another thing for your newsletter: arch linux support! http://community.aegirproject.org/node/389/revisions/view/2683/2684
15:23       mig5@> yes! saw that
15:23 ergonlogic > so I now have about a dozen branches to wrangle
15:23       mig5@> and did you see darthsteven's crazy article where he mass-migrated sites between two aegirs
15:23 ergonlogic > but seems more maintainable than sub-modules
15:23 ergonlogic > indeed yes!
15:23 ergonlogic > I want to try it out this week or next
15:24 ergonlogic > the mass migration stuff looks very cool
15:24 ergonlogic > it's also the initial reason I started aegir-up, to test that sort of thing
15:25    anarcat@> http://community.aegirproject.org/contrib-modules#Puppet_modules
15:25 ergonlogic > anarcat: thanks!
15:26 ergonlogic > I think that's it from me...
15:26    anarcat@> ok, i think we're done then
15:27   omega8cc+> I'm also back at work and plan to port some never submitted patches to 1.x, as we (boa) are using already 2.x code so it was a bit out of sync between boa and official Nginx support in Aegir 1.x
15:27 ergonlogic > I'd really appreciate some feedback on Aegir-up, btw
15:27    anarcat@> unless darthsteven magically flys in
15:27    anarcat@> with his cape
15:27    anarcat@> oh, omega8cc ! hi! :)
15:27   omega8cc+> plus, I promised to submit standalone Aegir on Nginx how-to (step by step). We also tested and helped to fix a few distros so they work with Aegir and this list grows nicely :)
15:27   omega8cc+> hi anarcat! and all
15:27    anarcat@> nice!
15:27    anarcat@> omega8cc: any work on a debian package for nginx? :)
15:28   omega8cc+> anarcat: there is chance it will be soon! on the table already
15:28   omega8cc+> as we are moving with everything to things like deb, puppet etc
15:28 darthsteve@> Sorry I missed the scrum!
15:28    anarcat@> nice!
15:28 darthsteve@> In another meeting
15:28    anarcat@> i am really happy to hear that!
15:29    anarcat@> omega8cc: if you need help with the package, i already have ideas on how to do it
15:29 darthsteve@> Nothing really to add though
15:29 ergonlogic > omega8cc: I'd be happy to integrate nginx patches to the puppet-aegir module :)
15:29 ergonlogic > hi steve
15:29    anarcat@> omega8cc: basically, i think that it can be done without creating a new package - just add "| nginx" as a dependency and make a debconf dialog (or autodetection) to figure out which to setup
15:29 ergonlogic > steven
15:29   omega8cc+> anarcat: I will ask for your assistance for sure, thanks!
15:29 darthsteve@> Hoping to get back to working on Aegir within the next few weeks.
15:29 darthsteve@> Sorry for interrupting!
15:30   omega8cc+> anarcat: exactly, it shouldn't be a separate package
15:30 ergonlogic > darthsteven: thanks for the mass migration write-up
15:30    anarcat@> cool
15:30 ergonlogic > darthsteven: I'll be trying it out soon
15:30   omega8cc+> ergonlogic: sure, I will let you know
15:31 darthsteve@> ergonlogic: Yeah, no doubt I removed a vital part of it while writing it up. Pester me of that's the case
15:31 ergonlogic > darthsteven: you can bet on it ;)
15:32 darthsteve@> Some of it will be in Aegir core at some point, so I'd rather find the bugs now :)
15:33   omega8cc+> darthsteven: hi, in the meantime we (boa) are testing the 2.x code in production :)
15:34   omega8cc+> so far, absolutely no issues
15:34 darthsteve@> omega8cc: Hehe, just you wait...
15:35   omega8cc+> ;)
15:35 darthsteve@> omega8cc: Though hopefully we can get some more tests written
15:40 ergonlogic > ok then... so, I'll assume that's the end of the scrum and post the log to c.a.o
15:40       mig5@> thanks ergonlogic

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-02-06

14:59 darthsteve@> scrum in a couple of mins
15:02 darthsteve@> mig5, anarcat, EclipseGc, ergonlogic, hadsie, mvc, omega8cc, sfyn, skwashd: scrum!
15:04    anarcat@> yay!
15:04    anarcat@> i'm here for once
15:04 ergonlogic+> hi there
15:04    anarcat@> hey ergonlogic
15:04   omega8cc+> hi
15:04     hadsie+> hey
15:04    hefring > eh oh
15:05    anarcat@> alright, should i start? i have lots to say :)
15:05    anarcat@> so i'll just go ahead
15:05 ergonlogic+> sure
15:05    anarcat@> alright
15:05    anarcat@> i wrote this crazy web_pack module last week
15:05    anarcat@> in basically 3 hours, i fixed most of the issues i was having with our multi-server support, or at least the "cluster" use case
15:06    anarcat@> i have posted this article requesting comments for total replacement of the current cluster module with the new implementation:
15:06    anarcat@> http://community.aegirproject.org/discuss/are-people-using-cluster-modul...
15:06    anarcat@> s/#comment.*//
15:06    anarcat@> anyways
15:06 darthsteve@> cool
15:06    anarcat@> the idea is to stop syncing the damn platforms and sites all over the place all the time
15:06    anarcat@> we only sync the ~aegir/config directory and reload apache
15:06 darthsteve@> replace replace replace
15:07    anarcat@> we assume /var/aegir/platforms is NFS-mounted
15:07    anarcat@> which brings me to: i think we should install the hostmaster platform in /var/aegir/platforms
15:07    anarcat@> it's inconsistent to have it where it is, and i don't see what purpose it serves
15:07    anarcat@> + it makes sharing "all the platforms" harder
15:07    anarcat@> food for thought
15:07    anarcat@> i have also worked on the provisionacl module
15:07    anarcat@> to make the sites directory accessible to the client group
15:08    anarcat@> but there are a few snafus in there that need working out
15:08    anarcat@> basically: http://drupal.org/node/1428526
15:08    hefring > http://drupal.org/node/1428526 => Files created by www-data user => Provision ACL support, Code, normal, active, 0 comments, 1 IRC mention
15:08    anarcat@> and http://drupal.org/node/1416056
15:08    hefring > http://drupal.org/node/1416056 => give access to entire site directory (was: add support for .git) => Provision ACL support, Code, normal, active, 8 comments, 1 IRC mention
15:08    anarcat@> otherwise i am trying to think more about how to optimise the migrate task so that it doesn't tar and untar all those damn files all the time
15:09    anarcat@> so far i came up with the idea that files/ should be a symlink to a version-controlled storage
15:09    anarcat@> and that therefore shouldn't eb backed up
15:09    anarcat@> so backups would now mean "backup the database", not "backup the filesystem"
15:09    anarcat@> that would be a plugin, i guess
15:09    anarcat@> i had a bit more time to work on aegir these days, which feels good
15:10     hadsie+> that would be awesome :)
15:10 darthsteve@> hmm…interesting
15:10    anarcat@> especially since it's client work paying for that
15:10    anarcat@> looking for more of those opportunities here
15:10    anarcat@> oh and i had issues... with 2.x
15:10    anarcat@> i wrote the pack module for 2.x, but since we don't deploy 2.x anywhere, i had to backport it to 1.x, which means now i have 4 branches (2 per module, 2 per version) for this simple module
15:11    anarcat@> kind of stupid
15:11 darthsteve@> ouch
15:11    anarcat@> i also wonder if that module could just be contrib, i didn't bother
15:11    anarcat@> i think that's it for me
15:11 darthsteve@> well looks like you got up to lots of stuff
15:11 darthsteve@> thanks!
15:11    anarcat@> :)
15:11 darthsteve@> anyone else want to go next?
15:12 ergonlogic+> you?
15:12 ergonlogic+> ok, me then
15:13 darthsteve@> ergonlogic: you go
15:13 ergonlogic+> I've been mostly working on Open Atrium features these past couple weeks
15:13 ergonlogic+> and not enough on Aegir
15:13 darthsteve@> tut tut
15:13 ergonlogic+> but that should change soon, as I gear up to launch openatria.com
15:13 darthsteve@> oh cool
15:13 ergonlogic+> I'll basically be solidifying the contrib modules I've written
15:14 ergonlogic+> but that ususally involves some patches to aegir too
15:14 ergonlogic+> I also nee to update aegir-up, as an update to vagrant has now broken it
15:14 ergonlogic+> and I realized that at least 2 people other than myself were using it
15:14 ergonlogic+> so that'll be a priority this week
15:15 ergonlogic+> and I'll be reworking our puppet modules
15:15 ergonlogic+> mostly to parameterize the classes
15:15 darthsteve@> awesome
15:15 (*)  anarcat notes that vagrant has now hit debian unstable, which means he may start using it... some day :P
15:15 darthsteve@> need to talk to you about those puppet modules...
15:15 ergonlogic+> so we can point to other db servers, etc.
15:15    anarcat@> darthsteven: can do
15:15 ergonlogic+> darthsteven: whenever you'd like
15:16    anarcat@> snap :)
15:16 ergonlogic+> anyway, that's my plan for the coming weeks
15:16 darthsteve@> cool, thanks also
15:16    anarcat@> alright, we're splurging out of our timebox here
15:16    anarcat@> anyone else?
15:16 ergonlogic+> oh, and I'd like to get back to screencasting, but that'll probably have to wait
15:16 darthsteve@> me!
15:16    anarcat@> go go ! :)
15:16 darthsteve@> I've been working on something called 'Pergola'
15:16 darthsteve@> which is an open source version of the Pantheon server setup scripts
15:17 darthsteve@> using puppet
15:17 darthsteve@> so not much Aegir time
15:17    anarcat@> whoa
15:17 darthsteve@> but, been trying to get back into Aegir stuff
15:17    anarcat@> "A pergola, arbor or arbour is a garden feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice, often upon which 
                   woody vines are trained. As a type of gazebo, it may also be an extension of a building, or serve as protection for an open terrace or a link between pavilions."
15:17    anarcat@> - wikipedia
15:17 darthsteve@> and think about the D7 port and 6.x-2.x etc.
15:17    anarcat@> pergola isn't aegir driven?
15:18 darthsteve@> also, I did a migration the other day that failed in a really horrible way
15:18 darthsteve@> which was interesting
15:18    anarcat@> indeed
15:18    anarcat@> horrible as in killing kittens?
15:18 darthsteve@> Will talk about Pergola after the scrum, mentioned it, because that's where I've been spending my time :)
15:18    anarcat@> ok
15:18 darthsteve@> horrible as in the apache config got rolled back, but the site's files did not
15:19    anarcat@> we should talk about [67].x-2.x after too
15:19    anarcat@> ouch
15:19 darthsteve@> I had a look at Pantheon and dev cloud for inspiration for getting Aegir easier to use
15:19 darthsteve@> seeing how/if they handle 'platforms' and 'sites'
15:19    anarcat@> yeah, they really have their shit together
15:20 darthsteve@> but that's it from me
15:20 darthsteve@> anyone else?
15:20    anarcat@> hadsie ? omega8cc ?
15:20    anarcat@> don't be shy, we'd love to hear you talk about your aegir work! :)
15:20   omega8cc+> I have a ton of patches collected for nginx config, ready to submit, but who will have a time to review them? mig5 maybe? :)
15:20   omega8cc+> Anyway, it is a first step to fully (finally) sync my already fork with upstream before I will be able to seriously get the .deb thing done for nginx folks right, which is the next step to get done.
15:21    anarcat@> if they're marked as needs review, i may just do that, because i'm considering a 1.7 release with the pack module :)
15:21    anarcat@> nice, we should talk
15:21   omega8cc+> ok,  expect a flood there :)
15:21   omega8cc+> And that is it from me, I guess.
15:21    anarcat@> alright
15:21    anarcat@> so unless hadsie or anyone else has something to add, i guess we can close this scrum
15:21    anarcat@> and thank you everyone for attending!

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-02-13

[06:59:17]    <anarcat> scrum?
[06:59:17]   <hefring> Every Monday at 20h00 UTC: 12h00 San Francisco, USA (PDT), 15h00 Montreal, Canada (EDT), 20h00 London, UK (GMT), 07h00 (Tuesday) Melbourne, Australia (EST)
[07:00:10]  <ergonlogic>  hi all
[07:00:46]   <darthsteven> hi all!
[07:00:54]  <anarcat> hi
[07:00:54]   <hefring> what's up
[07:01:22]   <anarcat> so i can start i guess
[07:01:30]   <anarcat> i have worked a bit more on aegir in the last week
[07:01:40]   <anarcat> i have merged the pack branch into 1.x and 2.x
[07:01:47]   <anarcat> assuming that it was okay to ship 1.7 with it
[07:01:59]    <anarcat> i am working on the import documentation today
[07:02:11]   <anarcat> what else
[07:02:19]    <anarcat> oh, i want to merge the debian branch into 1.x and 2.x
[07:02:23]   <anarcat> so that we can start building 2.x packages
[07:02:38]   <anarcat> we need to figure out *where* they would be uploaded, because that would override the 1.x packages
[07:02:46]   <anarcat> but maybe we can just make another reprepro archive or something
[07:03:06] <anarcat> what else what else
[07:03:22]  <anarcat> oh
[07:03:31]   <anarcat> i would really like to see us switch to vagrant for jenkins
[07:03:35]  <anarcat> but i have no time to take care of it
[07:03:45]    <anarcat> i am tired of false positives and i'd like to be able to test aegir with vagrant
[07:03:58]    <anarcat> vagrant should hit debian testing this week, so i'll install it at hme and may start playing with it
[07:04:09]    <anarcat> other than that, don't count on me for vagrant stuff too much :)
[07:04:12]    <anarcat> alright, that's it for me
[07:04:36]   <ergonlogic>  k, thanks anarcat
[07:04:43]    <ergonlogic>  I'll go next
[07:04:54]    <anarcat> http://community.aegirproject.org/content/content/administrator/post-ins...
[07:04:58]  <anarcat> go!
[07:05:10]  <ergonlogic>  I've updated aegir-up to run on the latest vagrant (0.9.8)
[07:05:28]  <ergonlogic>  and I've been using it to improve the puppet-aegir module
[07:06:00]   <ergonlogic>  so, I have plenty of experience with aegir running on vagrant, but none w/ Jenkins
[07:06:40]   <ergonlogic>  I've been poking around a bit
[07:07:17]   <darthsteven> cool beans
[07:07:24]   <ergonlogic>  but I'd prefer to help someone with more jenkins experience, rather than try to do it myself
[07:07:50]    <ergonlogic>  anyway, we can now specify all the hostmaster variables in the puppet module
[07:08:00] <ergonlogic>  and I'm currently working on supporting manual installs
[07:08:18] <ergonlogic>  and I'm stuck at 'hostmaster-install' but I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel
[07:08:29]  <ergonlogic>  that's pretty much it for me
[07:09:11]    <darthsteven> me next
[07:09:19]  <darthsteven> I've had some time to fix some bugs!
[07:09:21]    <darthsteven> yey!
[07:09:37] <anarcat> yay!
[07:09:41] <darthsteven> so 1.7 will have many fewer notices in the logs
[07:09:57]  <darthsteven> and the site form now works in Internet Explorer
[07:09:58] <darthsteven> :)
[07:10:01]   <anarcat> wow
[07:10:04]  <ergonlogic>  nice
[07:10:04] <anarcat> incredible
[07:10:07]   <anarcat> IE6? :P
[07:10:12]  <darthsteven> fixing some more simple bugs tonight
[07:10:17] <darthsteven> hah!
[07:10:19] <darthsteven> not likely
[07:10:21]   <anarcat> sorry for the swearing ;)
[07:10:29]    <anarcat> should we look at releasing 1.7 soon?
[07:10:30]    <darthsteven> that's it from me
[07:11:17]   <anarcat> it seems that omega8cc has a few patches sitting in the queue, i think mig5 looked at a few of those, but we should probably factor them in
[07:11:37]  <anarcat> also, it seems to me that we should punish omega8cc with commit access, for too long they have been submitting good patches for nginx ;)
[07:11:37] <ergonlogic>  if we do a 1.7 soon, I'd suggest we stick with Drupal 6.23, as 6.24 seems to have a couple bugs
[07:11:46] <anarcat> crap
[07:12:11] <omega8cc>    heh, I'm still in the 'port hundreds of Nginx config changes from BOA fork to Aegir 1.x and 2.x' phase.
[07:12:14]   <omega8cc>    I didn't realize how far it got, but we will get it back in sync with our dear upstream again :)
[07:12:26]    <anarcat> i am happy to hear that! :)
[07:12:30]  <omega8cc>    We are almost there, anyway.
[07:12:42] <anarcat> i am especially curious to see that "no create content stupid submenu" patch :)
[07:12:48]    <omega8cc>    6.24 is fine with two patches
[07:12:52]    <anarcat> that would be a great improvement
[07:13:03]    <omega8cc>    yeah
[07:13:05] <anarcat> we could ship with patches to the makefile...
[07:13:45]    <anarcat> alright, anyone else?
[07:13:50]    <ergonlogic>  If we're going forward with a 1.7, I'll post an issue to track it
[07:14:16]  <ergonlogic>  omega8cc: if you could comment there with the patches, that would be great
[07:14:30]   <anarcat> ergonlogic: let's
[07:14:37]   <ergonlogic>  I'm on it
[07:15:06]   <anarcat> alright, anyone else has something to add to our scrum?
[07:15:16]  <anarcat> otherwise i think we're done, thanks everyone for your attention
[07:15:57]    <omega8cc>    ergonlogic: basically: https://github.com/omega8cc/pressflow6/commit/97b8df2795e9565ffff5dcaa00... and https://github.com/omega8cc/pressflow6/commit/4b05a210c4234714104149c3ef...
[07:16:40]   <omega8cc>    there are two major issues only, both listed at http://drupal.org/drupal-7.12
[07:16:41]    <anarcat> omega8cc: are those patches upstream?
[07:16:48]    <ergonlogic>  http://drupal.org/node/1439120
[07:16:48]   <hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1439120 => Release 1.7 => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, normal, active, 0 comments, 1 IRC mention
[07:17:35]   <ergonlogic>  I'll post the scrum log to c.a.o

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-02-20


[07:03:14]    <mig5>    scrum time anarcat darthsteven ergonlogic omega8cc
[07:03:58]   <ergonlogic>  hi
[07:03:58]   <hefring> hi
[07:04:10]   <mig5>    i've not done much other than commit a patch here or there from others
[07:04:21]  <mig5>    we have a few RTBC that we should probably look at before the next release http://drupal.org/project/issues?text=&projects=hosting%2C+provision%2C+...
[07:04:36]   <mig5>    and a fair few for review http://drupal.org/project/issues?text=&projects=hosting%2C+provision%2C+...
[07:04:46]    <darthsteven> I'm not able to make the scrum, sorry.
[07:05:15]  <mig5>    i suggest we also switch the aegir.make in the 6.x-1.x branch to start building drupal 6.23 or whatever, so we can be sure it works..
[07:05:25]    <mig5>    np thanks darthsteven
[07:05:57]    <mig5>    oh, we probably already build drupal 6.24 in the makefile. meh
[07:06:00]   <ergonlogic>  that makes sense
[07:06:11] <mig5>    anyway, not much else from me
[07:06:33]    <ergonlogic>  for my part, I've been working on the puppet module
[07:06:39] <ergonlogic>  and aegir-up
[07:06:58] <ergonlogic>  so, we can now pass preseed info to the .deb
[07:07:15] <mig5>    cool!
[07:07:20]    <ergonlogic>  and a number of othr parameters if we go with a 'manual' install
[07:08:03]   <ergonlogic>  and there's even a $aegir_dev_build variable that will build everything from the git repos, and preserver the .git repos
[07:08:35]    <mig5>    oh nice. i'm looking forward to using that :)
[07:08:39]   <ergonlogic>  :)
[07:09:08]   <ergonlogic>  I'll be going over most of that with anarcat this week, and whatever passes muster will go into the master branch
[07:09:28]   <ergonlogic>  that's most of what I've been up to
[07:09:42]    <mig5>    thanks ergonlogic
[07:09:57]    <mig5>    have we got anarcat here, or is he M.I.A this week
[07:10:12]   <mig5>    i'll keep it open for 5 or so min, in case omega8cc also arrives
[07:10:19]    <omega8cc>    hi
[07:10:26]   <ergonlogic>  I think he was pretty swamped today
[07:10:37]  <omega8cc>    I started new clean repos for both Provision and Hostmaster changes we have made in our BOA fork (it went too far out of sync in the meantime) and started submitting patches upstream, but it is just a start in a right direction.
[07:10:54] <mig5>    great!
[07:10:56]   <omega8cc>    I plan to work more on that, this week. That is pretty much everything I have to report today.
[07:11:24]   <mig5>    omega8cc: see those RTBC tickets i linked above
[07:11:26]  <mig5>    a couple are nginx ones
[07:11:38]  <mig5>    should they be ignored in lieu of your new clean repos?
[07:11:42]  <omega8cc>    mig5: I will check all of them
[07:11:49]   <mig5>    thanks
[07:11:56]   <mig5>    they seem to be ssl specific
[07:11:59] <omega8cc>    if they apply cleanly, no problem
[07:15:08]    <ergonlogic>  btw, undocumented aegir treasure of the week: passing '--working-copy' to hostmaster install will propagate down to 'drush make aegir.make'
[07:15:26]  <ergonlogic>  that is 'drush hostmaster-install'
[07:15:30] <anarcat> oh scrum
[07:15:35] <anarcat> missed that sry
[07:16:01]  <ergonlogic>  anarcat: go ahead
[07:18:11]    <anarcat> hi
[07:18:11]   <hefring> bonjour
[07:18:15]  <anarcat> i want to release 1.7
[07:18:33]    <mig5>    \o/
[07:18:34]  <anarcat> i will try to at least fixup the debian branches on wednesday, but i would also like to release 1.7
[07:19:06]  * anarcat reading the backlog
[07:19:39]    <anarcat> alright uh
[07:19:47]   <anarcat> so yeah, i got ahead pretty good on that
[07:19:59] <anarcat> but the debian and release script cleanup will really take hold when we do that release
[07:20:06]  <anarcat> so i'd like to do that, and improve the docs, in one swoop
[07:20:49]  <anarcat> alright, i think that's it for me
[07:20:57]   <anarcat> cheers everyone
[07:21:02]  <ergonlogic>  k, thanks
[07:21:08]    <ergonlogic>  anyone else?
[07:21:25] <ergonlogic>  if not, I'll post the log to c.a.o

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-02-27

[07:00:23]    <darthsteven> Scrum time?
[07:00:33]  <mig5>    yep
[07:01:30]  <mig5>    don't everyone go at once! :)
[07:01:37]   <mig5>    I can start
[07:01:45]  <cmcintosh>   by all means
[07:02:07] <anarcat> alright
[07:02:08]  <mig5>    not much from me, I committed a few patches mainly from omega8cc for nginx stuff, and a couple other small bugs. figured i'd get a few fixes in before 1.7
[07:02:17]  <anarcat> scrum scrum scrum scrum scrumscrumscrum
[07:02:24]  <darthsteven> Awesome stuff
[07:02:26]    <mig5>    go for it
[07:02:43]    <cmcintosh>   i have been working on building a integrated workflow using git / aegir tasks
[07:03:13]    <anarcat> alright
[07:03:18]  <cmcintosh>   for now it will only have support for git but hoping to have api in it for addition of other types of repos
[07:03:36]  <anarcat> that's cool
[07:03:42] <cmcintosh>   yea
[07:03:48]  <anarcat> alright, is that all?
[07:04:00]    * anarcat is eager to go (haha)
[07:04:04]    <cmcintosh>   i also may be submitting a patch to tasks / platforms module to fix the issues i have been seeing with adding custom tasks into platform
[07:04:11] <cmcintosh>   anarcat, go go go!
[07:04:14]   <anarcat> alright
[07:04:16]  <anarcat> i've been testing file descriptors overflow all weekend
[07:04:24] <darthsteven> Hehe
[07:04:27] <anarcat> running simulations creating billions of file descriptors
[07:04:32]    <anarcat> and just now, it failed
[07:04:33]  <anarcat> Resource id #2147480111
[07:04:34]  <anarcat> 105 fd: Resource id #-2147483648, restartingstarting almost infinite loop to overflow PHP resources (file descriptors), press enter to continue or control-c to abort
[07:04:40]    <anarcat> so drum roll please
[07:04:49]  <anarcat> we'll now see if pcntl_exec() fixes the shit
[07:04:49]    <darthsteven> Nice
[07:04:58] <anarcat> (drum roll?)
[07:04:59] <anarcat> whatever
[07:05:00] <anarcat> 105 fd: Resource id #-2147483648, restartingstarting almost infinite loop to overflow PHP resources (file descriptors), press enter to continue or control-c to abort
[07:05:03]    <anarcat> Resource id #111
[07:05:06] <anarcat> Resource id #10111
[07:05:08]   <anarcat> so there you go
[07:05:11]  <anarcat> it fixes the shit!
[07:05:21]   <anarcat> the fix is to re-exec the daemon, the bug doesn't survive pcntl_exec()
[07:05:38]  <anarcat> so i think we could just re-exec the daemon after N tasks OR x seconds
[07:05:42]   <darthsteven> Isn't that what we do already?
[07:05:49]  <anarcat> well, we do it after a timeout
[07:06:01]   <anarcat> my guess is that for a serie of heavy tasks that isn't enough
[07:06:06]   <darthsteven> Ah right
[07:06:10] <mig5>    so is this related to that http://drupal.org/node/1454316 ?
[07:06:11]  <hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1454316 => Provision recurses infinitely on reading in context => Provision, Code, normal, active, 6 comments, 1 IRC mention
[07:06:12]    <anarcat> say like 20 migrates
[07:06:15] <anarcat> mig5: no
[07:06:18] <mig5>    ok
[07:06:20]   <anarcat> it's in the hosting_queue_runner
[07:06:25]    <mig5>    oh right
[07:06:28] <anarcat> alright, so that was my crazy shit
[07:06:32]   <anarcat> i want to release 1.7 soonish
[07:06:36]    <anarcat> i am not sure i'll have time this week
[07:06:41]  <anarcat> and besides we should wait for 6.25
[07:06:46]  <mig5>    yep
[07:06:50]  <anarcat> ah
[07:06:53]   <mig5>    which is not far away thanks to that #drupalwtf
[07:07:01]  <anarcat> and i want to introduce omega8cc as a new core committer
[07:07:18] <mig5>    +1, we endlessly spoke of it but never did it :)
[07:07:25] <anarcat> we have already discussed this in the past, but i talked with omega8cc and we agreed that we could give commit access with the understanding that it is limited to nginx stuff
[07:07:26]   <darthsteven> Cool
[07:07:31] <anarcat> which we can't really review anyways
[07:07:33]    <mig5>    i would prefer not to blindly commit patches with my current migression rate
[07:07:46] <anarcat> omega8cc: see? mig5 is just like you :P
[07:07:48]  <anarcat> so
[07:07:54]   <omega8cc>    :)
[07:07:55]   <anarcat> omega8cc: welcome in the team, and congratulations
[07:08:06]   <anarcat> i think that's it for me, i can take care of christening the commit access
[07:08:07]  <omega8cc>    thank you! :)
[07:08:24]    <anarcat> next!
[07:08:39]    <darthsteven> omega8cc: Do you want to go next?
[07:09:07]    <anarcat> omega8cc: your account is omega8cc on d.o?
[07:09:08]   <omega8cc>    darthsteven: thanks, I will be last
[07:09:12]  <omega8cc>    yes
[07:09:26]  <anarcat> omega8cc: you now have access to provision
[07:09:32]   <darthsteven> Okay, mig5 were you done?
[07:09:57]    <anarcat> omega8cc: you now have access to hostmaster
[07:10:04]  <mig5>    darthsteven: yep
[07:10:19] <darthsteven> I'll go next then
[07:10:22]   <darthsteven> :)
[07:10:35]   <darthsteven> Right, I had a slightly busy weekend
[07:10:46] <anarcat> while i'm here, i removed tbosviel and univate from the maintainers ACL, as we haven't seen them forever
[07:11:07]   <mig5>    sure
[07:11:11] <darthsteven> And I've pushed forward the D7 rewrite
[07:11:29]  <darthsteven> Note that I'm calling it a rewrite and not a port
[07:11:45]   <mig5>    awesome. I tried to drum up a bit of interest on twitter re: that
[07:11:48]    <darthsteven> There's just too much baggage and D7 really does change the way that you build sites
[07:12:22]    <darthsteven> There's quite a bit of discussion around entities vs. nodes already
[07:12:27] <anarcat> fair enough
[07:12:35]  <anarcat> yeah, that's really interesting! i joined in there too
[07:12:49]  <darthsteven> And so I want to facilitate that going forward, and reach consensus over the next few weeks
[07:12:52]  <anarcat> i don't have strong opinions on the matter, as i am not familiar enough with d7, but i'm happy to see the talks move ahead
[07:12:59] <mig5>    likewise ^^
[07:13:17]  <cmcintosh>   i think entities would be great
[07:13:23]  <darthsteven> I'm targeting Drupalcon Europe for the release
[07:13:30]  <anarcat> sweet
[07:13:31]    <mig5>    thanks for leading this darthsteven, it feels like it's got fresh air pumped into it again :)
[07:13:33]   <anarcat> that would be awesome
[07:13:40]    <cmcintosh>   let me know i am getting some paid time for aegir dev and may be able to swing some time towards d7
[07:13:42]  <darthsteven> So 6 or 18 months :p
[07:13:49] <anarcat> cmcintosh: that would be great
[07:13:52]   <anarcat> haha
[07:14:03] <darthsteven> cmcintosh: That would be awesome
[07:14:10] <anarcat> darthsteven: oh and that would fit well with the offers for sponsorship for the subdir support
[07:14:13]   <anarcat> did you guys see that?
[07:14:35]   <cmcintosh>   plus i need to sit down and upgrade aegir services for 3.x
[07:14:44]   <darthsteven> anarcat: As you say in the issue, there needs to be community consensus on the rewrite, as otherwise no one will want to maintain it
[07:15:11] <darthsteven> cmcintosh: Hopefully, in D7 services integration will be so much easier
[07:15:24]  <darthsteven> Thats it from me I think
[07:15:33] <cmcintosh>   sounds awesome
[07:15:35]   <darthsteven> Would happily chat nodes vs entities at some point
[07:15:45]   <darthsteven> (at a pub at the moment)
[07:15:45] <anarcat> darthsteven: well, my point is more that the person that will do the upgrade should have the final say
[07:15:52]   <anarcat> as i expect it will be you :P
[07:16:00]    <cmcintosh>   darthsteven, you got any code snipets for adding tasks to platforms on d6, would be great to review to see if im doing things right here
[07:16:37] <mig5>    cmcintosh: did you give an aegir talk at Sandcamp last month?
[07:16:40]    <darthsteven> cmcintosh: I think it was the Drupal gardens importer, which is on d.o somewhere
[07:16:53] <anarcat> so i wanted to add this http://drupal.org/node/705026#comment-5655840
[07:16:54]    <hefring> http://drupal.org/node/705026 => Allow creation of mysite.com/site1 and mysite.com/site2 type of sites => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, major, needs work, 29 comments, 1 IRC mention
[07:17:05]  <anarcat> it looks like we have people interested in sponsoring proper subdir support implementations
[07:17:10]  <cmcintosh>   no i was going to but didnt make it
[07:17:13]  <anarcat> and that would fit well with darthsteven's timeline for d7
[07:17:41]  <darthsteven> anarcat: If you could get the backend able to do that, I could get a frontend ship shape to drive it
[07:17:48] <anarcat> that would be awesome
[07:18:05]    <anarcat> i have zero cycles now, esp. since i am looking at 1.7 and sites dir improvements
[07:18:09]    <mig5>    how would we do it.. with 'Alias' in vhosts or something?
[07:18:12]  <anarcat> but it's certainly something we need
[07:18:13]    <darthsteven> Though I have some ideas of how it could work in the backend too :)
[07:18:14]  <anarcat> mig5: yeah.
[07:18:23]  <anarcat> i think that's the best idea so far
[07:18:25] <mig5>    i can't fathom how we'll be able to do migrations of sites, e.g if they are sharing the one vhost ServerName
[07:18:33]   <mig5>    but need to be on separate platforms
[07:18:40] <anarcat> aliases do that
[07:18:40]  <mig5>    i guess we'd have to just maintain the individual Alias somehow
[07:18:43] <mig5>    yeah
[07:18:44] <anarcat> yeah
[07:18:56] <mig5>    anyway - i think this is falling outside scrum, shall we tie it off?
[07:18:59] <mig5>    anything to add ergonlogic ?
[07:19:01] <mig5>    oh!
[07:19:02]  <mig5>    omega8cc! :)
[07:19:08] <mig5>    don't think you've had your turn
[07:19:08]   <anarcat> yeah!
[07:19:17]    <omega8cc>    I will take this opportunity and will finally sync Nginx stuff between BOA fork and our upstream in the next 2-3 days, but it will require a small flood of Nginx related patches. So we should have nicely polished Nginx config before 1.7 release.
[07:19:31]    <ergonlogic>  oops, sorry 'bout that
[07:19:39]  <omega8cc>    Thanks for the commit access!
[07:19:47]    <mig5>    we forgot to make sure you wanted it! :)
[07:19:48]   <omega8cc>    I will do my best
[07:20:07]    <anarcat> mig5: i did ask before the scrum :)
[07:20:13]    <anarcat> mig5: which was the key bit we were missing :)
[07:20:17]   <mig5>    oh good
[07:20:19]  <omega8cc>    yes :)
[07:20:23]   <mig5>    'they forced me into core dev' sniff
[07:20:28] <anarcat> haha
[07:20:30] <omega8cc>    haha
[07:21:20] <ergonlogic>  for my part, I'm planning on a beta release of aegir-up this week, and to start migrating hostmaster.profile to the Profiler library
[07:21:24]    <ergonlogic>  that's it
[07:21:35]   <ergonlogic>  sorry for missing it :-/
[07:21:41] <mig5>    great stuff. will the hostmaster profile rewrite be for 6.x-2.x or just the 7.x port?
[07:21:46]    <cmcintosh>   darthsteven, can you get me a link to the dl for that module
[07:21:53] <cmcintosh>   doesnt seem to be anything in the repo on d.o
[07:22:42]    <darthsteven> cmcintosh: http://drupal.org/sandbox/darthsteven/1178192
[07:22:57] <ergonlogic>  both 6.x and 7.x, I figure
[07:23:14]   <darthsteven> cmcintosh: http://drupalcode.org/sandbox/darthsteven/1178192.git/tree/refs/heads/6....
[07:23:26]   <mig5>    alright I think we'll call that a scrum
[07:23:32] <darthsteven> Yup
[07:23:33]  <mig5>    I'll do a fresh Aegir Newsletter today I think
[07:23:36]  <darthsteven> Thanks guys
[07:23:38]  <mig5>    thanks all

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-03-05

[07:00:08]    <@darthsteven>    anarcat, darthsteven, mig5, EclipseGc, ergonlogic, mvc, omega8cc, shrop, skwashd: Scrum time!
[07:01:48]    <@darthsteven>    anyone else here?
[07:03:00]    <@omega8cc>   ah, it's Monday again?
[07:03:56]  <@darthsteven>    it is!
[07:04:07]   <@darthsteven>    wouldd you like to go firs this week?
[07:04:13]    <@darthsteven>    *first
[07:06:09]   <@iler>   :)
[07:06:33]   <@darthsteven>    no?
[07:06:38]  <@darthsteven>    okay well I'll go then
[07:06:48]  <@anarcat>    scrum
[07:06:52]    <@anarcat>    sry
[07:06:56]  <@darthsteven>    Hello!
[07:06:56]   <@hefring>    what's up
[07:07:09]   * penyaskito has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[07:07:10]    <@darthsteven>    So last Friday I spent the day working on the D7 port
[07:07:35]    <@darthsteven>    lots of initial looking at entity module and getting some of our entities set up
[07:07:53] <@darthsteven>    nothing major to report, only that it's going to take a while to port :)
[07:08:23]    <@darthsteven>    I added a couple of command line options to our mysqldump command
[07:08:36]    <@darthsteven>    and broke aegir doing so, but then fixed it, so all is well
[07:08:40]  <@darthsteven>    that's it from me?
[07:08:47]  <@darthsteven>    anarcat: do you want to go next?
[07:09:01] <@darthsteven>    (that is it from me, btw)
[07:09:25]    * scor has joined #aegir
[07:09:35] <@anarcat>    yep
[07:09:38]  <@anarcat>    so
[07:09:57]   <@anarcat>    i'll work on the 1.7 release tomorrow
[07:10:03]   <@anarcat>    i hope to have time to wrap it up
[07:10:14]    <@anarcat>    i think omega8cc merged their patches in so the timing seems ripe
[07:10:17]    <@darthsteven>    cool
[07:10:21] <@scor>   http://community.aegirproject.org/content/installing/automatic-installat... says the current Ubuntu Server LTS is 11.04. however according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS it does not seem that 11.04 is LTS
[07:10:25] * svendecabooter has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[07:10:38]    <@iler>   scor: It's not, 10.04 is
[07:10:54]    <@scor>   so this documentation applies to 10.04?
[07:10:55]  <@iler>   And next one is 12.04
[07:10:56]    <@anarcat>    koumbit reprioritised its roadmap and we'll look at migrate optimisations next, trying to consolidate the files/ directory outside of the migrate
[07:11:07]   <@darthsteven>    scor/iler: we're mid-scrum please keep chatter to a minimum until after (in about 10 mins)
[07:11:10]  <@anarcat>    then we'll look at subsite support
[07:11:19]  <@scor>   darthsteven: oops sorry will come back later
[07:11:27] <@darthsteven>    anarcat: awesome
[07:11:55] <@anarcat>    then we'll look at securing verify from code injection. e.g. by not running cc all and by looking directly in the system table instead of bootstrapping the site
[07:12:11]    <@anarcat>    so that remote acces to the sites dir is more secure
[07:12:18] <@anarcat>    so that's our roadmap for the next year
[07:12:21] <@omega8cc>   nice
[07:12:39] <@anarcat>    most of those will be done on 2.x, and we'll start deploying those for willing guinea pigs
[07:12:39]  <@darthsteven>    lovely
[07:12:50]   <@anarcat>    so i'll probably setup a 2.x debian archive too
[07:13:21] <@anarcat>    i feel sick last week so i didn't do much work other than that planning
[07:13:25] <@anarcat>    that's it for me
[07:13:35]    <@darthsteven>    awesome, thanks anarcat
[07:13:37]  <@darthsteven>    omega8cc?
[07:13:40]    <@omega8cc>   ok
[07:13:51]   <@omega8cc>   Last week I merged in all Nginx related fixes and improvements we already have tested and used in BOA, and also fixed some missing Nginx config bits between 6.x-1.x and 6.x-2.x.
[07:14:04]    <@omega8cc>   This week I plan to commit some UX improvements in hostmaster we have in BOA for a long time already, in a separate branch of course, for review.
[07:14:19]    <@anarcat>    cool
[07:14:20] <@omega8cc>   and that is it from me, I think.
[07:14:22] * q-rban is now known as q0rban
[07:14:34]  <@darthsteven>    awesome work omega8cc
[07:14:45]    <@darthsteven>    I've been getting lots of emails about issues being updated/fixed
[07:14:47]   <@anarcat>    omega8cc: you think the stuff you merged is ready for release? :)
[07:15:11]    <@omega8cc>   anarcat: haha, it is used in production for months!
[07:15:23]  <@anarcat>    cool :)
[07:15:33]  <@omega8cc>   darthsteven: thanks, I promised the flood :)
[07:15:33] <@anarcat>    omega8cc: oh, and i saw you're looking at working on nginx debian packaging
[07:15:39] * patcon has joined #aegir
[07:15:40]   <@omega8cc>   yes
[07:15:47]  <@anarcat>    omega8cc: we may want to sync up on that as i will work on having easier to build 2.x packages
[07:15:53]   <@anarcat>    so that would be the right place to dev that
[07:16:04] <@omega8cc>   I agree
[07:16:11]  <@anarcat>    expect that tomorrow
[07:16:22] <@anarcat>    alright anything else?
[07:16:25]   <@anarcat>    we're hitting our timebox
[07:16:42]   <@anarcat>    i know that ergonlogic has proposed to split hostmaster in eldir/hosting/hostmaster parts back again
[07:16:49] <@anarcat>    i'd be curious to hear what ppl think of that
[07:17:09]   <@darthsteven>    it makes sense for Eldir, but not for hosting
[07:17:36]    <@anarcat>    well, there's an issue opened about his
[07:17:41] <@darthsteven>    indeed :)
[07:17:57]    <@darthsteven>    end of scrum unless anyone else wants to chip in in the next 15 seconds...
[07:18:38]   <@darthsteven>    that's a scrum then folks

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-03-12


[07:01:35]    <darthsteven> scrum time!
[07:03:44]  <ergonlogic>  hi
[07:04:30]   <darthsteven> hello!
[07:04:30]   <hefring> salut
[07:04:37]    <omega8cc>    hi
[07:04:37]   <hefring> hello
[07:04:56]    <omega8cc>    hefring: botsnack
[07:04:56]    <hefring> thanks omega8cc :)
[07:05:39]   * scientist_ has joined #aegir
[07:05:50]   <ergonlogic>  I believe anarcat is on vacation, and has found his way out to the woods
[07:05:55] <darthsteven> mig5: scrum?
[07:06:02] <ergonlogic>  so he won't likely be joining us
[07:06:20]    <darthsteven> I shall kick things off by saying well done to Anarcat for getting the 1.7 release done
[07:06:31]  <darthsteven> and well done to omega8cc for getting tons of stuff into that release
[07:06:42]    <darthsteven> that's it from me
[07:06:52]   <omega8cc>    :)
[07:07:11]   <omega8cc>    My work on porting Hostmaster BOA UI improvements to 6.x-2.x is still in progress, so I'm submitting some minor Nginx patches in the meantime. Not much to report this week.
[07:08:21]    <omega8cc>    However, I'm really tired with this bug: http://drupal.org/node/1004526
[07:08:22] <hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1004526 => Automatic aliases are not persisted across rename and clone => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, major, needs work, 25 comments, 3 IRC mentions
[07:08:33]  <darthsteven> ah yes, that one
[07:08:34] <omega8cc>    it causes tons of support requests
[07:08:44]   <omega8cc>    so I plan to attack it
[07:09:20]   <darthsteven> ok cool
[07:09:36]  <omega8cc>    it is a major Aegir WTF/fail for most of our users
[07:11:49]   * SqyD has joined #aegir
[07:12:25] * penyaskito has joined #aegir
[07:12:45]   <darthsteven> indeed
[07:12:49]   <darthsteven> anything else?
[07:12:58]   <omega8cc>    that is it from me
[07:13:09]   <ergonlogic>  For my part I submitted some issues and patches to port Hostmaster to the Profiler library, making sub-profiles possible, and fairly easy. This also required a ptch to Provision to support alternative profile names.
[07:14:00]  <ergonlogic>  I also depends on splitting Eldir and Hosting back out of Hostmaster for the 6.x-2.x branch, and I submitted an issue on that as well
[07:14:23]    <darthsteven> yeah, I'm not 100% sure where I feel about a split tbh
[07:14:34]  <ergonlogic>  ok
[07:15:03]   <darthsteven> it's a good idea for us, but not sure if it will confuse people, and lead to lots of where should I post this issue type questions?
[07:15:15] <darthsteven> but I can see the benefits too
[07:15:21]   <ergonlogic>  well, we already get lots of that
[07:15:57]    <ergonlogic>  I'm pretty sure it will confise some people
[07:16:08] <ergonlogic>  but the other projects already exist
[07:16:56] <darthsteven> yup
[07:17:04]  <darthsteven> anyway…anyone got anything else to add?
[07:17:18]  <ergonlogic>  Beyond making hosting and eldir reusable, I think it could also make engagement in the project easier
[07:17:18]    * Artusamak_afk is now known as Artusamak
[07:18:55]    <darthsteven> possibly
[07:18:57] <ergonlogic>  anyway, I's also been making lots of headway with Aegir-up, which now supports full development builds of Aegir, including custom (i.e. sandbox) provision repos and alternative branches
[07:19:05]   <darthsteven> awesome
[07:19:19]  <darthsteven> got a link for that work?
[07:19:23]    <ergonlogic>  along with custom aegir.make makefiles
[07:20:07]   <ergonlogic>  a bit short on docs, but http://community.openatria.com/team/node/552
[07:20:29]    <ergonlogic>  Aegir-up itself is at http://drupal.org/project/aegir-up
[07:20:50] <ergonlogic>  that's about it from me
[07:21:13] <apassi>  I have a aegir installed on two server, now when i create server content type from other to other, then aegir ui does not work anymore on other server, why?
[07:21:43] <darthsteven> thanks ergonlogic
[07:21:52]    <darthsteven> i think we'll call that a scrum then
[07:22:02]    <darthsteven> anyone care to do the logs?
[07:22:06]  <ergonlogic>  I can
[07:22:20]    <darthsteven> ergonlogic: thanks
[07:22:34]   <ergonlogic>  darthsteven: can we discuss splitting hosting/eldir?
[07:22:47] <darthsteven> ergonlogic: sure, can you give me ten mins?
[07:22:47]  <ergonlogic>  darthsteven: I'd like to make sure I understand your reservations
[07:22:52]   <ergonlogic>  sure
[07:23:10] <ergonlogic>  hefring: logs
[07:23:21]    <ergonlogic>  gah, what is that command again?
[07:23:27] <ergonlogic>  hefring: timestamp
[07:23:31]   <darthsteven> hefring: log pointer?
[07:23:31]    <hefring> http://hefring.mig5.net/bot/log/aegir/2012-03-12#T182454
[07:23:42] <ergonlogic>  right... thanks

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-03-19

[06:47:48] <darthsteven> hefring: Tell anarcat that I'll be unable to make the scrum tonight but I've only done one issue, which was getting MySQL passwords escaped properly when installing, so in theory we can use special characters in root passwords just fine.
[06:47:49] <hefring> darthsteven: I'll pass that on when anarcat is around.
[06:51:19] * penyaskito has quit (Quit: Saliendo)
[07:01:31] <mig5> scrum time
[07:01:36] <mig5> thanks darthsteven for the message
[07:02:05] <mig5> nothing from me this week! suspect it will be a quiet scrum
[07:02:15] <mig5> anarcat: omega8cc: ergonlogic: go for it
[07:02:50] <ergonlogic> yep
[07:03:31] <ergonlogic> for my part, I wrote a cron queue for CiviCRM
[07:04:02] <ergonlogic> http://drupal.org/project/hosting_civicrm_cron
[07:04:11] <anarcat> sorry, i gotta go
[07:04:11] <hefring> anarcat: 16 min 23 sec ago <darthsteven> Tell anarcat that I'll be unable to make the scrum tonight but I've only done one issue, which was getting MySQL passwords escaped properly when installing, so in theory we can use special characters in root passwords just fine.
[07:04:30] <ergonlogic> as part of last week's Koumbit provision_civicrm sprint
[07:04:51] <anarcat> nothing much to say from me anyways, 1.7 was released i am happy, and i will work on optimise migrate next
[07:04:53] <ergonlogic> and I continue to work on aegir-up
[07:04:54] <anarcat> ciao!
[07:05:03] <anarcat> !po
[07:05:04] <ergonlogic> that's it for me
[07:05:15] <mig5> thanks guys
[07:05:40] <mig5> i'll keep it open for 5 min in case omega8cc drops in
[07:06:26] <omega8cc> hi!
[07:06:26] <hefring> yo
[07:06:30] <omega8cc> While no progress on my end in regard to UI improvements ported from BOA Hostmaster yet, I have found an easy way to manage extra ftps/lshell accounts per Aegir client with access strictly limited to attached sites, everything done in a one bash script outside of Aegir, and it will be included in BOA-2.0.3
[07:07:17] <mig5> sounds interesting
[07:07:20] <omega8cc> and that is the end of news this week :)
[07:08:08] <omega8cc> the script: http://drupalcode.org/project/barracuda.git/blob/HEAD:/aegir/tools/auto-...
[07:10:20] <mig5> alright, thanks all!
[07:10:31] <omega8cc> it creates/purges extra accounts using built-in lshell features, it doesn't sync with Aegir passwords, so it gives extra control over granting and revoking access (manually)
[07:10:38] <omega8cc> thanks!

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-03-26

[06:59:46]    <ergonlogic>  mig5 omega8cc: scrum?
[07:00:14]    <ergonlogic>  darthsteven & anarcat indicated they wouldn't be able to make it today
[07:00:57]  <omega8cc>    ergonlogic: we may need to re-schedule it then?
[07:01:20]  <ergonlogic>  yep, anarcat had asked to re-schedule for an hour earlier
[07:02:05]    <omega8cc>    ergonlogic: makes sense also here, as it is now 10pm cet, not sure about mig5?
[07:02:44]   <mig5>    hi there
[07:02:44] <hefring> mig5: 2 hours 39 min ago <darthsteven> Tell mig5 that I'll be unable to make the scrum again, I've worked on fixing some bugs, including one major one that I introduced in 1.7. I would suggest that we should release 1.8 soonish. I also did some work on aegir-up to make it super useful for developing aegir itself.
[07:03:09]   <mig5>    i am OK for it to be rescheduled - however, if it moves earlier in the day, i won't be showing up :)
[07:03:14]    <mig5>    and i think that's ok, to be honest...
[07:03:25]  <mig5>    we've spent years to trying to accomodate for everyone and i think it's the wrong approach
[07:03:44] <mig5>    i'll send updates via hefring in advance, and read scrum notes afterward
[07:03:45]    <ergonlogic>  mig5: ok
[07:03:54] <ergonlogic>  mig5: do you have a suggestion?
[07:04:09]  <ergonlogic>  nobody wants to exclude anyone else
[07:04:14]  <mig5>    nope. any later is too late for the europeans
[07:04:24]    <mig5>    any earlier, i will not wake up (hard enough already :) )
[07:04:42]    <mig5>    and by the time the europeans are getting up, it's late for me, so same problem
[07:04:56] <mig5>    reversed
[07:04:59] <ergonlogic>  yep
[07:05:06]  <ergonlogic>  no wins
[07:05:22]  <omega8cc>    mig5: hah, hefring could help a bit, but it is then not really interactive :) 22pm cet is still ok for me
[07:05:56]    <mig5>    i'm not fussed on 'exclusion', it's simply the nature of things :) i'd sooner see four or 5 of you talking, via logs, than three of us
[07:06:35]  <mig5>    nothing new from me anyway this week - darthsteven has been amazing in the issue queues, fixed a lot of things. and it looks like i need to finally check out aegir-up
[07:06:59]   <omega8cc>    or maybe let's schedule two scrums on Monday/Tuesday then? so we could choose which scrum to attend?
[07:07:02]    <ergonlogic>  well, we do alot of communicating outside the scrums, so I don;t think it's essential
[07:07:22]   <ergonlogic>  omega8cc: that's another good idea
[07:07:35]  <mig5>    yes a morning/night scrum could be interesting :)
[07:07:47]    <ergonlogic>  though maybe monday/thursday, or something
[07:07:54]   <ergonlogic>  so it's spread out a bit more?
[07:08:02]  <omega8cc>    sometimes I work late in the night cet
[07:08:03]   <mig5>    yep
[07:08:05]  <omega8cc>    good idea
[07:08:20]    <ergonlogic>  yeah, same here (late nights)
[07:09:11]    <omega8cc>    so let's convert the old problem into this new idea
[07:09:35] <ergonlogic>  so, monday afternoons, one hour earlier
[07:09:48]  <ergonlogic>  and thursdays when it's convenient for mig5?
[07:10:31]    <ergonlogic>  later, we could perhaps schedule the monday ones earlier to be easier on the europeans...
[07:10:44]    <omega8cc>    sure, is thursday ok for you mig5?
[07:10:48]   <mig5>    i'm confused on when is 'monday afternoon' - afternoon for who?
[07:10:57]   <ergonlogic>  re aegir-up, I'min the process of turning it into a drush extension
[07:11:00] <mig5>    thursday is fine for me - at this time, or the other end of the day?
[07:11:16]   <ergonlogic>  mig5: well, for me, obviously :P
[07:12:06] <omega8cc>    mig5: be the host of the thursday scrum and choose the hour :)
[07:12:21]   <ergonlogic>  mig5: I meant one hour earlier than current time on mondays (for now)
[07:12:30]    <ergonlogic>  for the Monday scrums
[07:12:56]    <mig5>    yes, go one hour earlier on the mondays - as i'll likely just drop out of those, so make it convenient for you
[07:13:12]  <ergonlogic>  right
[07:14:27]    <mig5>    and perhaps we go the opposite for Thursday
[07:14:27]  <mig5>    http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingdetails.html?year=2012&mont...
[07:14:47]  <mig5>    so it's the time in montreal for oyu that is for me right now, but europeans and asia-pacific can join in
[07:15:36]   <mig5>    or perhaps one hour earlier, same as you're going to make it for monday
[07:15:49] <mig5>    http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingdetails.html?year=2012&mont...
[07:16:18]  <omega8cc>    this will work for me, but maybe 9pm would be better
[07:16:21] <omega8cc>    right
[07:16:55]    <mig5>    ok sure
[07:17:17]  <ergonlogic>  alright, I've update the monday scrums on c.a.o
[07:17:38] <ergonlogic>  I'll leave it to one of you to add the second scrum time?
[07:17:57]   <omega8cc>    mig5: :)
[07:18:18] <ergonlogic>  I guess we can just remove 'weekly' from those pages now :)
[07:18:29]    <omega8cc>    yep
[07:20:00]  <ergonlogic>  hefring tell darthsteven we're moving the Monday scrums up by 1 hour (for now) as per anarcat's request, and starting a second one on Thursdays, to accomodate Mig5 and Omega8cc
[07:20:00]   <hefring> ergonlogic: I'll pass that on when darthsteven is around.
[07:20:20]   <ergonlogic>  hefring tell anarcat we're moving the Monday scrums up by 1 hour (for now) as per your request, and starting a second one on Thursdays, to accomodate Mig5 and Omega8cc
[07:20:20] <hefring> ergonlogic: I'll pass that on when anarcat is around.
[07:21:02]   <omega8cc>    I still need to take a look at this aegir-up stuff, but am I correct you are rewriting it as a drush ext?
[07:21:10]    <ergonlogic>  k, so, let's wrap this up, unless anyone had anything substantive?
[07:21:14]  <ergonlogic>  omega8cc: yep
[07:21:27]    <omega8cc>    awesome!
[07:21:27] <ergonlogic>  the basics are in place
[07:21:39]  <ergonlogic>  with drush wrappers around the shell scripts I'd written
[07:21:57]    <ergonlogic>  but I'll start new commands natively in drush, and port the rest as time permits
[07:22:31]    <ergonlogic>  hefring: log pointer
[07:22:31] <hefring> http://hefring.mig5.net/bot/log/aegir/2012-03-26#T187514
[07:22:39] <omega8cc>    I have very little to report this week, basically a bit of simple magic in Aegir and Drush 4.6-dev to make it work with Drupal 8
[07:22:53] <ergonlogic>  omega8cc: yeah, that was nice!
[07:23:17]   <ergonlogic>  I haven't tried it out yet, but nice to see!
[07:23:42]    <omega8cc>    that was not really a magic, rather boring search/replace, but still, it is nice it works
[07:24:01]    <ergonlogic>  drush 5 was released
[07:24:33] <ergonlogic>  so we might want to start moving aegir to it
[07:24:43] <omega8cc>    yeah, but it drops drupal 5 support and we are not compatible yet, afaik
[07:24:58] <ergonlogic>  there are a couple issues about it, yeah
[07:25:04] <omega8cc>    so we have a choice in the meantime
[07:25:36]  <ergonlogic>  well, I guess that can be one of the differentiators for 2.x? no more D5?
[07:27:07]    <omega8cc>    yeah, however we have still people on pressflow 5, but it will be a good selling point to give them EOL for d5 support in Aegir
[07:27:31]  <ergonlogic>  drush also supports COMMANDFILE.drush4.inc, or something similar
[07:28:08] <ergonlogic>  so we could keep our current functionality for backward compatibility
[07:28:16]    <omega8cc>    didn't know that, nice
[07:28:19]  <ergonlogic>  but it would mean alot more code to maintain
[07:28:38] <omega8cc>    yeah, not worth the effort probably
[07:29:04]  <ergonlogic>  it's an option, if we want to deprecate D5 support, I guess
[07:29:59] <ergonlogic>  either way drush 5 is the future, and allows for some nifty things
[07:30:02]   <ergonlogic>  anyway
[07:30:12]   <ergonlogic>  I'll post the log

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-04-09

[05:02:08]    <ergonlogic>  anarcat mig5 omega8cc darthsteven everyone: scrum?
[05:02:34]   <omega8cc>    hi
[05:02:34]   <hefring> what's up
[05:02:45]   <anarcat> hi
[05:02:45]   <hefring> eh oh
[05:02:48]    <omega8cc>    same hour? i think we have moved it, no?
[05:02:56] <omega8cc>    oh
[05:02:57]   <ergonlogic>  we'd moved it to this time
[05:03:04]  <ergonlogic>  from an hour later
[05:03:28]   <omega8cc>    ah, so it is still 9pm cet, k
[05:04:19]    <ergonlogic>  so, there appears to have been lots of activity in the issue queues these past couple weeks...
[05:04:33]   <ergonlogic>  anyone want to speak to that?
[05:04:49]    <ergonlogic>  or other stuff we've been working on?
[05:05:24]   <omega8cc>    well, I worked on a workarounds/fixes for two issues
[05:05:38] <omega8cc>    both a year old
[05:05:48]  <omega8cc>    the famous http://drupal.org/node/1004526
[05:05:49]    <hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1004526 => Automatic aliases are not persisted across rename and clone => Provision, Code, major, needs review, 32 comments, 4 IRC mentions
[05:06:00] <omega8cc>    and another: http://drupal.org/node/1088472
[05:06:01]  <hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1088472 => Introduce simple switch for changing write permissions to support plugin manager (Drupal App Store) => Provision, Code, normal, needs review, 17 comments, 3 IRC mentions
[05:06:48]    <omega8cc>    patches for review submitted
[05:07:05] <ergonlogic>  great!
[05:07:19]   <omega8cc>    however, they are not really fixes, just a workarounds
[05:08:18]   <anarcat> alright that's good
[05:08:28] <omega8cc>    now I'm packing BOA as a deb monster so also Nginx based Aegir installed from deb should be available soon
[05:08:31]  <anarcat> i don't think i'll have time to review this now, but it's good to see some progress on that
[05:08:40]   <omega8cc>    ok
[05:08:52]   <anarcat> omega8cc: someone was asking about nginx + debian here earlier, you may want to join forces
[05:08:55]  <omega8cc>    and that is it from me
[05:09:02]   <anarcat> cweagans it was
[05:09:37]  <omega8cc>    anarcat: it should be easy, but any help is appreciated, sure!
[05:09:42]   <omega8cc>    right
[05:09:56]    <anarcat> as for myself, not much to say here
[05:10:20]  <anarcat> i am looking forward to having more time to work on aegir, but we are doing major infrastructure work on our old cluster here and it's taking a lot of manhours
[05:10:35] <anarcat> then i will look at optimising migrate
[05:10:47]   <anarcat> and doing an estimate for those folks who want to chip in to implement subsites
[05:12:45]  <millette>    salut
[05:12:45]    <hefring> hello
[05:12:47]    <ergonlogic>  anarcat: k, anything else?
[05:12:55]   <anarcat> uh i think that's it for me
[05:12:59] <ergonlogic>  hi millette!
[05:13:13] <millette>    anarcat, could you provide me with an aegir install somewhere so I can do my packages patch properly?
[05:13:21]    <ergonlogic>  millette: we're just in the middle of our weekly scrum
[05:13:32]  <millette>    salut ergonlogic - ack - I'll stay tuned
[05:13:59]    <ergonlogic>  for my part, I've finished porting Aegir-up to a drush extension now
[05:14:29]    <ergonlogic>  and I'vebegun work on a utility server to provide dns, squid-proxy, git and jenkins servers
[05:14:41] <ergonlogic>  so I'll be poking around the jenkins test scripts
[05:14:51]   <ergonlogic>  that's about it from me
[05:15:10] <ergonlogic>  omega8cc: was there a Thursday scrum?
[05:15:49]    <omega8cc>    ergonlogic: no, I was here but I didn't met anyone here :/
[05:16:07]  <ergonlogic>  omega8cc: alright
[05:16:27]    <ergonlogic>  so then, if there's nothing else, I'll post this to the community site
[05:16:36] <flexgrip>    Has anyone enabled CORS on an nginx/BOA install before?
[05:16:39]  <ergonlogic>  hefring: log pointer
[05:16:39] <hefring> http://hefring.mig5.net/bot/log/aegir/2012-04-09#T192145
[05:16:40] <anarcat> alirght
[05:16:42]  <anarcat> thanks ergonlogic
[05:16:46]    <omega8cc>    thanks
[05:16:54]   <ergonlogic>  :)

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-04-12

[21:01:31]    <mig5>    alright! i actually made it, almost on time, to the second scrum of the week
[21:01:39] <mig5>    i missed the first few weeks, and i'm meant to be the one hosting it. epic
[21:01:50]  <mig5>    darthsteven: anarcat: ergonlogic: if you're around
[21:02:04]  <darthsteven> mig5: hello!
[21:02:37] <mig5>    i updated the python-cloudfiles installation on the jenkins server, and raised a sleep timeout limit that was causing all our jenkins builds to fail, as rackspace takes ages to build from our images these days sadly
[21:02:55]  <darthsteven> cool
[21:03:07] <darthsteven> not cool about rackspace though
[21:03:11]  <mig5>    i then suckered myself into working more on what was meant to be a trivial patch, and now has left me bewildered and confused http://drupal.org/node/1503824
[21:03:12] <hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1503824 => hosting_site_count() ignores disabled sites => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, normal, needs work, 5 comments, 1 IRC mention
[21:03:16]   <mig5>    like the last 20 or so patches over the last 2 years
[21:03:24] <mig5>    that's about it from me!
[21:03:46]    * rv0 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[21:03:54]    <mig5>    some of our builds in jenkins are still broken, this seems to be related to installing deb files via dpkg, which i haven't figured out yet
[21:04:26]  <mig5>    weird requirements like nfs-common, and the drush-make deb, etc.. and my attempt to fix it saw that restarting portmap or something failed. haven't had time to look at.
[21:06:05]    <darthsteven> sorry if I've added to your confusion in that issue
[21:06:25] <mig5>    nah it's not you. any developer would be fine with it
[21:06:43]   <mig5>    iam just not made of the same stuff and never have been. i should find something i'm good at and stick with it :)
[21:06:54]   <mig5>    don't have a coder brain
[21:07:50]    <darthsteven> okay, well the efforts are appreciated
[21:07:54]   <darthsteven> shall I go next?
[21:08:06] <mig5>    please!
[21:08:17]  <darthsteven> well, I've looked at a couple of issues in the queue
[21:08:52]    <darthsteven> notably: 1185690
[21:09:10] <darthsteven> which is running through jenkins now
[21:09:13] <darthsteven> a minor fix
[21:09:34]  <darthsteven> We'll release 1.8 next week
[21:09:38] <darthsteven> I think
[21:09:42]  <darthsteven> that's it from me
[21:09:59]   <mig5>    nice, thanks
[21:11:07] <mig5>    real shame that we lost data from the community site
[21:11:14] <mig5>    niccolo wrote something interesting in response to http://community.aegirproject.org/discuss/wheres-aegir-drupalcon-denver
[21:11:36]   <mig5>    about how it feels like the project is sort of losing its spark, so to speak, in the wake of other beasts like pantheon
[21:11:45]  <mig5>    i've been wondering about that and how we can get that spark back
[21:12:02]   <darthsteven> indeed
[21:12:13]   <mig5>    it's probably in the eye of the beholder, of course.. some might feel it's very new and exciting and others less so
[21:12:33]    <mig5>    but i don't think we ever fully recovered from the developmentseed departure
[21:12:40]    <darthsteven> yup
[21:13:41]  <mig5>    I haven't got much to suggest, given I myself struggle with immense motivation issues. ho, hum
[21:13:55]  <darthsteven> I'm now working at least a day week, at work, on Aegir
[21:14:00]  <mig5>    that's unreal :)
[21:14:26]    <mig5>    i wanted to ask how you currently do your deployments etc
[21:14:31]    <darthsteven> so hoping to get some of the longer standing bugs sorted out
[21:15:19] <darthsteven> and some of the more complicated bugs that would take a few hours to set up multiple servers etc.

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-04-16

[04:59:05]    <ergonlogic>  darthsteven anarcat mig5 omega8cc: scrum?
[04:59:33]    <anarcat> yep, i can
[04:59:43]   <ergonlogic>  k, great
[05:00:03] <ergonlogic>  was a Thursday scrum last week, which is good to see
[05:01:06] <ergonlogic>  discussion of 1.8 release this week?
[05:01:14] <anarcat> cool
[05:01:22] <anarcat> the thursday scrum is at 7hAM is that right?
[05:01:31] <anarcat> i am worried about the dual scrums
[05:01:45]   <ergonlogic>  anarcat: I think it's like 4am here in Mtl
[05:01:52]  <anarcat> i feel it's splitting the community
[05:01:57] <anarcat> it's 6am here
[05:02:09]   <ergonlogic>  ah, ok, well, no difference to me :)
[05:02:25] <anarcat> so anyways
[05:02:30]   <anarcat> i really think we should release 1.8 soon
[05:02:35]    <anarcat> i am not sure i will have time to do this now
[05:02:42]    <anarcat> but maybe we can call for patches before the release
[05:02:47] <ergonlogic>  since we log them, I think we'll be ok, as long as we bother to read the ones we miss
[05:02:52]   <anarcat> i have worked on provisionacl last week
[05:03:02]  <anarcat> and i have made it so it changes the mode on the whole sites directory
[05:03:10]   <anarcat> so that users can create local.settings.php or .git and so on
[05:03:17]    <anarcat> this fixes a bunch of issues at koumbit
[05:03:21]  <ergonlogic>  sweet
[05:03:28]    <anarcat> but makes securing aegir harder
[05:03:46]  <anarcat> i still have to do that estime for the subsites thing
[05:04:38]    <anarcat> and i am looking at moving files/modules/... out of the sites directory, maybe even making the whole directory a symlink
[05:04:51] <anarcat> that's about it for me
[05:05:03]  <ergonlogic>  moving them to clients/?
[05:05:21] <anarcat> yeah, basically
[05:05:38]  <ergonlogic>  that'd probably simplify sftp and such
[05:06:05]  <ergonlogic>  ok, well on my part, I've been granted commit access to drush-vagrant
[05:06:23]   <ergonlogic>  so I'm migrating a bunch of code from aegir-up over there
[05:06:43]   <ergonlogic>  which should help to stabilize aegir-up somewhat
[05:07:05] <ergonlogic>  as I tease apart the templating framework for vagrant, and the template that deploys Aegir
[05:07:55]   <anarcat> that's good
[05:07:56] <ergonlogic>  anyway, that and getting our AegirVPS infrastructure worted out thave been keeping me busy
[05:08:20]   <ergonlogic>  that latter, I might blog about in a week or two, once I've got it running the way I'd like
[05:08:29]    <anarcat> cool
[05:08:44] <ergonlogic>  and so that aegir-up can create a working local environment that more or less matches it
[05:09:18] <ergonlogic>  I've started a second template to work similarly to aegir-up, that includes a Jenkins server
[05:10:22]    <ergonlogic>  it's also planned to have bind, squid and git servers
[05:11:08]   <ergonlogic>  so it can be the local end of a continuous integration workflow, but it depends on drush-vagrant stabilizing a bit more first
[05:11:17]    <ergonlogic>  anyway, that's pretty much it from me
[05:11:48]   <ergonlogic>  darthsteven omega8cc mig5 others: anything to add?
[05:12:15]   <omega8cc>    I fixed a few small bugs in the nginx config so it should now just work with dotdeb build, as it should be recommended build for nginx based installs on Debian, then started to review the code missing in 2.x, as there are patches committed only in 1.x, however so far only 3 are tagged, but I will review also previous months to find them all
[05:12:34]   <omega8cc>    http://drupal.org/project/issues?text=&projects=provision%2C+hosting%2C+...
[05:13:27]  <omega8cc>    then I will move to the deb based build, finally
[05:13:47] <omega8cc>    I mean, to make the deb install working with nginx
[05:14:13]   <omega8cc>    and that is it from me, I guess
[05:14:56]  <ergonlogic>  darthsteven, mig5, anyone else?
[05:15:33]  <ergonlogic>  Office hours are worth noting
[05:15:40]    <omega8cc>    right
[05:15:46]    <ergonlogic>  http://community.aegirproject.org/content/office-hours
[05:15:49]   <omega8cc>    great idea
[05:15:59]   <ergonlogic>  agreed
[05:16:51]   <ergonlogic>  anarcat: aha, that's what's scheduled for 4:00am :)
[05:17:06]    <ergonlogic>  anyway, I'll post the log
[05:17:10]   <ergonlogic>  hefring: log pointer

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-04-26

20:06 <+omega8cc> scrum?
20:06 < hefring> Every Monday at 20h00 UTC: 12h00 San Francisco, USA (PDT), 15h00 Montreal, Canada (EDT), 20h00 London, UK (GMT), 07h00 (Tuesday) Melbourne, Australia (EST)
20:08 <@mig5> oops
20:08 <@mig5> in an hour i think?
20:08 <+omega8cc> no, now! :)
20:09 <+omega8cc> mig5: is this 21h00 in Melbourne, Australia (EST)?
20:09 <@mig5> hmm, it's 20h00 here
20:09 <+omega8cc> heh
20:09 <+omega8cc> so we need to fix this http://community.aegirproject.org/scrums
20:09 <@mig5> maybe i moved back and the rest of you stayed where oyu are
20:09 <+omega8cc> as it says 12h00 (noon) in Warsaw, Poland
20:09 <@mig5> now is fine, if that's the normal time
20:09 <@mig5> i think i must've moved back
20:09 <@mig5> so it was EDT before
20:10 <@mig5> ok, scrum :P
20:10 <+omega8cc> ah
20:10 <@mig5> i have nothing to add anyway!
20:11 <+omega8cc> Nothing new to report from me today, but I do have an idea I want to discuss later.
20:11 <+omega8cc> We have some concept-grade, half-baked modules for importing the site into Aegir (or migrating between Aegir instances), plus many how-tos etc. But what we really need is an aegir_connector, like in this demo: http://vimeo.com/41020017 This is what I want to get done right in the next month or two.
20:13 <+omega8cc> mig5: so we need to fix the hours at http://community.aegirproject.org/scrums as it should much your time when it is a good time in AU
20:13 <+omega8cc> match*
20:13 <@mig5> now is fine, i'll just change melbourne's time
20:14 <+omega8cc> ok
20:15 <@mig5> i can only add that i played with the Pack module and managed to get it working. i think the docs for Pack need a lot of work, and there are some 'gotchas' such as the aegir UID/GID needing to  match between systems or aegir fails to chmod/chown during rsyncs etc
20:15 <@mig5> and, i wrote some neat Jenkins/Fabric magic that automatically tags install profile repositories and updates stub makefiles and does tag-based deployment with drush make etc
20:15 <@mig5> for a client
20:15 <@mig5> hope to release it soon
20:16 <+omega8cc> wow
20:16 <@mig5> finally i hope to do another aegir newsletter soon, it's been a while
20:16 <+omega8cc> sounds great
20:16 <@mig5> when i say 'updates stub makefiles' i mean, updated the [tag] = xxxxx for that install profile referenced in the stub makefile
20:17 <@mig5> in otherwords allows a user to manually kick off a 'Build' in jenkins and it does the whole tagged release.. standard provision-migrate etc but with proper tags etc.
20:18 <@mig5> anyways, small scrum i think. i think we also didn't have one on tuesday, too bad..
20:18 <+omega8cc> mig5: you remember Vertice idea to have makefiles subscribed via some feed and auto-generating new platforms?
20:18 <@mig5> yeah
20:18 <@mig5> that would be neat
20:19 <@mig5> you'd need something faster than cron to subscribe to it though
20:19 <@mig5> jenkins is faster atm
20:19 <@mig5> maybe, erm, node.js :) /me runs
20:20 <+omega8cc> haha, I think we need more stuff like that, to help adoption, as all those Hpowerful workflows with Jenkins etc are just over the head of 99% of the audience we could attract
20:20 <@mig5> of course
20:22 <+omega8cc> and that is my plan (and it always has been) to make it easy for people who don't really have a chance to be a power users, but want the benefits of using the Aegir stuff with their mouse only (almost)
20:24 <+omega8cc> because, you know, power users prefer command line and ci stuff etc anyway, so they will never really help in Aegir adoption, because power users are always a small percent of the audience
20:24 <@mig5> yes it's been good that you stick to your audience :)
20:24 <@mig5> the real world
20:24 <+omega8cc> both are real
20:25 <+omega8cc> just a different scale
20:27 <+omega8cc> ok
20:27 <+omega8cc> hefring: botsnack
20:27 < hefring> delicious!
20:27 <+omega8cc> scrum 

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-04-30

[05:01:07]    <anarcat> darthsteven / mig5 / EclipseGc / ergonlogic / mvc / omega8cc / sfyn / shrop / skwashd : scrum time!
[05:02:33]  <anarcat> ... anyone around? :)
[05:02:33]    <darthsteven> awesome
[05:02:36]  <anarcat> yay!
[05:02:36] <ergonlogic>  hi
[05:02:40]   <anarcat> hi
[05:02:40]   <hefring> eh oh
[05:02:52]    <omega8cc>    hi
[05:02:52]   <hefring> bonjour
[05:02:53]  <anarcat> hefring freakout
[05:02:59] <anarcat> hey omega8cc
[05:03:04] <anarcat> alright, who wants to start?
[05:03:12] * feizing has joined #aegir
[05:03:28]  <darthsteven> Who wants to go first?
[05:04:09]   <anarcat> i can go, i don't have much to say, i'm afraid
[05:04:25] <anarcat> i made a new release of provisionacl that is much more liberal about file permissions
[05:04:32]    <shrop>   hello
[05:04:54]    <anarcat> we recovered from a catastrophic operator failure on our aegir install 2 weeks ago (drush @hostmaster < wrongdb.sql => lots of fun)
[05:05:01]    <ergonlogic>  hi shrop
[05:05:17] <shrop>   ergonlogic: hey there :)
[05:05:21] <anarcat> which outlined a few bugs in import and that critical SSL bug that was fixed in 1.8 (thanks darthsteven !)
[05:05:44]   <anarcat> i'm still looking at finding time to do the estimate for subsites support
[05:05:53]   <anarcat> that's about it for me i think
[05:07:00]  <darthsteven> thanks
[05:07:26]   <darthsteven> my irc connection is not so great, so I'll go next
[05:08:25]  <darthsteven> I got 6.x-2.x working with Drush 5
[05:08:39]   <darthsteven> which was reasonably easy
[05:08:54]    <darthsteven> but, there are a couple of upstream bugs that need fixing in Drush first
[05:09:09] <darthsteven> http://drupal.org/node/1554092 is particularly nasty for us
[05:09:10]  <hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1554092 => drush_invoke_process uses 100% CPU => Drush, Base system (internal API), critical, needs review, 2 comments, 2 IRC mentions
[05:09:24]  <anarcat> wtf
[05:09:44]  <darthsteven> not sure how Drush 5 was released with that issue, but there we go
[05:10:05]   <darthsteven> hopefully that'll get fixed soon, I've posted a patch
[05:10:16]  * feizingDROID has joined #aegir
[05:10:16] <darthsteven> I pushed a few other fixes in 6.x-1.x
[05:10:41]    <darthsteven> including my fix for seg-faults/infinite loops when using contexts
[05:10:58]   <darthsteven> hopefully ergonlogic will tell me that it fixed his issue earlier
[05:11:04]    <darthsteven> that's it from me!
[05:11:12]  <anarcat> niiice
[05:11:28]   <ergonlogic>  darthsteven: well, it gave a more useful error message, but in the end it was a case of PEBKAC
[05:11:29]   <anarcat> you could mention you singlehandedly released yet another awesome aegir release? :)
[05:11:46]  <anarcat> ergonlogic: most of those are PEBKAC, the idea is exactly to give a useful error message :)
[05:11:56]  <darthsteven> anarcat: wasn't that the week before :)
[05:12:01] <ergonlogic>  then the patch worked worderfully!
[05:12:03]   * anarcat out of it ;)
[05:12:05]   <darthsteven> ergonlogic: can we chat afterward?
[05:12:14]   <ergonlogic>  darthsteven: of course
[05:12:16]   <darthsteven> next!
[05:12:19]    <darthsteven> ergonlogic?
[05:12:25]  <ergonlogic>  ok
[05:12:37]   * David_Hernandez has quit (Quit: Saliendo)
[05:12:47]  <ergonlogic>  well, I updated api.aegirproject.org today with the new branches and such
[05:12:55]    <ergonlogic>  thanks for the poke darthsteven
[05:13:05]  <ergonlogic>  I'd been meaning to do that for awhile
[05:13:40]  <ergonlogic>  otherwise falling a little too deep doe the rabbit hole of Drush development
[05:14:16] <anarcat> oh boy :)
[05:14:19]    <ergonlogic>  I'd love to see provision's context stuff split off into it's own extension
[05:14:31]   <ergonlogic>  as I'm rolling my own aliases fro drush-vagrant
[05:14:55] <ergonlogic>  and I tried to grok how to add a new context type
[05:15:05]    <ergonlogic>  but well, I couldn't
[05:15:25]    <ergonlogic>  and a dependency on provision seemed a little steep
[05:15:42]  <ergonlogic>  anyway, that's most of it for me
[05:16:01]    <ergonlogic>  oh, I also noticed that there isn;t a drush 5 git branch
[05:16:17] <ergonlogic>  everything is going into master
[05:17:02]  <anarcat> i am not sure that drush 6 devel has started
[05:17:08] <darthsteven> ergonlogic: did you moshe's response: http://drupal.org/node/1554762
[05:17:09]    <hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1554762 => Clarify git branches => Drush, Miscellaneous, normal, fixed, 2 comments, 1 IRC mention
[05:17:31]   <ergonlogic>  just saw it now
[05:17:42]  <anarcat> wtf
[05:17:53]  <anarcat> how can the releases be any different if they are on the same branch?
[05:18:48]    <ergonlogic>  everything goes into drush 5 until they have to break the API?
[05:18:54]   <ergonlogic>  hmm, ok
[05:19:45]  <anarcat> alright
[05:19:47]  <anarcat> you done ergonlogic ?
[05:19:50]    <ergonlogic>  yep
[05:19:52]  <anarcat> omega8cc: you next?
[05:20:05]  <omega8cc>    I have fixed a few issues in the Nginx config and made it compatible with 1.1.8 and later, so also 1.2.0, on the fly
[05:20:12] <omega8cc>    Also, I have discovered this new critical, which caused enough wtf issues (broken configs) on hostmaster upgrade for Nginx users in the past: http://drupal.org/node/1552430
[05:20:13] <hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1552430 => Hostmaster upgrade/migrate doesn't update @server_master drush alias and web server config files => Provision, Code, critical, needs review, 8 comments, 1 IRC mention
[05:20:22]  <omega8cc>    And that's it from me, today.
[05:20:49]   <anarcat> mind if i prod you for the debian package? :)
[05:21:01]    <anarcat> where is the development happening?
[05:21:15]  <anarcat> also, i have given you autoop here, since well, you are core now :)
[05:21:19]  <omega8cc>    hah, still in the works
[05:21:24]  <omega8cc>    ah
[05:21:30]   <omega8cc>    thanks :)
[05:21:59]    <omega8cc>    and "still in the works" means no progress, in this case :/
[05:22:04]    * simg has left #aegir ()
[05:22:06]    <anarcat> alright
[05:22:23]  <anarcat> well, if you would push your work somewhere, people could jump in and give a hand...
[05:22:35] <anarcat> i'd certainly be curious to see the work
[05:22:36]    <omega8cc>    sure, will doo
[05:23:01]   <omega8cc>    this week, promise :)
[05:23:16]    <omega8cc>    we also need this, finally
[05:23:33]   <omega8cc>    so chances are it will happen
[05:24:04]    <anarcat> awesome
[05:24:12]  <anarcat> darthsteven: i commented on that loop bug
[05:24:26]    <anarcat> i think that is all for our scrum
[05:24:37]    <anarcat> unless there are other additions, i think we'll wrap it up here
[05:24:50] * feizingDROID has quit (Quit: Bye)
[05:25:27]  <darthsteven> that is all

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-05-10

20:01 <@mig5> scrum time!
20:02 <@mig5> darthsteven: anarcat: ergonlogic
20:02 <@darthsteven> Hello!
20:02 < hefring> salut
20:03 <@mig5> i've recently started using the pack feature, as a very large client of mine will probably use it soon, so i decided to eat the dogfood and transitioned my own infrastructure onto a 5-server high-availability environment :)
20:03 <@mig5> my main issue has been http://drupal.org/node/1555398
20:03 < hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1555398 => MySQL GRANTs aren't given for multiple servers in Web Pack => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, normal, active, 18 comments, 1 IRC mention
20:03 <@mig5> we have some funny corner cases with mysql grants
20:03 <@mig5> not actually limited to pack module, but to a case where a webserver might have multiple ip addresses in the same LAN assigned to it
20:03 <@mig5> and mysql might pick the wrong *source* IP to make the mysql connection attempt in order to fetch those to use for grants
20:04 <@mig5> i've worked around it in my case there. but anyway that's basically all i'm thinking about at the moment
20:07 <@mig5> darthsteven: can we catch up after the scrum?
20:07 <@mig5> presuming the scrum isn't done already :)
20:07 <@darthsteven> (we can)
20:08 <@darthsteven> that's great
20:08 <@darthsteven> I saw lots of comments on that issue :)
20:08 <@darthsteven> shall I go next?
20:08 <@mig5> yeah i got a bit carried away - but it was really hard to find *what* was the problem
20:08 <@mig5> sure
20:09 <@darthsteven> didn't really do too much this week
20:09 <@darthsteven> got a fix for the Drush invoke issue in Drush 5 in: http://drupal.org/node/1554092
20:09 < hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1554092 => drush_invoke_process uses 100% CPU => Drush, Base system (internal API), critical, fixed, 13 comments, 3 IRC mentions
20:10 <@darthsteven> and working with the Drush peeps to get http://drupal.org/node/1550574 sorted too
20:10 < hefring> http://drupal.org/node/1550574 => drush_invoke_process doesn't pass through alias => Drush, Base system (internal API), normal, active, 4 comments, 1 IRC mention
20:11 <@darthsteven> we should be able to support Drush 5 easily when that one is done
20:11 <@darthsteven> at the moment the 6.x-2.x branch has a workaround
20:11 <@darthsteven> but 6.x-2.x still works with Drush 5
20:11 <@darthsteven> that's it from me!
20:11 <@darthsteven> next?
20:11 <@mig5> nice!
20:12 <@mig5> i suspect that'll be it, it's only 6:12am in montreal
20:12 <@mig5> i'll wait a few min
20:20 <@mig5> ok i think that's it
20:20 <@mig5> thanks
20:22 <@darthsteven> thank you too

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2012-05-28

[05:02:37]  <@darthsteven>  anarcat, mig5, omega8cc, EclipseGc, mvc, sfyn, shrop, skwashd: scrum?
[05:02:43]  <@anarcat>  yay
[05:03:49]  <@darthsteven>  shall I go first?
[05:03:55]  <@darthsteven>  I've done not a lot
[05:03:58]  <@shrop>    Not at my computer, but will watch from mobile. Cheers!
[05:04:09]  <@darthsteven>  released 1.9 a little while ago
[05:04:23]  <@anarcat>  upgrade went through like a breeze here
[05:04:24]  <@darthsteven>  that's it from me!
[05:04:30]  <@anarcat>  alright
[05:04:31]  <@darthsteven>  next!
[05:04:43]  <@anarcat>  well, for me, thanks to omega8cc's grant, i have been able to free up more time for the project
[05:04:53]  <@anarcat>  my first focus was on urgent drush security issues
[05:05:07]  <@anarcat>  http://drupal.org/node/671906
[05:05:09]  <@hefring>  http://drupal.org/node/671906 => mysql credentials leak in drush sqlc => Drush, PM (dl, en, up ...), critical, needs review, 44 comments, 3 IRC mentions
[05:05:33]  <@anarcat>  this is mostly fixed, but i have found deep issues in the sql code and other credentials leaks that are not yet fixd
[05:05:44]  <@anarcat>  my progress can be followed here: http://drupal.org/user/1274/track
[05:06:01]  <@anarcat>  and here: http://drupal.org/user/1274/track/code
[05:06:32]  <@anarcat>  which reminds me: i have started work on a pretty dumb merge script for apache log files
[05:06:35]  <@anarcat>  http://drupal.org/project/provision-mergelog
[05:06:51]  <@anarcat>  it is designed to suck apache logs from remote servers into a single file that can then be parsed by logfile analysis software
[05:07:11]  <@anarcat>  i have done some tests with awstats, and it works well, considering awstats haven't been updated in 3 years
[05:07:17]  <@anarcat>  btw, piwik sucks for that
[05:07:21]  <@darthsteven>  cool!
[05:07:31]  <@anarcat>  while it *can* process those logfiles, it's not reliable at all and makes *ONE HIT PER LINE* on the webserver
[05:07:42]  <@anarcat>  which is a lot of fun if the piwik site is in the logfile itself :P
[05:08:03]  <@anarcat>  i have also dug my head in the SSL code again, and found quite a lot of issues
[05:08:14]  <@anarcat>  found new bugs:
[05:08:15]  <@anarcat>  http://drupal.org/node/1603722
[05:08:15]  <@hefring>  http://drupal.org/node/1603722 => deleting a site doesn't delete its SSL certificate => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, normal, needs work, 2 comments, 1 IRC mention
[05:08:32]  <@anarcat>  and updated the existing one: http://drupal.org/node/1126640
[05:08:33]  <@hefring>  http://drupal.org/node/1126640 => move the SSL IP allocation to the frontend => Hostmaster (Aegir), Code, normal, needs work, 20 comments, 1 IRC mention
[05:08:40]  <@anarcat>  but we need to redo the SSL code, it's quite crappy right now
[05:08:52]  <@anarcat>  i am not sure we want to ditch IP management, as SNI doesn't seem quite mature enough yet
[05:08:59]  <@anarcat>  so i'd like to support both SNI and non-SNI setups
[05:09:19]  <@anarcat>  alright what else have i done
[05:09:40]  <@anarcat>  well, i guess all is left is what next:
[05:09:51]  <@anarcat>  i will work on improving migrate performance
[05:10:09]  <@anarcat>  https://drupal.org/node/1484214
[05:10:19]  <@anarcat>  i will attack https://drupal.org/node/1205458 shortly
[05:10:24]  <@anarcat>  and i'm looking for advice on how to do that
[05:10:32]  <@anarcat>  should files reside in the clients directory?
[05:11:00]  <@anarcat>  anyways, that's about it for me
[05:11:14]  <@anarcat>  i am going for a trip in sao paulo brasil between june 5th and 18th
[05:11:26]  <@anarcat>  if people want to hookup or organize a little aegir meetup there, that could be fun and useful
[05:11:32]  <@anarcat>  next up?
[05:12:35]  <@anarcat>  that was quite a monologue
[05:12:52]  <@darthsteven>  (all good stuff though)
[05:13:52]  <@darthsteven>  anyone else?
[05:14:20]  <@omega8cc> not much from me to report, other that we have now nice ssd machine for project testing etc
[05:15:12]  <@darthsteven>  indeed, thanks very much for that!
[05:15:30]  <@anarcat>  cool
[05:15:35]  <@anarcat>  who's following up on that setup?
[05:15:59]  <@darthsteven>  I am
[05:16:07]  <@anarcat>  alright
[05:16:09]  <@anarcat>  that's awesome
[05:16:18]  <@anarcat>  i noticed that ergonlogic posted something about vagrant
[05:16:21]  <@darthsteven>  should be able to get it sorted this week or next
[05:16:25]  <@anarcat>  he showed me his work, it's pretty good
[05:16:26]  <@omega8cc> ah, I have added r1soft backups there, just in case
[05:16:40]  <@darthsteven>  I'm trying to 'do it right' and set it all up using puppet
[05:18:10]  <@anarcat>  that's awesome
[05:19:32]  <@darthsteven>  we'll call that a scrum there
[05:19:34]  <@darthsteven>  oh
[05:20:11]  <@darthsteven>  actually, Drush 5 got itself a bit more sorted, and so Aegir could probably be released for Drush 5 now, if we wanted, but we'll have a better release if we wait a bit
[05:20:25]  <@darthsteven>  but we'll call it a scrum now.