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Atrium Notebook 1:11pm Thu Jul 23 helmo posted How To Install Aegir and Use it to Deploy Drupal Sites on a Debian VPS
Atrium Notebook 12:28pm Wed Jul 22 helmo updated 3.0 release notes
Atrium Calendar 8:59pm Sun Jul 19 helmo posted Release 7.x-3.0
Atrium Notebook 8:00pm Sun Jul 19 helmo updated NYCcamp 2015 - Aegir 3.0 deep dive
Atrium Calendar 1:21pm Fri Jul 17 helmo posted Release 7.x-3.0-rc1
Atrium Calendar 1:19pm Fri Jul 17 helmo updated Aegir Summit @ NYC Camp
Atrium Notebook 7:56pm Thu Jul 16 helmo updated 3.0-rc1 release notes
Atrium Discussion 7:52am Mon Jul 13 helmo commented on Is there a way to delete a platform from the command line?
Atrium Notebook 12:12am Jun 15, 2015 daften updated Contribs for Aegir 7.x-3.x
Atrium Notebook 7:24pm May 20, 2015 helmo updated 2.4 release notes
Atrium Calendar 7:07pm May 20, 2015 helmo posted 2.4 releasd
Atrium Notebook 7:05pm May 20, 2015 helmo updated 3.0-alpha2 release notes
Atrium Notebook 7:05pm May 20, 2015 helmo updated 3.0-alpha1 release notes
Atrium Notebook 7:03pm May 20, 2015 helmo posted 3.0 alphas, betas & release candidates
Atrium Notebook 7:01pm May 20, 2015 helmo updated 2.3 release notes