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Archive of the weekly scrum from 2010

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2010-12-02

(03:00:54 PM) anarcat: hi.
(03:01:08 PM) anarcat: so now is the time for our newly established weekly scrums :)
(03:01:24 PM) anarcat: of course, mig5 is not there and vertice either, but i'll still do my part,
 just to kickstart this
(03:01:32 PM) hadsie: hey anarcat
(03:01:54 PM) anarcat: hey hadsie
(03:03:30 PM) anarcat: so basically, i haven't done much wrt to aegir this week, i'm busy
 with other koumbit work
(03:03:39 PM) anarcat: you're going to hear this often from me, unfortunately :)
(03:04:03 PM) anarcat: my latest thing though is the creation of a debian package for provision
 that can install and upgrade aegir automagically, it's pretty neat and needs testing
(03:05:42 PM) anarcat: i have contacted other debian developpers to get their feedback about
 the possibility of uploading that package straight into debian
(03:07:24 PM) anarcat: the followup for the debian package happens here: and here:
(03:07:36 PM) sfyn: hey folks
(03:07:36 PM) anarcat: in other news i started looking at STS here:
(03:08:04 PM) anarcat: so that's it for my past work, in the next week i'll try to:
(03:08:22 PM) anarcat: figure out proper permissions for multi-(shell)user setups in aegir
(03:08:49 PM) anarcat: right now a lot of our devs use sudo -u aegir to do stuff and that's quite 
messy, we're going to try to figure out the minimum set of perms for that to work, maybe with 
(03:09:03 PM) anarcat: we also need to figure out how we maintain site-specific packages in 
remote servers
(03:09:26 PM) anarcat: and i want to start fixing DNS in the frontend, but we are slowly pushing
 back our objective of having DNS in production to after christmast
(03:09:30 PM) anarcat: so that's it for me
(03:09:42 PM) anarcat: hi sfyn :)
(03:09:43 PM) anarcat: sfyn / ergonlogic / mvc : anything to add?
(03:11:24 PM) simesy: hey i actually made the scrum, (but only because I had to get up for a
 job and now I have to go :P)
(03:11:35 PM) anarcat: :)
(03:11:35 PM) anarcat: i see
(03:11:39 PM) anarcat: well, congratulations :)
(03:11:42 PM) sfyn: I have been sick all week and trying to catch up on my rpod stuff
(03:11:51 PM) sfyn: So very little progress to report
(03:11:59 PM) sfyn: I have a guy who is interested in writing tests for us
(03:12:13 PM) sfyn: Luigi - are you here?
(03:12:38 PM) sfyn: A guy in montreal, but he is a little new to the fabulous world of drupal,
 and FLOSS in general, I get the impression
(03:12:46 PM) sfyn: But he has done unit testing work before
(03:13:00 PM) sfyn: Maybe we should get him to come into the office so we can orient him
(03:13:18 PM) sfyn: hadsie: hey man
(03:14:07 PM) anarcat: thank you sfyn
(03:14:16 PM) anarcat: so our little scrum is almost over, anybody got anything to add before
 we move on?
(03:16:26 PM) anarcat: thank you for your attention, and see you next week!

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2010-12-09

(02:57:33 PM) ergonlogic: everyone: Weekly scrum being in ~5 mins
(02:57:57 PM) mig5: trying to wake up :)
(03:01:49 PM) anarcat: hey hey!
(03:01:55 PM) anarcat: good morning world!
(03:02:01 PM) omega8cc: hey
(03:02:10 PM) ***anarcat tries to play the gooooood moooorning vietnam cue here
(03:02:12 PM) mig5: good morning, here at least :)
(03:02:16 PM) anarcat: so
(03:02:31 PM) anarcat: welcome to our weekly scrum session, we have ... 13 minutes left
(03:02:35 PM) mig5: woot
(03:02:41 PM) anarcat: we failed at the first directive, and i'm sorry for that (start on time, damnit!)
(03:02:50 PM) ergonlogic: my fault
(03:02:51 PM) anarcat: and i'll start with my stuff, i didn't do much last week
(03:03:02 PM) anarcat: in fact, nothing i can remember
(03:03:14 PM) anarcat: next week is likely to be similar as i'm over[load]ed with thousands of internal needles
(03:03:20 PM) anarcat: that's all for me :)
(03:03:22 PM) mig5: yay
(03:03:29 PM) mig5: ok
(03:03:47 PM) mig5: to carry on that tune, i didn't do much last week, i have been trying to catch up on some tickets
(03:03:53 PM) mig5: my immediate aims are,
(03:04:04 PM) mig5: to test the debian packages now that i know they're in unstable
(03:04:07 PM) mig5: which i will do today
(03:04:24 PM) mig5: and possibly help ergonlogic with this clients permission stuff
(03:04:45 PM) mig5: after that i will start looking at the 'for review' patches in the queue per our beta2 plans
(03:04:51 PM) mig5: but that may not get to happen until next week
(03:05:01 PM) anarcat: rc2 you mean
(03:05:02 PM) mig5: that's about it from me
(03:05:06 PM) anarcat: ok
(03:05:08 PM) mig5: oh really
(03:05:10 PM) mig5: rc2?
(03:05:12 PM) anarcat: er
(03:05:13 PM) anarcat: no
(03:05:15 PM) anarcat: i don't
(03:05:16 PM) mig5: haha
(03:05:18 PM) ***anarcat is on crack, nevermind
(03:05:24 PM) anarcat: i was confusing us with drush, sorry
(03:05:29 PM) mig5: i would be happy to push for rc1 :)
(03:05:32 PM) anarcat: ergonlogic?
(03:05:48 PM) anarcat: sfyn is offline today, but i know he tried to get back into things and will keep on doing that
(03:05:50 PM) ergonlogic: well, I'm working on the permission issue that mig5 mentioned
(03:06:02 PM) ergonlogic: and the udev dependency
(03:06:11 PM) anarcat: right, about that
(03:06:22 PM) anarcat: i'm sure that moshe_work and other drush people would love to see that land in drush 4
(03:06:27 PM) ergonlogic: just trying to get into the swing of things, and familiarize myslef with some of aegir's inner workings
(03:06:32 PM) anarcat: but i'm not sure we'd make it for rc3 at this rate
(03:06:51 PM) anarcat: how do you feel about this?
(03:07:32 PM) ergonlogic: well, I think I'm about half way there on that issue
(03:07:40 PM) anarcat: alright
(03:07:41 PM) ergonlogic: but I still nee to post a patch
(03:07:47 PM) ergonlogic: s/nee/need
(03:07:48 PM) anarcat: ok
(03:08:11 PM) anarcat: *and* it would then need to be ported up to drush... so we can safely assume we won't make it into drush 4, those guys are in a rush :)
(03:08:20 PM) anarcat: speaking of drush
(03:08:28 PM) mig5: in a rush or in a drush? :)
(03:08:33 PM) anarcat: drush is that somebody omega8cc tested aegir with drush 4-rc1, and it works
(03:08:34 PM) anarcat: hehe
(03:08:35 PM) ergonlogic: groan
(03:08:40 PM) mig5: sorry..
(03:08:44 PM) anarcat: hehe
(03:08:49 PM) anarcat: alright
(03:08:55 PM) mig5: yes Vertice asked me to test that too, another thing on my todo list
(03:08:59 PM) anarcat: so
(03:09:00 PM) mig5: glad someone else did
(03:09:02 PM) anarcat: i guess one last thing
(03:09:32 PM) anarcat: we heard from vertice finally and he's coming back after a small hiatus, he's going to concentrate on documentation stuff and helping us figuring [stuff] out
(03:09:40 PM) anarcat: he's also eager (hehe) to release an rc
(03:09:45 PM) anarcat: so maybe it's something we should consider
(03:09:49 PM) ***anarcat looking at rc bugs
(03:10:22 PM) mig5: we have had the benefit of not having too many new criticals. i think if we can tie off some existing patches, we could look at that perhaps
(03:10:26 PM) anarcat: so most of those are postponed (so needs testing and closed: worksforme)
(03:10:44 PM) mig5: do you have a link to the rc bugs
(03:10:50 PM) anarcat:,+hosting,+hostslave,+eldir,+Hostmaster+(Aegir)&status=Open&priorities=1&categories=All
(03:11:05 PM) anarcat: one is the freaky multiserver thing, i'd like adrian or somebody else to look at that one as i don't have the resources or time or brain to look into this
(03:11:11 PM) anarcat: that one is
(03:11:20 PM) anarcat: the other one is the site form optimisation:
(03:11:27 PM) anarcat: which could be postponed to post 0.4
(03:11:33 PM) anarcat: so we need testing, basically
(03:11:39 PM) mig5: yeah i'm still not convinced the multiserver thing is just someone trying to do something we don't support at all (i.e spoke vs mesh model)
(03:11:42 PM) mig5: yep
(03:11:49 PM) anarcat: alright
(03:12:03 PM) anarcat: so i would favor more a testing + rc1 than a beta2 at this point
(03:12:07 PM) ergonlogic: I'm into testing the multi-server stuff, if that's on the menu
(03:12:17 PM) anarcat: ergonlogic: it is, take a look at
(03:12:20 PM) ergonlogic: and dns
(03:12:29 PM) anarcat: dns + ssl integration needs testing too:
(03:12:44 PM) anarcat: and this should probably just be closed: (new servers probably work fine)
(03:12:52 PM) anarcat: that one is more hairy:
(03:12:57 PM) anarcat: not suer about it
(03:13:12 PM) anarcat: but really, i believe we could just test those quickly and release next week, how about that?
(03:13:56 PM) mig5: sounds good, perhaps late next week, allowing me my thursday/friday where i can spend like a whole day looking at some of this
(03:13:56 PM) ergonlogic: I'll look into provisioning some new servers :)
(03:14:02 PM) anarcat: ok
(03:14:04 PM) anarcat: awesome
(03:14:07 PM) anarcat: okay, anybody else has something to add here?
(03:14:24 PM) anarcat: so thank you for attending, and have a nice day!
(03:14:31 PM) ergonlogic: cheers!
(03:14:34 PM) mig5: cheers

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2010-12-16


07:00 <@mig5> scrum time
07:00 <@anarcat> hi
07:00 <@mig5> morning
07:01 <@anarcat> good morning!
07:01 <@anarcat> not much to report on my side again, other than i forgot to book a session for drupalcon :/
07:01 <@mig5> hehe
07:01 <@anarcat> we're working on LDAP support and we'll focus on intersite security after christmas
07:01 <@mig5> i did make a tweet after i saw there are three aegir related proposals
07:01 <@mig5> oh sweet! LDAP++
07:01 <@anarcat> add a way for aegir to run tasks as a real user instead of itself, so that site A can't see site B's stuff
07:03 <@mig5> cool - that's it from you?
07:04 <@anarcat> yes, sorry
07:04 <@mig5> no worries
07:04 <@mig5> ok, so (again) i haven't done much
07:05 <@mig5> i tried to address some of the for review tickets in the queue, committing two of hadsie's work which i tested
07:05 <@anarcat> that's much :)
07:05 <@mig5> i didn't get to test your debian packages against another squeeze install but i did comment on the ticket about what i think the issue is there
07:05 <@anarcat> yeah, you're right about the issues, feel free to fix if you have time
07:06 <@mig5> but mainly i have been just staring at the queue and feeling out of steam (again), I wonder whether it is time to look at adding more people to the project
07:06 <@anarcat> i agree
07:06 <@mig5> as i feel i'm getting less and less useful, and vertice is taking a break etc,
07:06 <@mig5> and you are tied up a lot with internal stuff (which is fine)
07:06 <@anarcat> i don't feel you're less and less useful though :P
07:07 <@mig5> well that's ok :) i think it speaks for itself
07:07 <@mig5> and things have slowed down so lets get some more hands on deck basically.
07:07 <@mig5> also, i have a client at the moment who is interested in seeing two things happen:
07:07 <@mig5> a dns frontend and scheduled tasks
07:07 <@mig5> Steven Jones has been doing great work with scheduled tasks and created a contrib project hosting_backup_queue
07:08 <@mig5> i was going to ask whether Koumbit were already working on a dns frontend
07:08 <@mig5> we can discuss that later if you like
07:08 <@mig5> and that's about it from me
07:09 <@anarcat> ok, anybody else?
07:09 <@mig5> maybe it would be nice to summarise these scrum sessions as a 'weekly aegir news' email to the mailing list, making people aware of stuff like Steven Jones' contrib project etc
07:09 <@anarcat> mig5: i have ideas on the frontend: 1) there should be code we can resurrect from older git repos and 2) i have a workflow for the blacklisting algorithm (can't let anyone host any zone can't we...)
07:09 <@anarcat> yep
07:10 <@mig5> i am happy to do so
07:11 <@mig5> (re: news)
07:11 <@mig5> ok -we are 11 minutes in anyone else have anything to add?
07:12 < erutan> re: news to save time you could always just dump the relevant irc log onto the open atrium site
07:12 <@mig5> we do that already, yep
07:12 <@mig5> maybe that's enough.
07:12 <@anarcat> yeah...
07:13 <@anarcat> alright, thanks for coming everyone!
07:13 <@mig5> cheers
07:13 <@mig5> cheers
07:14 <@mig5> adding the irc log now
07:15 < noecc> mig5: anarcat: vertice: and others  You have done great things with aegir.  Don't let your steamlessness get you down.
07:15 <@anarcat> :)
07:15 <@anarcat> thanks :)

Weekly Scrum IRC Log: 2010-12-23

Note that none of the core devs were in attendance for this session. Regardless, this is the discussion that ensued:

(03:01:56 PM) darthsteven: Is the scrum at 2005?
(03:05:10 PM) ergonlogic: I guess I could start, pending the arrival of the core devs
(03:05:28 PM) ergonlogic: This week I upgraded to beta2 and began testing remote servers
(03:05:58 PM) ergonlogic: the beta2 upgrade required debugging some misconfiguration I had done previously, but otherwise everything seems to be working fine
(03:06:32 PM) ergonlogic: so far, I can verify a remote platform, but can't yet provision a site on it
(03:06:48 PM) ergonlogic: so that'll be something I look at over the holidays
(03:07:03 PM) ergonlogic: finally, I published and api site
(03:07:27 PM) ergonlogic: currently at, but hopefully will point ot it soon
(03:07:34 PM) ergonlogic: that's it for me
(03:07:49 PM) ergonlogic: happy holidays everyone
(03:08:07 PM) eft_: I started a Why Aegir wiki
(03:08:35 PM) eft_: hope to add some graphics at some point
(03:08:50 PM) eft_: we need to market Aegir more :)
(03:09:50 PM) ergonlogic: eft_: agreed about the mktg, but the move to beta seems to have helped already
(03:10:35 PM) eft_: how so?  do you mean the perception of getting out of alpha?
(03:11:21 PM) omega8cc: I submitted my first attempt to resolve the issue with remote files being removed on site verify, testing it is welcome:
(03:13:15 PM) omega8cc: the issue is mentioned on
(03:14:00 PM) ergonlogic: eft_: yes
(03:14:31 PM) omega8cc: oh, and is hosted on Aegir
(03:14:52 PM) eft_: cool