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2.0 released!


2.0 released!

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2.0 release notes

The Aegir team is very pleased to announce the official release of Aegir 2.0.0. This long-awaited release ships with significant stability improvements, Drush 5 and 6 support, subdirectory multisite support, improved nginx support, native views and much, much more! We unfortunately had to drop support for Drupal 5, as Drush 5 and 6 dropped support for this unsupported Drupal release.

This release deprecates the 1.x branch, marking the 1.11 release as the last one of the 1.x branch. All Aegir users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the 2.0 release. The upgrade has been thoroughly tested and works fairly reliably, except some documented minor issues.

We have a very dynamic community of contrib developers, and various projects built atop Aegir. So if you were waiting for Aegir 2 to be stable, easy to install, production-ready, now is the time. The 2.x branch will be well supported as a lot of shops are running it in production already.

See the release notes for more details!


Awesome! Congrats, Aegir dev team.


And now we are here?

Seems like there is a lot more debug code in 2.0 than in 2.0-rc5


Can't seem to update via apt-get/ It tell's me the latest version is 2.0-rc5 although the 2.0 is listed on the website:

I guess I can just install the .deb files manualy?


Sorry, we messed up. :) The 2.0 release wasn't actually pulled into the stable repository, it was only in testing.

It should be available in stable as well now.



Perfect. Worked like a charm :)


Anacrat, please clarify. Are you just referring to the Debian packages? I do manual installs/upgrade. Did I get testing when I did "drush dl provision-6.x-2.0"? By the amount of debug messages I'm seeing I suspect so.

Thanks, Paul


Yes, I am refering only to the debian packages.


Awesome news, thank you to everyone who worked on Aegir 2.0! You guys have just given me a lot of work to do. :)


Dear all thank for your amazing work with that release. New on the system but will keep on it i think for a long time :)

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